aka King of Heroes

  • My occupation is Kurumi's butler
  • I am None
Nightmare Queen belongs to me
~ Deidaramonroe

Greetings! My name is Adam and I was born and currently living in Russia. I'm 17 years old guy who loves anime and manga (more anime) , and videogames. I Started watching anime when I was 8 years old, Pokemon and the legendary Dragon Ball Z, as for the manga I only started 4 years ago, but since then I read it everyday.

Anime/Manga I like: I like everything since Psychological to action, comedy to terror, I watch/read everything a little bit.

What I like: Manga/Anime and of course My Hot Kurumi.

What I dislike: What kurumi dislikes, Gay Bieber.

My Love Kurumi Tokisaki

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