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My name is Jacob. I am here in Villains Wiki to help out on some editing to be done with. Also, I'm a Youtuber making daily videos everyday and made some critical review videos about whatever is in mind or store for me.

Ever since January 2020, there are some "crimes" I regretted committing :(. Then again, times changed and it took me almost a decade if felt nearly to reform myself into someone better in re-evaluating.

I'm also the idiot who formed a group of five consisting of yours truly, SleepingGuy, TAD, Sun9141, and Bazilsiraj, to we are the Siblinghood of the Tri-Demigods, an foundation of agents who served their loyalty to the three overlords of each wiki, to which they were Lord Jester of this wiki, Lord Brandon of the Villains Fanon, and Lord Ordeaux of the PE/NPE.

NOTE: to find the heroic version of me (whom I considered inferior to my uprising of superiority), click here: Jake the Netflix and Anime Critic.


Full Profile

Full Name: Jacob Kyle Fabie

Age: 18

Status on Villains Wiki: Sometimes active/inactive (Joined since October 30, 2019).

Birth Date: 8/28/2003 (August 28, 2003)

Located at: Hidden Home (Philippines, Taguig City, BGC)

Occupation: Youtuber, High school student, student at a local Manga Workshop, and Critic under studies and training

Likes: His Harem and can often be friendly towards others.

Dislikes: Everyone he despises, and those who used him for scapegoat purposes (possibly due to torment and incrimination).

PE Proposals I Might Do (Side Note: Think Twice before stealing them without my consent)


  • Dix Perdix - He stands out alongside Ishtar, given he was willing to hurt a child monster for the fun of it and his so-called Freudian Excuse does not justify his horrible actions, not to mention he indirectly led an major impact between humans and Xenos no longer making any contact to peace and co-existence, so yeah, he's a real d*cks per d*cks. (Succeeded)
  • Millions Knives (Anime version) - Unlike his manga version who showed remorse and still loves his brother Vash, the protagonist. His Anime counterpart seems more worse, despite having some moments implying he does care for Vash, that's not the case, not to mention he caused numerous ships of living people inside die and indirectly caused Vash to destroy the whole population of July not at his own will. He even psychologically torment him just to make him know he is him at an extent.
  • Preston Teagardin - The guy is a priest, but a rapist in general. That motherf*cker seduced Arvin's sister into having sex with him just manipulating her, only to turn her down when she got pregnant that indirectly enforced her to commit suicide not before she did it accidentally. His death under Arvin's hands gave me more relief than this. (Succeeded)
  • Carl Henderson - While Sandy showed remorse for her actions, Carl doesn't. As he forces his wife to commit sexual acts on men, even rape them outright, it could only go back to him as a whole, since he did most of the murders and takes pictures of it for his own sadistic pleasure. Sandy was even disgusted by this, as seen with a former soldier he brutally mutilated before he died. Him picking up Arvin in the first place was big mistake and I was relieved with his death, but poor Sandy though, she had a chance to reform but turns down to gunpoint at Arvin, but under self-defense. So either way, Carl stands out than his wife. Another fact is that, while trying to propose Carl, he needs a separate page, same goes for his wife. (Succeeded)
  • Argos (Kamen Rider Ghost) - Given my experience with Kamen Rider Ghost, I think he qualifies. While everyone else is redeemed or has redeeming qualities, Argos has none and while his crimes could be the exact to others, his was to turn everyone into ghosts that don't have lives and he was willing to commence a genocide against those who were famously known at a village gathering. His death may be tragic, but once he found it and thought he was lied to, it does not anymore, same could occur to his own brother and family. (Succeeded)
  • Samejima - The guy is more worse than Hiro Shishigami in terms of heinousness, while Hiro is more heinous due to his high kill count, he isn't the only villain in the story. Despite being a one-shot, Samejima proven to be far worse and more hated than Hiro, because he's a damn rapist. Given his own resources, alongside his own term of actions, he has raped many women and the first time we saw him was when he raped a woman to death while drugging her, then in a sauna, he orally raped a guy for a petty reason, then onward to making attempts to rape a woman who's now engaged and kills her husband in front of her (though Inuyashiki saves him). His actions were so horrible to the point he broke and left a scar to an innocent couple, where we now see the same woman lying in bed, with drugged wounds and bare naked, it's clear he went too far. Believe me people, I've seen worse sh*t, but this guy. He f**king got me so angry. (Succeeded)
  • Lord Arcanon - My experience to Power Rangers might have a foggy side effect but upon recalling Dino Charge, I think he stands out since everyone else tried to commence attempted omnicide and universal/galactic domination, something that made PR'S standards high. He actually made way by commencing mundicide, which is different from omnicide, yet it is still a unique one and this bodycount given does have a rivalry comparison to the bodycount Venjix had as well. So until further notice, Arcanon's still up for debate whether he qualifies.
  • Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers 2017) - This is possibly the only version of the Rita Repulsa to actually be taken more seriously than her TV counterpart, who is often silly and comical too many times already. She has betrayed her own fellow rangers to acquire the Zeo Crystal for more power and has been said to have killed off the original rangers but left Zordon alive. So there's a chance she's worth discussing.
  • Cain Madhouse - He seemed to be an interesting candidate for killing his best friend's girl and had done a lot more worse, though I have a lot more to see in To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts to see if he qualifies, that said being the anime adaptation itself.
  • Black Beetle (Young Justice) - I remembered watching Young Justice since I was younger, upon remembering Werner Vertigo, Frederick DeLamb, and Granny Goodness, I think Black Beetle could qualify given he tried to have earth annihilated via attempted mundicide, which should say for something. (Succeeded)
  • Quinella - So this is one of the few Sword Art Online villains not left approved, yet some argue that her spirit is "redeemed", but I think differently since this is rather debatable than genuine as a result. So when I get around watching SAO again, she might be a consideration for me, besides, I haven't proposed a PE Waifu yet.
  • Ishihara - He's basically Byron Hadley but only if he qualified more than he wasn't in the Shawshank Redemption. He literally brutalizes the prisoners wrongfully and without doubt sells younger prisoners to a pedophile. That should say enough of him.
  • Jack of Blades - He's someone I find interesting and he kinda fits the criteria, but I need to see some kind of playthrough for this guy to see if he qualifies, his Moral Agency is also a needed concern worth worrying about.
  • Tetta Kisaki - He rises to the top of Toman where he brutally and psychologically abused the members and manipulated them to gain power, even going as far as to kill Hinata Tachibana out of petty reasons of her being with Takemichi instead of him, even for being rejected by her for his actions. Until the manga and the anime alike finish as a whole, but given his cold and heartless personality, I think he qualifies for an anime about gangsters. Not to mention killing Emma, one of my waifus, was an upbringing trigger of my hatred to him. (First Achievement; Succeeded)
  • Flect Turn (Collabed with TheAverageDimentio) - Well okay, I might have found some spoilers from the movie when it aired in Japan in some vids I've watched. So far from what was said combined with the extra info about it, I clearly doubt what he is doing as an extremist is beyond what an extremist should do, I mean, comparing to Kai Chisaki, he's just a "generic" version of him except he's Megamind in anime. However, he manages to surprise me, even by the anime canon's standards, plans a full-blown genocide instead of a cultural one. Unlike what Overhaul intended, Flect Turn is willing to outright kill innocents if it meant achieving what he wanted, his backstory, while understandable does not seem like an excuse when he tries to persuade Rody to hand over the switch to turn off the bombs, even willing to attack him regardless. This shows he was only delusional by the very end and thought he was meant to be humanity's "savior" but instead he could've got proper help in controlling his Quirk. So yeah, he's basically the only one whose excuse does not seem sympathetic, but unless the movie is out nationwide and if I have to watch it, it clearly says otherwise if I might re-evaluate from the given spoilers.
  • Number 6 - I have been reading the Vigilantes manga for quite some time and I've already begun to take any interest in Number 6. While a bit enigmatic, he proved himself to be just as bad as some b*tch named Kuin Hachisuka and although AFO made him the man he is today, he's just an egotist who had no sudden remorse for his actions. Sure, he admired O'Clock and wanted to become just like him, but all of that only turned out to be nothing more than to feed his ego in the end. Till I get back to the manga, he might be worth my time (Though I'm still willing to let TAD handle this).
  • Mictlan (Maya and the Three) - Another potential candidate I would have time around on Netflix in case no one is interested... I hope... But given his big list of crimes so far, killing off gods and numerous others. I think he's worth a shot. (Succeeded)
  • Xtabay - Same reason as her boss, she manages to pass the standards with her actions being on personal villainy when she and her army ravaged and murdered Picchu's parents and the rest of village's people, but also allowed the poor boy to suffer in despair into making him think that he condemned his people and sadistically torment him through mind-rape. So that says something else. (Succeeded)
  • Alan Sylvasta - Upon remembrance to BNA, this guy clearly sets the heinous standards of being a xenophobic businessman-to-complete hypocrite of wanting to corrupt Beastmen just to find an excuse for genocide against them all because he thinks he too is superior, but he isn't. Until a second season is out, I got my eyes on him.
  • Holy Sol's Shadow Captain - Wasn't able to catch up with the series but I figured to do so and basically this guy is more worse than everyone in the White-Clad, including Haumea and Inca themselves who I hate the most. But this guy manages to stand out because he is the only sole rapist in the series, implied to have sexually molested Joker (formerly known as Five-Two) when he was younger and he is the big reason he became a criminal in the first place but to set his family on fire was a big mistake. (Succeeded)
  • Dietlinde Eckhart - She's basically one of the 2003 version of FMA's easily most evilest villain that holds true competition to the likings of Dante herself. She manages to surpass with resources that involves being part of a German army (or the Thule Society which she named it) and causes about enough damage within the world of Amestris just to gain its enhance equipment, the destruction led to more innocent people killed, if you can count the child we had a teddy bear Al witnessed from that moment. So, yeah, she stands out enough due to her delusional intentions with no remorse. (Succeeded)
  • Spec - Recently I got interested into watching Baki and yeah, something tells me this guy is worth my time, well to Muscular's case (Sorry TAD, hope you'll understand). I mean, this guy manages to be worse to surpass the other four evil death row convicts and standing out alongside Jeff Markson, plus the guy killed many police officers at that time. But I'm gonna have to study his mitigations since I only begun seeing the series for myself. (Succeeded)
  • The Robot Chief - To my surprise, this here is not only the very first villain from the Showa era of Ultraman to be Pure Evil, but the very first in the franchise so far. He has enslaved his own planet and took charge of kidnapping others from different planets to add up the slavery work, even had his own resources set to do much to show how completely monstrous he was, so I might get a chance soon for this. (Succeeded)
  • Alien Rayblood - One of the overarching villains of the Ultraman franchise other than Alien Empera, something tells me Rayblood's case would be a difficult one but so far from what could be the case, but I could re-check on what he had done from the past, especially since he was the one who is ultimately responsible for the creation of Ultraman Belial's Reionics Ability in the first place. So till then, he might have a chance.
  • Gamos from Ultraman 80 - Another kaiju who is the predecessor before Luganoger, it was said to have killed an Alien L85's wife and child, not to mention it also killed four innocent people onscreen using its acid and has destroyed an city area that implied to have killed about either a hundred to thousand there. Surely enough, this monster counts for something. (Succeeded)
  • Carnegie - The guy made survivors slaves during an apocalyptic era and surely enough it convinces me to it, not to mention he thinks using a "Bible" will further his slavery and mass starvation against his townspeople. (Succeeded)
  • Ragnarok (Ben 10) - Though while we have other heinous villains like Vilgax, Aggregor, Maltruant, and recently Eon to have under circumstances, Ragnarok, despite being a one-shot, manages to somewhat stand out due to his own resources and his attempt to eradicate all life within the solar system by destroying the sun, which is the main catalyst if he ever succeeds. He's someone I have yet to see if he qualifies. (Succeeded)
  • Dr. Branden Moses - Although Van Kleiss sets everything from square one, we got another potential candidate who experimented on incurable EVO using a "cure" that made were weaponized and was willing to traffic them to his clients via black marketing, making this guy sound a lot heinous in comparisons to Van Kleiss and other antagonists, but from what I heard, this guy takes the cake. (Pending)
  • Elio Escobar - This guy caught my attention, murdered a few people in a bank, raped a woman in there and killed one of his own brothers when one of them tried to stop him. This has to count for something, then again, might want to begin watching Miami Vice for that resolve.
  • Diodora Astaroth - (Before I explain, I need to ask a certain person for permish), I was originally experienced with High School DXD and this guy is just heinously awful in every way, no wonder Raynare can't be PE compared to him. I mean, the guy literally attempted to make Asia part of his "harem" and is implied to have massively raped many beautiful nuns he took with him. So yeah, this guy has caught my attention.
  • The Man With a Beard But No Hair and The Woman With Hair But No Beard - I've taken interest in Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events and I might get around them across christmas time. Plus, they're the sole reason Count Olaf became the closest thing to an evil monster he is today and I don't see how their "comedic" in nature.
  • Cap - Love and Monsters, I remember getting around the film and for multiple reasons this guy is just awful, despite his heavily implied deeds of mass-murdering other survivors to pillage their supplies for himself and his crew (*ahem* doesn't give two sh*ts for *ahem*) through using a tortured crab monster he cruelly kept as a weapon to torture, I think it says enough when you consider his latest attempt on the next batch.
  • Chief Lion - Beastars was part of my experiences and I remember how incredibly cruel and disgusting this guy was. But I'm gonna have to double-check if he's worth discussing or not, although it was stated he has eaten his prey while humiliating them via stripping, which is close to rape and seemingly extortion at best, I think he's worth a shot.
  • Megicula - With her aiding Lucifero to omnicide and is responsible for Acier's death that caused Noelle's life to be hell, I'd say she stands out alongside the latter and is one of the most personal enemies to the protagonists. But I need to re-evaluate if she passes or not, same goes with her Moral Agency.
  • Kurt Kunkle - I might have a shot on seeing the film and he seems to have gain my interest. I mean, who the f**k is this suppose to be, Alan Yates' successor, I thought the Paul Brothers were worse (jokingly lmao), but god this guy films murder like its nothing and with intended rape included, god, I can't believe the actor for Steven "The Hair" Harrington signed up for this, especially given Stranger Things will be making a come back to its fourth and last season. (Succeeded)
  • Datu Talagbusao and Mayor Sancho Santamaria - An dark, horror Filipino "anime" that had two evil beings, one being a literal death god of war who had killed his wife, attempted to eat his own sons, and was implied to have commit cataclysm on Earth countless times and one being a corrupt official who murdered his own mistress and tricking some residents to be eaten at a market belonging to the Aswangs, even when arrested, he sets out terrorist attacks to re-take control over the country. These two are worth my time to discuss about. (Succeeded)
  • Atomic Skull (Superman vs. The Elite) - Killed many civilians, attempting to murder two women and a baby, just to spite his grudge against Superman. Says enough around the time I get to the film. (Succeeded)
  • Michael Muller - Same case as the guy who brought you the film named as Megan is Missing. So I think there's a shot and given the film had a message somewhat. Michael is a pedophilic serial killer who targets young girls and killed two of the protagonists near the end before he was given what he deserved. So there's potential.
  • Calamity Mary - I remember that one Kyuubey rip-off from said anime called Magical Girl Raising Project, so I said to myself "Hey, you never did a PE Waifu before. Now's your chance". So yeah, from what I hear of her, she seems bad enough and not to mention her mass murders, including her own resources when compared to Fav.
  • Zorzal El Caesar - GATE brings me back to the time that a competition between modern weaponry against medieval weaponry. Though to think we got an Anime Joffrey Baratheon who makes a deal out from his actions of massacring many people, raped a demi-human that caused her to become sadistic, and kept an innocent girl as a possible sex slave says enough.
  • Yashiro's Brother - He's basically the main reason how the main antagonist, Gaku Yashiro, existed in the first place. He horribly abuses his little brother and rapes about dozens of girls everyday due to parental neglect, but that there is never an excuse to use. What makes it worse is that he succeeds in making his little brother a monster just like him and is just as bad as him thorough and thorough. I was able to get familiar with ERASED, but not to manga yet.

