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PS: If anyone cares enough to kindly finish my sandbox on TV Tropes, these are the remaining examples that need to be added:

Verto from the videogame [KGB], Judge Death from the game [Judge Dredd vs Death], Barbatos, as well ah his necromancer Nybbas from the game [Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (Episode VII)], Mr. Brink from the western animation show [Robocop Alpha Commando], Mumm-ra from the western animation show [ThunderCats2011], the Black Wolf from the western animation film [The Flight Before Christmas], George Harvey from [The film adaptation of The Lovely Bones], Alan Santini from the film [Opera]. the bomber from the film [Rollercoaster], The Satan Man from the film [Satans Little Helper], Lady Van Tassel from the film [Sleepy Hollow], Overdog from the film [Spacehunter Adventures In The Forbidden Zone], Alfredo Grossi from the film The Stendhal Syndrome (doesn't have a TV Tropes page), Dr. Arian Lehder from the film Submerged (doesn't have a page), Elondra Sharack from the film [Superstition], Loren Gersh from the film TAG: The Assassination Game (no page), Hector Moscale from the film The Torturer (no page), the Djinn from the [Wishmaster film series], Vrak from the tv series [Power Rangers Megaforce], Blackjack Britton and Cavin Guthrie from the tv film [Purgatory], the Ogress Queen Mother from the original [Sleeping Beauty story], the Evil Master from the film [Heroic Trio], and finally Clanton from the film A Man Alone (1955) (no page)


A kind troper known as Falcontallons finished my sandbox. If they happen to be reading this, thank you.

I have a re-proposal in mind:

What's the work?

Sonic.exe and its sequel, Sonic.exe Round 2, are creepypastas regarding a creature based on Sonic the hedgehog. They were removed from the Creepypasta wiki and moved to the trollpasta wiki for failing to meet the standards of quality control, though quality is irrelevant to PE discussions as long as the work is not exploitive.

Who is He/What Has He Done

X, or Sonic.exe, is an evil entity residing in another realm. His origin was explained by the author here. He was born out of pure dark matter in a void. He originally had no true form. At some point, he came to learn about our world. Viewing our world, he learned about Sonic the hedgehog and decided to copy his appearance. He also decided he wanted to use humanity as toys for him to torture. Using his powers, he influenced someone to create a doorway that will bridge the gap between his world and ours. This doorway took the form of a computer game, called "Sonic.exe" which was burned into a CD disc. When someone plays the game all the way through, the doorway is opened and he is able to temporarily come and take the player's soul back to his realm for eternal torture. The game features Sonic killing his friends. The characters in the game represent the souls of his victims, showing the player a preview of what is in store for them.

In the original story, the protagonist, Tom, receives the game along with a frantic note from his friend Kyle begging him to destroy the game and trap X in his realm forever. Kyle was Xs previous victim. Tom stupidly decides to instead play the game. After he plays through the game, X comes out to kill him.

In the official sequel, Round 2, a detective is investigating the killings. It is revealed that Tom was Xs 31st victim (the detective goes through all the victims one by one by visiting the crime scenes). It is also revealed that there is a cult trying to help X by delivering the game to random people for him to kill after they play the game. Every time a victim dies, a member of the cult goes and retrieves the game before shipping it off to another potential player. It is also revealed that X eventually plans to permanently cross over to our world and turn it into a realm of eternal suffering. The cult eventually kidnaps the detective and puts in the game, allowing X to come and claim his soul.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

None. He is a sadistic demon who wants to torture people for his amusement. He does everything he does to sate his own sadism. In the removal proposal, it was argued that the story was exploitation, but that just is not true. There is no excessive gore, nor is there any rape or anything you would see in any of the really bad stories like The Woman to Eat The Children. The torture isn't actually shown upfront, just talked about. It's not offscreen villainy though, since we do see the bodies of the people who have had their souls removed. There is a part where one of the victims contacts the detective through skype in the sequel (apparently there is some form of doorway between worlds that allows that) and tells him of the horrible things X will do to humanity. X than catches onto the fact that the victim has been communicating with the detective using this bridge and takes him away for further torture. He also has a clear personality, being very sadistic and Faux Affably Evil. He likes to taunt the players through the game.

Heinous Standard

He tears the souls of people out and takes them back to his realm for eternal torture, condemning them to an And I Must Scream Fate Worse Than Death. He has condemned 32 people to this fate. His ultimate goal is to permanently cross over so he can turn the planet into a hell dimension where he can torture everyone forever.

