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Well,I am an old Demon. An old enemy of Satan,friend of other Demons. You know me as Sailor,you think I am an legend. Bu I am real. I am a normal boy student in school,you think he is a normal guy. Forest Green Rovers,that is the name they gave me after become an thought form. I was green,punished... and imprisoned for thousand years. But my name is Zy-Schico,a Reality-Warper,Paranormal Entity and Leader of others and the Paranormal Ghost as you know. And now,I will kill you in a f---king way you a--hole!!!
~ I am killing a teen who asked my story.
Hello. I am your thought,Forest Green Rovers.
~ My famous quote when I enter someone's mind,before killing him/her
Yes...Firstly you will see hallucinations,then all Earth will be your thought!!!
~ I am hypnosing a person
No!!! You can't do this to me!!! I am a Demon as you Satan,you could not this to me!!! You traitor!!! When I will be back,Hell will be destroyed!!!
~ Before I am banished from Hell by Satan itself

my descrıptıon

Guys,firstly I am a human,not a demon. The Demon in right is created by me because I wanted to do a infobox for myself. That's all.


Zy-Schico the Green Demon,mostly known as Forest Green Rovers and Sailor,is a former demon and a powerful entity which hypnoses people and kill them.

my top favourıte vıllaıns wıth no order

  1. Lord Voldemort,real name Tom Marvolo Riddle-Harry Potter franchise
  2.  Joker-The Dark Knight
  3.  George Harvey-Lovely Bones
  4.  Bellatrix Lestrange-Harry Potter
  5.  Lord Shen-Kung fu Panda 2
  6.  .The Beldam-Coraline
  7.  .Lucius Malfoy-Harry Potter
  8.  Gaston-Beauty and the Beast
  9. Bane -The Dark Knight Rises
  10. Dr. Facilier-Princess and the Frog
  11. Ronan the Accuser-Guardians of the Galaxy
  12. Blackbeard -PotC 4:On Stranger Tides
  13. Gellert Grindelwald -Harry Potter
  14. Boss Wolf -Kung fu Panda 2
  15. Nagini -Harry Potter
  16. Syndrome -The Incredibles
  17. Lawrence Wargrawe-And Then There Were None
  18. Lenfranco Cassetti-Murder on the Orient Express
  19. Henry Evans-The Good Son
  20. Harvey Dent-The Dark Knight
  21. Scarecrow-Batman Begins
  22. Ultron-Avengers:Age of Ultron
  23. Thanos-Marvel Cinematic Universe
  24. Billy Loomis-Scream
  25. Hal Cooper-Riverdale
  26. Stu Macher-Scream
  27. Light Yagami-Death Note
  28. Kichimura Washuu-Tokyo Ghoul
  29. Jason Voorhees-Friday the 13th franchise
  30. Dolores Umbridge-Harry Potter
  31. Anton Chigurh-No Country for Old Man
  32. Valak-The Conjuring franchise
  33. Fenrir Greyback-Harry Potter
  34. Sauron-Lord of the Rings
  35. Shan Yu-Mulan
  36. Peter Pettigrew-Harry Potter
  37. Barty Crouch Jr.-Harry Potter
  38. Credence Barebone-Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  39. Ernesto de LaCruz-Coco
  40. Scabior-Harry Potter
  41. Mor'du-Brave
  42. Dawn Bellwether-Zootopia
  43. Death-Final Destination
  44. Victor Perkins -Despicable Me
  45. Bill Cipher -Gravity Falls
  46. Tamatoa -Moana
  47. Draco Malfoy -Harry Potter
  48. Severus Snape -Harry Potter
  49. Bill Sikes -Oliver Twist
  50. Fagin -Oliver Twist
  51. Monks -Oliver Twist
  52. Captain Gutt -Ice Age 4
  53. Gollum -LotC
  54. Armando Salazar -PotC 5:Dead Man Tells No Tales
  55. Plankton-Spongbob Squarepants
  56. Count Olaf-The Series of Unfortunate Events
  57. Tigthen-Megamind
  58. Drago Bludvist-How to Train Your Dragon 2
  59. Rumpelstilskin-Shrek 4
  60. Pitch Black-Rise of the Guardians
  61. Pamela Voorhees-Friday the 13th
  62. Roy Burns-Friday the 13th Part 5
  63. Milady de Winter -The Three Muskeeters
  64. Rattlesnake Jake -Rango
  65. Tortoise John -Rango
  66. Mal Cobb -Inception
  67. Talia al Ghul-The Dark Knight Rises
  68. Ra's al Ghul-Batman Begins
  69. Freddy Krueger- Nigthmare on Elm Street
  70. Dementors-Harry Potter

Deceased Villains

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