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Hello everybody, I'm Boyariffic. A huge fan of TV and YouTube shows such as Grojband, Dick Figures, Dexter's Laboratory, Nostalgia Critic, Total Drama, The Cleveland Show, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, How I Met Your Mother, Malcolm in the Middle, Phineas and Ferb, Milo Murphy's Law, Craig of the Creek, Bojack Horseman, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Paradise P.D., and many more as well as a huge fan of villains. Villains are awesome characters in shows that are always hilarious and amazing in some sort of a way.

My Favorite Villains

  • Trina Riffin - Rage-A-Holic Trina Riffin is a villain that is so hateable, that she is likeable. I have never seen any other villain act in a way such as Trina. Trina is awesome because she either screams in rage, destroys something, or tries to maim somebody every five seconds. The way that the creators of this show do not hesitate at all to make her do things no matter how horrible they are. They seem to just push her to do the worst possible things they can make her do without even holding back a little and they are also so unapologetic about it. Trina Riffin is one of the worst villains I've ever seen who I personally theorize to have demonic powers. Her diary modes are the best thing about her. I love the whole genre of it, the music that plays in the background, the destruction she causes, and especially the times where diary mode changes to a different emotion. Although this girl seems completely unstoppable, Corey Riffin is somehow always ruining her life in a clever, hilarious, and awesome way to get revenge on her for what she's done and somehow, the creators can always make a realistic way for Corey to never be annoyed by her and basically he the happy go lucky one-step-ahead rival of her that rolls so smoothly with the plot of the show. His tolerance for her horrible acts are surprisingly so realistic and it builds onto his great personality which is one of the many reasons why Corey Riffin is my favorite cartoon character of all time. Trina is also a very fantastic villain because she can say some very funny quotes sometimes. Most other characters in the show say funny things too, but when it comes to villainous quotes, Trina sits upon a throne ruling a kingdom above all of them. She can pull of an unforgettable villainous quote of any kind, comically villainous, disturbingly horrific, you name it. Even for people who hate villains for being so evil, I think they'd like Trina because no matter what, at the end of every episode, Trina always gets an unimaginable and hilarious punishment for what she did.
  • Evilina - I can't think of any villain who can pull off an act anything close to Evilina. Evilina can be a terrible hellspawn of Satan at one time, but at the other time, she can be so cute and adorable I just want to hug her and squeeze her cute little face until she pops. Evilina is a little girl who was birthed to be pure evil, but she never wants to do anything bad like that. Instead, she just wants to be a cute normal little human girl who loves to watch My Little Pony and do all sorts of little girl stuff. I like how she knows so much about pop culture that is far before her own time and she will always get a good laugh out of me when she makes a pop culture reference or when she comically breaks character no matter what the situation to make a funny pop culture reference. She can make me laugh just be acknowledging that she knows all of these people in pop culture that are far before her time. It's amazing how Rachel can act like a little girl who is obviously an adult dressed like a girl but she somehow makes herself seem so realistic to me and looks ten times cuter than any real little girl I've seen before. She can even be cute when she shape shifts into a giant monstrous demon. She is the kind of villain who you want to win and sure enough, she always does. If she ever commits an evil act, she always gets away with it without even trying. It's not very often you see villains who actually succeed at their evil plans. Even her name is beautiful. I felt like crying when heard that Rachel was going to quit her job on the show, but she has dreams to peruse as an actor and if she can portray her characters the was she did with Evilina, I see a bright future for her as well as characters that I will love. I'm excited to see what else Rachel can do as an actor and I hope she will return to Nostalgia Critic sometime to play as Evilina.
  • Max - Max and Scarlett are just the classic idiot villain who's diabolical schemes always fail with a sidekick who's much smarter than he is. It's not very common on modern TV shows we see villains like them. Some people would see them as a cliché but I see them as classic cartoon villains that no other modern day cartoons ever seem to use anymore. I miss villains like that and I'm happy to see people like him return in Total Drama. I would have never expected them to be brought back in this show, but Total Drama has always surprised me. It is characters like him in Pahkitew Island that caused me to go from being so sick and tired of Total Drama being overused to wildly obsessing over it more than I ever have back when I first became a fan of it. Max has pretty much all the elements of a classic cartoon villain, pasty white skin and unnaturally purple hair, a lab coat, a secret laboratory, a high pitched nasally voice, evil catchphrases, the world famous evil laugh, a nerdy sidekick who is smarter than he is, and diabolical schemes to take over the world that of course always fail. Max and Scarlett were great characters and they had an amazing plot that they went through in the season. Total Drama Pahkitew Island kept on changing it's main villains throughout the series due to the main villains getting eliminated. The main villains went from Amy to Topher to Max to Scarlett to Sugar to Dave. The way they changed though so many main villains and only kept some of their main villains in the show for such a short time before they were eliminated and had their place taken by another but after all of that time, I think that Max was the best.
