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|image = Dark_god_by_naznamy-d56pmbn.jpg
|image = Dark_god_by_naznamy-d56pmbn.jpg
|size = 200
|size = 200
|fullname = Darkness
|fullname = Erebus Chronus (formerly)<br>
|alias = {{Scroll box|Creator of the Omniverse<br>
Creator of the Multiverse<br>
|alias = {{Scroll box|Primordial God of Darkness<br>
Creator of the universe<br>
King of Evil<br>
One Who is Everything, Everywhere and Everywhen<br>
Lord of Darkness<br>
Being Who is All-Powerful, All-Knowing, All-Present, All-Creating, All-Embodying, All-Existing, All-Ruling, and All-Neutral<br>
Primordial Entity<br>
The Biggest Bad in Existence<br>
The Most Evil Being in Existence<br>
One Greater Than All<br>
Original and only Master of the Dark Stone<br>
Great Lord Darkness<br>
Personification of Darkness<br>
Lord Darkness<br>
Death personified<br>
Master of the Dark Gods<br>
Evil personified<br>
Master of Existence<br>
The Darkness<br>
The Embodiment of Everything<br>
Master of the Dark Lords<br>
The God of Creation<br>
Sidious' Master<br>
Ultimate Enemy<br>
Thanos' Master<br>
Our Creator and Destroyer<br>
The Great Evil<br>
Lord of the Omniverse<br>
Being that Plagues Existence<br>
Ruler of the Dark Dimension<br>
Universal Destroyer<br>
Universal Destroyer<br>
Death Personified<br>
Fist of the Creator<br>
Creator of the Dark Dimension<br>
The Only Thing More Evil Than Satan<br>
The God Fallen from Grace<br>
The Real Devil<br>
The Decision Maker<br>
King of the Demons<br>
Ruler of the Dark Dimension<br>
Dark side of the Force<br>
The Bogan<br>
Creator of the Demons and Cambions<br>
The Dark Emperor}}
|origin = ''The Story of Darkness'' <small>(fanmade expansion story)</small>
|origin = ''The Story of Darkness'' <small>(fanmade expansion story)</small>
|occupation = {{Scroll box|The Primordial God of Darkness<br>
|occupation = {{Scroll box|Primordial God of Darkness<br>
Dark Emperor of the Dark Forces<br>
Dark Emperor of the Dark Forces<br>
Omnipotent Deity<br>
Shadow Leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems<br>
True Shadow Leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems<br>
Founder of the New Confederacy of Independent Systems<br>
Shadow Leader of the Galactic Empire<br>
Shadow Leader of the Subspace Army<br>
Shadow Leader of the Covenant Empire<br>
Shadow Leader of the Covenant Empire<br>
Shadow Leader of the Chitauri Army<br>
Shadow Leader of the Galactic Empire<br>
Shadow Leader of the Underworld Army<br>
Shadow Leader of Sauron's Army<br>
Shadow Leader of the First Order<br>
Founder and Shadow Leader of the Subspace Army<br>
Founder and leader of the New Confederacy of Independent Systems<br>
Founder and Shadow Leader of the Underworld Army<br>
Master of the Sith Order<br>
Shadow Leader of the Brotherhood of Darkness<br>
*Master of Emperor Sheev Palpatine<br>
Shadow Leader of the Dark Brotherhood<br>
*Master of Darth Bane<br>
Shadow Leader of the Dark Elves<br>
*Master of Darth Revan<br>
Shadow Leader of the First Order}}
*Master of Darth Malgus<br>
|skills = Nigh Omnipotence<br>
Master of Lord Voldemort<br>
*Nigh-Complete Arsenal<br>
Master of General Grievous}}
*Darkness Embodiment<br>
|skills = {{Scroll box|Omnipotence<br>
