• I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is Former senior student, writer
  • I am Male
Death is the solution to all trouble. No man. No trouble.
~ Buddyrichiedonmoochie's view on humanity.
In this world there are people who do not find the opposite gender attractive but the same sex. Let me make it clear that there are groups who shall make those people stoop and grind corn
~ Buddyrichiedonmoochie's view on homosexuality.
Where Hitler failed. Neo Nazis shall succeed.
~ Buddyrichiedonmoochie

Hello all on Villains Wiki. I'm Buddyrichiedonmoochie but most people on other wikis call me Buddy. I like this wiki and I particularly villains as like DisneyVillain said they provide an obstacle for the hero to overcome. I like independent villains but also Henchmen and Organisations as well as Animal Villains and Singing Villains. But you have to have a good villain because if you don't the story goes wrong,you lose interest and the writer gets an angry mob at their door and then gets killed except probably not the last one. I also have an interest in real life villains such as Nicolae Ceausescu and Graham Young. However although I first joined Stephen King wiki you would expect that to be the most edited wiki

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