Drago Bludvist - I came in with low expectations thinking he wouldn't be a true Knight of Cerebus or interesting but by the end I thought he was a dark and cool character.

Oogie Boogie - A comedic gambler who I found entertaining especially considering how he is just a sack of bugs that can only die if a certain one is crushed.

Beast (Disney) - A formerly selfish prince who over a long period of time of being cursed eventually falls in love and redeems himself.

Yzma - A fun mad scientist who seeks to take the throne from the rightful ruler.

Kronk - A humorous sidekick that is a likable individual when not helping his employer.

Emperor Kuzco - An egotistical ruler who over time learns on how he can become a better ruler.

Dr. Carver - A hilarious peanut clone who wants to take over the world.

Syndrome - I thought he was enjoyable to watch yet still a rather petty and evil man who wanted to play the hero.

Screenslaver - A manipulative individual who wants to ensure superheroes remain illegal because of both a past tragedy and feeling it makes people too dependent on them.

Yokai - A scientist who thought he lost his daughter so he decided to attack the man he blamed but regrets his acts especially after learning his daughter was alive.

Obake - A mastermind that wants to remake the city maybe even the world to prove his greatness and potentially to find a ay to become immortal.

Charles F. Muntz - An explorer who was accused of faking a discovery to the point he spent decades to prove he was telling the truth and is willing to kill anyone he believes is a threat to him.

Chef Skinner - A fun chef that is determined to keep control of the restaurant at any cost.

Henry J. Waternoose III - A desperate businessman who is desperate to solve an energy crisis.

Randall Boggs - A greedy monster that wants to take advantage of his boss for his own profit.

Hopper - A ruthless tyrant that wants to ensure he stays in power at any cost.

Commander Rourke - A greedy mercenary who plans to plunder Atlantis for its treasure and commit genocide so he can maximize the profits for himself.

Judge Claude Frollo - I like him for being very dark and even to a degree for being a more complex Complete Monster. On the other hand for a while I hated him for the these reasons: being a fanatic, attempts to drown an infant, burns a house full of innocent people to make an example, self righteous etc. but as a despicable villain I enjoy him.

Jafar - A power-hungry sorcerer who desires absolute power so that he can take over the home kingdom and later the universe.

Mozenrath - A powerful sorcerer who desires to become all-powerful and rule the world.

Ursula - A power-hungry witch that sought to have as much power as she could take as well as a desire to rule the Seven Seas.

Dr. Facilier - A desperate man willing to do anything to save his won skin and gain the money he desires to gain control of his city.

Lawrence (Disney) - A man that wanted revenge for years of humiliations and quickly betrays his employer to steal his fortune.

Maleficent - A powerful and ultimately petty sorceress that sought to kill a young girl for not receiving an invitation from her parents to celebrate her birth and in the games seeks to rule the universe.

Peg Leg Pete - A man who often lets his greed get the best of him which proves to be arguably his greatest weakness and good for a laugh.

Horned King - A powerful tyrant who wants to rule the world as a God by making an undead army to wipe out humanity and ruling over all other life for all eternity.

Shan Yu - A brutal warlord that seeks to conquer China to prove his own strength. A total badass and intelligent enough to threaten all who oppose him.

Scar (Disney) - A lion who will stop at nothing to kill his brother and nephew to steal the throne and rule the kingdom.

Tai Lung - A prideful warrior that wants an ancient scroll said to grant ultimate power.

Lord Shen - A genocidal warlord that feared his death and felt unloved by his parents. I was cool to see he cared for his old nanny and accept his end when it came.

Cecil Clayton - A poacher who will do anything including murdering anyone who stands in the way of him making his fortune.

Bill Sykes - A greedy crime lord who is willing to do anything to make money even harming a minor if needed though he does show himself somewhat nicer than others with offering one of his goons another shot instead of just killing him.

Gantu - An alien officer who has changed sides after being fired only to later go back to said job.

Reuben - A lazy individual who rather just make sandwiches and eat than do anything else most the time.

Tzekel-Kan - A man who seeks to gain power and to sacrifice others to earn the praise of Gods and realized two mortals were pretending to be said Gods thus wanted to kill them.

Stinky Pete - A toy that wants to get the hero to be with him so they can be put into a museum as he believes otherwise they will end up in the trash one day.

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear - A cruel tyrant that can be charismatic at times but won't hesitate to kill anyone who threatens his power.

The Huntsman - A vile man who will stop at nothing to get rid of any supernatural creature. I also really enjoyed his first design much better than the second.

The Sorcerer (Randy Cunningham) - An immortal who seeks to spread chaos to escape his prison and gain absolute power to rule the world.

The Sorceress (Randy Cunningham) - A powerful immortal that seeks to free her lover so they can spread chaos and rule the world together for all eternity.