Formality Posts (In case)

  • Medusa Gorgon - She abused her son psychologically and unleashed an evil kishin named Asura just so she could watch the world begone. She may some have good moments but look, do I even find her attracting? Bruh, I deeply hated her with a passion and for good reason. A lot of good reasons, believe me, you do not wanna know my history with her, at least two of her sisters are much better to see in.
  • Owlman (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths) - Cataclysmic intentions, but a great villain in my opinion. Given he wasn't proposed yet, I might be planning to do him once I have the time, just hope no one makes it before me though :(. (Succeeded)
  • Alva (Pokémon) - The guy literally and destroyed Magearna before her soul was brought back to life, but still had his worst actions of manipulating the prince over wanting power and was willing to destroy the Nebel Plateau just to spite Magearn'a heart as part of his lust for power over the Azoth Kingdom, but it was his Mega Wave that forced Pokemon to Mega Evolve as a serious MEH.
  • Hunter J - She sold stolen Pokemon into a black market and trafficking, that should say enough.
  • Father (Fullmetal Alchemist) - I was a big-time fan of watching the Brotherhood adaptation and dearly enough, I even re-consider proposing one of the most easily evilest villains to date. Though my knowledge on FMA:B can be a bit foggy sure enough, but maybe if I have time to re-watch the full series or remember it via reading, I have my high hopes... but apparently I need the permission of a friend of mine to let me do the honors first since he too wanted the same thing. (Succeeded)
  • Gold Toothed Doctor - Okay, this guy is just creepy as hell. The same case as Father, I think he qualifies the same as Shou Tucker unless there's comparisons in that state. (Succeeded)
  • Ragyō Kiryūin - Same case as Medusa Gorgon, another horrible anime mom except she sexually abused her daughter since her days of growing up. Says enough to why I want her proposed to my palms after having to watch the series if I have time. Just hope no one steals this from me.
  • Ultron Sigma - Upon my experiences with the guy and non-canon to neither franchise continuity. This here is worth a discussion somewhat, but I need to rewatch some cut scenes to ensure this. (Succeeded)
  • Sal (Wadanohara) - The guy literally started a war that many were forced to watch and raping the protagonist seemed solely enough. But again, Also, gonna need the favor from him.