**Evil Embodiment
**Omniscience bestowal<br>
**Absolute Intelligence<br>
***Probability Manipulation<br>
***Intelligence Infinitum<br>
***Mental Evolution<br>
**Absolute Senses<br>
***Extrasensory Perception<br>
****Locality Tracking<br>
****Parachronal cognition<br>
****Supreme Observation<br>
**Absolute Wisdom<br>
**Encyclopedic Knowledge<br>
***Cosmic Awareness<br>
***Cosmic Knowledge<br>
***Instilled Knowledge<br>
***Intuitive Aptitude<br>
**Flawless Precognition<br>
**Knowledge Anchoring<br>
**Meta Memory<br>
***Supernatural Artisan<br>
***Meta Crafting<br>
***Ability to invent things beyond anyone's ability<br>
***Master Builder<br>
***Rapid Fabrication<br>
***Intuitive Perception<br>
***Omnichronal perception<br>
***Shapeshifting awareness<br>
**Almighty object manifestation<br>
**Absolute Immortality<br>
*Complete Arsenal<br>
*Absolute Change<br>
*Absolute Condition<br>
*Absolute Destruction<br>
**Apocalyptic Force Manipulation<br>
**Ultimate Erasure<br>
*Absolute Existence<br>
*Absolute Force Manipulation<br>
*Absolute Restoration<br>
*Absolute Will<br>
*Almighty Magic<br>
*Almighty Law Creation<br>
*Almighty Replication<br>
*Almighty Science<br>
*Alpha Reality<br>
*Boundary Manipulation<br>
*Causality Manipulation<br>
*Concept Manipulation<br>
*Cycle Manipulation<br>
*Definition Manipulation<br>
**Primordial Force Manipulation<br>
*Existential Plane Manipulation<br>
*Grand Design Manipulation<br>
*Logic Manipulation<br>
*Meta Miracle Manipulation<br>
*Meta Perspective Manipulation<br>
*Meta Power Manipulaton<br>
**Meta Ability Creation<br>
**Meta Power Destruction<br>
**Meta Power Immunity<br>
**Meta Immunity Bypassing<br>
**Power Augmentation<br>
*Meta Probability Manipulation<br>
*Metaphysics Manipulation<br>
*Omega Reality<br>
*Omniverse Embodiment<br>
**Omniverse Manipulation<br>
*Origin Manipulation<br>
*Paradox Manipulation<br>
*Pataphysics Manipulation<br>
*Omniverse embodiment<br>
*Omniverse creation<br>
*Omniverse destruction<br>
*Omniverse manipulation<br>
Oneiric omnipotence<br>
Oneiric omnipresence<br>
Omni-Energy Manipulation<br>
*Light-Darkness Manipulation<br>
**Light-Darkness Attacks<br>
**Light-Shadow Generation<br>
**Light-Darkness Aura<br>
**Light-Darkness Mimicry<br>
**Light-Shadow Magic<br>
**Light-Darkness Weaponry<br>
***Light-Darkness Artillery<br>
*Light Embodiment<br>
**All Light-Based Abilities<br>
**Light Manipulation/Photokinesis<br>
*Darkness embodiment<br>
**All Darkness-Based Abilities<br>
***Absolute Darkness<br>
**Darkness Manipulation/Umbrakinesis<br>
*Life and Death Embodiment<br>
*Evil embodiment<br>
*Existence embodiment<br>
*Elemental embodiment<br>
**Elemental Combat<br>
**Elemental Connection<br>
**Elemental Constructs<br>
**Elemental Empowerment<br>
**Elemental Flight<br>
**Elemental Generation<br>
**Elemental Immunity<br>
**Elemental Manipulation<br>
***Elemental Attacks<br>
***Elemental Detection<br>
***Elemental Solidification<br>
***Elemental Telekinesis<br>
****Elemental Flight<br>
****Matter Surfing<br>
**Elemental Mimicry<br>
**Elemental Negation<br>
**Elemental Transmutation<br>
**Elemental Energy Manipulation<br>
**Omni-Element Manipulation<br>
*Fire embodiment<br>
