I love villains as they help move stories along and give the heroes an obstacle to overcome. This wiki is an amazing place on the internet to learn about various villains whether they're from video games, television shows, movies, literature, the internet and even in real life. I like to do my best to contribute to the site, but I believe that this wiki is a team effort and I am glad to be a part of this team.

My favorite pages

My Contributions

I have made the following pages:

  1. Queen Azshara
  2. Professor Destructicon
  3. Tony Perkis
  4. Lars
  5. Dewey Largo
  6. Yvoone Criddle
  7. Widdershin
  8. Angela Franklin
  9. Red Forman
  10. Master Shake
  11. Tarrlok
  12. Duke Nukem
  13. Looten Plunder
  14. Kindergarten Teacher (The Simpsons)
  15. The Twilight's Hammer
  16. Smash
  17. Giant Squid (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)
  18. Kagan
  19. Nanette Manoir
  20. Madame Suliman
  21. Mark Thresher
  22. Yevon
  23. Fleming (Shadows of the Damned)
  24. Frank Barone
  25. Mogu
  26. Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse)
  27. Prince John (Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse)
  28. The Wolf (Tex Avery)
  29. Victor Larue
  30. Belcha
  31. Broccoli Overlord
  32. George W. Bush (The Anti-Bush Emo Game)
  33. Victor Crowley
  34. Thelma (Plumbers Don't Wear Ties)
  35. Salvatore Matacio
  36. Lumpy Space Princess
  37. Peter Souless
  38. Stan Gorman
  39. Laurie Forman
  40. Coverton
  41. Queen Bee (Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt)
  42. Hell Pound
  43. R.O.B. (AVGN)
  44. General Dark Onward
  45. Vaatu
  46. Clark Nelson
  47. The Entity (Wes Craven's New Nightmare)
  48. Rick Sanchez
  49. Spring Breeze Dancin & Kitty Lilly
  50. Dr. Gustav Niemann
  51. Ordos
  52. Scary Terry
  53. Shan Bu
  54. Fiends (Final Fantasy X)
  55. Grand Empress Shek'zeer
  56. Heart of Y'Shaarj
  57. Sergeant McButter
  58. Goren
  59. Thag
  60. Gideon Drew
  61. Nakago
  62. Suboshi
  63. Doctor von Saulsbourg
  64. Oryx


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  2. The Necessary Evil category
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