My Favorite Villains

1. Kai Parker from The Vampire Diaries: Imagine the Joker. Now imagine the Joker as a young warlock. Now a lot of the villains on this show either have a sympathetic or redeeming qualities about them. Not Kai. The show runners said they intended for him to be irredeemably evil and that's just what they delivered.

Kai has the unnatural (by witch standards anyways) ability to siphon magic from other beings. Angry at being denied a chance to rule the Gemini coven, Kai seeks to kill his younger siblings so that he can be the only choice. As a result Kai is banished to a prison world which he forces Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett to help him escape and resume his killing spree. Nary an episode goes by where Kai doesn't kill and torture someone, or at least attempt or elude to it.

What I love about Kai, besides how devilishly charming and witty he is, is that while he's a monster, he's honest about it; he tells you where he stands, he sort of mocks the concept of being redeemable or sympathetic. He's just loves killing with no restraint and complete impuity and lets everyone know it. He doesn't bother manipulating you or give you a sob story, in fact, he pretty much eludes that he was born evil. He's kind of The Vampire Diaries answer to Kefka Palazzo, without the nihilism. The concept of love, empathy and remorse is alien to him and the only reason he feels any of these at all is because his brothers soul fused with his, and even then its only temporary.

This culminates at the end of the season, where Kai is transforming into a Heretic (vampire witch hybrid) and starts off The Vampire Diaries Red Wedding; right down to stabbing a pregnant woman in the stomach. In the massacre Kai kills off the whole Gemini Coven, including children, to complete his transformation and plans to continue from there. And before his death, his final middle finger is trapping Elena in a supernatural coma, which she can only be released from by Bonnie's death.

2. Sunset Shimmer from The Equestria Girls trilogy:

3. King Sombra from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

4. Nancy Downs from The Craft:

5. Horace "Jesse" Black from My Babysitter's A Vampire

6: Lucien Castle from The Originals:

My most hated villains

1. Theo Raeken from Teen Wolf: This guy is a love to hate kind of villain. The one thing I really love about this guy is that this guy is that he is total Draco in Leather Pants bait for the fans in that his one redeeming quality is that he's handsome. The thing that gets me hating Theo isn't so much his evil or his Draco in Leather Pants status but just how annoying he gets. The fact he's more or less a watered down Kai Parker doesn't really help.

He's introduced in season as a werewolf looking to join Scott McCall's pack and a childhood friend of Scott's. We quickly learn he's a chimera hybrid of a werewolf and werecoyote, working with the Dread doctors in their experiments. Theo also killed his sister as a child, and is keeping a couple he tortured as hostages to pose as his parents. He manipulates Scott against his best friend Stiles, and orchestrates a plan to kill all their loved ones in an effort to become an Alpha werewolf himself. Part way through the season, Theo abducts and Mind Rapes Lydia into catatonia and resurrects the chimera's to be part of his own pack. For the rest of the season he seeks to kill the Beast of Gevedaun, not to protect anyone or save lives, but to steal its power. He then kills his own pack for their power and attempts to kill everyone out of spite when all his plans fail.

Again, I don't hate Theo so much for his actions than his character. Mostly because it revolves around him being a manipulative bastard. The thing is, Theo is revealed to be a villain not one episode into his introduction. The reason why manipulative bastards are effective is because the characters are completely unaware of their true intentions. It works with Prince Hans from Frozen or Mark Jefferson from Life is Strange is because we the audience where in the dark as much as the other characters and where caught off guard by the reveal. With Theo, we know he's up to no good from the get go, and it makes the fact he's manipulating people just an annoying and tedious watch. It doesn't help that Theo has this obvious evil vibe around him where you'd have to be the most oblivious knob in the world to not notice something was wrong with this guy. The fact he takes little to no effort in turning Scott and Stiles, two childhood best friends, against eachother, is just one big headache.

There's also after his (in universe) villain reveal how the show pretty much drives the point home that he has no redeeming qualities, often building up and subverting them left right and center, but still try to play him as a clever manipulative bastard, but to the shows credit, you can practically hear the characters, the writers and the audience exclaim "Come on! Who are you trying the bullshit ?". So pretty much the only reason he isn't caught or killed earlier in the season is plot armor which luckily expires. The reason I don't hate Theo that much is because the writers designed him to be a hateable character like Joffrey, so we got what they where going for. In fact I find his death more cathartic than Joffrey's seeing as Theo is dragged screaming and begging into hell, as opposed to choking on poison.

2. Mark Jefferson from Life is Strange:

3. Julian from The Vampire Diaries:

4. Baron Vordenberg from Carmilla: The Series:

5. Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones:

6 . Jax Novoa from Every Witch Way: It speaks to volume that I hate a character who is meant to be an anti villain more than I hate most Complete Monsters. Jax's entire character is summed up in these two tropes; Draco in Leather Pants and Villain Sue. Stop me if you heard this story in fanfiction or in a teenage girls diary - a dark and handsome with daddy issues is new to school, and sweeps the heroine off her feet, and despite his obvious flaws, he has a hidden heart of gold and it is the love he has for the heroine and that alone that redeems him. This is a character strait out of Draco x Hermione fanfiction.

Jax is introduced as the de-facto main antagonist in season 2, and despite a reformation and having not much to offer as a villain, he has a bigger impact on the show and characters then say Principal Torres. What made me originally love the show is that unlike most teen oriented Nickelodeon live action shows, it balances comedy and drama with character and story development, much like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Jax comes off as a black hole for that development, especially in season four.

In season two, Jax as a villain mostly just manipulated the cast, bullied Emma's then love interest Daniel Miller, and tried to manipulate Emma into helping in his plan to take over the world and destroy the magic realm, before using an evil clone to help him instead.

Lets discuss his Freudian Excuse: Jax is acting on behalf of his father Jake Novoa, but they imply he doesn't want to help his father, but still goes through with it of his own volition and ambition. Here's another thing; season four retcons his father as a Well Intentioned Extremist trying to save the world from a larger threat - something Jax wasn't aware of in season two and Jake had no reason not to tell Jax. Had Jax known this from the get go, his reformation would've been believable.

Speaking of his reformation, here's how it went down; Jax isn't defeated, but surrenders and defects to the good guys side at the last minute. His reason ? For the writers and fandom, shipping; from his introduction, Jax x Emma became a popular ship and people must've wanted a canon version of Draco x Hermione. Pretty much Jax reformed, not because he was remorseful or realized what he's doing was wrong, but because Emma was against it. This pretty much means that if Emma wasn't against it, Jax would have absolutely no problem with destroying the magic realm at all. Really speaks a lot about his morality. More on his reformation; my favorite examples of a reformed villain is Sunset Shimmer from the Equestria Girls trilogy - she's remorseful (unlike Jax), she is held accountable and takes responsibility for her actions (unlike Jax), she makes an effort to make up for the things she did (unlike Jax). Jax and Sunset are polar opposites actually; while Sunset's actions at least cast a shadow over her, Jax's get swept under the rug entirely. It's not even and excuse that its a Nick show, because another character from Every Witch Way, Maddie Van Pelt, gets the second half of season one and season two to work her way into a reformation, Jax merely gets one episode.

The cherry on top is in season four, where not only that Jax x Emma becomes the end game, but the universe rewrites itself so that Jax and Emma where always together and kicks Daniel (Jax's bullying victim) out of everyones lives and memories, just to cater to Jemma shippers. The way I see it, he's not even a morally grey character, just such a manipulative bastard that he manages to convince the characters, fans, writers and the universe itself into thinking he's one of the good guys.

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