  • Yusuke Harada from Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens - While he seems incompetent, he is nevertheless a Hate Sink for murdering women, not to mention raping them to the core of it. He's a spoiled brat of the same vibes as Joffrey Baratheon and he was given trafficked women by his own father who spoiled him, he raped and killed Qioamei Lin, the sister of Xianming Lin, who was waiting to reunite with him until Yusuke broke that chance. He even has his friends beat up a foreigner on video for his own amusement, I truly hate this guy with a passion, though he wasn't the only one I had experience with.
  • General Abbott from Sweet Tooth - Having to have watched the entire Netflix adaptation of the same title from the comics, Abbott is someone to keep an eye upon, the guy is a complete Hate Sink to date. His army and him are willing to experiment, kill, and hurt children, who are half-animal hybrids, all because of a virus? That I understand but their still human for goodness sake! No matter the appearance, I really detest Xenophobes and Racists, but this guy has gone through extreme levels just to make attempts to hybrid genocide just because he wants to save humanity, but how is that true if he's also willing to kill other humans, look what he did to my boi Big Man, what an a**hole! But after the first season is finished, I need to ensure for the next season soon.
  • Atrocitus from Green Lantern: Emerald Knights - We had a version of Atrocitus that got rejected for the right reasons, having to have some care for his people. But unlike that Atrocitus, I think there's a Atrocitus that's truly evil, so there's a catch unless I watch the movie for further evidence.
  • Father Carden from Netflix's Cursed (2020) - A genocidal preacher who wants to eradicate the Fey entirely, has burned several villages consisting of them and isn't one to be above child murder as he relentlessly harms them regardless. His care for his Red Paladins and the Weeping Wonk may not be as genuine as it seems, with his death on bay, he's up for a proposal. But I might need to re-watch Cursed to see if I was missing a few things in order to declare if he is PE.
  • Ace Killer from Netflix's ULTRAMAN - Unlike the mainstream counterpart and incarnation, this Ace Killer has a personality of his own and has caused an airplane crashed that had children on board as well and enjoys murdering and torturing regardless with no remorse.
  • Alien Adacic from Netflix's ULTRAMAN - This thing is just horrific, a serial killer that enjoys killing humans as its prey, should say enough.
  • Gargorgon from Ultraman X - One of the few rare sapient Kaiju and probably a successor to the infamous Bogar, this serpent-themed Kaiju has petrified all civilization across Planet Gold, only leaving Te Ru as the sold survivor. So she probably has some uniqueness to her heinousness, though while it comes to Greeza, it should be discussed.
  • Akira Harada from Kamen Rider Kuuga manga - A registered sex offender and serial killer, wow, this is probably more dark than the actual show. Even worshipping a Gurongi isn't a genuine redeeming quality since we all know it's fanaticism, then again, I have yet to explore the manga to see if he qualifies.
  • Orm the Ocean Master from Young Justice - Another candidate I would gladly like to propose since this version of Lord Orm/Ocean Master still manages to stand out for being one of the first to attempt genocide through racist propaganda against "impure" Atlanteans, killed his sister-in-law who was pregnant, and attempted to kill the loved ones of the Justice League, with one of them that also included children and babies. So he sounds like a need of a discussion.
  • Eduardo L. Foxx from Banana Fish - A cruel, ruthless mercenary that escaped prosecution for his war crimes under Pseudocide, then to killing all of Ash's allies and raping him, even making him his slave. That should say enough.
  • Phryne Jamil from Is It Wrong to try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Ugly as hell I can give you that, but manages to still be worse and bad as her boss Ishtar in terms of heinousness, having to sexually torture men she kidnaps, plus even going as far to murder Haruhime to adjust their power, says so enough.
  • John Gallant and Chelsea from Daughter for Sale - I've been wondering about LifeTime films for awhile and decided to find some candidates for a proposal shot. So far I've recently discovered those to and they both seem equally heinous for sex trafficking and possible rape, so I think there's a catch for both.

Watchlist for Potential PE Candidacy

  • All For One from My Hero Academia - You're all wondering why? Well I'll be real, other than being a complete MHA fanboy, no way will I be the only user whose a big MHA fan to NOT have proposed a MHA villain (it's kind of a New Year's resolution or what was planned on my Bucket List). Even though AFO is a tough one, I still happen to have the knowledge and facts about this guy, not to mention I have to wait if his potential as a full-on PE is confirmed after most of the future story arcs are done, unless Kohei has something to say about it. Plus the guy's already done a ton of sh*t villainy, turning Shigaraki into who he is now, killed Nana Shimura, destroyed the Symbol of Peace, and what else is there to even mention.
  • South Terano from Tokyo Revengers - So far he manages to stand out alongside Tetta Kisaki for various reasons, having to have the arguably most highest bodycount from his past of killing his mentor's enemies and then to murdering Dino as a result to take over his gang. Not to mention he brutally beaten former members of Tenjiku, even Kakucho, to join his newly formed gang and is implied to have allow his men to assassinate Takemichi before Draken intervened, making South indirectly responsible for Draken's death and caused an erupted gang war between Brahman and the Kanto Manji Gang as a result. Though while it seems his "care" for Dino and his mother might be a problem and might have moral agency issues due to his dark urges, however, he seems to enjoy embracing his violent tendencies and his care for Dino and his mother seems too brief as he doesn't seem to miss them as much. Until then after the story ends, that depends if South is either PE or NPE potential.
  • Hudram from Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga - Out of the two Giants of Darkness, while Darrgon has a redeeming quality of being rather honorable and Camearea has some form of affection for Trigger (while twisted), I place my bets to Hudram, though to compare, Hudram seems to be more evil than the leading Giantess of the three alike since Hudram's crimes of other than destroying an Ultra-Ancient Civilization 30 million years ago and attempted omnicide of recreating everything, is that he was the one who destroyed Ignis' home planet. So till then, I should wait for the series to end and given their titles being "Giants of Darkness" with Trigger himself used to be one of them as evidence to their Moral Agencies, Hudram can seem to be on the go, though my bets on Hudram are more expected than Carmeara herself. As of now I'll keep track on him.
  • Evangelist from Fire Force - A cataclysmic entity that once caused a near cataclysmic genocide and is trying to do it again? Sure enough, but until near the end of the series should I conclude the Moral Agency behind the one who sets the high standards of the series.
  • Lucifero from Black Clover - The bigger bad of Black Clover, with what was stated for how evil the leading entity of the devils can be, I can tell Lucifero sets the standards very higher in his own case given he wants to destroy the world in an omnicidal way, but I have to wait for the whole series to be over soon and ensure that his full Moral Agency is the same as Zagred.

PE Removals I Might Do

  • Cinder Fall - Okay, I'm apparently going to keep my eyes on her to this point. Because solely throughout each volume events in RWBY and sincerely to Volume 8, her backstory as a made slave suffering from abuse that shaped her into who she was ultimately questions if she was now made to be sympathetic (however, criticism says otherwise). But it was not the only thing we saw, after Arthur Watts berated her for her reckless actions of her wants and needs due to her past and failures, she was seen in a corner, having a tearful expression when reminded of her past if not so implied, this could make her insecure. Though there might be counter argumentative factors if she was either made to be a complex Pure Evil or a Near Pure Evil suffering the same "Controversial Cliche" case (take Montgomery de la Cruz and Douma for example, not to compare with her). But in case for Volume 9 for RWBY to conclude Cinder's character, it should be note-worthy that the writers might have this "Word of God" to make her three-dimensional to the point she might render to NPE instead.
  • Ultraman Tregear - It's been on my head for awhile and I think Tregear, while a truly evil fallen being who rejected every chance of proper redemption, has come to a conclusion where he is close to being Pure Evil, not the other way around of being rather fully onward. This is due to me not keeping Tregear in check for awhile, it came to the decision that Tregear, while devoid of redeeming qualities and his past no longer a excuse (Well. Maybe in a minor way to resolve), but the one genuine redeeming quality that never subverted was the respect he had for his friend Ultraman Taro. While he did awful things to his son Taiga, he still considers Taro as his only friend and during his death scene, he cries out Taro's name in sorrow and is played for sympathy. Either this is worth a cut or keep, I need to revisit the past to ensure my judgement on Tregear.
  • Yukitoshi Shimizu - Really? Attempted mass murder is all he did and yet he has a genuine tragic background, despite Hajime declared he was beyond saving. But really, why do some of his categories involved him being racist and a rapist, honestly?
  • Herrscher of the Corruption - Same case as the Herrscher of the Void, except her backstory is truly a devastating one. She was a murdered victim whose wrongfully killed by incredibly cruel and arrogant soldiers that feared her, which is one of the reasons she hates humanity so much. Even though her actions seem to outweigh her tragedy, there could be reasons regarding her vessel Yae Sakura due to being two in one, also another reason Void could cut since she too was part of Sirin. Till I get more info regarding her, she's worth a discussion if she deserves to be PE or not.

