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Villains... yeah, what do people, me included, love so much about them? They come in many shapes, their schemes are so twisted and varied, sometimes they appear unexpectedly and there's so much that can drive someone to become one. There are heroes who become more interesting if they have villanous traits or were villains once. Still, contrary to some people's beliefs, I do not think villains themselves make a hero more capable (unless they join them) or are an absolute necessary part in a hero's formation, that happens when they surpass the challenges that their clash of points of view offer.

Personally I think these are some great reasons as of why we love villains, but I think there's another reason that rarely gets mentioned, and yet I'm sure many of us agree: We love seeing the moment when a villain gets defeated/dies. That's right, we love how well are villain's plans thought and how far are they willing to go because we love seeing how it all crumbles and falls, sometimes in really creative ways. There are people like me who love final battles in videogames because you actually feel the best parts of that moment, hence why I love video game villains. Sometimes villain have really good points as of which they do the things they do but we also love when they prove them wrong and in secret, it helps us learn to take more than our pint of view. You may like happy endings, you may like grim endings or perhaps bitter-sweet endings, but let's face it- we rarely consider a plot "completed" if the villain does not get what it deserves or learns something from it. It's a moment of relief, stress-release and the one of the most exciting and effective ways of learning a morale.

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