GJ Fredbear

aka Guilford Lewis

  • I live in Fredbear's Family Diner
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is Hunting down my victims.
  • I am Fabulous! But alone and abandoned...

{{Villain Infobox |image = AmonDemon.jpg|263px |size = 300 |fullname = Guilzuzu |alias = Guilzuzu, Guil Cat, AntiFred Lord |origin = ??? |occupation = Demonic force-of-nature, demon-lord, ruler of darkness |skills = Vast supernatural powers, shape-shifting, mass dark magic, trickery, illusions, demonic powers |hobby = Turn everyone from Fred-Fans to Anti-Freds (or Fred Haters), taking over the universe, exacting revenge |goals = Create more population of AntiFreds |type of villain = Demon, Shape-shifter, Complete Monster

Guilzuzu, better known as Guil Cat, is the most powerful both demon and human/neko who first create Anti-Freds after he is kicked out by Fred Figglehorn in 2008.


Coming Soon!

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