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Hi. This is Thesecret1070. I am an admin of this site. Edit as much as you wish, but one little thing... If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!!


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Hello I am Two-Face (Accin) from Batman Unpublished. AKA Evoltofan3000 because he is hot as my profile picture indicates. He can manipulate anyone wi t h his charisma and turns kids into monsters as experiments. Jiken Hajimario!!

My Goals and Background

So when I came to this wiki I made it sure that my primary editing would be focused on Tokusatsus like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider which I am currently into and will be editing the most of. I love these villains because companies like Toei make them cool and sometimes deep. Take Kiyoto Maki who does what he does out of abuse given by his older sister. Despite that he takes that and generalizes his problems making them apply to everyone else. Destroy everything when it is beautiful just because he experienced it when it is. There is also Emperor of Darkness Zett who isn’t outright evil and instead just wants to feel light. Yet his forces discourage that and he still ignores them until the realization that it is impossible.

The cool villains are like Radiguet who killed the kind woman who was suffering from an illness that saved him. All she wanted was his love but when he awoke from his amnesia, Radiguet eliminated an innocent life of which he deemed a weakness. Really one of the most vile villains Toei had to offer.

I first watched Jetman and that was what brought me to the Tokusatsu Community. I became a really large Super Sentai fan and then started to watch Kamen Rider after I first watched Kamen Rider OOO and Kuuga and then went on to become a Toku fan. I joined Villains Wiki sometime in September 2020 and then made it a hobby and became an active editer on many fandoms too ever since such as Pure Evil Wiki and Near Pure Evil. I also pursued some of my goals, for example getting on the Whitelist.

PE Proposals

Villain Name They Are
N MA.jpg Absolute Hades God N Ma Approved-29149 960 720.png
Yaiba of Darkness.jpg Yaiba of Darkness Approved-29149 960 720.png
917AB6A1-362D-4542-A089-A280214F0D41.jpeg Hades Wise God Dagon Approved-29149 960 720.png
Alogolian Volka.png Algolian Volka Approved-29149 960 720.png
345ge.png Kight Reidlich Approved-29149 960 720.png
Dezumozorlya.jpg Dezumozorlya Approved-29149 960 720.png
Clancer zwodiarts.png Cancer Zodiarts Approved-29149 960 720.png
Vijay Rajput.jpg Vijay Singh Rajput Approved-29149 960 720.png
82CDDA90-0EF7-4DF0-AAC9-1F41B66EB3CB.jpeg Domidoll Approved-29149 960 720.png
Ginis Zyuman hanged.jpg Ginis Approved-29149 960 720.png
E6B953DC-D95A-4963-AB68-30FF5DD6C558.jpeg Zaien Approved-29149 960 720.png
Rah Deus.jpg Lah Deus Approved-29149 960 720.png
Kazari human 1.jpg Kazari Approved-29149 960 720.png
Radiguet Manga 2.png Radiguet (Manga) Approved-29149 960 720.png

Potential PE Candidates (You can take these, I don't really care.)

PE Removals

Villain Name They Are
General Giluke.jpg General Giluke Approved-29149 960 720.png
Masashi Sudo-0.jpg Masashi Sudoh Approved-29149 960 720.png

Potential PE Removals

Nice People / Users I Talk To



Headline Candidates

Potential Headline Candidates

October 2021:

Basco ta Jolokia Complete
Status: Lost (2nd Place)
Lost to: Michael Myers (original) with 22 votes.
6 votes: (Me, Red Chevalier, Greglarocca095, Ivan the Brony Kaiju, Griffguy26, and JacobKyleF)

January 2022:

Emperor Palpatine Ongoing
Status: Incomplete
1 vote: (Me)