Hi there. My name is AWildKittyAppeared, and I am a crazy cat lady in training. I also like Pokemon quite a bit, if you couldn't tell. Other things I like are movies and cartoons, because I'm just a big ol' dork, like you'd expect a crazy cat lady to be. I love heroes and protagonists in stories of course, but I have a real soft spot for villains. My favorite kinds of villains are the ineffectual, incompetent, mischievous, and dimwitted. I also like 'em a bit nutty in the noggin. I just find them endearing, I suppose. I know it would make me look cooler to say like the really badass, calm and collected villains and magnificent bastards, which I do on occasion, but I'm a cat. I don't care what people think. Meow.

My Favorite Villains


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