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My favorite villainous quotes

My best friends are my fat friends. They say nice things to me AND they make me feel better about myself.
~ Myself, Mwa-ha-ha-ha!
There is no god, and there's never a god, and there will BE no fucking God, ever! You're gonna die, you're gonna go in the ground, and that is it.
~ Bill Williamson from Rampage 2
We lick the asses of Arabs who come in with their oil money, and buy Gucci, Lexus cars and all the American companies. But they execute people on a daily basis. They give women no rights, they kill gays, but we still don't care, because they have the money. Our corporate overlords are gangsters in pinstripe suits. Alright, they care nothing for the rule of law. They have put into place the most sophisticated system of internal security in human history. They have shredded our most basic constitutional rights and civil liberties. They have turned the three branches of government into wholly unsubsidiaries with the corporate state. They've seized control of the systems of information to saturate the airwaves with lies. And you're part of that, Chip.
~ Bill Williamson from Rampage 2, as he mentally breaks down the news reporter Chip who helped propagandize government-sanctioned lies to the public
~ Godzilla himself, usually emitted before he tears down a city or he fights another monster.
Guy who's going to pay for the wall says what?
~ Saturday Night Live's Donald Trump to the Mexican President
You'll get NOTHING and like it!
~ Patrick Stewart from Family Guy
As you know Angela, yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, and 6 million people....... were at my inauguration.
~ Saturday Night Live Trump to the German Chancellor
I'll make it worth your while! How'd you like a Cadillac car? Or a guest shot on Jack Parr? How about a date with Hedy Lamarr, you gonna GET IT! If you want it baby!
~ Audrey 2, singing Seymour should just go out, kill people on the street and feed them to her
You NEED me! You wouldn't be much of a hero without a villain, and you do love being a hero. The cheering children, the swooning women, you love it so much it's made you my most reliable accomplice! You could have crushed me anytime you wanted. And it wasn't the law or the will of the people that stopped you! It was your ego. Being a hero was too important to you. You're just as much responsible for this as I am!
~ Lex Luthor as he taunts Justice Lords Superman
I..... I DID love being a hero! But if this is where it leads, then I'm done with it!
~ Evil alternate universe Superman

Possible Villains I would like to add to Villains Wikia because they have chosen by their own judgment to cross the Moral Event Horizon

Josh Wheaton (God's Not Dead) 

  • Josh Wheaton, from the God's Not Dead film series (genre: propaganda, that's it). He's a right-wing religious fanatic who bullies other people into accepting his own beliefs and all he cares about is converting thousands en masse into his own beliefs that relies more on accepting the supernatural and using emotional tactics rather than science or logic. He doesn't really care about the consequences there are of trying to convert everybody into a systematic state religion (has he seen what kind of personal freedoms (or rather the lacking of such things) are in strictly ultra-religious empires such as in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria?) - it doesn't really enact peace, it really only divides people further. That's exactly what Josh wants though, he cares more about the strength and rise of his own beliefs and happiness than the peace and well-being of communities.
    Josh wheaton

    You're either a Christian, or you're an evil person!

    • Note, I DID attempt to add Josh Wheaton as a villain to this wikia but he was taken down, and I'm not going to bother putting up a fight with the moderators because of this. If Professor Jeffrey Radisson can get his own page, why can't Josh?
    • All in all, he doesn't fight for anything. He thinks he's fighting for something, but that something is the extinction of all atheists in the United States starting with the school he attends. He's a Corrupting Influence of Impurity and a Cowardly Fool. 

Penny (The Big Bang Theory) 

  • Evil penny

    I only touched one of your onion rings. Get over it.

    Penny is all in all the true main antagonist of The Big Bang Theory rather than as viewers always assumed, Sheldon. It's always been Penny who is dragging down the main cast, what with forcing Leonard (and by extension Sheldon as well) to pay for her food, TV, Internet and apartment rent. She doesn't even do anything nice for them in return, all she does is insult them for being nerdy and socially inept, she joins Sheldon in bullying Leonard for his lactose intolerance and short height and try to make herself feel to superior to others including the other main characters when clearly she has the worst job and smallest salary out of them all. (Penny being a Cheesecake Factory waitress and everyone else a renowned scientist or engineer with either PhDs or Masters - it's not like Howard even needs a PhD if he's going to be a robotics engineer). She's obviously bored out of her mind from having to work such a dead-end job where she can't get promoted or earn a raise. What's she to do for fun? Leech off other people and hurt their feelings? 
    • Penny is also an outright hypocrite. In some episodes, she bullies Howard for not having a PhD when she never went to college. And she often likes to steal food from Leonard and Sheldon as well as piggyback on their Wi-Fi and television but in return she insults them and calls them all socially awkward nerds with no street smarts or attractive qualities. She even has the nerve to call Leonard "STUPID" many times. She doesn't even know how badly she's hurting the others around him. She knows nothing, so she's never achieved anything in her life. 
    • Penny fits the definition and bounds of a bully and a Sadistic Sociopath. 
    • Penny benefits from the supposedly existing "white female privilege" institutionalized in the United States. White American women. Leonard is enabling her because of her appearance, not her personality. 
    • I don't even consider Kaley Cuoco, her actress, as any better of a person than Penny is. Cuoco is a money-grubbing crook who extorts CBS for almost $1 million per 22-minute episode of the show. 
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