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My Favorite Villains

Scar, Turbo (Wreck-It Ralph), Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, DrakeMaestro Forte, Jafar, Dr. Facilier, Lotso, Red (All Dogs Go to Heaven), the Coachman, Judge Claude Frollo, Mephiles the Dark, Thrax (Osmosis Jones)Dr. Eggman, Lil' GideonDark DannyCount Waltz, The Jester (Oz)Constantine (Muppets Most Wanted), Max (Total Drama), and Mal.

Villains I Despise

Lady Tremaine, The Queen (all Snow White adaptations), Collen Mansfield, The Bullies (Elfen Lied)Ms. StoutGilland, Jean George, Miharu Shimizu, Yuko Kinoshita, Darla (Jessie), Gia MahanDuke of WeseltonPrince Hans, Regina Mills, and Trina Vega.

Favorite Villain Songs

  • "Be Prepared"
  • "Hellfire"
  • "Don't Make me laugh"
  • "In the Dark of the Night"
  • "Savages"
  • "It Feels So Good to be Bad"
  • "I'm Number One"
  • "The Mob Song"
  • "Money is Such a Beautiful Word"
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