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What is man but flesh waiting to rot and burn?
~ A question I asked myself once and use on online games.
What doesn't kill someone only makes me get more creative.
~ Something I might use in a story.
In chaos I trust.
~ It's one of the only fair things in my book as it has no true pattern.

I am a big fan of Greek mythology but I hate how the media portrays Zeus as basically God and Hades like Satan. I am an admin here, Villain Song wiki and the Heroes wiki. On this wiki and the Villain Songs I am fairly laid back overall but when I know something's wrong I fix it and help keep order. At the Heroes wiki however I am making and enforcing some guidelines so as to bring order there ex: If under Mastermind don't add Genius as Genius is a step below much like it was here before Genius was deleted. If you need me then message me and I will get back as soon as possible. I can be a pain in the ass if you are a problem user or if I have had a lot of problems with you in the past and I admit that's a major flaw on my part but I am more then willing to compromise or admit when I'm wrong. I am strict on some categories like Knight of Cerebus as it is often thrown in not meeting the requirements and no saying TV Tropes says they are isn't going to help your case on Knight of Cerebus with me. Also my Original Character story below is by no means is to be taken seriously, as my view on religion or as an insult to your faith it is simply a story I came up with and thought would be unique and or interesting to see/read. On a personal note I am a strange combination of the following: a agnostic (though I do love and admire the tales of Buddha and Jesus Christ), nihilist (I don't value my own life and not fond of Selfish / Dishonest humans or any of the type found in my info-box) and person who enjoys stories with romance provided it's done right. Among my favorite things are horror stories/movies, anime, fantasy, Science fiction, comedy, writing stories, reading, drawing and spending time with loved ones. Have a great chaotic day.

My OC Story

Part 1

Come on Corvus, we are basically Gods and should I obtain my wish we can have her returned to us! I refuse to bow before a hypocritical prick when I know one day I will or can surpass him. Let's face it even if they kill me I win as this meaningless existence of mine would finally come to an end. Just think of what this universe will be like when I'm done remolding it into my image! All reality will be in a state of eternal chaos.
~ Jester to Corvus on his ultimate goals

Jester was once a smart ass by the name of Mattius Longstreet, whom pissed off the king (allegedly, truth be told it was due to his practice in the Dark Arts being found out) and was beheaded for it. Little else is know of his mortal life but it was stated he started to learn the Dark Arts not simply for power but in hopes of saving his mother from a illness and he saw his sister murdered in front of him. He has stated his Demon mode is similar to his favorite doll he had as a child.

Not long after his death he went on to became a Demon in Hell who desired revenge and thus destroyed the kingdom. Later he accidentally created the Bubonic plague aka black-death when he tried to change his hair color, though he thought it was funny and enjoyed the chaos it brought to the mortal world. Over the centuries he became friend with another Demon: Corvus (Greek myth: Icarus' current alias) each made a deal with a family to serve said family in return the said Demon could stay in the mortal world. Later at some point both fell in love with the same mortal woman, young Russian woman by the name of Anastasia only for her to be murdered.

This made Jester desire power but not wish to rule the mortal world as he saw it too flawed and pointless to be worth ruling yet fun enough for causing chaos and mischief. Corvus currently serves nineteen year old Alexander Poe while Jester currently serves fourteen year old Jessica Rooks. Jester is a rude and annoying servant who if his master tells him to "draw a bath" he draws a picture of a bath. Both their master are rich college students (Jessica is a young genius albeit somewhat immature) in Britain who hate one another with a passion. Interesting enough since they at first seem similar in personality yet Corvus and Jester are opposites.

Once every ten years on Halloween all Demons are allowed onto the Earth but all go into their Demon form. As a precaution Corvus has Jester use powerful seals to restrain Corvus including one on his back. Jester decided to use a warehouse with multiple powerful seals that chain him up where he can't move or use any magical abilities. Unfortunately for them Alexander and Jessica had no idea Jester was doing this as s favor for Corvus so they followed and thought he might want to be free. They followed them to the warehouse only to find out it was looked by a padlock with a magical seal. While Jester and the other Demons caused chaos for their personal amusement the two college students tried to make a decision. At first Alexander tried to pick the lock to no success till Jessica pointed out the Mystic seal prevented it from being opened normally.

When asked how Jessica revealed Jester has been teaching her in Seals and other form of magic. After minimal convincing Jessica decided to break the Seal on the padlock through a mild spell and hand sign concentrate and aim said spell to allow them to open the warehouse. There the saw a shadowy figure surrounded by multiple types of seals. All of a sudden the figure flew out revealing a mysterious figure with dark wings in a toga screaming it's time for his revenge.

All of a sudden Jester and the others could sense a terrible power was unleashed and teleported to where the two students were and he was stunned by this confirmation. The two saw a strange creature whose torso and right arm bright red, demonic legs as black as night with a blue horizontal little over half way on his legs, a strange multicolored left arm that was much longer then his right, a gap in the neck and comedy mask for a head wearing a Jester hat made of green flames and souls. This creature reveals itself as Jester and says he'd deal with them soon before chasing after the figure and sees him destroy part of Spain killing at least 100,000 people whom's souls Jester quickly steals before continuing after the creature and eventually is able to jump on his back and activate seal dragging the creature into the waters below. Once finished Jester teleports back to the two students and angrily demands to know why they unleashed it. In response they asked what it was.

Jester pointed out it was Corvus in Demon form and how in it he is dubbed his original name Icarus who wants to destroy the world starting with Greece due to his rage and constant pain due to his agonizing death. He points how both were foolish and that he expects Alexander to be stupid but disappointed with Jessica. When Alexander seemed far more interested one the power of his Demon and not so concerned with the deaths caused by it Jester punched him angered at his lack of remorse. Soon the sun rose and Corvus appeared and while out of breath and coughing up water asked Jester what happened and smacks Alexander after hearing what happened before thanking Jester for stopping him. Jester leaves sigh Jessica to their mansion telling her she isn't getting a book on magic this weak as a punishment for her part in the mishap. Jester however does comfort her when she was expressing genuine guilt by claiming its not all her fault and it would be OK.

Sometime later after going a little over board with teasing to Alexander Poe's girlfriend on the phone by claiming he and Alexander were lovers at some point while Corvus, Alexander, Jessica and him were on a trip to study an old Temple in the Himalayas, this teasing caused a temporary breakup between Alexander and his girlfriend. The breaking of Alexander's arm happened when Alexander grabbed Jessica's arm blaming her for not controlling Jester. In a fit of rage Alexander tackles Jester out of the train an ultimately ordered Corvus to kill Jester.

Corvus bound physically to obey him attacked, Jester at first fought back but demanded Jessica not to order the same. She understood and as Alexander ordered Corvus to go Demon mode (which they feel the pain they had when dying). Not wanting Corvus to feel the pain of the melted wax on his newly formed wings and to feel as if drowning, Jester allowed Corvus to do a attack point blank with two miniature Suns. Giving a scar across his entire chest and seemingly disintegrated only to appear in front of his master two days later.

Jester's soul was barely saved by Thanatos who kept him in Purgatory till his soul stabilized enough to reform his body. Thankful Jester offered to help him out in any way possible. Thanatos only asked for him to help with removing the souls that were just taking up space by clogging up what Thanatos described as a drain to the place where all souls are judged. As a result Jester also gave Thanatos 50,000 of the 100,000 souls he took in the rampage of Icarus went on that Halloween while telling him he was keeping half for a ritual he's planning.

Upon his return to the mortal world, Jester healed Jessica who had received a minor burn on her arms. He holds no grudge towards Corvus only at Alexander. When asked if Corvus was going to banish Alexander's soul from Hell upon his death Corvus laughed and claimed that Alexander would suffer for making him harm Jester to such a degree.

As time goes on he in the pursuit of power he steals and murders for multiple magical items and forms a very complex ritual which would ultimately involve many animated armors forming a star, and the undead forming the first circle while each doing special hand signs and incantations while the humans forming the second circle doing a separate incantation ultimately draining the object of their powers along with all the souls involved in the ritual dragged into Jester's body in the center of the star due to his own incantation. This increased his power to near Godhood. He also falls in love with another human named Grace and banished from Hell itself after giving her eternal youth. Before departing Hell gave him a scroll but told him it was a last resort. Unfortunately as he fights a powerful Angel and is nearly killed off. At first he had no plan to use the scroll even if he was about to die but when seeing Grace he decided to do it. Becoming a Demon again but gravely hurt due to previous damage, even then he taunted the Angel further.

