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''Coming Soon!''
''Coming Soon!''
[[Category:Heroes turned to the Dark Side]]
[[Category:Giant Monsters]]
[[Category:Evil Genius]]
[[Category:Villains with Superhuman Strength]]
[[Category:Trash-Talking Villains]]
[[Category:Teenage Villains]]
[[Category:Evil Ruler]]
[[Category:Anti Heroes]]
[[Category:Protagonist Villain]]
[[Category:Clawed Villains]]
[[Category:Tragic Villain]]
[[Category:Dark Lord]]
[[Category:Control Freaks]]
[[Category:Alternate/True Forms]]
[[Category:Internet Villains]]
[[Category:Knight of Cerebus]]
[[Category:Living Villains]]
[[Category:Evil from the past]]
[[Category:Feline Villains]]
[[Category:In love villains]]
[[Category:Villains Who Can Fly]]
[[Category:Villains who are biologically related to the hero]]
[[Category:Power Hungry]]
[[Category:Chaotic Evil]]
[[Category:Hungry Villains]]
[[Category:Imprisoned Villains]]

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Guilzuzu, better known as Guil Cat, is the most powerful both demon and human/neko who first create Anti-Freds after he is kicked out by Fred Figglehorn in 2008.


Coming Soon!

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