**All Fire-Based Abilities<br>
**Fire Boundary<br>
**Fire Manipulation/Pyrokinesis<br>
***Fire Generation<br>
***Combustion Inducement<br>
***Fire Absorption<br>
***Fire Attacks<br>
****Expanding Fire Bolts<br>
****Fire Ball Projection<br>
****Pyrokinetic Beam Emission<br>
****Pyrokinetic Blast<br>
****Fire Bolt Projection<br>
****Pyrokinetic Bomb Generation<br>
****Fire Breath<br>
****Fire Bullets<br>
****Pyrokinetic Cutting<br>
****Fire Infusion<br>
****Pyrokinetic Pillar Projection<br>
****Pyrokinetic Spike Projection<br>
****Fire Stream Projection<br>
****Pyrokinetic Vision<br>
****Fire Vortex Creation<br>
****Fire Wave Emission<br>
****Flaming Surface<br>
****Formulated Fire Blasts<br>
****Hand Blasts (pyrokinesis)<br>
****Hidden Attacks (pyrokinesis)<br>
****Fire Missile Generation<br>
****Omnidirectional Fire Waves<br>
****Reflective fire attacks<br>
****Flaming scatter shots<br>
****Pyrokinetic Sword Beam Emission<br>
****Flame Wave Motion Blast<br>
****Zap (pyrokinetic)<br>
***Fire Detection<br>
***Flame Solidification<br>
***Heat Manipulation<br>
****Heat Generation<br>
****Ultimate Burning<br>
***Pyrokinetic properties manipulation<br>
****Pyrokinetic Flight<br>
****Pyrokinetic Surfing<br>
***Fire Augmentation<br>
***Fire Aura<br>
***Fire Defense<br>
***Fire Portal Creation<br>
***Fire Transformation<br>
***Fire Transmutation<br>
***Firestorm Creation<br>
***Flame Shield<br>
***Healing Fire<br>
***Pyrokinetic Invisibility<br>
***Pyrokinetic Regeneration<br>
***Pyrotic Communication<br>
**Fire Mimicry<br>
**Fire Negation<br>
**Fire Immunity<br>
**Fire Empowerment<br>
**Primordial Fire Manipulation<br>
**Pyric Spectrum Manipulation<br>
**Pyrokinetic Combat<br>
**Pyrokinetic Constructs<br>
*Water embodiment<br>
**All Water-Based Abilities<br>
***Esoteric water manipulation<br>
***Hydrokinetic Combat<br>
***Hydrokinetic Constructs<br>
***Primordial Water Manipulation<br>
***Water Boundary<br>
***Water Form Manipulation<br>
***Water Manipulation<br>
*****Hydrokinetic Flight<br>
*****Hydrokinetic Surfing<br>
****Hydrokinetic properties manipulation<br>
*****Viscosity Manipulation<br>
****Tidal Wave Generation<br>
***Water Attacks<br>
****Water Detection<br>
****Water Generation<br>
*****Flood Creation<br>
****Water Pressure Generation<br>
****Water Purification<br>
****Water Separation<br>
****Water Solidification<br>
****Water Walking<br>
****Whirlpool Generation<br>
***Water Mimicry<br>
*Electricity embodiment<br>
**All Lightning-Based Abilities<br>
**Electricity Manipulation<br>
***Charged Particles Manipulation
***Electric Conductivity
****Electrokinetic Flight
****Electrokinetic Surfing
***Electric Field Manipulation
***Electricity Absorption
***Electricity Attacks
***Electrical Constructs
***Electricity Detection
***Electricity Generation
***Electricity Negation
***Electricity Solidification
***Electric Pull
Dark matter manipulation<br>
Creation-destruction manipulation<br>
Crossover manipulation<br>
Unmatchable combat<br>
*Weapon Mastery<br>
**Proficient Touch<br>
**Unmatched Swordsmanship<br>
**Unmatched Gunsmanship<br>
**Unmatched Axemanship<br>
**Unmatched Spearmanship<br>
**Unmatched Clawmanship<br>
**Unmatched Clubmanship<br>
**Unmatched Whipmanship<br>
**Unmatched Hammermanship<br>
***Ability to wield Mjolnir<br>
Ability to remove invulnerability and immortality from any being that has those powers<br>
Ability to kill omnipotent beings<br>
Ability to grant and remove all powers from anyone, including omnipotence}}
|hobby = Making things better for everyone.<br>
|hobby = Making things better for everyone.<br>
Creating life.<br>
Creating life.<br>