Grace ultimately saved his life by sacrificing herself when throwing herself in front of an attack aimed at his visible soul. The anger and grief over this causes him to gain and transform into his new rage form dubbed Mattius the Collector. In this form Jester brutally murderers the Angel and nearly destroys the city. When Corvus finally finds out Anastasia's soul was hidden in Purgatory decide to rush to retrieve it and telling their masters they are going to use their "vacation time" despite not having it. While Jessica mentioned it said she wished him luck and told him to try to be quick with it. Alexander on the other hand pointed it out but only allowed it out of a fear of what would happen otherwise.

Corvus found it in a Sacred Chamber where the Angel of Death was using it to weaken the Seal keeping the Demon God sealed and been doing it since he killed her. After confronting him both Jester and Corvus demanded to know why only for the Angel to brag on how he planned to free it so it could cause destruction and death to all creation and once it killed God the Angel could remake the reality as he saw fit. Corvus confronted the Angel and asked Jester to let him try out the angel without his help. Despite the Angel being stronger he lacked the overall skill of Corvus. Corvus dodged his attacks only for the Angel to reveal he wasn't using the full extent of his power despite causing shock waves that caused destruction in Purgatory itself. It was then that Corvus saw the Angels soul was different from the others and wasn't going to cause harm to a Demon if devoured. Then as the Angel monologues on how soon he'd be a God soon Corvus quickly shoved his arm through his chest and stole the dark Angels soul.

Upon Corvus defeating the Angel of Death thus officially making Thanatos the Angel of Life and Death they depart Purgatory with Anastasia's soul that they put in a special Lantern designed to carry souls. Unfortunately they realize that the Demon God not only was tortured but now it's free and about to destroy anything it deems a threat to its freedoms and life. They realize the demonic deity was threat to the universe and must be stopped despite their sympathy toward the creature. In the end after all Demons and Angels joined forces but even then the creature proved too strong. As all hope seemed lost Corvus appeared and Jester transferred some of his power into Corvus and with it and being further powered by the Soul of the former Angel of Death; he was able to win though it took some time and a good portion of his power. Realizing the Demon God was even more unique and his soul reformed in the ruins of the broken seal, Corvus agreed it needed to be sealed but in a more unconventional way.

Since this creature was truly immortal but not wanting it to be tortured again Jester and Corvus thought of a new way: Eating its soul but not torturing it inside them. An Angel was sent to make sure it was put in its original seal but instead over heard their plan. He demanded they just do what originally happened. Only to be forced to flee when told he was not only out numbered but also outmatched by the two since all other Demons and Angels had decided to maintain the truce and return to their respected dimensions.

At first Jester planned to eat it but Corvus pointed out not only was Jester in a weakened state but it was now in Hell where Jester wasn't allowed to enter at this point. Corvus quickly descends into Hell and devours the Demon God's soul. With this Corvus easily transcends into a Level 9 Demon. With this Corvus gained the title of Satan-Corvus the supreme ruler of Hell. With this new found power he tells Jester he's officially free to return to Hell and promoted him to both his "court jester and Adviser". This Angered Lu Bu but he was told unless he wanted to fight and risk total obliteration he might want to accept his decision.

Now with Corvus on the same level as God, the duo march to the gates of Heaven itself. There they say that they came to deliver Anastasia's soul and demand it be made an Angel with free will as soon as possible. A normal Angel ask what would happen if they refused only for Jester to claim that the two would burn Heaven till it was nothing but ashes if they refused. When this is said the Angel laughed until Corvus made a miniature sun with one finger and confirmed what Jester just said would happen. Then Gilgamesh came and said while he would do what he could he needed to prove why she deserved it so they told what they knew and said Thanatos could be another person to ask. Once there Thanatos said Anastasia would be an ideal Angel and departed on friendly terms with the three and went to "repair" Purgatory. Gilgamesh claimed that it might take a couple years at max but she should be an Angel soon. The duo then left rather peacefully content with his word knowing he could be trusted.

Part 2

Over the course of twenty years, Jester had grew more annoyed as Corvus now being Satan seemed to lose most of his personality over time and was boring as he did nothing with his now nigh-omnipotent powers and simply judged souls of the damned yet without showing an ounce of any emotions. In the Human world, Jester helped Jessica raise her twin four year olds, Eleanor and Elizabeth, and teenage son named Dillon. He is shown to have taught the girls mild magic despite their young age. The magic is done by using symbols that allow them to cause explosions though with safety guards that make sure it can't hurt each other with it or the after effects. Jester treats both them kindly and as such they see him as their uncle. That said he's not above insulting Dillon when he just complains that "no one understands", refuses to listen to what he's told or decides to disrespect Jester. Both Jester and Dillon often insult each other. Jester often jokes about Jessica's husband, whom she only married so she could increase her political power. With Jessica now being the British Prime Minister, namely in charge of making decisions involving war, she has Jester accompany her and use for assistance when dealing with others.

As a Jessica paints herself as an innocent woman doing what she believes is need, Jester publically plays the person encouraging violence. Jester never hides his magical abilities unless he feels the need. He often used his powers to force the other political figures to do his masters bidding. Eventually he is summoned by a mysterious figure whom concealed his identity by a hood. This figure used a symbol in an attempt to restrain Jester, in an attempt to gain knowledge, unfortunately Jester was able to escape and offered him a few spells in return they would work to find a book so both could gain power. The figure suddenly un-summoned Jester once he had the spells and said he would think on it. Jester was summoned again by this figure and was asked what he had to offer. Jester said their was a book hidden in Purgatory that could bind and force Satan into a contract where he would be forced to follow a masters bidding. The figure asked Jester what he wanted with the book and Jester merely claimed he wanted to spread chaos but he's needed a human to be the master of Satan for it to happen.

The figured agreed to work together but refused to show his face though he pointed out he knew of Jester's past life as Jester was trying to use his own past as a way to convince the figure to reveal himself. The figure quickly un-summons him and once alone removes the hood revealing a teenager. After being un-summoned Jester was frustrated and offered to join Jessica's husband as he left for the bar only to be refused. Jester pointed out he'd been around a Demon so long he might die but after saying that he let him go. Within moments they could hear his scream and Jessica asked him to bring her wine as she smiled saying now she was a widow. Jester laughed and pointed out that the husband was no longer of use anyway which Jessica agreed with a hint of happiness as she spoke. Not long after a Russian Prime Minister came asking for peace. When Jessica refused the man claimed it was in her best interest as he had a warheads ready, however to his surprise she said she knows and if needed Jester would blow them up before they even came close. Jessica demanded he surrender to her demands on the count of three. Once she got to three she demanded Jester to give him a demonstration at which he merely snapped with a smirk, a moment later the Russian Prime Minister got a call telling him their first warhead blew up out of nowhere killing thousands. He called them both monsters and Jester simply started to levitate, laughed and said "You just now realized that?" with a shrug. Jessica demanded another demonstration only for the Russian to surrendered immediately begging for them to not do it to which they complied.

Satan-Corvus and others in Hell eventually started to question why Jester had been summoned but Jester just said he was asking for info which Jester refused to share. Eventually Dillon had invited a friend, Douglas over for dinner. As the two got there while the rest were out Douglas decided to sneak around the house. While getting a soda Douglas noticed a picture of Jester and got frightened. Douglas then cast a small spell on Dillon telling him to relax on the couch. As Dillon watches TV, Douglas quickly finds the houses study, using a spell to make seals visible, then breaks said seal but keep its fragments existent long enough to run in. He quickly finds an old book on magic that he steals and replaces it with a book with no content in its place which he quickly made to look identical. Once this is done he dashes out of said study and reassembles the seal as close as he can before leaving. As he heads down stairs he hears someone pulling into the drive way at which point he runs out the back door. As Dillon says hello to his mother and Jester, they ask where his friend is and as he wonders aloud a text suddenly comes in from Douglas which says he's sorry but his mother needed him so he had to walk home. Once said Jessica tells Dillon to invite him over later this week.

