Hack-N-Slash are a pair of twin brothers who can merge into a single body due to the fact they are aspects of a single being - a powerful mutation that they were born with and continue to have in adulthood.

For most of their lives Hack N Slash have been fanatical terrorists seeking to spread hate, fear and war across nations so as to destabilize the region before moving on to new targets - they believe that they are the agents of violent change but in reality they are dangerous psychopaths who are a major danger to the security of world peace as well as the relationship between the "normal" non-superhuman population and the more extreme examples of the superhuman community: sparking fears of a genetic-war between the two factions (which Hack N Slash are quite happy to entertain).

Hack is large and muscular with blonde hair that is styled into a small mohawk and dresses in leather pants with heavy biker boots and a skull studded bet - he opts for going shirtless to expose his muscles and also carries a large sword given to him by an unnamed radical group that is able to carve through almost any substance outwith those forged by magic or advanced alien technologies.

Slash on the other hand is short and skinny with blind hair that is worn in a short but practical style, he wears a pair of glasses and dresses in a white shirt with brown pants and plain shoes - he carries an extendible whip that was gifted to him by a corrupt and hedonistic benefactor and it can be charged with kinetic energy to increase its already powerful strike.

Via making direct contact with one another Hack and Slash merge into the infamous "Hack-N-Slash" - who is extremely tall (9ft) and muscular with access to both weapons as well as enhanced physical traits as they now work as a single entity: if they are knocked out or severely injured in this form they will separate again.

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