PE Re-Proposals I Might Reconsider

  • Barodius - He's definitely one of the most heinous villains within the Bakugan franchise and has the utmost highest kill count to date. He's apparently downvoted for the wrong reasons, until I could have the confirmation if he ultimately stands out or not in comparisons to other villains like King Zenoheld, Coredegon, and possibly Naga (Bakugan) (for some reason), including his Moral Agency in case, after watching the series, it should be fine.
  • Evil Buzz Lightyear - Probably his case might be the same for the 2014 TMNT versions for Shredder and Krang, I mean his relationship with Gravatina isn't really genuine as others claimed, also, he manages to take over his universe and nearly attempted to have numerous planets destroyed through Gravatina, which could've murdered off billions in the process. I think he's worth re-discussing once I see or have time for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. (Succeeded)

Sandbox Area

Pages I Created

My Favorite Villains


  1. Meruem - Out of all the anime villains like Shishigami, Yoshikage Kira, and Aizen. I'd say the more compelling in front of them is none other than the king himself. Meruem's portrayal started out with him being a ruthless, cold, demanding, and crueler monarch who wanted to replace humanity's world with his tyranny and have them in his palm. Luckily a little girl named Komugi changes him that very day. I'd like how well-written and how he was portrayed from being a heartless villain to a genuinely much more developed character ever since he met Komugi, every time I see him interact with her is just too wholesome to see. I literally cried when he died alongside Komugi and taught me that any villain we have loathe don't turn out as bad as they are, and Meruem here was that very lesson to me.
  2. Shuji Hanma
  3. Hiro Shishigami
  4. Yoshikage Kira
  5. Sōsuke Aizen
  6. Light Yagami
  7. Chrollo Lucilfer
  8. Tomura Shigaraki
  9. Kars
  10. Mahito

Animated Shows

  1. Father (KND) - He went from a serious villain to a joke (vice versa sometimes), but nevertheless I grew up watching him on KND on Cartoon Network. As much as he seems like a parody to the Devil, he does have some good humor to both character and personality, while disappointed to say his portrayal in Operation: Z.E.R.O. It at least explains why he turned out this way and sometimes he's a character worth sympathizing him despite how he was portrayed, yet it was worth having a good laugh at him and with him sometimes.
  2. Amon (Legend of Korra)
  3. Bill Cipher
  4. Infinity Ultron
  5. Zim
  6. Lord Dominator
  7. Ember McLain
  8. Hardlight
  9. Death (Netflix's Castlevania)
  10. Professor Venomous

Animated Movies

  1. Owlman (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths) - The voice is perfect, the personality is outstanding, and said portrayal makes him more threatening. Now this is a version of Owlman I'd take on any day now, I admired how underrated this incarnation seemed and in general, has a lot more character than just being the secondary compared to Ultraman (not the tokusatsu franchise), and has more dedication to the sole purpose of his motivations, while albeit twisted, does have some good momentarily dialogue to his character.
  2. Rattlesnake Jake
  3. Prowler (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
  4. Joker (The Dark Knight Returns)
  5. Rameses (The Prince of Egypt)
  6. Dick Dastardly (Scoob!)
  7. Felonious Gru
  8. Megamind
  9. Lord Business
  10. Yokai (Big Hero 6)

Live-Action Movies

  1. Green Goblin (Spider-Man Films) - This here was something I watched back from my childhood days, back as a kid, I remember how much I consider him a "Love to Hate" villain when he first appeared fighting Spider-Man back at the festival, terrorized Aunt May, or having to let Spider-Man choose between saving Mary Jane or a bunch of children he endangered. May, when it comes to memories like that, I still remember how much of a laughably villain he can be despite how much of an easily hateful character he can be when I was a kid, oh the golden ages never fade, even to how he was a "Love to Hate" honestly. Then again, my current view on him now is such an acclaimed-worth character due to how well acted Willem Dafoe put to make this guy's villainy so entertaining. As of now, I'm excited to see how he'll do in Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  2. Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  3. Brixton Lore
  4. Tony Montana
  5. Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man Films)
  6. Hans Gruber
  7. Harley Quinn (DC Extended Universe)
  8. Alex (A Clockwork Orange)
  9. President Coriolanus Snow
  10. Randall Flagg

Live-Action Shows/Drama

  1. Evolt - Heartless and cruel as he seems, does not entirely mean he lacks humor. Evolt is badass in anyway he could use under his own schemes through his intelligence and his abilities. For an extraterrestrial alien, he does have the provided criteria of being a wholesome comedian at times and does tend to joke around within his torments to the main characters, despite his actions' nature are indeed something any Complete Monster would do, but is still considered genuinely funny to us people.
  2. Gustavo Fring
  3. Il Nam Oh
  4. Count Olaf (2017)
  5. Jerome Valeska
  6. Masamune Dan
  7. Tuco Salamanca/Marco and Leonel Salamanca (Three-way tied)
  8. Homelander (TV Series)
  9. Lucifer (Supernatural)
  10. Negan

Video Games

  1. Malthael - I find him underrated and yes, while similar to the One Winged Angel himself, doesn't mean he is just as badass as him in any kind of level. Malthael, a powerful fallen angel of death wishes to end an ongoing war and battle, even if it meant costing humanity's population and stealing about thousands of souls to his breach, but nevertheless has he have the potential of what he could truly do in battle to prove a point. As greatly written to his portrayal, I'd say Sephiroth has some competition.
  2. Sephiroth
  3. Dimentio
  4. Herrscher of the Void
  5. The Trickster (Dead by Daylight)
  6. Empress Siren
  7. Jack of Blades
  8. Reaper (Overwatch)
  9. Vladimir Makarov
  10. Kul Teska

Web Series/Internet/Indie Games

  1. Alastor - Charming, evil, but charming. Alastor is one well "dressed to kill" villain who has good tastes in old-fashion culture and tradition. Each moment he was onscreen gives out such comedically and wholesome degree on the definition he has to being a "classier/classic villain"-type.
  2. Nostalgia Critic
  3. The Auditor
  4. Dr. Flug Slys
  5. Loona
  6. One Eye (Robo Western)
  7. Stolas (Helluva Boss)
  8. Tricky the Clown
  9. Queen (Deltarune)
  10. Udoroth

Comic Books

  1. The Batman Who Laughs - Oh how the might had fallen. Who knew Batman's greatest fears came alive at the moment the Joker broke him that very day. Though while choosing to remain evil, the Batman who Laughs has got to be one of DC's most iconic/best villains in modern media and comics, badass and entirely laughably at best, does know how to put a smile on anyone's faces.
  2. Omni-Man
  3. Venom
  4. Thanos
  5. Black Cat
  6. Nekron
  7. Loki Laufeyson
  8. Harley Quinn
  9. Machine Head
  10. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Overall Winning Favs (Credit to TheAverageDimentio for inspiration)

Meh Waifu Harem Area (Credit to SleepingGuy, but differently since this also includes some characters and Heroines that interested me)

Yes people, but while I do have my opinions on girls depending on their personality and attractiveness as mentioned from my Hero counterpart's biggest top rankings randomly, they are in need of re-evaluation soon as this list demonstrates my current opinions. Take note despite there's already a category for this on my Favorite Villains section, I figured under Doc Brown's quote "What the Hell?".

IMPORTANT NOTE: This only focuses on which Waifu in said Top ratings on who I find most appealing to my tastes. But again as mentioned above, the ladies from any genre, let it be heroes or other Waifus also deserve praise. But this will most likely cover a higher Top rating for each being Villainesses and Heroes (w/other Wifies to be precise lmao).

2ND NOTE: This will also include a special category here being the term defined as "Husbando". Another addition to my harem gallery, only this time its unique and is often called as a Reverse Harem, and also, yes, I happen to be bisexual. Please take note that I am 95% into Waifus and I am a 5% into Husbandos (but I only find them as a side-crush compared to my love for Waifus dominating it). Another thing to know is that some of those Husbandos are only from the My Hero Academia and Tokyo Revengers series respectively, because other male characters from other works are just likable characters in my opinion compared to the two franchies' male characters. So there's a catch to my interests.

