Grundley is the Bogeyman, the Monster Under The Bed and the childhood fears of many - yet he is also much more than that: he is the corruptor of youth and the destroyer of innocent, some may say he's the Devil but most would say he's something far worse.. a creature born from a world beyond the mirror, where everything is backwards, a world where good is bad and right is wrong... a world Grundley rules supreme and lures the unwary to meet their demise either as his next meal or as one of his new pawns.

Grundley can not be killed, he can not be stopped - yet he is not invincible and his power only survives until the sun rises, at which point he must return to the shadows until the next nightfall: he is also powerless to harm those who successfully resist his evil temptations or fear-tactics, the old fable of standing up to one's fears holding true to this fearsome demon.

Favorite Villains

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