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Today, I present another possible PE candidate from Mecha anime to you, this time, the candidate is none other than Queen Himika from Kotetsushin Jeeg.

What is the work?

Kotetsushin Jeeg is a super robot anime of the series Kotetsu Jeeg. In the anime, the (seemingly) average high school student Kenji was suddenly attacked by gigantic monster known as Haniwa Phantoms Gods. Then, Koji winded app being the pilot of the Kotetsu Jeeg and fought against the Great Jama Kingdom, lead by Queen Himika.

Who is Queen Himika?

Queen Himika was created by the aliens Takeru and Miyazu where they would conquer planets together during a galactic war. However, they winded up landing on Earth. Takeru and Miyazu, who took a favor of the planet, decided to stay and protect it. However, Himika and her subordinates refused and still want to destroy Earth. They then fought, and the fight ended up with Himika being sealed away. Later, Himika broke the seal but was sealed away by Hiroshi, the original Jeeg again.

What has she done?

After being sealed away by Hiroshi for fifty years, Queen Himika and her subordinates returned, and her presence brought the Haniwa Phantoms Gods Magura back, which soon rampaged across the city. Eventually, Kenji, who became the pilot of the Kotetsu Jeeg, combatted and defeated Mangura with Knuckle Bomber. Upon hearing of its defeat, Himika gives a fragment of her power to Ikima, who then gave the power to Mangura as they fought again. This time empowered, Mangura had the upper hand against Kenji until it was destroyed by Spin Storm. Later, Himika would send more Haniwa Phantoms to attack the Build Base, however they are all destroyed by Kenji with the Kotetsu Jeeg.

Eventually, Himika decided to obtain the Bell from the original Jeeg, as a result, she sent Amaso and Mimashi to control the Haniwa Phantom Makara to distract the Kotetsu Jeeg, while Ikima was sent to the center of the Zone to obtain the bell, Ikima succeed and brought the original Jeeg's head, which is also Hiroshi's body back to their hideout. Himika would then keep torturing Hiroshi to give up the bell, but to no avail.

At some point, the Build Base recovered the remains of the original Jeeg, and Tsubaki made contact to it, thus accidentally connecting herself to Himika. With that Himika came up with a plan, as during the battle with the Haniwa Phantom Gebura, Himika sent her subordinates to kidnap Tsubaki, then, Himika performed a ritual to corrupt Tsubaki. However, as Kenji and the Baruba were raiding their base to save her, Himika sent Ikima to control the Banshouaguu to delay Kenji. While Kenji and Baruba defeated it, Tsubaki was already corrupted into taking the Bronze Bells from Kenji and Hiroshi. With that, Himika obtained the two Bronze Bells,and tossed Tsubaki away since she is useless to her now. Just before Himika was able to kill Kenji, Kyo entered the chamber and confronted Himika, who recognized him as Takeru. Then, Himika sent her subordinates to kill Kyo while she used the bells to transform her hideout into the Eight-Headed Serpent, which fired a superheated beam that instantly destroyed the surroundings, including the Build Base. Then, Himika, Ikima and Amaso went to the Moon to obtain the Great Bronze Bell. (Mimashi was killed by Kyo just before he was killed by Ikima)

Despite this, the crew of Build Base survived and tracked Himika down to the Moon, and the force of Build Base and Great Jama Kingdom then battled, with Kenji and Tsubaki entering Himika's base. In there, they entered the Spiritual World, where they came face to face with Himika to reclaim the Bronze Bells. Himika taunted them that the two bronze bells would disappear and they would be no match to her since they didn't have the ability to transform into Jeeg, however, Kenji said that they won't give up. Eventually, Himika, after knocking them on the ground, was annoyed by them and leaves with the Great Bronze Bell. However, after she left, Kenji and Tsubaki reclaimed the Bronze Bells with their emotion power.

Nevertheless, in the Great Bronze Bell, Himika tore apart the dimensions to summon the evil spirits, which were then combined into the Susanoh together with her deceased subordinates which easily defeated both Kenji and Hiroshi. Eventually, Tsubaki found out that the source of the Susanoh's power is from the Great Bronze Bell, and therefore she heads towards it before her vehicle was seemingly destroyed. Believing Tsubaki was killed, Kenji flied into a blind rage and was consumed by Susanoh, further empowering it. Himika then commented how foolish humans are as disaster starts to fall upon Earth, leading to casualties. This further empowers Himika, who was confronted by Tsubaki, telling Himika that feeling is more powerful than curses as she begs Kenji to come back to his senses. Soon, Hiroshi gave his bronze bell to cause Kenji to return to is sense, and with that, together with Baruba, Kenji used the God of Steel Kotetsushin Jeeg to destroy Susanoh and helped Tsubaki to confront Himika for the last time just before Tsubaki was overpowered. With that, Kenji and Tsubaki used the Sakahoko to seal Himika away again, this time in space, ensuring that she would never be able to return again as Kenji and Tsubaki escaped. With that, Himika was finally defeated for good.

Heinous Standard

Himika herself is easily the most heinous villain in the anime, as all of her subordinates' action were all ordered by Himika. And aside from the fact that Himika had her subordinates to control Haniwa Phantom Gods to rampage on towns and cities alike. Himika also has no problem in brainwashing Tsubaki into helping her to obtain the Bronze Bells, and once successes, Himika casually tossed Tsuabki away since she is useless to her, and lets not mention that Tsubaki is Kenji's lover. Near the end of the anime, Himika even created the Susanoh, which cause disasters to happen on Earth and resulted in a lot of casualties. Lets not mention that during the creation of Susanoh, Himika also harvested souls from some unfortunate people too. As a result, Himika is easily the most heinous villain of the anime.

Moral Agency?

As mentioned above, Himika is an evil creation, however, she has moral agency and has a free will as she rejected Takeru and Miyazu's offer to settle down on Earth in peace, and seems to enjoy causing destruction very much. As a result, she doesn't have the moral agency problem.

Redeeming qualities

Himika might not punish her subordinates for failing, but is not shown to care about them either, not even mourning for Mimashi when he was killed by Takeru in the battle. Therefore, Himika cared little about her subordinates, and likely didn't punish them for failure due to being aware of them being her only available subordinates.

Final Thoughts

Easy keeper