22 Main Villainesses

  1. Esdeath - Boi she is without doubt given a greatly-written personality, a bit of humanity in her and is THiCC at them thighs. Prove me wrong as I dare you.
  2. Makima - Aside from her perfectly shaped body thanks to dat business attire, she does have grander aspects to her personality and alike, apart from her horrible actions, it was all for the Chainsaw Man regardless, though as much as she is the Best Villainess Waifu, Esdeath is far more superior that involved competition.
  3. Lady Nagant - My Hero Academia has too much best girls and women to the point no fanboy or simp can decide whose best, apart from Himiko Toga and Curious (who I think is better, thicc as hell), but I'd say Nagant took the cake. Despite her screen time, she does express a lot more to her background and how strong she can be as both hero and villain alike. If you say Himiko Toga is best villain girl, hold Nagant's beer will you.
  4. Beelzebul (Raiden Shogun) - Boi, Genshin Impact has lots of more than just a dozen of Waifu potential, but this hits pure Queen potential. Baal's beauty surely surpasses through her sheer fierceness and loyalty, but in addition to her superior complexity, she still can't compete her beauty to my love for Jean still. But to be frank, she's basically the Herrscher of the Void except she's more cold and at least has more redeeming qualities than her.
  5. Arrow - Skilled on the outside, beautiful in the inside, if you know what I mean. But for real, Arrow is highly loyal and would do any demonstration to ensure her duties across Sho's well-being, apart of how she was a mother-figure to him, she does know how to compel her surroundings and standards as a character who knows best.
  6. Shizuku Murasaki - The girls from Hunter X Hunter lack attention and I think out of them all besides Machi and Ponzu, Shizuku got my attention. Sure she is air-headed and just like everyone in the Phantom Troupe, are remorselessly mass murderers and thieves, does not clearly mean she is completely heartless. She does however possess likability for her moments of being just a character than being a villain rather.
  7. Kurara Tendō - She's as dangerous as she is beautiful that could overwhelm her heinous side. Kurara is one hell of a independent and intelligent woman through her assets and planned-out ambitions, aside from her drug distributions and attempts to mass murder, she does have a more characterized personality of being a rather sophisticated and passionate young woman.
  8. Daki - Spoiled girls aren't my type, however, she manages to get my attention. Not that I am simping or anything but I can't help but feel bad for her and her brother though, with Daki being the only female demon in the Upper Moons, she does know how to start up being sassy and gal-related.
  9. Mikan Tsumiki - Is it bad to say I pick her over Junko Enoshima, a genuinely funny villainess while Mikan on the other hand is someone whose basically an accidental fanservice but more to her as a mistreated person with a kind, concerning heart to the point I can't help be feel sorry for the way she's been treated. Though I will humbly admit without regrets, nurse girls are kind of my ninth type.
  10. Modeus - Surely enough for me to state: Lucifer and Azazel (or Loremaster) were better choices for me. However I ended up with Modeus, because there's only one way to describe why: She's just too cute despite being rather lustful... there's no stopping or helping myself from this.
  11. Arachne Gorgon - Apparently Blair wasn't the only hot witch in the anime now that she has competition. Beautiful, stunning, manipulative, and WAY more better than her younger sister.
  12. Courtney - When I first saw the Pokemon: Generations shorts, I absolutely love the portrayal for not only Courtney's video game counterpart, but kinda love the way it shows how much of a Yandere she can be to "analyze" with someone.
  13. Reze - Oh ho ho, you think Makima was enough? Reze here has her perks and damn, they don't call her the "Bomb Devil" for nothing. Perfectly shaped with a rather deep love for Denji before she knew it, though Makima says otherwise (for the Chainsaw Man in her perspective).
  14. Mujina - Forget Akane Shinjo, she's got all them Tokusatsu fans barkin' for her thighs, just to side note this, she ain't no Makima. However, her beauty appeals to some competition with Rikka, though her so-called villainous acts weren't even all that bad and how a serious demeanor despite her free natured personality when it comes to pool or beach days.
  15. Yumeko Jabami - Ah yes, the psychotic gambler herself. Her presence brings out a gothic vibe but yet no matter how psycho she can be, she's still sweet inside and a bit busty, but regardless every time she is onscreen, I can't help myself to see just how much of a sadomasochistic girl she could get behind from.
  16. Albedo - Loyal and dependent for her future Husbando, despite her obsessions, she does show enough of her badass moments to being sadistic in battle but yet she has the beauty of a real angel, even though she's either a fallen angel or a succubus, more likely succubus since it makes sense, in general to that point on.
  17. Echidna - She's got a lot going through her mind and she's just your classy, humble sweetheart of a witch who enjoys her time drinking tea like there is nothing to worry about. Then again I have a friend who has a massive crush on her.
  18. Miss Heed - Yes, she wants attention and popularity after having to dump her boyfriend who genuinely loved her. But still, despite coming from an animated series, she still got them Waifu vibes due to her pink colored appearance and her similarly yandere-like personality, as well as being one of those types of hot girls on TikTok (believe me, I wish to never visit there again, but only if it involves the ladies). However, it gets more meaningful to how much she truly loved Flug despite using him to get to Goldheart.
  19. Celestia Ludenberg - Rarely enough, goth girls are also kinda my thing and for good reasons, Celestia fits the criteria. But to the overall viewing on her, sure she's crazy inside, but hey, she still got such a calm persona despite what she had done through the trials, I mean, she's never failed to make me so amazed with her character.
  20. Angel - Hot Pants. That's it, nothing else to say ;).
  21. Azazel (Loremaster) - Coming after Modeus is none other than Az- Oh right, I mean, Loremaster herself (apologies again Luci ;w;). But for reals, who knew such an hyperactive and obsessed angel who loves research suddenly became a fallen one to a devil immediately. I gotta admit she looks even more impressive than before, though I still prefer Azazel over Loremaster herself.
  22. Haumea - This is gonna be very surprising when I say this, but, I originally use to hate her for what she did to Shinra and his family. Apparently the author says "F**k Hate Sinks! I'll make her seen as someone worth liking", and how exactly did he do it from? Fanservice? No, it's beauty... to make it worse it got me simping for her immediately in the last chapters of the Final Arc when her face got revealed. It made me take back everything I once said about Haumea, sue me if you wish.

