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Oh this? You may be wondering what this is, well this little box shows that I am an Echidna fan. Any who I am glad that you like it.

Anyway go on ahead while your looking through my page and this is clearly an inspiration on one of my friends if your wondering.
Well well well, it looks like you've come across my userpage. Well that's unfortunate, I was thinking no one would find my page, but here we are, you looking through my userpage. If that's what you want, how about we take a seat, and have our self a cup of tea while you go and explore my userpage. Enjoy your stay.
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This is just further evidence that I have nothing else to do in my life. Any attempts of stealing this template will face consequences with me. So don't try testing it, and steeling my girl's template.
If any of you tries to get your hand's on this, I will not accept this, and I will find whoever did this, and their will be punishments after this. Trust me.

User overview

Why hello there everybody. My name is BazilSiraj, but you may also see my profile pic as The which of greed, Echidna. That's right I'm a fan of her, and Altair. Surprising is it? I am an Echidna and an Altair freak boy. But just because I like both of them, doesn't mean that I like other villains as well. But for right now come on into my profile and see what you can find.

I, alongside JacobKyleF, Sun9141, TheAverageDimentio, and SleepingGuy, all five of us are the Siblinghood of the Tri-Demigods.

If you want to talk to me on my message wall or on discord (which I am really active on), I will do my best to reply to you unless you are a troll that is. Also a note for the admins: If I am missing something or did something wrong, please tell me on my message wall or anything instead of a block.

By the way, thank you JacobKyleF for making me this amazing artwork for my profile pic, I really appreciate it.

My Profile

Full Name: Bazil Siraj

Age: 17

Status on Villains Wiki: Pretty active (Joined since 2020).

Birth Date: 1/11/2005 (January 11, 2005)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Place of Birth: Ontario

Country: Canada

Occupation: High school student

Gender: Male

How to make an audio for the wiki (Credit's to TheAverageDimentio)

My Signature

  • "How about you sign this contract for me so we can get it over with shall we?" (talk)
  • "How About We Have a Cup Of Tea?"Echidna (Wanna have a chat?)
  • Rem and Ram"The anime fanatic!" Konosuba gang(Don't be scared, I won't bite.)

Planned Headlined Villains

Pure Evil Proposals and Removals That I Have Made

List of Proposals, Removals, Reasons on making them and many more here.


Image Name Status
Carnage Animated.jpeg Carnage (Spider-Man: The Animated Series) Approved-29149 960 720.png
The Crimson King.jpg Crimson King Approved-29149 960 720.png
ArkhamOrigins Firefly.png Firefly (Arkhamverse) Approved-29149 960 720.png
Gaky Yashiro.jpg Gaku Yashiro Approved-29149 960 720.png
KristophGavin.png Kristoph Gavin Approved-29149 960 720.png
Junko Enoshima.png Junko Enoshima Approved-29149 960 720.png
Manfred.png Manfred Von Karma Approved-29149 960 720.png
Dahlia Hawthorne.png Dahlia Hawthorne
Prosecutorgaran.png Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in

Pure Evil Proposals Written with Other Users

Image Name User I Collaborated With Statue
JokerAsylum.png Joker (Arkhamverse) JakeTheSnake0451 Approved-29149 960 720.png
Darkseid (DCEU).jpg Darkseid (DC Extended Universe) JacobKyleF Approved-29149 960 720.png


Image Name Status
Dark Reign The Goblin Legacy Vol 1 1 Textless.jpg Norman Osborn (Marvel) Approved-29149 960 720.png
Green Goblin (Ultimate).jpg Green Goblin (Ultimate Marvel) Approved-29149 960 720.png
Blight-0.jpg Derek Powers Approved-29149 960 720.png
Kanenari.png Roger Retinz Approved-29149 960 720.png
Mandrakk Render.webp Mandrakk (Dax Novu) Approved-29149 960 720.png


Image Name Reasoning
All For One Profile.png All For One My good friend Jacob already has plans for him since he has already created his proposal in the sandbox once MHA ends and it is huge. If he does however need help or just give up, I can come aid him up but as of now I'm gonna keep and eye on him. All for one is the one responsible for everything that happened in MHA, made tomura into a villain which lead to his body being destroyed after one fight, does not care for his brother or anyone but himself, and literally blew up Lady Nagant after she refused to not kill Izuku, Jesus
Dabi MHOJ2.png Dabi Dabi is from what I am seeing can either go both ways in the story. Become more sympathetic while gaining more redeeming qualities or become worse as the story progresses. So far the only thing holding him back is his backstory, but honestly, I don't think it even hold up anymore after all of his actions like framing his father endeavor and many worst crimes with his low recourses. Hell I'm not even sure if it even hold up to begin with.
Pandora Infobox.png Pandora Her arc is still going, so I'm going to keep an eye on her statue until Re:Zero end. So far she has already passes the standard despite only appearing in two episodes. It's possible she could get even worse in the future and she might end up getting a redeeming quality but for now I will keep an eye on her until further notice.



