aka Why would you want to know?

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on March 10
  • My occupation is idk
  • I am None of your business mate
~ Jadhostgamer072.

Hey there! My name is Jadhostgamer072! I am a user like all of you that is trying to be helpful in all wikis! What I do really is trying to help all wikis become helpful and suitable for people.

My favorite Evil-Doers/Anti-Villains (In No Specific Order)

  1. Murderer (Roblox)
  2. Purple Shep
  3. Romeo (MCSM)
  4. Mr. Tinkles
  5. Layton T. Montgomery
  6. Ken (Bee Movie)
  7. Robbie Rotten
  8. Mike (Sing)
  9. Trevor Philips
  10. Franklin Clinton
  11. Pink Sheep
  12. Big Smoke
  13. Frank Tenpenny

My Friends/People I Trust

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