51 Main Heroines (w/other Waifus)

  1. Setsuna Tokage (Lizardy) - Possibly the most underrated Best Girl MHA has definitely offered before me and others. She has so much potential as a character and deserves more screen time not because she's just your average and hot, beautiful looking gal, but shows leadership and strategy when it comes to battle preparations and she does have a very unique Quirk in doing so. Then again, her civilian outfit though ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)
  2. Senju Kawaragi - Aside from knowing Emma and sadden by her death, the least Tokyo Revengers did do was to offer a new Best Girl that quickly rose to popularity, so forget Hinata, I'm now devoted to Senju, Long Live Brahman! But for reals, Senju quickly became another Best Waifu I'd fall for after Setsuna, she's strong, charismatic, and what made her unique is that before people did not know she was a girl and mistaken her for a boy, she's a gangster and has led a whole gang in one second, that is something Toman nor the Black Dragons had. So yeah, because of having to know her and to knowing how cute she looked, so I'm saying goodbye sadly to Takemichi X Hinata (don't judge me, I have my rights), because Takemichi X Senju is now a thing for me.
  3. Yu Takeyama (Mount Lady) - I know what you're all thinking, she may be THiCC but has a very bad personality for a hero. That's where others can often be wrong, sure Midnight got more attention than her, but same as Setsuna, she too is underrated despite her screen time and was only known through fanservice, but rather than that she is a unique background and supporting character that she develops and matures despite her pride. Before and after the PLF war, she has changed for the better in sake of others than herself. But if you wish to defy this, be my guest, your underestimating my opinion, then again I don't know why I loved her in the first place, true there's fact about she was originally either Ochaco (mostly) or Yui Kodai to begin with... it seemed so familiar to why she wasn't the only giantess I had a crush on?
  4. Chariot du Nord/Ursula Callistis - Kind-hearted and determined as both a mentor and teacher, Ursula, but given upon her real identity as Chariot, is very much mysterious within her view and background, but yet has a utmost nature to her beauty and motherly antics to Akko that makes her all the better as the perfect housewife type.
  5. Secre Swallowtail - Goth and emo girls are always the best, no questions asked.
  6. Mitsuri Kanroji - Shinobu could've be a good choice, but something about Mitsuri made me have a thing for her. She's kind, she's clumsy, she's pink, and she got a rack going on if you can tell. But everything mentioned is what makes her Mitsuri, a sunshine of hope. But to any opinion prevail on this is clearly a between for others, just don't tell Obanai to go after my nuts.
  7. U-1196 - Lethal and badass at the same time, yet knows how to put brutality in beauty.
  8. Blair - I've seen a lot of sexy anime witches, and she aged great. Combine an adorable purple kitten and a young adult witch alike and you get a perfect formula of one of the classic Best Girls since 2010s.
  9. Chizuru Mizuhara - Tsundere, check. Has a simp for a boyfriend, check. A more warmer side of herself, eternal beauty, and is more beloved than some sociopathic "angel". All criteria has been met up with.
  10. Shirokusa Kachi - Recently new to me and I already fell head over heels for her. Could at least say she made progress as "Best Girl of 2021" in my book, no competition with any girl else.
  11. Sagiri Ameno - Ninja girls are not mostly known that much, but sure enough she's a good example and while strong and harsh, does have a much more caring side to her, much to her tsundere scenarios.
  12. Emma Sano - She may be a typical school gal who wants to lose her innocents to become a adult, but she's more than that and aside her wants of Draken paying attention to her. She is still a genuinely good friend to Hinata and a concerned and caring girlfriend that got me saying that Draken just earned my respect, not matter how thicc she is, she's basically best waifu in Tokyo Revengers I've recently watched.
  13. Nobara Kugisaki - This folks is what I like to represent as "Sakura Haruno" done right. Nobara's uniquely interesting in termed comparisons to other Shonen Jump female leads, has a useful power and ability, a equal attitude, and a good backstory to begin with. So screw all those who say she's somewhat trash, I think those who don't appreciate her attitude has bad taste in women.
  14. Ryuko Matoi - A female protagonist so badass, even when hot at the same time, nothing can barely change my opinion to how her written character and background seemed to be. Sorry Maka Albarn, I'm not into flat chest- I mean, protagonists that came from an anime with a terribly-written ending.
  15. Grimm - I first began reading Hunters' Guild: Red Hood and she manages to steal my heart alongside what seems to be Miruko's older sister but has Mina Ashido's personality. I might, she tall, she hot, and I have a thing for blondes mostly, but she's beyond the standards to the beauty and because of that I immediately fell in love with her.
  16. Yui Kodai (Rule) - Blunt and quiet, perfect criteria for a Kuudere Waifu. Aside from Tokage, Kodai just stole my heart on just one look at her and same reason as Tokage, she too is highly underrated, in fact, probably the most underrated given her unique design being based on one of my childhood heroes, which is Ultraman to be exact. Then again, its what makes her another great waifu, it's her "mmh" that got me hit for her.
  17. Ruri - While her role is small and even though Kohaku, her sister, is more known, I kinda feel like Ruri deserves her chances and has an amazing potential of being a waifu when it comes to her generosity and purity at heart. To be clear, true to her appearance of being rather beautiful in terms to the color of navy blue, what I can feel from her is a different kind of aura surrounding her honestly, I just don't what this feeling is whenever I see her.
  18. Miu Iruma - Gotta place down Mei Hatsume for awhile, if I were to pick one waifu from the DanganRonpa franchise, whose known for waifus, entirely speaking, which said candidate would be Miu. She's cute, sometimes a bit arrogant of herself, but also has a much more child-like demeanor consisting of her shyness and timidity, but also highly talented in her gadgetry and inventions.
  19. Yuki Tsukumo - She's the real reason one of my bois Aoi Todo became a Man of Culture as of today. I mean, look at her, she tall, she skilled and all, and she got a thicc a- Never mind that lmao. But for reals, she got vibes of being rather stunning and hot at the same time, especially given how her appearance outclass any waifu standards to it.
  20. Rikka Takarada - And they the Tokusatsu world's waifus aren't that much known, well that changes in anime style when she came along. Supportive and tender as Rikka could be, it's her thighs that got all the simps barkin' for, but aside from that, it's not how she became one of the best waifus in 2017, it's her characteristics that got me interested in her.
  21. Yamato - Step aside Nami, Robin (you'll always be OP's 2nd best), and Hancock, there's a new waifu coming to the world of One Piece, and she is Yamato. She is a boy or a girl, her father made it clear from that but that depends, but who cares, her style is so unique and many ways, thus I kinda like the vibe of how much of a badass and powerful waifu she seemed to be, though I would still prefer Robin over her, but meh, Yamato still kicks it.
  22. Moe Kamiji (Burnin') - She is HOT as FK right there. Nothing else to say but she got the most fiercest and fiery personality that makes her live up to her hero name, well after she's done being a sidekick and on her own. But as she proud and loud as she is, she may be of competition to Mirko in terms to their strength and personalities, though I'd say Burnin's earned my favor.
  23. Eilietta Lash - Who knew the newly recent PlayStation 5 ultimately became a Waifu out of nowhere. For having features of a nurse but has the vibes of being a Kuudere, yet despite being an android, she can feel, she can care, and she can treat you to full positivity in anyway she can. Also given on how blue is my favorite color, it says enough, but damn she deserves more love for his appearance and character.
  24. Nessa - The release of Sword and Shield had a lot of people giving their all for the uniqueness of their waifus compared to other Pokemon waifus such as Hilda and Cynthia. But Nessa stands out from them, for a Water-type themed gym leader and fashion model alike, not to mention she got them good taste of being sweet as chocolate, my kind of sweets if you know what I mean. But regardless, she's passionately elegant in terms to her aspects and beauty, says enough to how she's earned my favor.
  25. 2B - We all know where this is going folks, she's been popularly known for a long time due to her attractive appearance and quiet nature. However, I have my own perspective reasons of why she's pure waifu material to myself compared to her so-called "simps". She may be thicc, but there's more to her than just meets the eye.
  26. Mei Hatsume - She's just so energetic and optimistic despite her shenanigans regarding her "babies" (No. She ain't no baby mama), if anything, she's just being herself and she does what she loves when it comes to creating gadgetry and gear for others, even if it causes up to an explosion to the result. But that's more of the reason why I am in love with her, surely could've wished she took my heart than Miu though.
  27. Asuka Langley Soryu - Oh yes, one of the original vintage Waifus back when Evangelion first aired. Can't say I have the words to how exotic and iconic her characteristics brought her up until her appearance in Honkai Impact 3rd, that was where I finally embraced my love for her.
  28. Yoko Littner - One of the most badass and sexiest Waifus since previously modern anime ages ago, if not one of the best ones when she first debuted. She's got one load in her sniper saying she isn't one to mess with if you're asking to get a shot in the heart by her, but aside from those as Yoko has a lot to offer when she and Kamina were a thing, too bad their ship didn't sail.
  29. Alice Nakiri - Image Gordon Ramsay actually had a secret love child and she would be this spoiled pouty, yet talented and skilled chef herself coming after him. Alice is likely to be more precise to her expertise and taste in food, but can also be rather fun-loving and friendly if you're up for the case.
  30. Reisalin Stout - A rather cheerful and optimistic girl with such vibes to their character's color and being a joy to others despite being rather more busty than cute. However, Reisalin's still got her aspects to being more than just her thiccness and is such to being the equivalent and counterpart to Uraraka.
  31. Nejire Hado (Nejire-chan) - She's probably one of the best Waifus in MHA for being absolutely cute compared to Ochako (sue me lmao). However, while completely oblivious and innocent at the same time, she can be somewhat of a good ideal wife if she loves taking care of children, Eri was that example and hugging her when she needed support earned my heart's love for her.
  32. Shinobu Kuchou - Oh yes, happy on the outside, darker on the inside. It's complex to see how Shinobu's a greatly well-written Waifu and her beauty is in some comparisons to my love for Mitsuri (I swear Obanai's hunting for my nuts, I doubt Giyu could care less for Shinobu though). However, there's deeper meaning to her character when she lost her older sister and sure, it might sound bad to ship her with Douma, but what can I say, I still prefer Giyuu x Shinobu being official.
  33. Tamaki Kotatsu and Maki Oze - Oh yes, oh how Fire Force has redeemed Soul Eater with these two great Waifus, though now in a tough Waifu War as of now. Before you can say anything, sure, Tamaki is meant to be Blair's younger sister and fanservice material, but I feel like her character is more to enjoy than just her appearance, plus she deserves more respect in terms to their development. Heck, even Maki can say the same, but hey, she's at least more unique due to her well-fit body and does show more personality on the way, to which is why I tied both of them is because they're too perfect, not to mention they almost look like sisters in general.
  34. Naruko Anjou - This is a gyaru gal done right. Naruko, or Anaru, is basically one of the greater examples to being a Gyaru Waifu, she may be more of a tsundere but shows a lot of who she is deep down and can sometimes be afraid to show it due to her insecurities. In return, there's a lot to learn from Naruko's background.
  35. Ryuko Tatsuma (Ryukyu) - Sure Mirko's still a great choice, but Ryukyu definitely makes a cutting impression for me. While her Quirk Dragon makes her so much of a badass Pro Heroine, it's her caring and mother-like demeanor that says otherwise to her personality and is one of the few genuine Pro Heroes Stain himself could be proud of seeing.
  36. Zero Two - This here is gonna be one of the most legendary Waifus to have and this here is a real treasure. Zero Two's got good spirit in remembering how her darling was and knows how to show off much energetic optimism and postivity despite her mischievousness and flaws. However, mess with her darling and you're getting a brawling, for reals, just don't seperate them.
  37. Ishtar - I renounced all Gods and Goddesses just so I can worship the true Goddess of them all. Ishtar is obviously Rin Tohsaka except she reincarnated into being one of the most powerful deities to exist, well... in a way. But aside from that, Ishtar shows passion and pride to her status and lives up to it till kingdom come.
  38. Pieck Finger - Forget Mikasa and the rest of the Attack on Titan Waifus, Pieck just earned my favor of best AOT Waifu (again, sue me). I mean, she's got such a sexy voice in the Dub, who could not listen to that.
  39. Ayame Himuro - Definitely one of the best intelligent and genius Waifus to exist. Ayame wants to know and comprehend love throughout her research and she happens to be one of my type of women who knows how to back off men who are after her beauty. As much as she is serious and dependent, she has a much more cuter side to herself.
  40. Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati) - I maybe into 1B Girls, but 1A Girls still matter to me the most, that is for only Yaoyorozu herself. She's just so beautiful compared to most MHA Waifus (though Setsuna and Yui have something to say from this) but is incredibly intelligent and skilled in her Pro Heroine works, while serious and cold at first, she manages to make a positive change to herself and became much more Waifu-like with her bubbly and diligentness.
  41. Jolyne Cujoh - That one time JoJo finally gives a segment for some of their hot ladies that deserves attention. Aside from Trish Una and Lisa Lisa, Jolyne makes the cut for her stunning appearance and complete tomboy attitude. I just pray to the lord Jotaro won't kick my a** for this ;w;.
  42. Rio Futaba - I originally had a thing for Mai Sakurajima, but I reconsidered after having to explore more about Rio instead. At one point, she's your messy-haired and lovable genius Waifu but at another point becomes this "Hot Girl without Glasses" scenario, I mean, who could resist her, I wouldn't ;).
  43. Ryuko Tsuchikawa (Pixie Bob) - Out of the two girls from the Wild, Wild Pussycats, Pixie Bob just took my favor in her. Energetic, Mischievous, and a bit busty, she's match all the criteria I took taste in Waifus, although I'm more of a dog person lmao. But still, she wants to get married already right? I'd be her husband and I don't necessarily mind actually, Win-win right?
  44. Yoruichi Shihōin - Black Waifus deserve more love and out of the Waifus from Bleach, she's a predicted choice to my eyes. Yoruichi's got both personality and fierceness to her character and much to my surprise when I first thought she was a guy in her cat form.
  45. Ai Hayasaka - She's just more than a loyal servant and friend to Kaguya, there's more to her personality and just adds up more to how she can be in terms of humor and to being herself. Should've also seen how she interacted with her Shirogane when she was being this positive schoolgirl vibe.
  46. Kasumi Miwa - Simp to Simp alike, she may want Gojo for all the right reasons, but although some declared she's useless, Kasumi herself acknowledges that but that's what makes her status as a Waifu more appealing and more funny in general. Just like Nobara, she too is written exactly how her character portrays that.
  47. Elesa - Aside from Nessa, she's that electrifying passion for being a model and Gym Leader at the same time. More or less does she have pure love for Electric-type Pokemon and the way she performs throughout her fashion shows, though to be honest, I kinda prefer her hair being black instead of blonde for good reasons as well.
  48. Kisara - Just recently would I explore the female characters within the Aselia franchise and I managed to find potential in Kisara of being Waifu material. She attac, she protecc, and mostly important, she thicc at best. Period.
  49. Sovetskaya Belorussiya - Azur Lane had a lot of great Waifus such as Drake (primarily), Peter Strausser, and the famous Enterprise. But this here is one special Waifu that says hold my beer to them and I was all like: "HOT DAMN! I didn't know Esdeath had a twin sister! or a long-lost sister in general", so yeah, Makima has more to worry than just Esdeath lmao.
  50. Camie Utsushimi (Illus-o-Camie) - She may be airheaded and a bit ditzy to her personality that seems kinda odd to be a Pro Heroine. Nevertheless does Camie have so much to her name when it comes to Bakugo's laughing at her illusions, only to dedicate her as one of MHA's most underrated Best Girls to date.
  51. Sirius - Another original anime Waifu that clearly deserves more love than Tsuyu (No consequences when I say this lmao). Sirius clearly has a clever Quirk in her assets and has such a expressive personality that makes Tsuyu outmatched in terms of optimism.

