Beldam (also known as the Nightmare Queen) is a powerful but malevolent demon / witch as well as a minor cosmic-entity who rules the darkest corners of the Dreamscape, a parallel world to our own connected to the minds of all creatures capable of dreaming.

Beldam was once a human, born long before accepted civilization came to be, she dedicated her life to the "Dreaming Gods" and through them was granted continually advanced magic until she ultimately "ascended" - becoming a deity in her own right and although she is independent she still holds great respect for the "Dreaming Gods" and their goal of erasing the waking world fits in perfectly with her own agenda: thus she continues to act as their ally (though no longer a worshipper).

Beldam has innumerable legions, spawned from the fears of countless beings from across time and space - however through time she has gained six exceptionally loyal followers who aid her in her role as the embodiment of nightmares:

  • Lapis (a large humanoid rabbit that is actually a demon of the Dreamscape and acts as Beldam's man-servant, being able to materialize in the waking world (albeit for short periods of time) he is the one that helps keep the link between Beldam and her followers from breaking and dreams of the day his mistress can achieve the "Dreaming Gods" ultimate goal of erasing the waking world and placing all life in eternal slumber)
  • Henry Mints (Henry Mints was a rich, pompous poacher who had little time for the supernatural - that was until he came across Beldam one night in a dream: she revealed herself to him and he was at once stricken, feeling a deep attraction for her he would awaken as a new man - dedicated to bringing Beldam to this world and becoming the first true Nightmare Cultist. Henry's life is now a bizarre and terrifying showcase of how insane humanity can become, regularly seeking new ways to terrorize his fellow man and spread nightmare-inducing madness he is a maniac who dreams only of horror and death - yet when he awakens at night, often in terror, he sees it as a blessing and sees each nightmare as inspiration for his next atrocity..)
  • Lucas (a half-demon of the Dreamscape who has links to Beldam, moreso than most, for Lucas - despite his rather pleasant appearance as a young man - is none other than the son of Beldam: due to being half-human he can exist in the waking world but knows that as he grows older his hold on the waking world will fade, thus Lucas has acted fast and formed a cult based around a false-prophecy in which he makes himself out to be a messianic figure in order to trick those foolish enough to follow him into aiding his mother's greater plans: in turn she sees to it The Coach researches new ways to aid her son in his goal of staying in the waking world indefinitely.)
  • The Coach (a washed-up talent scout turned Beldam follower after she personally selected him to aid her son, Lucas, in remaining in the waking world: now The Coach is trapped in a neverending quest to research new ways to try and slow down Lucas' inevitable "ascension" to the Dreamscape, his failures causing visits from Mother Power while his successes gain him material wealth and splendor: much like the legendary Faust the Coach has sold his soul to devils and he knows that someday he will have to pay the price..)
  • Sister Whisper (the "brawn" of the mother and daughter team of sword-fighters, timid and unsure of herself she is driven to a life of crime by her domineering mother and although somewhat tragic she is still extremely dangerous as underneath her timid manners lays a very real belief in Lucas' false teachings)
  • Mother Power (the "brains" of the mother and daughter team of sword-fighters, she is a domineering woman who treats her daughter like a slave and has sworn loyalty to Lucas, who she sees as an almost messiah-like figure)

Even without this aid Beldam is a dangerous and powerful creature with multiple abilities at her disposal, limited by her inability to leave the Dreamscape - the price she pays for giving into the darkness.

Powers and Abilities

  • Dream Invasion (Beldam can invade the dreams of others, once she has successfully invaded a dream she can gain control of the "dream energy" and effectively dictate how the dream will function - however if the being awakens she is vanquished, much like awakening from a bad dream)
  • Summoning (Beldam can summon innumerable demons from the darkest portions of the Dreamscape, born from the fears of the living)
  • Telepathy (Beldam is a natural telepath who is linked to all sleeping minds, capable of speaking to them via thoughts from great distances - likewise she can hear the thoughts of her followers in the physical plane and respond to them, though she can not physically aid them)
  • Illusion-Casting (Beldam can cast realistic illusions in the minds of those who are either in the process of waking up or suffering from extreme tiredness - for example if someone is on the verge of falling asleep she can cast illusions into the "real world", the same applies to those who have just awoken but are not fully "awake". Once a being is fully awake however she is no longer able to cast illusions into their mind as her hold on them breaks)
  • Mind-Probe (Beldam can probe the mind of any sleeping creature, uncovering hidden desires or fears which she can then work on to craft her nightmares)
  • Vampirism (Fear) (Beldam can feast on fear much like a vampire feeds on blood, rejuvenating herself in the process - the drawback is she is now addicted to fear and must continually seek it out least she suffer symptoms not unlike withdrawal syndrome)
  • Immortality (Beldam is now a minor cosmic entity that embodies nightmares, thus she can not die and even if she was to somehow become erased and/or overwhelmed a new host would have to be found to host the entity, for without nightmares the Dreamscape would become imbalanced and ultimately destroy itself)
  • Dreamscape Manipulation (Beldam's most powerful ability, she can control the stuff of dreams like putty and effectively do anything she desires within areas high in "dream energy" - considering the Dreamscape is made almost entirely of "dream energy" she is effectively omnipotent within this realm (she is not omnipotent outwith her native realm, in fact she can't physically leave her realm - making it her prison) )
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