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This is a proposal of General Black. Wow, i am surprised there has been one Kamen Rider villain to be a candidate left. Once i've finished watch episodes 80 to 98, i'm getting this proposal started now.

What's the work?

Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー Kamen Raidā), also known as Masked Rider, is the Japanese tokusatsu television series created by Shotaro Ishinomori. It serves as the first installment of the Kamen Rider series and also the first one to be aired during the Showa period. It was aired from April 3, 1971 to February 10, 1973 and broadcasting on MBS and NET (now TV Asahi).

The series follows a young man named Takeshi Hongo, who is captured by Shocker, an evil organization who plans to take over the world, undergoes a remodeling surgery that turned him into a grasshopper-like cyborg. However, Hongo managed to escape before he received a brain remodeling and decided to fight as Kamen Rider to protect the world from Shocker. Throughout the series, he will fight the Shocker and Gel-Shocker Monsters alongside Hayato Ichimonji, also known as Kamen Rider 2.

Who is he?

General Black (ブラック将軍 Burakku Shōgun) is the major antagonist in the original Kamen Rider series, serving as the secondary antagonist in final arc. He used to be a high-ranking officer of Geldam before became the second-in-command of Gel-Shocker after the merge. He also had an ability to transformed into a chameleon-like monster named Hilchameleon (ヒルカメレオン Hirukamereon).

He was portrayed by Matasaburō Niwa.

What he has done?

General Black used to be an army official of the former Imperial Russia who was appointed as General due to his cruel and effective tactics. After the fall of Imperial Russia, he was approached by Geldam and went to Africa to join the organization while still keeping his position and uniform from the Imperial Russia. However, he was contacted by the Great Leader who proposed him for the merge between Geldam and Shocker. Alongside Ganikomol, they exterminated the Shocker Combatmen as they find them unfit for their new organization. He later went to Japan to form Gel-Shocker.

In the Gel-Shocker base at the Saru Island, General Black lured both Hongo and Taki to island by disguised himself as Tobei Tachibana. Once they fell for the trap, Black had them imprisoned and have them killed by a hot steam. During the ceremony, Hongo and Taki managed to escape which they interrupt it. While Rider deal with Ganikomol, Taki chase General Black before he deal with Gel-Shocker Combatmen. After Rider seemingly died when he finished Ganikomol, Black sending a letter of taunting his supposed death and a condolences that is actually time bomb to the Rider Squad. However, they survived from the explosion. Black released the scientists to use them for Sasori Tokagues' experiment, which the rest of them are died from the poison gas while Mine survived from it. Presumably noticed that Mine survived, he send Sasori Tokagues to capture Mine's wife, only for her to be saved by Kamen Rider. Learning that the Rider survived, Black contacted the Rider Squad by blackmailing them into surrendering Kamen Rider to Gel-Shocker if the Tokyo doesn't want to be polluted and telling to meet at the Kamen Rider training ground where Tachibana was held hostage. However, Kamen Rider managed to defeat the monster. Later throughout the arc, he spend so much time planning to take over Tokyo and defeat Kamen Rider but has been foiled everytime.

After all the time their plans have been foiled by Kamen Rider, General Black became Hilchameleon, a leech/chameleon-like monster who has the ability to sucking blood from humans, throwing leeches at people to make them fell unconcious, and also become invisible. After sucking off the man's blood, he revived Ganikomol and planned to get revenge on Kamen Rider after all the times he intervened with their plans. Hilchameleon turned insivible to record where Kamen Rider fought Ganikomol, but he wasn't spotted yet due to his invisibility. After the recording, he found out that the Rider transformed for 0.5 seconds and ordered Doctor D to prepare for the trap that can exploit his weakness. Informed that the prisoners have escaped, he spawn a leech on one of both escapees. Later that night, Hilchameleon had a brief fight with Kamen Rider before he teleported away and disguised himself as the escapee he has captured before. He presumably secretly putting all leeches on the ceiling to capture the Rider Squad. The next day, he lured Hongo and Taki to his trap at his base. Once Hongo got trapped inside, Hilchameleon got him freezed and prevent him from transform.

When he and his men were about to turn one of Hongo's comrades into a monster, Kamen Rider 2 prevented them from doing so. After saving the Rider Squad, Hilchameleon warned both Riders that the base will explode in 5 minutes before he teleport away. When they were about to defuse the bomb, Rider 1 deal with Hilchameleon while Rider 2 managed to defuse the bomb. When they interrogate him, Hilchameleon tricked both Riders into coming to the monster museum at the Paru Paru amusement park at 4 A.M. When they got to the amusement park, he revealed himself to be General Black and had them ambushed by the revived monsters. After Black escapes, Taki deal with the monsters while two Riders went to confront General Black. When they got to him, they managed to overpower him. Injured from the fight, Hilchameleon turned invisible to hide at the rock from them. However, both Riders managed to sense his presence and double chopped him, defeating him in a process. Reverting back to his true form, Black cursed at both Riders before he explodes.

Heinous standard

General Black definitely stands out alongside Great Leader of Shocker and Colonel Zol as the most villain Kamen Rider series in history. Most of the other villains or monsters are just following orders and doing generic villainy, Black also stands out as the worst amongst them.

If i remember correctly, he was using a cruel and sadistic method when he was a member of the Imperial Russia prior to the series. After joined Geldam, he trained the soldiers by using the same tactics he got from the fallen Imperial Russia. Thus after the merge between Geldam and Shocker, he makes the worst crimes he made as the second-in-command of Gel-Shocker, such as sends out his soldier to dispose the Shocker combatants because he find them unfit for the new organization, eliminating the scientists by getting them killed by a poison gas, sending out Utsubo Games to test his power by killing people inside the apartment with a killer smog, kidnapping many people to remodelled most of them into Gel-Shocker monsters, and even brainwashing every children into becoming an part of children army and almost got them drugged.

Mitigating factors

None if i can think of. Black really has no care of Gel-Shocker members like the combatants and monsters. His relationship with Great Leader was more of a complexity as well, since both are ruthless tyrants who cared for no one but themselves. He even has no problem of killing and torturing people as long as he get what he wants.

Final verdict

Definitely yes. He's more like a successor to Colonel Zol.