10 Husbandos

  1. Shuji Hanma - As mentioned above regarding him in my Favorite Villains section. But here, I kinda like how wild he can be in terms to his sadism and thrill-seeking shenanigans to add up some excitement in his life and sure, he worked for Kisaki and had done a lot of bad things, but he never fails to make me laugh whenever I see him onscreen. Then again, he's just too attracting compared to Kisaki being outright ridiculous.
  2. Izuku Midoriya (Deku) - He's best boi in MHA for good reasons. As badass and strong as he can be with the OFA Quirk, he still a pure cinnamon roll. He's just too cute and pure for a world likes ours and it should say enough to being a feminine Husbando at best.
  3. Chifuyu Matsuno - He's just too good looking and handsome that I couldn't bare looking away. But apart from that, Chifuyu's a great friend and gives out helpful advice when it comes to Takemichi's situations and not to mention being a total badass at best. But in terms to his personality and appearance, he might as well be every girls' dream guy, but in my personal viewing, he feels like someone I should hang out more often without getting too romancing over him.
  4. Denki Kaminari (Chargebolt) - He's just underrated and some find him to be a coward, but I believe he deserves his chances of being better in terms to character development. He's got the punk vibes compared to his girl Jiro, though less, but he has some potential to himself if he had more confidence and at least he doesn't go far into perving on other women like Mineta for example.
  5. Ran Haitani - Though he and his brother Rindo are both too perfect in my interests, I actually prefer Rindo for reasons. Cunning, skilled, and malicious at best, but can't help to look on how his appearance is oddly unique in terms to his personality, so otherwise to it, he's just too much to handle, only if you're one of his fangirls.
  6. Shihai Kuroiro (Vantablack) - I know he's with Kinoko, I even support their ship, but I can't help myself when it comes to Kuroiro. He's kinda unique compared to other 1B boys and deserves more screentime at best given he'd make a good rival to Tokoyami in terms to their Quirks' similarities.
  7. Shinichiro Sano - Best Brother of the Year, folks! No questions asked.
  8. Yo Shindo (Grand) - I know he's already in a relationship with his girl Tatami (though she hot though... THiCC as well). But he's like Midoriya except he got more confidence and he too buff for my own good anyway, I mean he's got abs of steel and his Quirk is rather powerful in terms of battle.
  9. Kazutora Hanemiya - I know he's killed Shinichiro and Baji (though this was Kisaki's doing), I can't help but sympathize for all the abuse he went through as a child and he's highly unstable for most of the time, it's what makes him complex in anyway possible to describe the guy. Plus he's kinda good-looking, but to believe that he would have the same appearance as Baji when he becomes an adult.
  10. Tamaki Amajiki (Suneater) - Deku is no longer the only pure cinnamon roll and shy cutie, Tamaki Amajiki overwhelms it. It's no wonder he's a good match for Nejire, period.

Waifu Gallery (Villainesses)

Waifu Gallery (Heroines w/others)

Husbando Gallery

My Least Favorite Villains


  1. Tetta Kisaki - This guy managed to make me wanna go full out "MUDA MUDA" style on him out of nowhere until I finally realize how much of, not just a completely evil monster, but a petty piece of sh*t he can truly be. Of course I've seen and experienced other anime villains who've done worse but this guy, Kisaki is basically Chisaki but the name is different and the only thing he has is completely nothing. He first started out as insecure for love, not before he completely subverts it and grows much more worse to the point he is willing to commit horrible and abhorrent actions that earned the scorn from the Tokyo Revengers fanbase. But as complex as he is to now, even if I have to admit the author knew what he was doing, but god... this guy is the WORSE in my opinion (I can't believe Draken x Emma got their ship sailed off for this).
  2. Kai Chisaki
  3. Dix Perdix
  4. Shinji Matou
  5. Samejima
  6. Akemi Hinazuki
  7. Malty S. Melromarc
  8. Zagred
  9. Medusa Gorgon
  10. VIRM

Animated Shows

  1. Bellroc and Skrael - Okay people, don't judge me when I say this. Apart from some good animated villains in my experiences, these two aren't my cup' o tea for presumably plenty of reasons why. First off, I feel like they're background and characteristics are paced and rushed, or to describe it, poorly-written excuses for Omnicidal Maniacs. But to be fair, I kinda felt disappointed how their role turned out to be too quickly, but personally to the point where they are responsible for Morgana and Arthur's corruption and then we got Nari brainwashed and killed by them each respectively. Sure I like the designs, it's their personalities and their background I felt somewhat disappointed in, surely Guillermo del Toro knew what he was doing but I didn't expect this to be utterly bad to my personal viewing. I mean there's nothing interesting about these two, not even they could stand up to the likes of my experiences with Bill Cipher for goodness sake.
  2. Ozai
  3. Bradford Buzzard
  4. Queen Usurna
  5. Aggregor
  6. Unalaq
  7. Dick Hardly
  8. General Morando
  9. Simon Laurent
  10. Xtabay

Animated Movies

  1. Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear - We all know where this is going folks. Yes, his tragedy is no excuse and doesn't come out as sympathetic since Lotso brought this to himself. Though granted, I admired how his voice actor did well to portray Lotso's voice, but the character bares no differ as an unlikable abuser who brings on his anger on others than to accept what happened and possibly move onto someone else who'll still love him, but throws away any chances he has. He is likely to share the same reason why Frollo isn't as interesting to my opinion.
  2. Judge Claude Frollo
  3. Morag (The Loud House)
  4. Steele
  5. Bora Ra
  6. Rough Cut
  7. Ultraman (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths)
  8. Bradley Uppercrust III
  9. Mr. Grasping
  10. Sir Miles Axlerod

Live-Action Movies

  1. Peter Stegman - Okay, out of all the villains I have loathed in both genres of any entertainment. This guy here is without doubt, the villain I utterly, and ultimately despise than not only in movies, but in actual life as well. Other than being a teenager who causes trouble and supports Hitler as an idol, raping a pregnant woman while unbeknownst is about to have a baby says enough about why he was such a loathesome prick! There is absolutely nothing to like about Stegman, it's like he's meant to be a Hate Sink for other teenagers growing up not because he was a violent bully... he was the worst type of bully that could make your life a living hell. He even reminded me of my high school bully who would often try to burn me with a lighter when no one did anything to stop him. Seriously, who could ever like this incredibly, down-written piece of sh*t.
  2. William Wharton
  3. Lux St. Seguin
  4. Mysterio (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  5. Lieutenant Hawkins
  6. Bunny (Platoon)
  7. Bob Ewell
  8. John Milton (Scream)
  9. Chris Andrews
  10. Vincent Moore