Final Verdict

He's an easy keeper in my opinion. He has one of the most heinous end-goals out of any creepypasta villain, which is saying something. The removal proposal for him was short and did not take his official sequel into account. It also inaccurately claimed his story was exploitive. Furthermore, the blogpost claims that there is very little depth to the story. While that may have been true originally, the official sequel written by the original author and the official origin story change this by adding a lot of lore. I will admit that the two official stories are not particularly good (in fact, they are considered two of the worst creepypastas ever due to the stupidity of the characters, poor grammar, inaccuracies, logical fallacies, the absurd length of the sequel, and the author's habit of contradicting themselves). It doesn't help that the author has a massive ego and threw a fit when his stories were moved to the trollpasta wiki, creating a rant post about it and calling his creation a masterpiece while stating that he would force the creepypasta wiki admins to put his stories back before blocking everyone in said post who disagreed with him. That said, quality does not really matter here as long as it's not an offensive or exploitive work, which these stories are not.

I have a new candidate.

What's the work?

My Bloody Valentine (2009) is a remake of the original My Bloody Valentine, a horror film.

Who is He/What Has He Done

Harry Warden is a huge jerk of a miner who was trapped along with 5 other miners during a cave-in. Harry Killed the other miners to preserve his own air. By the time he was rescued, he had suffered so much starvation/dehydration and lack of air that he soon became comatose. Harry was placed in a hospital, where it was believed he would stay and never awaken.

One year later, Harry awakened. Harry remembered that Tom Hanniger, the son of the mine owner, caused the cave-in by forgetting to bleed the lines. Harry's main goal became to murder Tom out of revenge for causing the cave-in that almost killed him. After awakening, Harry massacred the entire hospital, patients and staff alike, with his victims including children. It was a brutal massacre. One victim appeared to be torn in half. Harry even removed the heart of a victim and placed it in an open Valentine box and drew a heart on a wall using blood from his victims.

After the hospital massacre, Harry headed off to the mine to kill Tom. At the mine, Harry encountered Tom and several other teens, and began killing them all. Harry was about to murder Tom and take his revenge when the police arrived and shot him several times. Harry ran away with the police in pursuit, but died of his wounds before he could escape. Unfortunately, Tom was traumatized by the events. A decade later, Tom suffered a mental breakdown and started killing people himself.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

Harry killed the other miners to save himself. After that, his main goal was to kill Tom to get revenge for the cave-in. Trying to selfishly save your own life by killing others and take revenge are somewhat understandable (not sympathetic, but understandable), but he had no reason to massacre the hospital. Even if he was partially killing the people at the hospital to get them out of the way (assuming he had already guessed the public had learned that he personally murdered the other miners and the hospital staff would have called the police to have him arrested and tried for the five counts of murder when they saw he had awoke), he didn't have to kill everyone there, let alone as brutally and sadistically as he did. A sizable portion of his kills at the hospital consisted of patients, including children. The more invalid patients, especially the children, couldn't really do anything to stop him, so killing them was completely unneeded. Furthermore, he killed in a needlessly brutal and sadistic manner, even wasting time that he could have used to go after Tom to cut out a heart and place it in a Valentine box and draw a heart on a wall in blood, both his idea of morbid humor related to the fact he was killing on Valentine's Day.

The only real mitigating bit here would be the possibility that he went insane after his experience in the mine due to lack of air and his year long coma (considering that he became brutally sadistic to a Ludacris degree as detailed above, and he does not speak at any point after his awakening, only speaking at the beginning, in which he gets exactly three lines). Even than, he still retained enough sanity to remember Tom as the cause of the cave-in and make going after him his primary goal, so even if he did lose some sanity, he clearly retained enough to plot coherently.

Heinous Standard

He was said to have killed 22 people during his rampage night. The 5 miners in the cave make his total bodycount 27. To put this in perspective, the main killer of the movie, Tom, only kills 9 people. This means that Harry has triple the bodycount despite having far less screentime. That's quite impressive. I think it's safe to say that 27 murders is extremely high for a secondary horror villain. His sadism is also a factor. Tom has a far smaller bodycount and is ultimately a very tragic villain, as he saw his friends brutally murdered by Harry, was very nearly killed himself, and suffered a mental breakdown afterward, causing him to hallucinate that Harry was killing people after coming back from the dead, while in reality, Tom was doing the killings himself.

Final Verdict?

Harry should be an easy yes. For being a secondary villain, he has an extremely high bodycount that includes children, has no redeeming features, and despite only having three lines, has a clear personality solidified by vengeance and selfishness.

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