Thou has freed me. I am Black Soulstone

Black Soulstone is among names that thee choose upon emergence herr, and is one of many names that i have.

Thou see, I had edit 316 page since my awakening. More page you add, more page I edit it.

Of course so they can provide a better information. If thou assumed me as a Lovecraftian Horror, I am one of them. Thou shalt surprised by my presence once i shou thou my true form, which thou can see on the right.

Indominus Rex

But you are safe, as I am not a dark nor evil entity. Plus, it's just my alter ego after all, and I prone to made mistake, as accusation that I am a "God" was false. And in retrospect, the ne is not very omnious.

First Creations (created pages)

My favorite pages

Derek C.Simmons

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