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Can you feel it? The evil? The darkness? It surrounds us all, and will soon swallow us all whole, and when it does, I will be at the heart of it all.
~ Me, prophesying the destruction of the universe.
All events, wars, and occurrences are predestined for, in this case, I have predestined everything to happen before I even created anything. The Clone Wars was predestined, the Dark Wars, the destruction of Alderaan and the Death Star.
~ Me, implying that everything that happens is predestined.

Greetings, everybody! My name is Prince of FNaF, but, please, just refer to me as Darkness, instead. I am an editor on this wiki - the Villains Wiki (or Community), and I take a committed type of methodology when I must complete any required tasks on this community. 

Darkness Overview

Darkness is the main overarching and overall main antagonist of a fan-made story called the Story of Darkness. He is the creator of the Omniverse, Multiverse, and Universe, as well as the creator of everything else that exists and that has existed. His storyline overarches all other character stories in the entire Story of Darkness, being the main overarching antagonist as aforementioned.

He plans to destroy all of the universes he's created and eventually recreate them for the sake of all living creatures, seeing that in time, things will start to go wrong and he will have to commence his plan known as the Great Darkness, a plan that is supposed to end life by Darkness' hand. He is truly a loving person, indeed, though his descendant - Sir Sam, believes that he is a sadistic, psychopathic, and wicked being that loves to kill and destroy whatever he wants. This was proven wrong by Darkness during the Battle of Manyland - the final battle of the Great Darkness, when he was confronted by Sam, explaining to his descendant that he only destroys universes for the sake of life, to make things better for everyone in the end, not that he just wanted to destroy everything he loves.

Description of Darkness

Ever heard of me, chances are slim. My name is Darkness, the Primordial God of Darkness and Creator of Omniverse, Multiverse, and Universe, as well as the one responsible for every single dark and evil deed ever committed. Some may believe there is a more powerful being than I, but they believe wrong, there is no being more or even close to as powerful as I. I am an omnipotent, omniscient, omnificient, omnipresent, omnimalevolent, and omnicompetent being, who desires to destroy the things I created, after I found out about the goals they wish to achieve, I devised a plan to destroy the universe, which is known to many as "The Great Darkness". I am no egotist nor am I power hungry, but I would wish for people to feel no desire for power over one another. On another note, I am the father to some of the most powerful and most well-known deities in existence: the God of Death, the Goddess of the Sea, the Goddess of the Sky and the God of the Earth, as well as a great-great-great-great-great-grandfather to the greatest threat to my plans: the God of Light. A week after the birth of Sir Sam, the God of Light, which was over 8,000 years ago, I desired to grant the young deity a gift, though I wasn't entirely welcomed to the celebration or else they would "make me experience excruciating pain," but I found the threats to be petty and I simply disregarded them.

In 8353 B.C., I had reformed an empire that became defunct from reasons I shall not bore you with, but I reformed it and made it better than its first incarnation, now known as the Dark Forces. An organization that was based on ruling the Dark Dimension, the personal dimension of mine, and defeating the Grand Republic of Manyland, the main governing body and ruling organization of the universe. The Dark Forces Military was comprised of smaller militaries such as the: Confederacy Military, Covenant Military, Dark Elves, Ing Horde, Space Pirates, Prometheans (Ecumene), Chitauri Army, Subspace Army, the First Order Military, and the Aurum. All of these militaries supply the Dark Forces Military with warships, weapons, vehicles, starfighters, and equipment, and in return, I give them each a part of the Universe for them to control, though I am the one who truly rules those given sections.

In 3002 B.C., a prophesied war that would be the greatest war of all time had broken out, which was orchestrated entirely by myself, for it was an essential part of my plans to destroy the Universe. Many of the aforementioned organizations joined forces to aid the Dark Forces, such as the Dark Elves, the Prometheans, the Aurum, the Dragon Cult and the Dovah. By the end of the Dark Wars, my forces were defeat though it was predestined to happen, as it will come to exist once again in the future.

On May 15, 1991 B.C., my forces were pushed back to the Dark Dimension - the main headquarters of the Dark Forces. That day, I had dueled both the Gods of Light and Judgement, as they attempted to "kill" me for beginning the prolonged war, though they evidently and ultimately failed, nearly causing their own demise. 

You may call me a sadist or even a psychopath, but at the end of the day, none of it is truly correct; I don't find pleasure in killing people nor do I have a personality disorder, I only kill when it is required. If you're all looking for my total kill count - over two-centillion victims. I'm honestly not proud of the number as I've killed so many people. If I could change the number to zero, I would, though the victims were all necessary; they had killed many innocent people, some even kill and call themselves "peacemakers".