Live-Action Shows/Drama

  1. Montgomery de la Cruz - Were the writers for 13 Reasons Why simple-minded or something? Not that I'm trying to offend or cause too much backlash but... How in the name of hell to 13RW's Author gave them the wasteful idea of making this piece of sh*t NOT remain a worthy Hate Sink example? There is absolutely nothing to make someone like me feel sorry for Monty, nothing in his background makes him seen in a better light, I mean, who on earth would sympathize Monty after what he did to Tyler Down, "Down the damn bathroom incident" that was, but seriously people, I don't know what the writers were thinking, but this is the primary example of a poorly-written PE-turned-NPE and should've been awarded an Raspberry Acclaim for "Worst Villain Made for Sympathy".
  2. Go-Jaraji-Da
  3. Kilgrave (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  4. Ramsay Bolton
  5. Carl Buford
  6. Aarfy
  7. Oliver Graham
  8. Carmelita Spats
  9. Leo Humphries
  10. Chief Iain Vaughn

Video Games

  1. Suguru Kamoshida - This dude is just bad, really bad if you ask me. Abusing his students physically to the point he remorselessly injures them, let's not forget how he takes his advances on his female students and at the extent he raped one of them, but in the expression to suicidal thoughts, that's just pushing far than just enough. Damn.
  2. Professor Hojo
  3. Diablo (Diablo)
  4. The Doll Maker
  5. Brian Irons
  6. Joker (Injustice)
  7. Agustin Allende
  8. Rip Blazkowicz
  9. Dharkon/Galeem (Tied)
  10. Don Corneo

Web Series/Internet/Indie Games

  1. Sal (Wadanohara) - The classic "nice guy turns out to be big baddie" act has made its turn again, only this time there is nothing to sympathize about a warmonger who caused an massive suffering to many homelands and has raped the female protagonist, so kind and innocent, with no regrets at all. The scene where he committed the act against Wadanohara has received such backlash to the point that I find him to be a very appalling character to begin with. No way in somewhat to the fact there is nothing to say about Sal, or Shiranami, where he literally abandons his mother after death like she never existed. God, what an absolute dipsh*t he was.
  2. Jacques Schnee
  3. Valentino
  4. Isaiah Johnson
  5. Stella (Helluva Boss)
  6. Alice Angel

Comic Books

  1. The Thousand - Possible one of the worst Spider-Man villains I've ever seen. A bully who would harm others out of spite then turns into a massive swarm of spiders just to get back at his victim for stealing 'something" that "was his to begin with". There is nothing redeemable about this character, he's just too insufferable to even look at and his backstory has no justifications, he did it out of pure sadism for god who knows what reason he has. Even Carnage at one point might be disgusted with his actions.
  2. Mister Brownstone
  3. Black Noir
  4. Billy Kincaid
  5. Darth Vader (The Star Wars)
  6. Thragg
  7. Dr. Light (DC Comics)
  8. John Godolkin
  9. Reed Richards (Ultimate Marvel)
  10. Hulk (Old Man Logan)

Overall "Winning" LEAST Favs (Credit to TheAverageDimentio for inspiration)

The People I've allied with

The Siblinghood


Meh Gallery of Who Knows What's There

Original Artworks


Villain Rankings (Credit to TheAverageDimentio)

Most Evil Manga/Anime Villains (by Personal Order)

Description: For this Ranking List, this here will discuss about one of the most drastically heinous, depraving villains, with redeeming qualities or obviously without, can truly intrigue the devastation, tragedy, and anguish they brought upon this world, but despite their faults, it's what makes them genuinely unique in terms to villainy. So without further ado, shall we?

  1. Johan Liebert from Monster - Well what was there to expect, to anyone who's scale level is on higher ends, but I figured in my conscience is that what could make a great evil villain... a human being actually, there was a time it's hard to believe there was such a thing as an evil human... but this guy... he's scary as f**k and it haunts me. Johan manages to live up to his titular anime name of the monster he can be and not to easily mention how terrifying he speaks calmly while inside of himself is a genuine being whose heart belonged to what seemed to be the greatest meaning of Pure Evil. From tormenting his savior and sister to manipulating others into killing to having his way of attempt to end the world all in order to commit a "perfect suicide". This says enough of not only horrible his actions seemed but the nature of this man stays forever a spot of how truly haunting his presence led to others.
  2. All For One from My Hero Academia - You know, an anime villain inspired from multiple Comic Book supervillains sounds like a unique case, including for its examples like the Green Goblin, Thanos, Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor, and the recent The Batman Who Laughs, but this one talks about a supervillain, a genuine one, from anime. AFO fits into the spot for his depravity and chaos he commenced, from having control all over Japan for power to ruining the family of his archenemy, Nana Shimura, when he raised her grandson into becoming the successor of his legacy, but to have gone this far into killing other successors for a power he once transferred into his brother and humiliating his archenemy's student, All Might, in battle, not to mention being responsible for the thousands of lives loss indirectly and directly to his hands, but now he's gone after the very last successor of OFA, whose still at a young age, surely enough from the given, AFO is no one to mess around with, malicious and destructive he holds in his Quirk, he is beyond anyone above him. Plus, while he cares for his successor, it has been made clear he saw nothing in him but a pawn overall, though the brother seems to be questionable, though that is for another time...
  3. VIRM from Darling in the FranXX - An manipulative parasite and hive mind whose purpose is to assimilate with other beings against their will, to the point it never hesitate to oppose its actions on genocide and cruelty. The VIRM are considered to be rather intelligent beings whose minds can only see futility on humanity as they are to take complete control over the lives they manipulate for their own wishes and studies, wishing to be apart of their specimen only for their own gain to expand their specimen in the process for superiority. Clearly to my state of view, this here is one Omnicidal Maniac I hated the most, but I'll gather the spirit to admit that it does have its ways to calculate the events, though seeing it win in the end by surviving could be the result to the inspiration of Invictus.
  4. Father from Fullmetal Alchemist - An creation from knowledge and truth is thought to have been destined to become God in order to obtain all of humanity's knowledge and answers, only to manipulate and use those as his pawns to have whatever little is there to his desire: Power. Father genuinely has his perks to his villainy, patience and strategized tactics to his plans of godly hood and yes, several war crimes and genocidal orders that led to millions of lives loss sounds bad, but it was his final form as God that changed the matter, the last battle shows his badass side and seriousness despite everything he's done but there are some underestimated facts to never back down on the Father almighty himself.
  5. Makima from Chainsaw Man - Her beauty and appearance is too much for us men to handle, however, she isn't lenient enough to have us live if she's now on the verge to control us as our slaves eventually, but to my personal view: This is F I N E :). Makima was first thought to be one of the anti-heroes in the series, just doing her duty before her true colors were revealed near the end as her prosperity got more studied into knowing that she's out there to make equality across the globe, but if it meant going through measurements of heinousness when she claimed the lives of millions of people, even going as far into killing the deuteragonists of her series, Power and Aki, the two friends that meant everything to Denji, even though she never loved him, the Chainsaw Man was a different case for her. Despite her insecurities of wanting family love, her actions detract everything as she does not hesitate to control and dominate others to her bidding, proving her worth in this spot.
  6. Muzan Kibutsuji from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - There has been nothing to like about this guy, he's just outright cruel, heartless, and completely irredeemable, there's a reason he's the Satan of Kimetsu no Yaiba and one of the recent most evil villains in anime. Having to have killed not only thousands, but countless blood in his hands, only seeing himself as superior than those he viewed weaker immediately, not even from far he had on killing an innocent family, a mother and her children, to which involved connections to Tanjiro as we know it, even far from how Nezuko became a demon thanks to him. But to have killed a majority of some of the major and supporting characters, directly and indirectly, even turning Tanjiro into a demon as a result only makes him more worse than he is now.
  7. Kars from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Sure, we got DIO whose more evil and a more personal enemy to the entire Joestar bloodline, but this guy takes the cake since he is the one who sets the standards in the first place and indirectly responsible for DIO's rising to vampire-hood. Kars has been known for infamously causing the genocide of his own kind, especially having to kill his parents in the process, for the longest time Kars desired to become the perfect being using the Stone of Aja to complete his conquest for power and godhood. However, despite having some form of care for Wamuu and Esidisi, especially having compassion for small life like animals and plant, Kars is the one who drove the series to its turning point, being the indirect reason DIO became who he made himself today.
  8. Ragyō Kiryūin from Kill la Kill
  9. Bondrewd from Made in Abyss
  10. Dix Perdix from Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Favorite Songs

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  1. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Just Awake (Hunter X Hunter Ending OST)
  2. LiSA - Homura (Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Theme)
  3. Blue Encount - POLARIS (My Hero Academia Season 4 Opening)
  4. POLYSICS - Hashire (Cells at Work!: Code BLACK Opening)
  5. Il vento d'oro (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind OST)
  6. Man with a Mission - My Hero (Inuyashiki Opening Theme)
  7. Kankaku Piero - Haruka Mirai (Black Clover First Opening)


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