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Feast your eyes!
~ Elijah C. Skuggs

This separate gallery is for many (important) villains (both prominent and minor) who are pure evil or anti-villains or neutral (lawful or chaotic) or extremely nasty, and all things that of negative nature and malice, from the nightmarish extradimensional fiend IT/Pennywise of the classic 1986 Stephen King horror book IT to the menacing King Bowser Koopa and his Kroopa Troop including his Koopaling children of the hit Super Mario Bros. Nintendo adventure videogame series, from the all-around chucklehead Cartman's fabulous Cartmanland amusement park of the popular cartoon show South Park to the legendary magic curse The Rising of the Disney fantasy adventure movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice, all within media, fiction, and legends/mythology.



Comic Books