In 11002 B.C., I had gotten engaged to the beautiful Primordial Goddess of Time, Elisia, who later became the mother of the God of Death, Goddess of the Sea, Goddess of the Skies, and the God of the Earth. She was the nicest, most caring person you would ever meet, a loving wife as well, she also loved all life, seeing them as precious souls in need of protection from evil and deception, though she didn't realize that I was the one that she would try and protect them from, due to the Great Darkness being the plan to destroy the Universe and unknowingly recreate it moments after its destruction. 

Thousands of years later, Elisia had passed after the birth of the God of Light, even leading people to believe that it was mere coincidence, though I had foreseen the passing and was the only one to know it wasn't anywhere close to coincidence; it was just meant to happen.


Darkness is an extremely complex being to understand. He can be either pure evil or pure good but chooses to remain neutral when it comes to choosing sides. However, Darkness is compassionate and kindhearted, something not regularly seen in such a person like him; he's generous and loving towards his "enemies". Whether or not the Universe can agree with Darkness, there's no doubting that after hearing what his true intentions were, you couldn't know who he is without first understanding his core beliefs. The Malthusian ideas he champions makes him seem full of sincerity and selflessness, yet can somewhat make him sadistic and evil when he makes note of them to his opponents; he doesn't keep his intentions a secret from them. More than that, Darkness will be prepared to argue for what he stands by with such true judgment. He can spin his beliefs like a coin on a table to make him seem either benevolent or malevolent. When he calls his intentions truly beneficial for everyone, it may seem that you can't help but watch a well-renowned hero or villain be defeated and try to cling to make a final attempt to defeat him. But whenever he is challenged on his morality, Darkness can use his abilities to see future events or use his past experiences to tip the scales in his favor every time.


Sir Sam - Generally, Darkness has an overall hatred for Sir Sam and wishes to see him perish by his hand, but even if someone else is close to killing him, he will allow them to defeat him, though it never happens. However, Darkness slightly respects him for having the heart of a true warrior and guardian, but still does have a deep hatred for him. Sam does also respect Darkness but finds that he is way too big a threat to existence that he must find a way to bring him to justice and quite possibly kill him, which is the impossible, as he cannot die. At a time, Sam was even under Darkness's tutelage, acting as a guardian when he was younger, as he wanted him to be raised by the best family and become a well-renowned deity to the Universe.

Master Core - Darkness and Master Core both have mutual respects for one another, Darkness even seeing great potential in the dark entity, and even made him the second-in-command of the Dark Forces Military - the Head of Military. Although Master Core does fear his master's power, and that someday if he ever failed an important task, would be executed, though Darkness believes that his commander will complete all obstacles that come his way. Seeing how useful Master Core could be to his plans, he had separated both he and Master Hand from one another, giving the entity the ability to be free.

Master Hand - Just the same as Master Core, Darkness mutually respects Master Hand, and often tasks him with completing missions. Most of the time, Darkness pairs Master Hand up with Crazy Hand, due to their friendship with one another and because of how well they work together in getting tasks done. 

Crazy Hand - Darkness trusts Crazy Hand a good amount, going so far as to entitle him as the fourth-in-command of the military - the Supreme Commander of the Army/Navy. Knowing full well of Crazy Hand's abilities, Darkness often entitles him to finish jobs that require certain expertise. However, he will sometimes pair him up with Master Hand, though Darkness trusts Master Hand more than Crazy Hand.

Ridley - As a high ranking commander of the Dark Forces Military, Ridley is trusted by Darkness to an extent, but fears the latter more than anything that he may ever fear.

Darth Sidious - In hindsight, Palpatine feared Darkness greatly, though he wished to aid him in any way possible. Darkness used Sidious as a way to destroy both the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic which was now reorganized as the Galactic Empire. Sidious was only a pawn in Darkness’ plan to destroy the Universe, often putting him in life-threatening situations, such as when Mace Windu and 3 other Jedi Masters attempted to arrest or possibly kill him. Yet he was worth much in the beginning of his term as Dark Lord of the Sith, Darkness lost his trust in placing him as the public face of the Galactic Empire, to which he manipulated Darth Vader into killing Sidious to rid the galaxy of his reign of terror.