As Jessica heads to her study Jester see's the seal and points to a small missing piece. Angered Jessica demands to know who did this and then wonders if Dillon's friend could of before brushing it off since nothing appears to be missing. The night Douglas visits Jester open's the door and tells him dinner with be ready soon, as he leads him to the table Douglas says he's grateful for being invited. Instantly Jester recognizes the voice and starts to laugh to himself. Jester gave a devilish smile as he serves the dinner. As Douglas gets more nervous Jester pulls Jessica aside. Once Jester is alone with her he points out Douglas has been the one summoning him lately and most likely was the one who broke the seal earlier that week. Then Jessica say's she also noticed the way he speaks has a hint of charm speak; a way to make others feel comfortable around you. The two agree Jessica should play dumb on this despite that most modern sorcerers and sorceress' are aware of her being arguable the strongest in the world. As Douglas leaves after dessert he mentions he needs to take the subway which aggravates Jessica as she remembers last time he said to her son he walked home thus lying right to her face.

Later Jester is again summoned though he quickly greets him as Douglas. Afraid Douglas points out he got some info on the book located in Purgatory much to Jester's delight. After which Jester say's they should keep each other informed. Some time later Jessica questioned Jester on what he was up to which he claimed would be a surprise. She asked again and he said in the end she could rule the world and he could remold the universe in his image. After a few moments she asked if he could look for a way to allow her to gain immortality by making a soul jar as she feared growing old and dying powerless to which he agreed to look into it for her. Jessica thanked him and asked him to go to Russia to kill one of the leaders as they refused her demands. Jester went and attacked all the soldiers he could and demanded a challenge. Eventually the government sent their secret weapon a powerful Lich to attack. Much to Jester's delight the creature proved to be a challenge. Jester destroyed the body and followed its soul as it went to a strange object. Once it entered Jester destroyed it realizing it was it's soul jar. With that done he killed the leader and ripped of his head to bringing it to Jessica as proof of the job being done. However right before he teleported he found a book on how to make a soul jar that seemed to belong to the Lich he killed so he gave it to Jessica much to her delight. With this Jessica claimed soon she'd be immortal only for Jester to tell her it's not all that its cracked up to be. Acknowledging this she points she knows its going to have its tough times as well but at least Jester is also immortal so she'd have the man she considers a brother forever and hugs him before saying "Thanks Jester for finding the book".

Eventually Douglas summoned him only for Jester to mock him only for Douglas to use a whip that at the very end had a rare type of iron that could truly hurt Demon's. Jester grew annoyed and demanded Doug provide the last little bit of info so the book could be retrieved only for Douglass to point a gun claiming it had some of the iron in the form of bullets. Pointing it at his skull Jester mocked him claiming he didn't fear nonexistence only for Douglas to respond "Guess I'll have to shoot the other head" as he lowered the gun. Actually nervous Jester asked what he wanted only for Douglas to say he wanted to book soon. The two talked briefly and Jester and him came to the conclusion the book would be hidden in the chamber the former Angel of Death always stayed inside. At this Jester claimed he'd get it soon and was then un-summoned. Douglas then quickly admits to himself that he's glad Jester fell for his bluff as he couldn't find anymore of that particular type of iron and the chamber only held a normal bullet. Jester later took advantage of the opportunity on Halloween after seeing that Corvus seemed to be more like his old self, quickly entered Purgatory and dashed to the chamber due to Thanatos being currently occupied with guiding the many souls within his domain. Jester then notices a small difference in shading on the ground and it sounded more hollow when it was stepped on. Jester quickly grabs lifts the floor board and finds the book. With it he looked through the pages and found the one that could completely bind Satan-Corvus and tore it out before putting it in his pocket. After this he teleported to Douglas and offered it in return he made it to where Halloween would never end and would tell Satan it was another Demon. Excited Douglas accepted and once Jester left demanded Satan-Corvus show himself much to everyone's fear.

Corvus angered asked Douglas if it was Jester that gave it to him and he gladly admitted it before demanding for Corvus to give him immortality. Corvus demanded the book but was forced by the power of the book to give him the elixir of immortality. After this Douglas told Corvus to start a war with Heaven and then he could go for now. Once Corvus did this he warned Douglas to never be far from that book or else he would suffer for it. All of a sudden Jester was approached by the Demonic God and guessed Douglas ratted him out to which Corvus angrily confirmed and berated Jester for this act. Jester as a result berated Corvus for not using his power and being boring. Corvus quickly shoved his arm through Jester's chest and pulled out a strange energy. Jester demanded to know what was happening only for Corvus to claim he didn't deserve to be a Demon or the horseman of the apocalypse: Pestilence and departed. Stripped of most his power along with seemingly losing his best friend Jester fell into a deep depression and returned to Jessica. Jessica seeing the area becoming a violent battleground demanded to know what was going on. Jester told her of what he had done and what had just begun say he now wanted revenge on Douglas. Jessica pointed out that despite taking out the full binding spell Douglas had more than enough power to rule the universe and would kill Jester and Jessica as he might see them as threats. As she finished saying this the mansion is attacked forcing Jester to transport them to where he was born in hopes of protecting the family. As he says they should be safe for a little while he says he needs to get information on how to stop Douglas from Pharaoh. With this Jester summons one of the Demons he trust asking for help to get into Hell. Once the Demon helps get him in Jester gives him a soul saying it was his payment. Rushing through the depths of Hell Jester is able to reach Pharaoh in merely a couple hours. Once they talk Jester found he'd need to talk to Lucifer whom upon his legendary fall from grace, had been trapped at Hell's bottom and rushed down there avoiding all other Demons in the process. Upon reaching the bottom he hears a voice that while filled with pain also rather soothing that identified itself as Lucifer.

Jester questioned how he lost to God if he held a book of such power only for him to reveal he was vanquished before he could use the book and while he wrote most of it some of it was already written long before even his creation. Jester quickly asked how to win and Lucifer merely responded to not let his enemy to read the last pages or else all would be lost. Jester took this info, thanked the fallen Angel and teleported back to where he left Jessica. Once arriving to his horror he found her fighting Satan-Corvus whom was ordered to kill Jessica and her family. Quickly Jester attacked Corvus in hopes of saving Jessica and the others only for Jessica to apparently be blasted by Corvus whom could only apologize to her. Jester then used his magic to teleport the family to safety and continued his fight. Quickly he was overpowered and critically harmed only for Satan-Corvus to leave saying he hoped Jester could stop Douglas before Corvus teleported away. Once gone Jester saw Jessica appear and her to reveal that she used an illusion in the last moment to trick Corvus into thinking she was dead pointing pout it was the first type Jester ever taught her. Jessica then used her magic to heal Jester. With this Jester decided he would go attack Douglas now. Douglas expecting this bragged how he was now near invincible due to how much power and knowledge he gained from the Black Book he used to control Satan-Corvus. As they fought Jester touched the rare iron on the spine of the book only to realize it burnt him. With this he realized he was still part Demon just stripped of most his old power thus far. With this revaluation Jester became relieved and tackled Douglas. Douglas pointed out he knew the full binding spell was stolen but didn't care as soon he would of read the rest of the book.

Jester quickly said he shouldn't read the last page thus Douglas being curious started to read and cast a spell that made Satan-Corvus open a magical gate said to lead to ultimate power and knowledge, and draining Corvus of his magic. Quickly Jester was able to muster up the strength to become Mattius the Collector. In this form he rammed Douglas knocking the book out of his hands and near the newly formed gate. Both of them tried to get the book and enter the gate but Jester was able to use his shape-shifting abilities to make his cloak form a dog like creature and bite Douglas' leg making him fall. With this Jester grabbed the book and jumped into the gate. Inside looked like an average living room with a hooded figure welcoming him. Jester asked this figure who he was and he claimed to be the true Supreme Being of all universes.

