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Omnicide is overrated. The world is in truth a disgusting monstrous cancer polluted with neverending chaos, abuse, heartbreak, cowardice, greed, self-delusion, and superficiality. Destroying it would be no sin, but rather the ultimate mercy. Why must there be so much pain and cruelty? It doesn't really matter. Nothing. Matters.
~ JakeTheSnake0451
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Hot villain takes

  • Lotso suffers from both “Draco in Leather Pants” and “Ron the Death Eater” at the same time. Like yeah his actions are horrible and his backstory doesn’t excuse them, but I’m also tired of people treating him like he’s the devil’s rape child. I wish more people were like me, accepting that he wasn’t meant to be tragic but also appreciating just how well-written his character is. It really makes me wonder why people love Toy Story 3 so much if they hate the villain’s guts so much; everyone knows that a story is only as good as its villain. There are far worse human villains out there worth placing such passionate hatred towards, especially that fucker Graydon Creed.
  • Percy Wetmore >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Doug Hutchison. At least Percy isn’t a child molester.
  • Josh Washington isn’t the villain of his story; his “friends” are. They catfished his two younger sisters which resulted in them running outside into a blizzard to their deaths, and they didn’t even feel the least bit bad about it afterwards. I don’t care that Hannah was trying to screw Mike while he was still with Emily, there were at least five other ways to handle that situation better. His pranks were completely scares-based and he never killed anyone nor did he want/try to, meanwhile Mike shoots Emily (his own ex-girlfriend) in the face over pure superstition and Ashley feeds Chris to a Wendigo out of petty spite and cowardice. Not to mention his obvious insanity brings his moral agency into question.
  • Mr. Freeze is my favorite Batman villain. He’s extremely tragic, loves his wife, and his cryogenic weaponry is a spot-on match for Batman’s arsenal. Not to mention “Heart of Ice” was practically a game changer in the ‘90s.
  • Making Doctor Doom Pure Evil is, and always will be, an automatic no-no. He’s much better-written when a Magnificent Bastard like in the comics, wanting to rule the world rather than destroy it and even at his absolute worst he always loved his mother. Make him PE, you take away all his interesting traits and are left with this…just, boring husk of a villain who (for obvious reasons) borders on GDV. Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes all did Doom way more justice than those crap-ass Fantastic Four movies.
  • Anna (Jigsaw) is Pure Evil. She’s a sociopathic coward who killed her own baby, framed her husband for it which led to his suicide in a mental hospital, tries to kill Ryan when he saved her life twice before, takes zero responsibility for everything she did even when directly confronted on it…I know it’s just a movie but the fact that some people not only defend her actions but also agree with them actually sickens me. When serial killers and serial rapists with loved ones and higher resources are more sympathetic than you, you know you’re a goddamned monster. She actually reminds me of Shou Tucker.
  • Sgt. Bob Barnes isn’t Pure Evil. He clearly cared for his men, and the physical and mental scars he suffered in the war give him somewhat of a tragedy. Also, Bunny and Junior are worse.
  • Red Skull (MCU) isn’t Pure Evil. He’s genuinely affable on Vormir, not even daring to mention Hawkeye’s abusive drunk father. I’ll probably change my mind if the Skull returns and does more evil shit in the future, but until then my opinion’s staying like this. He’s not even the worst HYDRA member for god’s sake; that goes to Daniel Whitehall.
  • Grant Ward isn’t tragic, or a Magnificent Bastard. He’s nothing but a monster. Why do I think this, you may ask? Because: (A) His crimes are especially sadistic—sniping his own pet dog while pretending to let it run away, using a mother and her child son as human shields, killing his parents and older brother after reconciling, torturing Bobbi, killing a whole plane full of people, killing Ros in front of Coulson, bringing Hive back to Earth to nearly enslave humanity…and I haven’t even listed everything else he’s done yet! These are just the bits where he’s anything but pragmatic. (B) He was blatantly misogynistic in season 1, calling Maria Hill ugly and Black Widow eye candy, threatening to rape Skye, and his comments recapping his one-night stand to May during their fight are very creepy. (C) His younger brother Thomas tells him that he ultimately became so much worse than everything that happened when he was a child, and that just because he grew up in a family of abusive monsters doesn’t mean he had to become one too. If that’s not “Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse”, I dunno what is! Also not only is it super difficult not to agree with Thomas there, but Grant was also given multiple shots at redemption before then but turned them all down because he’s proud of who he is—a murderer and a traitor. (D) His victim complex borders on cowardice; for literally every single shitty thing he does or lets happen, he always has an excuse or somebody else to blame. Killing Kara? SHIELD’s fault! Becoming a psychopath in the first place? His family’s fault! Skye getting shot, when he could’ve easily told the team about HYDRA long ago? Garrett’s fault! Knowingly trying to kill Fitz and Simmons by dropping them into the ocean? He gave them a fighting chance for survival! Killing his family out of sheer revenge? They could’ve hurt someone else! Look don’t get me wrong, I like Ward as a character, I just hate how everybody tries to make him sound better than he really is. He actually kinda reminds me of Kilgrave; both are yanderes towards the female lead of their respective shows, are laughably evil, commit a variety of sadistic murders and tortures (even towards family members), have the face of an angel and the mind of a demon, have traumatic childhoods that are later rendered invalid, and blame everyone but themselves for their own problems. Oh yeah and also, fuck HYDRA. That is all.
  • Dr. Penny Young deserved to die. She tortured Bane, experimented on and killed a five-year-old girl which helped drive her father to suicide, and overall only ever really cared about saving her own life and reputation.
  • I’m honestly pretty neutral on the Pre-52 Darkseid being Pure Evil. He genuinely loved his first wife Suli, and I don’t think anything indicates that he fully subverted said love. It’s not that I’m against him having the red lock because it’s somewhat ambiguous, but if it were someday turned blue because of Suli then you wouldn’t see me pitching a tantrum over it.