Hey there and welcome to my profile page.

Favorite Villains

Cleanup Agenda

I'll be cleaning up a couple things here and there. These are backlog issues (issues that accumulate). I'll be cleaning up:

  • Broken Redirects: Pages that link to deleted pages. Wherever I see them, I'll mark them for deletion. I'll try to mark as many of them for deletion as much as I can. But depending on the name of the page, I could edit it to make it a disambiguation page.
  • Double Redirects: These are pages that redirect to other pages. Most people want to end up on the page they want to go to, not go through redirects to get there. So, when I see these type of redirects, I'll mark them for deletion.
  • Pages without Links: Some pages are going to be easier to add links than others. But, when I see them, I'll try to add the necessary links.
  • Unused Images: These are images that are not any pages on the wiki. If it is a different or unique image of a character on the wiki, I'll add it to the page. If it is a duplicate image or an image that has nothing to do on the wiki, I'll mark it for deletion.
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