Ursula is a secondary character that appears in the second season of the 2007 TV series, George of the Jungle. She is a feral human girl who was born to a lost tribe in the African jungle of Mbebwe, and grew up to be the beast she is today. Ursula rarely has any charm like most feral humans. While it is uncertain or never revealed, it is assumed that Ursula, like Magnolia and George, is around the ages between 15-23.


Ursula is a headstrong huckster, and is 100% feral and jungle-awesome. She hunts animals in order to survive, while unintentionally smelling her foot and eating bugs without any problems. She dislikes George, and it can be assumed that she's a cannibal because she loves eating other human beings too. Ursula's so-called "Tiger Spirit" is what makes her a dangerous individual along with her high threat level, as well as her trigger-happy rampage coming out of nowhere.

Powers and Abilities

  • Tiger Spirit: The 'Tiger Spirit' is Ursula's signature motive. It is withborn, and is something that needs to be aware of and avoided at all costs. The Tiger Spirit is what makes Ursula the dangerous beast she is, and she cannot feel awesome without it. 
  • Flexibility: Ursula oddly seems to have the ability to lay down with her legs backwards. 


  • Despite Ursula being a native to Mbebwe, along with the Witch Doctor (who in this season is not her father), and coming from an uncontacted tribe, she is not dark-skinned and is instead a redhead just like the first season. 
  • It is uncertain why her name was changed from 'Magnolia' to 'Ursula'.
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