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Here's the stuff i've made. I hope you enjoy it! :D

Total pages i've made - 134

If I edited a page that I didn't make, i'll put a description of what I did next to it.

2000 Edits!

100 Pages! (June 9, 2020)

4000 Edits!

6000 Edits!

Pages I've Made/Will Make

Klown Kamp Massacre (2010)

Teenage Zombies: Invasion Of The Alien Brain Thingys (2008)

Circle (2015)

Otis (2008)

Blood Debts (1985)

Fritz The Cat (1972)



Lev Gleason Publications


Country Justice: Revenge of The Rednecks


Jacob (2011)

Manhunt (Series)


Manhunt Static.gif

Manhunt 2

Wrong Turn (Series)

Barney Oldfield's Race For A Life

Bunnyman (Series)

Snow On Tha Bluff

Grand Theft Auto (Series)

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Robot Chicken

The Hand (1981)

Blood and Bacon



Ghost Shark (Series)


Fallout 3

Fallout: New Vegas

Burke and Hare (2010)


Scarface: The World Is Yours

Hitman (Series)

Hitman: Absolution

Some Guy Who Kills People

Dead Island (Series)

Dead Island

The Sopranos

Matt Hazard (Series)

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

The Iceman (2012)

Crossed (Series)

Trailer Park of Terror


Middle Earth (Video Game Series)

Drawn Together

Templates I've Made

Templates I've Added To

My Favorite Villains

Least Favorite Villains

PE Proposals I've Made

  1. Valerie's Father - Rejected
  2. Mad Scientist (Country Justice) - Rejected
  3. Joe (Bunnyman) - Approved
  4. Dreadpool - Rejected
  5. Oliver Saxon - Approved

Random Pages I Edited

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