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Ursula is the main antagonist of Liz Braswell's 2018 novel Part of Your World, a "what if …?" of the Disney classic The Little Mermaid in which one imagines what would have happened if Ariel had not been able to regain her voice and failing to marry Prince Eric. She is therefore based on the film's main antagonist of the same name.


Ariel was never able to regain her voice and was forced to leave Ursula with the transformed Triton while she returned to Atlantica with the trident.

Now apparently permanently in the form of Vanessa, Ursula used her new position to work on expanding the influence of Eric's kingdom through subtle military campaigns and other strategies, while also carrying out research to grant herself magic powers on land (her existing influence only possible due to a spell she cast while still in the ocean tied to Ariel's voice).

When Ariel returns to the surface a few years later after one of Scuttle's relatives reveals that Triton is still alive, she is able to reclaim her voice and begin a campaign against Ursula. Although Ursula appears to be able to anticipate and thwart Ariel and Eric's attempts to undermine her as she prepares a ritual to sacrifice Triton and gain new power, Ariel is eventually able to stop her by provoking Ursula to turns back into her true self in full view of the people of Eric's kingdom by dowsing her with water from a fountain linked to the sea, Ariel then using the same fountain to give herself the power to kill Ursula with the trident.


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