  • Me - When playing any of the Scribblenauts games, I couldn't possibly think of anything to create that could be any better of a main villain than Me. There are so many things I can imagine with this guy and so many plots and scenes I can do with him and Maxwell. Me is a perfect villain for the Scribblenauts game and I think the creators thought the same thing with how they made him the final boss in Super Scribblenauts and the main antagonist in Scribblenauts Unmasked. I like how he is the only other character in the game with his own notebook and his own versions of things that only Maxwell has. Sometimes, I spawn Me just to watch him create random things. The possible things I can do with Me and the things he creates are limitless. I love getting into fights with him, I love creating things with him, doing scenes with him, torturing him, changing and splicing him. The fun just never ends. I especially liked the female version Me from Scribblenauts Unlimited known as Mena and the huge final ending with Me in the game Scribblenauts Unmasked with Doppelily was also really cool. All I can say about Me is that there are no limits to what amazing things I can do with him and I always enjoy whatever surprises he may have in store for me whenever I get into another battle with him.
  • Donny - Donny from The Cleveland Show is absolutely wonderful. His jokes and puns are completely hilarious even if the in-universe characters don't share the hype, (which is actually something that adds to the comedy) and I love how he managed to incorporate multiple puns into most if not all of his dialogue. It's great how he started off as just an annoying side character who everybody hated and nobody wanted to hang out with, although I wish he could have been fleshed out more in those earlier seasons. His whole performance in "Nightmare on Grace Street" was absolutely sublime and I loved every minute of it. It would have been great to see him return from the dead and maybe return as a major antagonist, in a way that would make him become The Cleveland Show's version of The Giant Chicken. Although it's unfortunate we won't see any more of him anytime soon, he's still a fantastic character for what he's worth.
  • Max - Just to specify. This isn't the previous Max. This is Max from Camp Camp. He is hilarious. He's rude, he's crude, and he's basically a funnier and more interesting version of Eric Cartman. Max is a shamelessly heinous, quick to profanity asshole, who fucking dominates Camp Campbell. Despite all of his hateful behavior, he still manages to be a good friend to Nikki and Neil and to a lesser extent, some of the other campers. I actually care for him as a character and I'm very interested in seeing his parents.
  • Max - Again. Different Max. This time, it's the one from The Babysitter. All I can say about him is ... 😘
  • Count Olaf - Neil Patrick Harris is the greatest portrayal of Count Olaf the world of film and television has ever seen. That guy can bring any non-main character to becoming the series favorite. Count Olaf manages to be a perfect balance of both hilariously charming and threateningly menacing. His comedic persona doesn't ruin the moments, where he's supposed to be a serious threat. Every one of his disguises and alternative personas were really funny and well-inspired and I enjoyed learning more about these new characters he created. My personal favorite as Coach Genghis. It's too bad we only got two episodes with each character. I would have actually loved to see The Austere Academy being drawn out for more episodes but I guess it makes sense that each book gets two episodes dedicated to it, so I guess that's fair.
  • Thester Carbomb IV - Speaking of Count Olaf, Thester is one funny motherfucker. He really brought life to all the Legion of Dooooom scenes in Paradise P.D. and served as an excellent foil to Gerald Fitzgerald/The Kingpin. He was funny, witty, charismatic, and had a blooming personality. That he turned out to be a twist hero in the end only made him better and explained a lot about his stupidity and constant failures to support The Legion of Dooooom. Since he was never really written off the show in the latest season finale, I think it's safe to assume he'll be back for more fun in the next coming season.
  • Yzma - Yzma has got to be the most classic villain I can think of. Growing up, I watched The Emperor's New School a whole lot and probably saw The Emperor's New Groove about 5 or 6 times or so. Yzma and her classic plots, catchphrases, and gags are just legendary. "Pull the lever, Kronk!" and "To destroy him, right!?" and all of her hilarious jokes and moments are simply unforgettable. Not to mention her lovely songs like "Yzmopolis", which I just can't seem to forget. She was hilarious in the first movie and I couldn't stop laughing at her beautiful comedic performance there and when it came to the series, she was funny in a whole different way. She's was just so cartoonishly classic and comedically gaggy. Not to say she didn't have her hilarious moments, though. All I'm saying is that she left a permanent impression on my mind and I couldn't be more happy about that. Honestly, the world of villains just would not be the same without Yzma, she's just such a staple of villainy. I can't imagine just how dull things would be without her. I don't know if I'd call her "underrated" because she's definitely had plenty of representation and media coverage and I bet most people you talk to (who were born in the late 90's-early 2000's anyway) have a basic understanding of who she is. In fact, looking back on the opinions I had for Max from Total Drama a few years ago, I can definitely see why I thought of him as such a "classic" villain. The guy is pretty much just a male Yzma, (only with a smarter sidekick and nowhere near as funny). I didn't notice it at the time but now that I look back on him and take inventory, I can see now that Max reminded me of Yzma and subconsciously, that's probably why I loved him so much and described him as "classic". Cuz he fits the mold of one of one of the greats. Like I said, Yzma is a staple of villainy. In fact, I wouldn't be too surprised if I found out the creators based him off of her, (since they obviously didn't base him off of a real person). The point is, when it comes to fictional villains, Yzma has left a massive and glorious impact on the art form and I appreciate her for that. I think what I'm trying to say can be best expressed by saying that Yzma is the villain version of a hero.