General Grievous - After the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Grievous' lifeless body remained on the landing platform on the planet Utapau, where Darkness would revive him to recreate the Confederacy of Independent Systems into the New CIS from various Separatist holdouts across the Galaxy and become the Confederate Head of State. When he was revived, Darkness telekinetically brought two of his lightsabers to his grasp where he would be ordered to escape the planet while eliminating any Imperial forces in his path to either his Sheathipede-class transport shuttle or an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor that was left there early in the Clone Wars by a Jedi Master who had left the planet via transport to Coruscant. Being backed by Darkness, his Master and leader, many Battle Droids that were deactivated by the Trade Federation were reactivated and repaired by Him, giving the Kaleesh cyborg a chance to escape the planet in one piece.

Darkness' pawns

  • Ridley - One of Darkness' commanders and a secret ally of his. Carries out orders that Darkness gives him for the Space Pirates to deal with. In the end, Darkness appointed him the leader of the Space Pirates and would ask him for anything if he needed something important to complete.
  • Darth Sidious - Another one of Darkness' commanders and the public face and public leader of the Galactic Empire, though Darkness was truly the shadow leader of the Imperial Regime, as well as the shadow leader of the ancient Sith Order. Sidious disappointed Darkness when he failed his part of the mission in destroying the Rebel Alliance and for entrusting a Jedi Knight that he thought wasn't susceptible to redeeming himself. When Sidious was killed by both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader aboard the Death Star II, Darkness brought his nearly destroyed soul to his castle in the Dark Dimension and contained it for the future. He would recreate Sidious' body and resurrect him to participate and lead the reformed Galactic Empire in the Final Battle.
  • Tabuu - Darkness entrusted Tabuu with the Subspace Army, a part of the Dark Forces Military and a small piece of the army, appointing him as the public face of the Army. When Tabuu was destroyed by everyone in Subspace, Darkness revived him and allowed him to leave the Subspace at will and do whatever he pleased. Tabuu was one of Darkness' most trusted allies. In 2026 A.D., Tabuu was destroyed once again by Sir Sam in the Final Battle and was not resurrected to participate in the rest of the battle.
  • Hades - Not a very trusted commander or a well-renowned one in the Dark Forces at that, Hades was still exceptionally powerful and an important part in the plan, being entitled as the leader of the Underworld Army, but the title of true leader was given to Darkness, having full control and full command over the Underworld and its army. When Pit had defeated Hades some hundreds of years ago, Darkness never revived him as he saw him as arrogant and believed him to be of no use to his plans any longer, though revived him in 2022 A.D., after destroying and recreating the entire Universe for the Battle of Manyland, when Darkness wanted to pit the entire Dark Forces against the Grand Republic of Manyland and its allies.
  • Alduin - As a fellow deity, Alduin was respected by Darkness, but he was not content with his consumption of souls in Sovngarde to gain more power. Darkness manipulated Alduin into betraying Akatosh and controlling an entire army of Dragons to help him conquer and destroy the world, subsequently, causing a war in Tamriel. After Alduin was killed by the Dragonborn in Sovngarde, Darkness brought his soul to him and kept it contained for future purposes, such as the Final Battle or the Battle of Manyland in 2022 A.D., though he would be significantly more powerful than he was before his death.

My Favorite Villains

Video Game Villains

Movie Villains

  • Dormammu (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • Loki Laufeyson (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • Emperor Palpatine - Of course the Emperor would be one of my favorite villains of all time, he manipulated everyone from the sidelines as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He orchestrated both the Invasion of Naboo as the planet's Senator and the Clone Wars with the help of his apprentice Darth Tyranus/Dooku, Jango Fett and General Grievous, even Darth Maul and the Mandalorians helped him, the Mandalorians not realizing that the Separatists and Dooku worked for Sidious. Every single one of them played their part in the plot to overthrow the Jedi Order and reorganize the Republic into the Galactic Empire while Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker was turned to the Dark Side of the Force as the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Sidious managed to cloud the vision of the Jedi, including Master Yoda, using the ancient Sith shrine located underneath the Jedi Temple, where the Dark side would continuously seep out and keep Yoda and the others from finding out that the Republic's head of state was actually the Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • General Grievous - Let me get something straight: General Grievous is one of the coolest and most awesome villains in Star Wars, his ability to best a Jedi Master in combat, either through the aid of MagnaGuards or a secret blaster, would be very difficult to do because Jedi are much more experienced in using a lightsaber than the cyborg general when he learned how to wield a lightsaber from Count Dooku.