Jester asked why everything there was so plane only for the figure to show his true form; a form that no being could fully comprehend before returning to the hooded figure. Jester asked questions like why Corvus was boring, if Grace could be brought back and many more questions like how to steal souls. The figure claimed after giving God power he made a rule no one could want absolute power and truly gain it and if one gained it they would be robbed of their personality. He mentioned you just needed to want the soul for the soul itself not actually for the power it gives and Grace could be brought back but refused to give info. Jester quickly pulled out a list of question to which the figure pointed out Corvus would die soon. With that the figure merely moved its finger down and each had an answer to which Jester quickly checked and left with the list. With this Jester canceled the spell saving Corvus. He quickly gave him the book and the two admitted they were still friends though Jester needed to give the book back to Thanatos. Just then Douglas attempted to escape but is dragged to the deepest parts of Hell by Corvus. Quickly Jester returned to book to him angering Thanatos since Jester stole from him. Jester returned to being full Demon and now was going to use this knowledge to his advantage. Jessica welcomed Jester's return and now started making new plans for world conquest.

Part 3

A total of four more years have passed and in that time Jester has been gathering up more resources, knowledge and forming a plan that would allow Jessica complete control of the Earth while he would gain control over reality by throwing it into absolute chaos. Knowing this could only be done by starting the apocalypse and leading the horsemen into destroying not only the laws of physics but also magic, Jester hoped to not just remake/remold the universe but do what is thought of as impossible and ressurect a person who's soul was destroyed: Grace. To do this he needed to find a way to locate the horseman and confirm that Jessica was indeed the horseman of War, to do this he tracked down the only known psychic to get the answers he so desperately craved. Once he located the psychic he teleported to the location and entered the house.

Inside he saw a middle aged male and said while its been awhile Jester wanted answers fast. The psychic was able to preform a spell that confirmed only the horseman of War and she'd get a unique feeling when around the others and it would take time to narrow a list of the other possible horseman. Happy Jester gave him a vintage bottle of wine and pamphlet. Looking over the pamphlet it was easy to realize that it was about joining Jester's Cult saying there already was a couple thousand members. Jester then pointed out he offered money, power, protection from the apocalypse and ultimately a better place in the "new world" that would come after the apocalypse which the psychic reluctantly agreed by shaking his hand. A mystical energy in the form of flame left a mystical symbol on the flesh of the hand yet caused next to no pain.

Content Jester went to Jessica telling her his plan would be soon in motion and her dream of world conquest would soon be a reality. Delighted Jessica told him they'd have a meeting with some of her colleagues and she needed him to behave unless she rang a bell three consecutive times. Upon their arrival Jester stayed out of the room except when bringing them tea or asked for snacks. However near the end he heard the bell ring three consecutive times only for Jessica to say she needed him to teach one of the guest manners as he tried to undermine her position. All to easily Jester summoned a mallet before causing the table to levitate and charge the man. Quickly Jester broke the mans legs with the mallet as Jessica smiled and sipped her tea. The man begging for mercy as Jester laughed in delight, Jester stopped short of killing the man claiming he should now realize he's nothing but a insect that holds no true power. Now the man crying tearfully apologized to Jessica who claimed he should simply listen to her which he quickly agreed. The room was quite and Jessica said its best they get going before helping the injured man up due to him promising to not report in fear of what could happen. Jessica pleased said it was late and she needed to rest to which Jester encouraged.

Upon returning to Hell he bragged how soon the apocalypse would happen only to see Lu Bu storm off furious. Asking what happened Lu Bu informed Jester he just learned Diao Chan was a vampire and never died. Jester laughed and said he figured she was still on Earth and now if he ever found her, he might sleep with her. Angered Lu Bu threatened to make him suffer only for Jester to point out he's already in Hell and he's ready to fight Lu Bu whenever he wished. Lu Bu now annoyed and angry stormed off. Entering the throne room both Pharaoh and Satan-Corvus greeted Jester and they started to joke, Pharaoh pointed out Corvus was the one that made Diao Chan into a vampire and both kept it a secret from Lu Bu due to thinking it might very well make him a less skilled leader of Hell.


Jester's human form.

His appearance is a young skinny man with messy red hair and pale skin. In public he wears a black suit with red dress shirt unbuttoned at the top for his job (with its sales tag still attached) and black dress shoes, Gothic vacation cloths or punk like clothing when not in his suit. While fighting most supernatural creatures the suit changes into a black and red Jester suit (though a visible scarring and stitch marks appear on his neck when in the outfit). He has black studded earrings in human form.

Corvus' human form.

Corvus appears to be a average sized human with pale skin, short green hair wearing a black vest pants and tie with a white dress shirt. His weapon of choice is chains with spear heads at the end of them.

Powers and Abilities

His power level for the start is a level 7 almost level 8 Demon which is equivalent to a demigod, level 9 which is virtual Godhood. He like all Demons is ageless, high speed regenerative and self sustaining creature however being a level 7 his healing and superhuman attributes far surpass lower level Demons. Like all Demons any mortal weapon is useless if it isn't blessed by supernatural means and are very durable to damage. In human form he can control the natural elements to a degree and generate fire at will. Along with controlling fire he can control darkness and warp reality to a degree such as walking up walls, summoning weapons and changing minor things such as images to fit his desire. He can also teleport to anywhere in Hell or Earth.

Due to mastering the Dark Arts he can use necromancy to its fullest: raising corpses or later insert souls though he can't reform souls that have been destroyed as it is seemingly impossible. The Dark Arts also let him heal others, create plagues, increase his abilities, his physical strength for a limited time, use telekinesis, summoning of objects and lower Demons. He later performs a ritual that allows him to absorb any mortal soul that lacks a physical form on Earth, able to switch souls/bodies of himself and others but retain any supernatural abilities, make weaker clones that share a mind, turn temporarily invisible, limited mind control, the ability to embed souls into other objects while forcing it to follow his orders and increase his magic to a unknown degree. With these after attaining his rage mode he is an official level 8 Demon.

Like all Demons provided his contract is kept to the best of his ability, his soul when sent to Hell it won't be tortured and remain a Demon soul (if their contract isn't honored their soul is reverted to a human and tortured in Hell upon returning to it). Demon body's reform within 24 hours after destruction in Hell provided their soul isn't destroyed in the process. From 12am - 6am Demons are free to do whatever they want in Hell or Earth. Among his abilities he has become a master in the Dark Arts, Chaos Magic along with various other types in his attempts for ultimate power, he uses the souls he consumes, having stored a large amount of magic and often symbols or seals so he can use practically any form of magic seemingly without limit and no draining effects that normally happens when a character uses magic. His Demon form has all these powers to a higher degree and can warp his body in any way he desires. Now his Rage mode he not only does he have his shape shifting go to the absolute but his already vast power skyrockets to near Godlike power where even Corvus claims it might be able to rival God.

Corvus' powers are similar but a little higher overall in normal Demonic abilities due to being a level 8 Demon in human form. In Demon form however he has near-limitless power to the point he can destroy continents with ease and possibly entire worlds. That said Corvus doesn't know or use the Dark Arts as much as Jester. When Corvus becomes Satan-Corvus he is virtually omnipotent and ultimately God's equal in sheer power.


He desires absolute power and for Anastasia to be returned as an Angel or immortal being and will stop at nearly nothing to achieve this, even willing to sacrifice the majority on Earth if it was necessary to obtain said goals, only the women he cares for and Corvus have a possibility to talk him out of his schemes. But he will save the Earth only out of her memory and if completely destroyed it would take away any chance for her return to the mortal realm. If he got absolute power he would cause the universe to be thrown into absolute chaos and resurrect Anastasia as an immortal Angel knowing she wouldn't be like the others on blindly following orders. Later he finds out that apparently it's possible to resurrect Grace and becomes dedicated in his attempts to revive her, break the laws of magic, free Corvus of the spiritual law/curse made that eventually gets rid of all his personality rendering him "boring" set up by the true Supreme Being of all universes, and cause the apocalypse so he can remake a universe to rule as a God.


While often rude he has shown himself to be an expert in the occult especially dark magic. He has studied and mastered the Dark Arts before even becoming a Demon and is trying to find out how to steal souls to increase his powers even further despite knowing the dangers. He will apply and master every step before moving on to the next phase of his plans. Of the Demons he is arguably one of the most knowledgeable in the sense of their powers and the occult to the point he is seen by some akin to a master and teacher of both to other Demons. He is a cunning individual who can notice most opportunities as they arise.

