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Can you feel it? The evil? The darkness? It surrounds us all, and will soon swallow us all whole, and when it does, I will be at the heart of it all.
~ Me, prophesying the destruction of the universe.


Ever heard of me, chances are slim. My name is Darkness, the Primordial God of Darkness and Creator of Omniverse, Multiverse, and Universe, as well as the one responsible for every single dark and evil deed ever committed. Some may believe there is a more powerful being than I, but they believe wrong, there is no being more or even close to as powerful as I. I am an omnipotent, omniscient, omnificient, omnipresent, omnimalevolent, and omnicompetent being, who desires to destroy the things I created, after I found out about the goals they wish to achieve, I devised a plan to destroy the universe, which is known to many as "The Great Darkness". I am no egotist nor am I power hungry, but I would wish for people to feel no desire for power over one another. On another note, I am the father to some of the most powerful and most well-known deities in existence: the God of Death, the Goddess of the Sea, the Goddess of the Sky and the God of the Earth, as well as a great-great-great-great-great-grandfather to the greatest threat to my plans: the God of Light. A week after the birth of Sir Sam, the God of Light, which was over 8,000 years ago, I desired to grant the young deity a gift, though I wasn't entirely welcomed to the celebration or else they would "make me experience excruciating pain," but I found the threats to be petty and I simply disregarded them.

In 8353 B.C., I had reformed an empire that became defunct from reasons I shall not bore you with, but I reformed it and made it better than it was in the past, now known as the Dark Forces. An organization that was based on ruling the Dark Dimension, the personal dimension of mine, and defeating the Grand Republic of Manyland, the main governing body and ruling organization of the universe. The Dark Forces Military was comprised of smaller militaries such as the: Confederacy Military, Covenant Military, Dark Elves, Ing Horde, Space Pirates, Prometheans (Ecumene), Chitauri Army, Subspace Army, the First Order Military, and the Aurum. All of these militaries supply the Dark Forces Military with warships, weapons, vehicles, starfighters, and equipment, and in return, I give them each a part of the Universe for them to control, though I am the one who truly rules those given sections.


Sir Sam - Generally, Darkness has an overall hatred for Sir Sam, and wishes to see him perish by his hand, but even if someone else is close to killing him, he will allow them to defeat him, though it never happens. However, Darkness slightly respects him for having the heart of a true warrior and guardian, but still does have a deep hatred for him. Sam does also respect Darkness, but finds that he is way too big a threat to existence that he must find a way to bring him to justice and quite possibly kill him, which is the impossible, as he cannot die. At a time, Sam was even under Darkness's tutelage, acting as a guardian when he was younger, as he wanted him to be raised by the best family and become a well renowned deity to the Universe.

Master Core - Darkness and Master Core both have a mutual respect for one another, Darkness even seeing great potential in the dark entity, and even made him the second-in-command of the Dark Forces Military - the Head of Military. Although, Master Core does fear his master's power, that someday, if he ever failed an important task, would be executed, though Darkness believes that his commander will complete all obstacles that come his way. Seeing how useful Master Core could be to his plans, he had separated both he and Master Hand from one another, giving the entity the ability to be free.

Master Hand - Just the same as Master Core, Darkness mutually respects Master Hand, and often tasks him with completing missions.


When the universe is no more, it will be recreated into something we can only see in our dreams. Yet, you all see it as a nightmare.
God is only a state of mind, in which most have been deceived by the lie of an all-powerful deity who is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent.
Those who found what their true purpose of in life is earn my respect, however, those who don't believe they have a purpose in life and are simply a "mistake", do not earn my respect.

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