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Hi. This is Thesecret1070. I am an admin of this site. Edit as much as you wish, but one little thing... If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!!


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Oh this? You may be wondering what this is, well this little box shows that I am an Echidna fan. Any who I am glad that you like it.

Anyway go on ahead while your looking through my page and this is clearly an inspiration on one of my friends if your wondering.
Well well well, it looks like you've come across my userpage. Well that's unfortunate, I was thinking no one would find my page, but here we are, you looking through my userpage. If that's what you want, how about we take a seat, and have our self a cup of tea while you go and explore my userpage. Enjoy your stay.
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This is just further evidence that I have nothing else to do in my life. Any attempts of stealing this template will face consequenses with me. So don't try testing it, and steeling my Griffith template
If any of you tries to get your hand's on this, I will not accept this, and I will find whoever did this, and their will be punishments after this. Trust me.

Why hello there everybody. My name is BazilSiraj, but you may also see my profile pic as The which of greed, Echidna. That's right I'm a fan of her, and Altair. Surprising is it? I am an Echidna and an Altair freak boy. But just because I like both of them, doesn't mean that I like other villains as well. But for right now come on into my profile and see what you can find.

I, alongside JacobKyleF, Sun9141, TheAverageDimentio, and SleepingGuy, all five of us are the Siblinghood of the Tri-Demigods.

If you want to talk to me on my message wall or on discord (witch I am really active on), I will do my best to reply to you unless you are a troll that is.

By the way, thank you JacobKyleF for making me this amazing artwork for my profile pic, I really appreciate it.

My Profile

Full Name: Bazil Siraj

Age: 16

Status on Villains Wiki: Pretty active (Joined since 2020).

Birth Date: 1/11/2005 (January 11, 2005)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Place of Birth: Ontario

Country: Canada

Occupation: High school student

Gender: Male

Likes: TBA

Hates: TBA

User Watchlist (Credit's to The Pro-Wrestler, and SleepingGuy)

  • Dmsisco - Ah yes, Dmsisco a user that everyone hates, and I can defiantly see why. Recently he has been using or adding nonsense edits into random pages, on not just other wiki's but this one as well. He has been adding edit's like "Also see insert", and even added in a candidate for deletion on Angel eyes even though it's a different version. He even admit's to being a troll on Hero fanon wiki. Plus he just recently made a sock on villains wiki who he ended up inserting my name on one of the pages, and the admins as well. He has also recently started bugging my friend Ordeaux26 who is a mod in here, an admin on NPE and on the PE wiki who recently banned him because of user a sock even though there are enough proofs that it's him. I have recently fandom blocked him for admitting of being a troll but now he has come back, and if I had enough of him, I'll ban him for good.
  • Coolster17 - A user who is literally antagonist fuzzing on articles everywhere. Once he got blocked he literally start using sock puppets and it seems like he got worse overtime and take it on the next level. If you think there is a sock of him, report to an admin right now.
  • You know who he is - Do I need to say anything? This user is the embodiment of PE right there. He literally tell's user's what to do like a boss everywhere, and no matter what wiki you are, you can't escape him. He even goes as far to use death threats on user if they don't do it or worse. This user has cause problems many times in the past, and I am letting this happen. If you think there is a sock of MIDKOWITCH, report them to an admin imminently.
  • Aceador - A user who literally category spams pages on almost every wiki. He even put's on category's that are false, pages that looks like series he didn't watch and yet still does it or even just plain nonsense, hell he even uses the admin's template on here witch resulted in a ban for him. There are even moments where he repeated using the categories for example Johon Libret he put the category back after being removed. For now he's not doing anything bad right now just adding unnecessary categories, but if he goes too far with them, report him to an admin.
  • Davidtome146 - This user often goes to people and tell's them to make proposals even though he should do it on his own. Even though he was banned multiple times on here or on other wiki's, he never learned his lesson. I looked at his user page on villains wiki and Hero Fanon wiki some day's ago and he downright admits of being a sock of MIDKOWITCH, and so he was already banned on Hero Fanon by Brandon. If this is true the, he will be a user I will keep and eye a lot.
  • Natgall09 - What can I say? This is probably the most arrogant user I have met right now, he isn't even friendly and downright admits that he is homophobic. Ever since his global ban, he start's using sock puppets on fanon or anywhere. So I may as well keep an eye on him if he come's back.
  • Gryzule Wolfbon - Now I know a lot of you don't know this user since he is global blocked, but I recently came across this guy on Hero fanon, and this user literally vandalized an admin's user page, and harassed him for no reason. He even go so far to vandalized user pages whenever it's for no reason or if people just don't agree with his edits like reversing them on this wiki. He will even go to user pages that are banned or aren't very active on wiki's and add in nonsense on it like help me or user is banned. I would not be surprise if he sock puppet or anything like that. If he does comeback as a sock, I will report them to an admin, and I feel you should do the same.

How to make an audio for the wiki (Credit's to TheAverageDimentio)

My Signature

  • "How about you sign this contract for me so we can get it over with shall we?" (talk)

Planned Headlined Villains

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My Sandbox

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The Siblinghood of the Tri-Demigods


Favorite Songs (No Particular Order)


  1. Blue Encount - POLARIS (My Hero Academia Season 4 Opening)
  2. Nonoc - Memento (Re:Zero Season 2 Ending Part 1)
  3. Yuko Ando - Shock (Attack on Titan Season 4 Ending)
  4. Shinsei Kamattechan - My War (Attack on Titan Season 4 Opening)
  5. Light Yagami's Theme
  6. SawanoHiroyuki - Avid (86 EIGHTY-SIX Ending)


Live Action

Video Games


  • My true forms are in both Heroes and Villains wiki witch you are in villains right now.
  • Unlike most users who started PE proposals once they get whitelisted, I am possibly the only user who actually started out on doing PE Removals instead of doing a first ever PE proposal when I got whitelisted.
  • I believe my biggest achievement to date was managing to become friends with Sirin of the Void, ever since a friend of mine introduced him, and let me tell you, Sirin was hard to be-friended, but I managed to pull it off.
  • My first VFH headline candidate was Lord Commander.

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