He was also the first to realize the Demon God was not just composed of all mortal sins but immortals as well including God's which was big surprise to nearly all mortal and immortals presents. He is a master on Seals second only to God to the point he was allowed into Heaven on the grounds of fixing the Seal on the level 9 demon and to take a book on Seals (He also stole all of the other books on Seals and Heaven's only book on the Dark Arts). He will keep his word but will if he wants only to the letter as once he cleverly pointed out he once said he "wouldn't steal from and flip off God" so he only stole from him thus kept his word. Despite all this he isn't a genius in the mortal worlds sense of science and will purposely break the laws of physics merely to mess with mortals. Despite his high intelligence in the Dark Arts and manipulation skills he isn't beyond over looking details such as how far he pushes his enemies and people overall or how they might over react to his pranks and overall personality.


Most of the time he is seen as a rude smartass who enjoys provoking others especially Alexander Poe and Angels commonly through embarrassing or making blasphemous comments. He sees both Corvus and himself as Gods but sees it as a competition between the two to see who can become a level 9 Demon to obtain true Godhood. He seems to be prone to hold grudges as he hates Alexander not for trying to kill him but putting Corvus through so much pain simply to kill him. He also seems to suffer from nihilism as he sees his life and most others lives as meaningless. He claims as a human he feared death but due to being around so long he no longer fears dying.

He makes it very clear early on he hates God for multiple reasons including making him an immortal who must serve others to enter Earth, having both of the women he's loved murdered and creating a cruel world full of evil. However despite normally being rude he can and will be charming when he needs or want to be. He flirts often but makes sure they know he doesn't want anything serious from them. Deep down he has a softer and kinder side but only four know this to be true; Corvus, Anastasia, Grace and Jessica herself. While he doesn't always show it he cares for Jessica and plans to ban her soul from Hell so she won't suffer it's tortures. It is implied his God-Complex might be a way he is coping with the death of Anastasia as he saw her as a Goddess due to her kindness, intelligence, beauty and her singing voice loved by many. He despite often being told he is a pervert, when he cares for females such as Anastasia and Grace, he is shown to be respectful, protective and loyal to them as shown by waiting over sixty years after Anastasia died before even trying to move on.

Once he secures that Anastasia's soul is no longer on Earth or in the mortal universe both he and Satan-Corvus are shown that like most Demons they view the upcoming apocalypse as little more then a game. That said despite a small group of Demons that admire him and are truly loyal to him, most Demons serve him out of fear and due to his high power status in Hell's ranks. He is also considered insane, sadistic, even violent by the vast majority of Demons. He actually embraces this though he does have some standards as he warns even his fellow Demons to never rape people or else they'd cross the line far enough he'd kill them without a second thought. Another trait is he hates the concept of genocide as he believes it unfair. In fact he points out he prefers omnicide as he states he refuses to persecute any group by singling them out but attack everyone so its "fair". He is seen by some as a scholar or teacher in Hell due to teaching them most of what they know in both magic and natural abilities of a Demon.

With Grace he is shown almost desperate to earn her love to the point he tried to change personalities under some advise by Corvus who warned him most people wouldn't like his openly dirty comments and sociopathic nature. He is shown sadistic to mere mortal and beings weaker than him as often his pranks cause some minor to severe pain to humans but very painful and somewhat slow deaths when he decides to end a creatures existence all together. He also seems to either purposely lie for fun or just to keep it all in mystery when it comes to details of his past or specifics to how he plans to gain power. He seems to enjoy being a Demon for the most part and showing off his power. He doesn't believe in government or restrictions believing everyone should simply make their own personal codes and standards but free to do whatever makes them happy. That said he has a personal code claiming while he has no problem with violence he frowns upon and would kill any rapist he comes across.

Despite being rather homicidal and seeing nearly every crime he commits as a cruel joke he shows a fiercely protective side when people he loves are harmed or threatened. When an Angel killed Grace, Jester brutally murders the being in a slow fashion, when Alexander pushed Jessica he gave a quick warning in a serious fashion and proceeded to break Alexander's arm when he approached her with a hateful tone, and was shown to brutally beat a man when he stalked and harassed Anastasia. Like stated before he is also protective of his close friend Corvus and ultimately desired to allow him to regain his motivation along with original personality because as Corvus became Satan-Corvus he was slowly stripped of his motivation and personality. Due to this Jester went out of his way to ensure his friend could regain his personality yet retain his near omnipotent abilities. He is said to be a big fan of cats and dogs to the point at times he would go out of the way to make sure they were getting something to eat.

Alternate Forms

Jester's Demon form.

Jester's Demon form: Unlike Corvus, Jester takes a more inhuman form presumably due to his chaotic nature. He appears to be fairly muscular male, a noticeable gap between his neck and head to symbolize how he died, his head featuring no hair with facial expression being similar to a comedy and drama mask that somewhat echo's whenever it moves and he speaks, with a Jesters hat made of green flames and souls of those he consumes. His arms are unnaturally long for this form with his right arm and chest are simply red while his left arm is multicolored, his legs are large black and blue that appear beast-like. Due to his death being near painless he has no problem when he takes this form due to the increase in his already great power. This form is even harder to kill and he has complete control over his body and its properties. In this form he is care free, genuinely likable and calm while still somewhat chaotic but the lesser of Him and Corvus in their Demon forms. In this cartoonish and inhuman form he recalls all his mortal life's memories and how this resembles a doll he had as a small child.

Corvus' Demon form

Corvus' Demon form: Corvus in this form has long unkempt black hair, tan skin dark bird like wings that seem to be attached to his back by melted wax. This form seems to wear a toga and is often dubbed his true name Icarus. Where the wings meet his back have severe burn marks. While his powers are increased similar to Jester's he feels the wax like when it melted on his back and as if he is drowning the whole time. This continuous pain causes this normally calm and level headed demon to go into a rage. Fortunately for everyone Demons can only enter this three ways: If they are ordered to by their master which most don't know of this form, their own free-will if free of the contract or on Halloween every ten years. His personality is a vengeful, malevolent, and destructive individual with little to no regard to life. In this form Corvus is the more chaotic one of the two. This form has nearly absolute power which Jester claims surpasses even God's though it's debatable if this is a truly accurate statement. Like all Demons this form makes them remember all their time as a mortal. Knowing the danger he has asked Jester to seal him away when the particular Halloween where they take this form happens. Unfortunately even after returning to his mortal form he often feels weak, light headed and often coughs for a short time yet with gapes in him memory while he was in this form.

Mattius the Collector

Jester's Rage Mode aka Mattius the Collector: This form is his rarest and ultimately due to his hate finally reaching its breaking point gaining this new Demon form as a result. This form he is dubbed Mattius the Collector by himself and Corvus due to his drastic change both in personality and power. His face in this form appears to be a drama mask with long spiky red hair, black robe like "cloth" over most of his "flesh" which pure white and his exposed chest with a couple of mouths spread as part. This form has none of his playful personality or obsession of power just a desire for revenge and destruction. He is just a cynical, depressed Demon consumed with hate for all around him. This mentioned his nihilism not only increases to the point that he is willing to destroy large populated areas if need be but so does his sadism. As he fights the Angel that killed Grace he brutally tortures and mutilates it by not only ripping of its wings and beating him into the ground but squeezing it's very soul before ultimately crushing it. The power of this form is his shape shifting is at the absolute and vast magical abilities to the point he is an easy level 8 Demon to a degree even Corvus admits this is a power that is a rival to his Demon form and is almost Godlike and nearly unstoppable. Despite the name he can presumably enter this form regardless of his emotions though he gained it originally through rage.

Level 9 Corvus aka Satan-Corvus: This form is very human with most of his hair black with the edges green, pointy elf like years and a crown of green flames hovering over his head. The true appearance is unknown to mere mortals and most Demon's so he chooses a form they feel most comfortable in. The power is nigh-omnipotent in any realms as he claims if they refuse to accept Anastasia's soul and make it an Angel he would burn the Heavens into ashes along with all inside. This form is achieved at the very end through consumption of the first Demon God's soul. This form isn't only the most powerful but also retains all his intellect.