Just placing this here so that I don't have to go through history logs and copy and paste every time I make a new proposal.

Planned Proposals and Removals



Villains who are Auto-Approved but ends up getting the lock removed due to a user who has no admins right adding it in. I am making this to keep track on how many PE are approved from users who don't have admin right. That way I don't forget and keep track of anyone.

My reasons for making them


  • Carnage (Spider-Man: The Animated Series): This version of carnage has been shown murdering tons of innocent people and stealing souls in them just so he can release Dorammu from the earth which could have resulted in mass chaos with many people dying. Worst of all, he's the one responsible for Venom's death due to him sacrificing himself in order to save everyone.
  • Crimson King: Due to being revealed that he's not a made of evil villain but rather a half-demon and half-human, Crimson King needs a look back due to revealing that it has no moral agency issues, and the fact it tries to commit omnicide by destroying the dark tower just so it can recreate the multiverse in it's own image. He is easily one of if not the most heinous Stephen Kings villain of all time.
  • Joker (Arkhamverse): Easily and arguably one of the worst, and the most heinous version of the joker I have ever seen. His crimes made the Nolanverse's version look like a baby. He sets the heinous standards by forcing Black Mask to kill his own girlfriend, usurps him to torture and murder several dozen people, puts bombs all across Gotham, tries to bomb half the city, shares his comic counterpart's crimes of crippling Batgirl and killing the second Robin, slaughtered an entire kindergarten class, orchestrates a mass-breakout that kills over 150 people in just one night, kills countless people with toxin-induced fireworks on the 4th of July, experimented on and killed a five-year-old girl before driving her father to suicide in order to take control of his carnival, nearly kills 2,000 Gothamites by shipping his TITAN-infected blood to several hospitals, kills Talia al Ghul, abuses Harley and admits it was a hobby of his, and even nearly possesses Batman's body to cause more havoc. Every single of the Joker's crimes are not off-screen, everything was on-screen from the flashbacks to the side stories. Good god!
  • Firefly (Arkhamverse): I serioustly don't understand why he got rejected for failing the heinous standard, being too standard, and people literally using this argument in his proposal "there are too many PE's in Arkham so he can't qualify" when there are franchise and series that has way more then Arkham. With his low-recourses he tries and attempts to burn down the bridge with many innocents and even his own henchmen still being there while the other civilians were taken hostage in an attempt to blow them up when Batman shows up. After he got out of prison, he tries to destroy and burn all of Gotham in a very big scale and has no motivation for doing this other than for the evulz. He is the only villain to have a very big attempted kill count something no PE villains has surpassed and the only one to surpass firefly when it comes to body count is Scarecrow but other then that no one attempted a kill count higher then firefly.
  • Gaku Yashiro: While he may be written to be three-dimensional his actions of killing many childrens for years does not even come close to excuse from his past with his older brother abusing him. He only stopped killing because he was bored and when Sachiko finds out who he is when Gaku reveals himself, he sends him in a coma for years by trapping him in the car to drown. In a final attempt of murdering his friends he set's up a plan to kill those three girls and when all else fails he attempts to kill Sachiko alongside him by setting the bridge on fire.
  • Kristoph Gavin: He is the one responsible for starting the dark age of law, he made my boy Phoenix loose his job which lead to Zak escaping leaving Trucy behind leading to Zak getting killed out of sheer revenge in an attempt to frame phoenix, abused and never cared for his brother Klavier and most importantly, he kills Drew and almost killed his daughter with poison to keep both of them talking. It doesn't help the fact he is called "The devil" by Vera for a reason which really say's a lot.
  • Junko Enoshima: She used her brainwash technique from Ryota into brainwashing Class-78th by forcing them to watch Chiaki getting tortured to death leading them into becoming remnents of despair. If that's not enough she forced the Student Council to participate in a sadistic killing game by using items to motivate them which lead to all of them dying while she takes pleasure and filming them to frame Izuru that she manipulated into making everyone believed he cuased the killing game leading to the reserve course students into causing havoc and commit suicide which is 2,357 killed for outliving their usfullness and starting the entire killing game for Class 78th. Easily the most heinous Danganronpa character.
  • Manfred Von Karma: For starters, he has been convicting many people innocent or not into jails ruining their lives in the process by forging evidence just to keep his perfect record. He is the one responsible for starting the DL-6 incident by murdering Gregory just for ruining his perfect record leading to the downfall of the fey clan and Yani losing everything he has. When adapting Miles he consistently abused him into a ruthless procecuter like him and while he has a daughter name Fransizka, there is no evidence he cares for her. Finally, he manipulated Yani into killing Robert while also making Miles a scapegoat into accusing him as the killer as well as thinking he murdured his own father in order to get away with his crimes and to put Miles in jail.
  • Dahlia Hawthorne: Where to start? She is the most heinous female villain in the series and for good reason. She is the one responsible for making Terry go to prison for a crime he was not even aware of, killing her own sister after finding out about the meeting with him and poisoning Terry in the trial preventing him from telling the truth and making her get away scot-free. She is also the one responsible for poisoning Diego into a coma attempts to kill Phoenix in order to get her necklace back by poisoning his pills but when that fails, she kills Doug who knew everything about her in order to pin him as the killer. In her final attempt to get revenge on Mia, she teams up with Morgen to possess Peral who is just a child, and use her body in an attempt to kill Maya but when she did not find out she posses Pearl but in fact Misty, she still went with the plan leading to Godot murduring Misty.
  • Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in: She attempts to murder her sister by burning the royal residence pinning the crime on Dhurke Sahdmadhi and when it's revealed she is alive, blackmails her into not revealing she is dead, killed Jove Justice when he is saving his son named Apollo, and later attempts to kill him just because he would make thing complicated for her plans, Tricked Dhurke on using forged evidence in his trial so she could sabotage his defense in order to make the public hate defense attorneys, Turned Khura'in into a full-on dictatorship controlling the area in the process, established the Defense Culpability Act, which leads to countless innocent lawyers and citizens executed because of her and blackmails Nahyuta into revealing Rayfa as Dhurke's daughter just for going against his father. She even consistently abused Rayfa for years leading her to develop a personality in the process, killing her own husband Inga, and again pinging it all on Dhurke, attempts to assassinate Amara Dhurke's trial to keep her exposing Ga'ran, and finally when backed into the corner, tries to execute both Apollo and Phoenix by changing the law to ban to anyone who argues at her. Pretty bad for my final Ace Attorney canidate don't you think.