TV Villains

Other Villains

Least Favorite Villains

  • Kylo Ren - Most of the time, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo acts similarly to that of the way a 4-year-old may act: a big baby. After learning that BB-8 escaped aboard the stolen YT-1300 Corellian freighter the Millenium Falcon, Kylo went into a fit of rage and destroyed a console with his lightsaber in front of a First Order officer. That earns him the title of No. 1 Least Favorite Villains on my list.
  • William Afton (Five Nights at Freddy's)
  • Dolores Umbridge
  • Riff Tamson
  • Azathoth

Villain types I hate

  • Egotist - The villains who are categorized as "egotist" are the absolute worst. They have so little interest in anything besides themselves, taking in pride in their powers, abilities, and how they're better than others. Egotists are insufferable in my book, after dealing with MANY egotists in my past, seeing how self-centered they are, the worst villains (not based upon how evil, wicked, cruel, or vile they are) of all.
  • Arrogant - The arrogance of villains has led to the downfall of many of them, including Darth Sidious when he was blindly arrogant to believe that Darth Vader wasn't capable of being converted from the Dark Side of the Force back to the Light Side.
  • Hypocrites - OK, honestly, hypocritical villains are just annoying with how they say that other people are doing something wrong and have done something they don't like, yet the villain does the exact same thing that they don't necessarily like.

Favorite Villain Themes

  • I am Octavio - Splatoon
  • Bowser! - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  • Maul - Star Wars Rebels
  • Duel of the Fates - Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Favorite Evil Organizations

Quotes by Darkness

Life will never go the way we desire it to go; you can make it into something we would be placated with. It's not going to go our way, but we can take action and create our own destinies. Your destiny was chosen before time even began, I set it for you, however, you are capable of doing whatever you please, after all, it is free will.
Time is a confusing sense to grasp, but just think: what will time tell for my future? The future is within your grasp, harness it. The present is the now, we just don't realize that everything present is both the past and the future.
I may seem like a heartless creator, hating my creations and those who look to me for help, however, on the contrary, I love all that I create. I only plan to destroy the Universe so that I can recreate it as I intended it to happen. Cycle of life - Birth/Creation, Prosperity, Death/Destruction, Rebirth/Recreation/Restoration. You live your life accordingly and then prepare for the last part of life: the end. In my case, there is no end, I am forever.

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  • Edit all pages to be their best.
  • Gain access from the administrators and bureaucrats to recreate the Crazy Hand page.
  • Finish re-editing the DJ Octavio page.
  • Become a well-known user in the Villains Community.
  • Become an Administrator in the future.
  • Get rid of all plagiarism, vandalism, trolling, and abuse.
  • Protect Users from one another (if they happen to not get along and try to abuse each other).
  • Find and solve the problem with vandalism across Fandom.


  • I am somewhat of a drama queen and I like making a big deal out of small things
    • Also, I am somewhat of a perfectionist, as my goals for the Villains Community is to make all the pages perfect: proper grammar and proper information (without plagiarising).
  • Before he was given the name that he has, Darkness was originally supposed to be called "Dark Sam", and originally was never supposed to be the Primordial God of Darkness or even just the God of Darkness, same goes for his role as the Creator of the Omniverse and Everything, he was supposed to be the dark version of Sir Sam, the God of Light and the main protagonist of the story.
  • Unknown to everyone, Darkness is actually considered to be the main protagonist of the story, even though he wants to destroy all of life, but it was only for the sake of everything he created.
  • Although his intentions aren't necessarily evil, Darkness has committed countless atrocities but doesn't exactly feel good about committing them because of him being the creator of everything.
  • Darkness has manipulated gods and goddesses into fighting one another to get them to see their wrongdoings. Such as when he manipulated the Goddess of Nature - Viridi (though this is part of my story) into declaring war against humanity and, subsequently, Lady Palutena as well, who is the protector of the human race.
    • Even though Ares is the God of War and is capable of bringing about conflict between factions, Darkness is a well-known source of war and conflict, having orchestrated basically every known fictional war, such as the Clone Wars, the Dark Wars, both of the Dark Elf conflicts, the war against the Underworld Army, the war against the Subspace Army, the Galactic Civil War, the war between the UNSC and the Covenant Empire, the war between the humans and the Forerunners, as well as the war between the Sith and the Jedi. There are many more that he's single-handedly started in secret. No one knows that he is responsible for them.
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