Crimes and acts of villainy by Jester and Corvus


  • He destroyed an entire kingdom due to him being beheaded.
  • While it was unintentional he caused the Bubonic plague with no regrets or attempts to stop it and claims that he was trying to change his hair color to black all the while joking "Well I was trying to change my hair color to black but *chuckles* instead their skin started to get black patches" before starting to laugh about it.
  • Under the alias the Pied Piper he kidnapped children (though he claims he only did so to ones with abusive families and he had them adopted).
  • Caused the American Revolutionary War by shooting the shot that was "heard around the world" simply because he was bored and thought it would give him a good laugh.
  • Countless acts of theft and assault simply for fun.
  • For years Jester wondered the Earth without a master thus breaking part of Hell's treaty with Heaven though he eventually gets a master after Anastasia's death.
  • Served Joseph Stalin while he held power in WWII and killed under his orders as well as hide evidence example: removing people from photographs.
  • Burning cities and towns for fun.
  • Stealing from Heaven namely books.
  • Stealing over 100,000 body-less souls when Icarus-Corvus went on a rampage. Though he gives Thanatos 50,000 of them to him since they would go to Purgatory to wait Judgment.
  • Admits to burning down McDonald', other restaurants and buildings in France simply to make "French fries" and other rather dark and disturbing jokes.
  • Unintentionally causing Alexander's girlfriend to break up with him (temporarily) by constantly joking they were lovers and other actions, not long before breaking Alexander's arm for trying to put a hand on Jessica.
  • Stealing mystical artifacts in a quest for more power.
  • While it is considered a Pet the Dog type moment he ultimately condemned a vile yet healthy man to a cancer ridden body by allowing a good man dying of cancer to switch souls aka bodies with said person. He also admitted it was both cause he felt bad for the good person but also wanted that man he helped to worship him.
  • Killed a Witch Doctor, Grigori Rasputin and numerous humans to obtain said magical items.
  • Manipulates and controls a group of of humans, embedded souls into suits of armor and and corpses to preform a complex ritual that would kill all but him in a the center of a pentagram with two circles the first being the dead and armors the second human, this would allow him to absorb all the souls of the victims and power of seven powerful and magical items to give him a major power boost. In order to do this ritual he first sacrificed 50,000 human souls and a warlock's soul making him almost godlike.
  • Broke Hell's law by granting Grace eternal youth (forbidden since WWII) so they could spend eternity together and was banished from Hell as a result as he was breaking both the laws of Hell and nature.
  • Destroying an entire city and on the verge of doing the same with Heaven just to kill the Angel who killed Grace.
  • Threatened to destroy Heaven and God right after helping stop the Demon God if they didn't accept Anastasia and turn her into an Angel with free will with the new Satan-Corvus.
  • Admits that would never stop his quest for power and to remold the universe into a place of never ending chaos.


  • He was the one who destroyed Pompeii simply because he was bored.
  • Started the Trojan War out of boredom.
  • He helped Jester become a Demon when he was executed and his Soul was consumed with rage but not a strong enough will to become a Demon. He then took him under his wing and helped him master Seals and further his persuit of the Dark Arts.
  • Like Jester he broke part of Hell's treaty with Heaven and remained on Earth with no master until after Anastasia's death.
  • Under the impression Adolf Hitler would make a utopia on Earth he granted him eternal youth (this is the major reason it became illegal later) and slaughter countless soldiers not knowing of the experiments and brutal genocides namely feeling bad for the young children.
  • Later Corvus did the unthinkable and became infamous for literally stealing Hitler's soul. He and jester claim they only hate genocide because it's discrimination and Omnicide not only is more "fun" but also fair "We don't care what race, religion, nationality or anything like that but don't single out anyone it's more fair to just kill anyone and everyone regardless of that crap."
  • Every ten years on Halloween he has himself sealed away for the night as otherwise he will try to destroy the world starting with Greece. Last time he destroyed part of Spain and caused the deaths of over 100,000 individuals.
  • Helped Jester kill and steal for items while thinking it was for a collection yet praises him after finding out after the fact on what they were truly going to be used for a ritual, even saying it's not his problem with what Jester does with said power.
  • Was forced to destroy Jesters body while almost doing the same with his soul as ordered by Alexander Poe, accidentally burned Jessica's arm and destroyed a small town. Arguably this was Alexander Poe crossing the MEH due to it causing so much death, pain and overall destruction by a humans hand while not showing any signs of remorse.
  • He undoes Jester's banishment from Hell once he obtains rulership as the new Satan while stating he would kill anyone who questions this decision including Lu Bu.
  • Threatens to destroy Heaven and kill God after defeating the Demon God if they don't make Anastasia an Angel with free will.

Realms, Souls, Races and Divinities

Hell: It's leaders are a unnamed Pharaoh, Lu Bu and a spot for another demon which has yet to be filled who command nearly all Demons, these two are gambling buddies of Corvus and Jester. Whoever is the strongest earns the titles Satan, Lord of Evil and Lord of Devils However over the centuries the titles have been slit among the counsel who rule but The title of Satan hasn't yet been claimed. The realm appearance is a place of total chaos and mayhem with scream of pain and anguish filling the air for those tortured. Tall dark buildings housing countless demons preparing to torture their immortal victims for eternity. The sky is blood red while the upper part is a crystal like ceiling that shows the human world.

Demons: Some where the Angels who feel from grace due to succumbing to sin and desire while others are created by a human so overcome with hate and or desire for vengeance upon their death their very soul succumbs to darkness and if they can't gain control of it then their soul can fade from existence and all memories involving them wiped from the living world or if not too far gone in their despair be taken to Hell. If they gain control however they are empowered and given dark unholy powers while retaining all their memories. If the bodies destroyed but the soul survived then it will gain an identical body shortly after.

Earth: The mortal realm where Angels and Demons fight to gather more souls where it is easier to destroy souls of each other in an attempt to gain absolute dominance of the universe arguably the most important of the realms and where the two immortal races are in the most level in scale of power.

Humans: They might be the shortest lived of the three but their very souls are the strongest of all as its forever changing world and undecided fate make it able to boost the ranks of either side or if consumed by a Demon boost their power considerably.

Souls: These are the source of both Heaven and Hell's power. Like all things it's not truly immortal or all-powerful but if left alone it can last indefinitely. If it's a "Unclean" aka "Damned" or evil soul it Angels cannot protect it from Demons as by definition it may not enter Heaven. "Tainted" are souls who are neither good nor evil so fair game to both Angels and Demons and the most common of all. "Virtuous" aka "Saved" or benevolent souls which Demons can't harm only tempt as if not tempted they cannot enter Hell or devoured. They are next to impossible to steal as only Corvus has done this when he was under contract with Adolf Hitler. Convinced Hitler was going to make a utopia Corvus agreed to serve him. Hitler had Corvus give him immortality but after giving Hitler it Corvus was horrified to learn he was deceived and helped the mad man become immortal and near the end of WWII confronted Hitler. Hitler brushed him off and then Corvus did the impossible and ripped it out killing the body but making it look like a suicide. No one even Corvus knew how he did it. This however has caused Corvus to be at times crazy and desire to do it again but he seems to have gotten control of this.

Purgatory: The realm where souls go when they have yet to be judged and home of the Angels of Life and Death and the true center of all realms. It is also the home other supernatural creatures like Archangels.

Thanatos aka The Reaper : The escorter of all souls and lord of Purgatory. Originally merely the 'Angel of Life' later the 'Angel of Life and Death'

Heaven: The realm where Angels, Virtuous dead souls go and home of God. This realm is a beautiful and seemingly a utopia however it isn't beyond corruption as there are those inside willing to risk countless human lives to destroy Demons forever.

Angels: Soldiers of God who protect mortals but most follow God's will without question and agreed on Halloween every 10 years Demons are free to do what they want but on the condition that unless the Demons are in a contract they can't take souls or freely roam the world and attack pure Souls. If a soul is pure and or selfless it can be made into an Angel. If a demon does the impossible and steals and consume/absorb an Angels soul then both risk permanent death and their souls to fade from all afterlives.

God: A vastly powerful being said to have created the universe who judges souls and supreme ruler of Heaven. While nearly all-powerful and vastly intelligent his very soul isn't completely immortal meaning if caught off guard it can be destroyed. If his current form is destroyed then his essence will be left in a fragile state that can be destroyed but so far the only real suspect of wielding such magnificent and unimaginable power is the Demon God so it is very doubtful this will ever come to pass.