  • Norman Osborn (Marvel): In the comics, he deeply cares for his son Harry despite being abusive to him. An example of this includes his wishes that he had died instead of Harry, and before that, he has a moment where he cries when Harry doesn't recognize him at all.
  • Green Goblin (Ultimate Marvel): Just like I mention with Norman. He tells SHEILD to shoot him just because he realized he killed Harry.
  • Derek Powers: Developed a friendship with some scientist, and was angry when Batman attacked him. He also needs a full removal since the comics are canon to the show and at the same time he was auto-approved which means he was not given a proposal.
  • Roger Retinz: He fails the standard to Ace Attorney and he is standard compared to other villains who do much worse than him.
  • Mandrakk (Dax Novu): Despite being very heinous in the comic, he felt remorse on killing his own wife and nothing at all indicates he subverted it.

Lessons On Making PE Proposals

  1. If you have someone who is not afraid of killing their own minions or their loved ones and does not show a single emotion after they died, that means they do not care for them or they subverted it.
  2. Stop comparing villains with lower recourses to villains with higher recourses. You making everything unfair and it's like comparing a demon to Satan who can do so much. Exceptions exist you know? I have seen many villains who were rejected because of this and got re-proposed in the future, so can we please stop doing this?
  3. Just because they have one or some comedic moments, does not automatically mean they even distress from their heinousness, their actions and the character themselves. There are villains who are played serioustly in universe and only funny to the audience, when the funny moments are just dark or just showing how evil they are and they lose their comedic moments as the story progresses.

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  1. Blue Encount - POLARIS (My Hero Academia Season 4 Opening)
  2. Nonoc - Memento (Re:Zero Season 2 Ending Part 1)
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  • My true forms are in both Heroes and Villains wiki witch you are in villains right now.
  • Unlike most users who started PE proposals once they get whitelisted, I am possibly the only user who actually started out on doing PE Removals instead of doing a first ever PE proposal when I got whitelisted.
  • I believe my biggest achievement to date was managing to become friends with Sirin of the Void, ever since a friend of mine introduced him, and let me tell you, Sirin was hard to be-friended, but I managed to pull it off.
  • My first VFH headline candidate was Lord Commander.

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