Harold the Great

aka Harold

  • My occupation is Learning about heroes and villains and watching cartoons
  • I am Male
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Hi, I'm Harold, and I'm a really smart person who knows about heroes and villains. I have joined Wikia/FANDOM since high school.

Note: I am not an admin, but I'll still help you if you need anything. So, message me if you want. But, I do not want messages from trolls, sockpuppets, or just problem users in general. Also, I do not want harassment messages on my message wall.

Pages that I created

Disambig pages that I created

Articles that I've improved

List of articles that I have expanded or improved to remove plagiarism, expand the pages, clean up the pages, add better and bigger images and add better titles to images.

Page watchlist

  • Cecil Turtle: I have seen sockpuppet accounts of Fortnigames marking Cecil Turtle for deletion as Fortnigames claims that Cecil Turtle is not a villain. I'm aware that Cecil Turtle isn't a villain in the older Looney Tunes cartoons, but he is a villain in the 2015 Looney Tunes film, Rabbit's Run and the 2011 Looney Tunes TV show. This is also one of the few pages that should've been locked before.
  • Sylvester J. Pussycat Sr.: I've caught a few users removing content from the Sylvester page as one of the users claimed that Sylvester is not a villain or an antagonist. If that happens again, I would suggest that the page would be locked.
  • Daffy Duck: I have noticed a user has removed the categories abusers and murderer due to the user thinking that the user who added those categories in the first place was trying to make Daffy worse than he really is. I even clarified why Daffy was under the murderers and abusers categories. I think the page might have to be relocked if it constantly happens again or if this becomes an edit-war.
  • Mike (Sing) : Same reason as Cecil Turtle. I've seen a few sockpuppet accounts of Fortnigames 20 add the deletion template to the Mike (Sing) page, claiming that Mike is not a villain. However, Mike kinda does warrant a page because he commits the crime of theft of money as he stole money from an elderly baboon and a trio of bears and Mike was arguably the reason why there was a flood at the Moon Theatre and he was arguably the reason why the bears trespassed in the theatre given that he told the bears that Buster Moon had their money and given that Mike cheated causing the bears to want revenge on him. If I see another sockpuppet of Fortnigames mark both Mike and Cecil Turtle for deletion again, I'll ask an admin to lock both of the pages. This page also should've been locked before.
  • Soto (Ice Age) : There has been a debate on Soto being pure evil, and there has also been some edit-warring on which image belongs in the infobox back in 2018. This hasn't happened in a long time, but if the edit-war happens again multiple times, I'll ask an admin to lock the page. This has also been one of the pages that should've been locked ages ago.
  • Dru Gru: Has been added to the redeemed and remorseful categories which is false. Dru actually does not redeem himself nor show remorse for his villainy. Dru is not completely evil, but he's still a villain, and he still did not show remorse or redeem himself. In fact, towards the end of the film, Dru continued to be a villain. I think the page might need to be locked if it continues non-stop.
  • Bowser: There has been a few edit-wars about which image belongs in the infobox.
  • Diesel: Antagonist fussing.
  • Diesel 10: Antagonist fussing.
  • Mortimer Mouse: A couple of users that are sockpuppets of MIDKOWITCH have been making a sentence that doesn't make sense which is the sentence "Mortimer Mouse is overall secondary antagonist in the Mickey Mouse franchise.", which means they removed the word "the" before the word "overall".
  • Sid Phillips: Has been added to the Redeemed category several times when he was already added to Remorseful.

User watchlist

  • MIDKOWITCH: Has been creating sockpuppet accounts to avoid being banned and is a confirmed troll.
  • Lady Satsuki: Another user who created sockpuppet accounts to avoid being banned.
  • Fortnigames 20: Has been marking pages for deletion such as Mike (Sing), Cecil Turtle,etc. and creating sockpuppet accounts. The user hasn't been here with more accounts for a while, but if I see him come back with another sockpuppet, I'll inform the admins.
  • Drew Pal: A confirmed troll who said death threats. His account was globally blocked and later globally disabled, but if he comes back with a sock account (like he did before with another account called DrewEvanPal), I'll inform the admins.
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