Level 9 Demon Lord aka Demon God: Created from all sins of every being who has ever sinned, this beast is either as powerful or more then God as he is created from every sin even God's (genocides, flooding the world, mass murder etc.) and it is agreed upon in the uneasy truce of Angel and Demons if it arises to attempt to destroy it. This beast is almost feral in intellect in most cases but is adaptive and if it escaped would cause untold destruction and corruption to the point the universe would be unrecognizable by mortal if not completely destroyed all together. However it is due to the creature being made up of all evil and sins and its attempts to be free and desire to feel safe not true malice. It's exact goals besides freedom is unknown but if it desired it could rewrite the universe and all life as it saw fit with its near omnipotence. It is contained in the deepest parts of Hell where a mystical seal said to be forged by God but guarded by Angels, and Demons alike in a attempt to imprison if for all time. The seal can only be broken in a handful of ways such as Death, three lords of Hell, Arch-Angels doing so and it would require a Virtuous Soul(s) to power them up to their highest potential. There is said to be a device that if powered by all the souls in Purgatory and a virtuous soul could free it and it is said to be created not by God, Death or even a Demon but an Angel who has lost its faith in God and who desires him to die. Due to being composed of sin even if it's soul is killed it will reform in the deepest level of Hell where it was imprisoned over a unknown period of time meaning the seal is presumably the only thing to keep this creature at bay indefinitely.

Note: A Blood-Line contract is done where a person is able to summon a Demon to do their and occasionally their descendants bidding as long as the Demon exist but they are free to roam for as long as their life and blood line continues and each new master soul belongs to the Demon where they can take them to Hell by consuming it or forbid it from entering Hell once they pass away to payment for their services.

Relationships and known Masters


Corvus - The two are close friends who see one another as equals and friendly rivals. Jester can't stand to see Corvus in pain and treats him with the utmost respect though not above teasing him occasionally. He is one of the only people Jester will listen to or take advise from.

Lu Bu - As a ruler of Hell they get along well and Lu Bu hasn't done much to stop Jester's pursuit of absolute power. The both respect one another and are gambling buddies but knows better then trust Jester at playing fair. Despite their respect they often butt heads due to the fact Jester couldn't care less for his orders if they conflict with his agenda. It reaches the ultimatum when Jester gives Grace eternal youth which since WWII has been forbidden and thus moves to banish him from Hell and his soul very vulnerable to supernatural creatures should his body be destroyed. Lu Bu was furious when this ban is later lifted by Satan-Corvus.

Pharaoh - Like Lu Bu, Pharaoh is a ruler of Hell and Gambling buddy of Jester and Corvus though he often bets past slaves which mostly he puts up Jewish people due to not worshiping him in life much to the others annoyance. He has assigned Jester to repair the weakening Seal for the Demon God. Jester and Corvus also praise him when he appears because he has style. Despite their friendship he seconds Lu Bu's proposal to banish his soul from Hell due to breaking a major rule that Hell holds dear. Overall he is laid back and doesn't seem to mind when Corvus obtains the rulership of Hell and title of Satan and allows Jester back into Hell.

Anastasia - Little is known except she was a Russian opera singer who loved her country and people who died shortly before World War II and not the one from the royal family. She was considered a great singer and beautiful young lady who was kind to all she knew. She made it clear she loved both Corvus and Jester but couldn't or wouldn't chose one to be with and decided to just treat them both as close friends. Even in her last breaths after being fatally wounded she asked Corvus and Jester to look out for one another and protect Russia. She is unique in a few ways 1. Being true friends with two high level Demons who did things for her completely free. 2. Having a virtuous soul and her soul being secretly taken to be used as a power source to break the Seal of the Demon God by a rouge Angel who resides in Purgatory.

Joseph Stalin - He only served as to protect Russia but Jester has said he will never bet his soul as he's still "digesting" and never plans to stop meaning he's created a personal Hell inside his body. This implies he grew to deeply hate Stalin over his time as a servant to him.

Edgar Allen Poe - Claims to of enjoyed his stories and wished he could of made a deal with him.

H.P. Lovecraft - Jester says that he showed Lovecraft the Necronomicon causing him to go slightly insane. However Jester says he loved Lovecraft stories but Lovecraft used Corvus and Jester's personalities as the base of one or two of the Gods within the stories.

Jessica Rooks

Jessica Rooks - While he might purposely embarrass her or annoy her he showed he cared for her by offering to save and protect her when she was almost killed by her uncle but needed to make a contract with her to do so and later broke Alexander Poe's arm out of his free will once Poe tried to put a hand on her when angered that she defended Jester. He has said when asked what he planned to do with her soul when it comes time to collect it that he would set it free meaning banishing it from Hell where it won't endure it's tortures. She has shown in her own way to value him as following his request of "vacation time" to search for his Anastasia's soul and not to make him attack Corvus. Jester states he looks at her like a sister. Jester is more forgiving of her than Alexander when he learned she only undid a minor Seal on a padlock that helped seal Corvus as Icarus during the Halloween incident killing over 100,000 people when Icarus destroyed part of if not all of Spain. Another fact to emphasize his compassion towards her was he has taught her about Seals on both making and canceling to help protect her from harm along with most forms of magic.

Alexander Poe - At first he only desired to embarrass him and cause very minor pain to him but since Alexander put Corvus through unimaginable amount of pain simply to kill Jester, he has grown to hate him and resolved make every moment a living Hell till Alexander finally dies and belongs to Corvus. He also shows no hesitation breaking Alexander's arm after he put one and or attempts to put one on Jessica in the blink of an eye.

Grace - This is the second woman Jester has ever actually fallen in love with. She had blue hair and seemed to dress mostly in black. Her personality was cynical, sarcastic for the most part. She seemed to be annoyed and impatient with Jester when he tried to portray himself as a kind gentlemen (With very little success) but became more open towards dating Jester when he started to show his normal smart ass personality. Even after realizing Jester was a Demon and his confessions of his atrocities and she still grew to love him in a short amount of time and ultimately sacrificed herself to save Jester from a fatal wound to his body and soul despite him asking her to stay away for her safety. As she died she gave Jester a smile and kiss before saying she loved him. Jester told her he loved her and he wished he was the one about to die. Ultimately she is the one who's death pushed Jester beyond the breaking point and into his Rage mode aka Mattius the Collector. Sadly she was a person he was willing to be banished from Hell to live an eternity with but only for her to be taken from him yet retaining the ban until Satan-Corvus undoing it.

Humans - For the most part he has a very low opinion and see's them as little more then a way to obtain power and playthings for his amusement. That being said he doesn't plan on enslaving them or exterminating them but rather watch how they react to his mischief and occasionally kill if angered to a certain point. Later he does seem to desire to be worshiped and maybe even rule the survivors of the apocalypse but it's a little vague if he actually wants to rule or just remake the world though regardless he plans to kill billions to do so.

Thanatos - Has a friendly relationship to the point before Jester's banishment from Hell he helped restore Jester's soul to health when Icarus-Corvus was forced by Alexander's orders. While in Purgatory Thanatos is shown to be nearly omnipresent and seemingly all-seeing. He is shown to be hardworking, understanding, and laid back towards all supernatural being. This and he carries one of every mythical / extinct creatures into Purgatory since he loves every creature.

Angels - He taunts and provokes them as he see's them as soldiers who blindly follow orders. Despite this they have an uneasy truce to keep the Demon God Sealed away and they have let him into Heaven to research on how to fix the Seal and take one Seal book (stole the rest and the only book on the Dark Arts). He however isn't beyond asking them to see if the soul of Anastasia was in heaven. He also believes if said woman was an Angel she would be different on following orders. He later grows to hate them more due to one in an attempt to kill him ultimately kills the newest woman he came to love in cold blood while dealing a fatal wound to her soul when she saved Jester's life much to his dismay.

Gilgamesh - Despite him being a "Angel" Jester says he respects him due to not blindly following Gods orders but his very soul and being a legendary hero. However Jester found a secret book apparently claiming he once tried to preform a resurrection spell (a taboo act and ultimately a form of necromancy). However Jester claims there are no such things as true perfect hero's but Gilgamesh is the closet equivalent. That said he is older then even Angels and technically a 'Hero': A supernatural being that existed before Angels were officially created though Jester just likes to call him an Angel due to being a spirit warrior.

God - Jester makes it clear he hates God for taking the women he loved and forcing Demons to serve mortals to remain in the world. He sees him as simply a powerful egomaniac. He only grows to agree with this more upon finding out why he sealed the Demon God away with another seal causing it nonstop agony to begin with: This was because God himself had a fear of dying and no longer being the most powerful being in the universe.

Demon God - Jester at first just fears it due to the amount of power it wields but ultimately despite wanting to reseal it Jester gains sympathy and pity for it due to realizing it was now a threat to the universe due to its feral mind, desire for freedom and possibly revenge on God for sealing it away simply due to personal fear.


Jester - They are close friends and hold a great amount of respect for one another and their abilities. Even to the point he is perfectly fine with helping Jester when asked help or offering advice. He considers Jester as his only true friend and Demon he can fully trust. However he isn't above telling Jester when he's gone too far or that he shouldn't be himself when he wanted to impress a young woman. Upon Jesters banishment he was angered and upon becoming Satan aka ruler of Hell undoes the banishment and appointed him his 'Jester and adviser'.

Lu Bu - Has respect for him and his brute strength. They while not close consider each other friends and often gamble together.

Pharaoh - Like Lu Bu, Corvus respects him but for his leadership skills. While not close they are friends and gamble often but can get annoyed with his constant retelling of his life time and only betting the souls of his slaves that were Jewish and condemned due to them not bowing to him. He however does respect his "style" overall and praise's him for it.

Anastasia - Like Jester he loved her and desires her return to them.

Adolf Hitler - He was tricked into thinking he would make a utopia and granted him eternal life. After helping nearly destroying London he was going to kill all the survivors and claim their souls until Mr. Poe offered his soul if his people would be spared. Seeing what mayhem he helped cause he checked out the concentration camps to only confirm his fears. Afterwards he found Hitler in his bunker and confronted only to be taunted by the madman. This caused him to do what was thought to be impossible and stole his soul and consumed it.

Mr. Poe - Alexander's grandpa was a veteran of World War II who agreed to sell his soul to help his crew and later returned to Britain where it was revealed he was a rich man who helped the less fortunate. After Corvus got out of his contract with Adolf Hitler, he made a contract with him. He earned Corvus' respect enough to agree to make a pact with Alexander when his was over due to Alexander's parents dying in a car crash. Corvus banned his soul from Hell out of respect.

Alexander Poe - At first he had respect for him but after Alexander forcing him into Demon mode thus causing him unimaginable pain and trying to kill Jester which caused Corvus to hate Alexander yet keep his polite attitude towards him but say he plans on having fun with Alexander's soul when their contract ends. He left Alexander to find his way home from the Himalayas after his order to kill Jester. He still served him till he became Satan and felt no need to serve him any longer yet retained ownership of his soul.

Jessica Rooks - While she has a crush on him, Corvus doesn't return the feeling but see's her as tolerable overall who he is polite too. When Jester was nearly killed he teleports her to safety from the Himalayas unlike Alexander Poe.

Humans - He for the most part seems to hate humanity as whenever in his Demon form he tries to wipe out all life by destroying entire countries and continents starting with Greece due to it being where he was born as a human.

Angels - Like Jester he hates them but they are even less trusting of him due to having stolen a soul from the a living body.

Gilgamesh - They aren't friends by any means but they respect each other's power and skill.

God - Like Jester he hates God but less open about it as he said "When I was born it was the Gods now it's simply God either way I'm not a fan".

Demon God - At first he only feared it's power but grew to pity the creature but had to seal it away again (minus the part causing it severe pain).

Rules the Demon must follow

1. A Demon must follow every order unto death.

2. A Demon must tell the truth (Not the whole truth if they wish) on any subject the master asks.

3. A Demon must protect its master from all possible harm.

4. If all oaths are fulfilled at the end the Masters eternal soul belongs to the Demon.


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Personal Facts

  • I have dyslexia, severe depression and self-loathing.
  • As a child I had an obsession with Humpty Dumpty.
  • One of the first stories I ever was creeped out by was The Legend of Sleepy Hollow which gave me an obsession with the Headless Horseman.
  • I used to quote one of General M. Bison's speeches from Street Fighter (1994) when I was about 5.
  • I was abused by a family friend when I was a child from 10 to 12 and I only told my family in late high school after a nightmare about it waking them up.
    • The man threatened me and out of fear I would wear long baggy clothing to hide the bruises.
  • I have three brothers and one used to be verbally and physically abusive that even once encouraged suicide.
    • Said brother has since tried to make amends and we are currently trying to improve our relationship.
  • I got into horror in early middle school with the first series being Friday the 13th.
    • I watched all of Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street movies in less than a year.
  • I used to be deeply religious when I was young until about when I was 14 when my grandfather died, when I had a crisis of faith I was berated by most the community so left the religion. That said I have started to soul search at times and I consider myself an agnostic.
  • I am blunt with how I feel but I don't really dislike any particular user.
  • Despite having blown up about TV Tropes (TVT) in the past I don't actually hate the site, I do hate whenever someone just blindly follows anyone as I think everyone should be comfortable thinking for themselves.
    • I admittedly don't trust TVT's "Big Three" as they can be manipulative with facts with sometimes downplaying or exaggerating them to take advantage of peoples trust in them.
  • I apparently have a stricter opinion what should be Pure Evil and Pure Good than most, one user who I consider a friend even told me indirectly that people wonder if I know what it's "supposed to be" with the implication most think I am far too strict which is fine.
  • I have proposals I regret namely Sofia Lamb due to misreading something which forced me to do a removal.
  • I am still close to several friends I meet way back in middle school.
  • A coach from my middle school, Craig Wood, is on death row.
  • Despite having naming some of pages "favorites" in reality its just things I like and yes I enjoy some characters most would call "generic" or "boring".
  • I only ever dated one person with it lasting a little over three years that was in high school to college.
  • When I start to feel physically numb, I cause minor harm to the one of my arms just to get back feeling due to the fact I like the tingling.
  • Despite having anger issues and holding petty grudges in my day-to-day life I try to be more professional on websites.
  • Even though I find some pain hilarious both to myself and others I reserve it to only people who deserve it/in defense of other. The only one I hurt was a jock who tried to hurt a friend of mine.
  • I tend to be the protective brother-figure with my friends.
  • I am a self-admitted asshole and smartass.
  • To try to seem more confident when I was in high school, I would try to act like I had a God Complex or joke I was a god, in later years I like to joke about being Satan or a demon at work just because I like the expressions I get from people.
  • I have two catchphrases for work "I am tired and sober" which basically means "I am tired and bitchy" but I say that to make it sound like I am working on something. The other is "Satan reporting for damnation, how may I steal your soul?" because a friend yelled "Hey Satan" once and I immediately answered by asking what he wanted.
  • I joke about being an alcoholic despite only drinking once roughly every three months.
    • My three favorite drinks are: Rum and coke, whiskey and coke and a Strawberry Sunrise.
  • I joke a lot about aspects of my heritage especially with friends on Xbox.
  • On Friday the 13th: The Game I will team kill or set traps for any player.
  • I am very predictable in life, but I have a large variety of interests in terms of shows and music.
  • My parents and I have bought a house together for financial reasons.
  • My parents and I are close to the point we act more like friends.
  • I collect knives, masks, statues and figures for a hobby.
    • I have a total of twenty knives and swords so far.
    • While I prefer statues, I will buy a figure if there is no statue of a character I enjoy or if it is out of my price range.
  • I love both Norse and Greek mythology with me getting somewhat into African mythology.
  • Despite being cynical and misanthropic I actually like to see people prove me wrong.
  • I always joked if I had a son, I would name him Loki Lucifer Smith and raise him religious just to see the face of everyone. If I had a daughter, I sincerely want to name her Lilith Eve Smith.
    • I did name my black cat Lilith Eve while the male, who is is white and grey, is named Ash Loki.
  • I affectionately call both my cats "my fallen angels" and the black one "my little assassin" given she likes to sneak up on people.