Willem Viceroy - A fun mad scientist who seems to just wanted to be appreciated for his genius but has no issues putting anyone in danger.

Hannibal McFist - A corrupt businessman that wants to gain even more power despite being the richest person of the setting.

Jerry Driscoll - A man who wants to destroy the world and later the universe to prove himself.

Dr. Drakken - A mad scientist who is incompetent but rather entertaining to watch.

Shego - A competent supervillain in her own right who often uses sarcasm when talking to her incompetent boss.

Señor Senior, Senior - A likable billionaire that commits crimes like trying to take over the world more often for a hobby.

Señor Senior, Junior - A vain man-child that seeks to impress his father and to become famous more than anything else.

Monkey Fist - A man who spent a fortune to make him more like a monkey and seeks absolute magical power to dominate the world.

Stanley Pines - A greedy man that truly loves his family to the point he'll risk anything to keep them safe.

Bill Cipher - A godlike entity who I find hilarious and has some unique charm. This combined with both near omnipotence and omniscience makes him rather enjoyable to watch.

Summerween Trickster - A dark character who seeks revenge on the children of Gravity Falls for making him feel unwanted.

Shape Shifter - An entity who seeks to obtain it's freedom and to take new shapes even if it must kill others to obtain these desires.

Lilith Clawthorne - A witch who serves a corrupt tyrant and sees to want to cure her sister who she seemingly loves but cursed in their youth.

Emperor Belos - A magical tyrant who wants to control all magic and seemingly to prolong his life possibly to the point of wanting immortality.

Tom Lucitor - I thought he was an interesting Love Rival and enjoyable character.

Toffee - I have enjoyed his card-carrying personality and how he was an immortal monster that absorbed so much magical power to complete his plans of remaking his body then destroying magic.

Meteora Butterfly - She was an interesting hybrid that after centuries of abuse decided she'd take back the kingdom that was stolen from her.

Varian - A teenage scientist and alchemist that wanted to help those in his village but unfortunately was prone to mistakes, one of which cost his father his freedom. Upset after being turned away by his friends and kingdom when he asked for help during a crisis he decided he would take revenge on the kingdom before ultimately redeeming himself.

Baron (Tangled) - A crime lord that loves his daughter and will do whatever it takes to keep her happy.

Stalyan - A criminal who wanted to force a former lover to marry her until later she redeems.

Anthony the Weasel - A sadistic criminal who only cares about himself and the power he can achieve.

Cassandra - A female warrior wanting to become part of the Royal Guard and help her best friend. Unfortunately after some conflicts she gets corrupted by a desire for power to fulfill her "destiny".

King Edmund - A protective king and father who could be humorous due to being somewhat awkward.

Zhan Tiri - An ancient and powerful entity that will stop at nothing to gain absolute power and to destroy Corona.

Emperor Zurg - A tyrant who wants to rule the entire galaxy while also taking pride in being evil.

Warp Darkmatter - A former friend of Buzz that wants to make a profit at any cost.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz - A humorous mad scientist who takes pride in being "evil" and is bent on taking over his local area but is also a loving father.

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz - A daughter of a mad scientist that truly loves him though can be annoyed with his schemes.

Cedric the Sorcerer - A man that wants to take over the kingdom so he can feel important but gradually becomes a better person over time.

Lord Dominator - I find her a funny and cool outright villainess that desires to destroy the galaxy.

Lord Hater - A funny insecure man-child that tries to hide it and wants to take over the universe.

Commander Peepers - A funny second in command that seems to be a better leader then his boss.

Hector Barbossa - A pirate I enjoyed watching and found very entertaining. Greedy, vengeful and had a desire for immortality he is arguably my favorite character of the series and pirate villain in general.

Davy Jones - An immortal pirate that due to not guiding those who die at seas to their afterlife has been transformed into a monstrous combination of sea life seeking little more than to maintain his power while also collecting souls.

Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon a Time) - A cool sorcerer who I find to be rather enjoyable. His power and personality are fun to see as well.

Rumpelstiltskin (Shrek) - A man after power to the point he makes a deal that allowed him to rewrite history to where he ruled the kingdom.

The Beast - An entertaining and egotistical demon that will do anything in order to keep its lantern lit so he can live forever.

David Xanatos - A rich mastermind that wants to obtain immortality for himself and his family.

Fox Xanatos - A skilled fighter who eventually fell in love and would do whatever it took to protect her family.

Jackal - A sociopath who wanted godlike power and to destroy all life when he briefly got it for a laugh.

Puck (Gargoyles) - A mischievous entity that wants to have fun in our dimension.

Owen Burnett - A cool alter-ego that kept a calm and serious demeanor regardless of the situation and could fight.

Demona - An immortal gargoyle who blames humanity for anything she hates even if it is her own fault.

Captain of the Guard - A traitor who only wanted to make a fortune but couldn't protect his former allies despite trying to ensure their safety.

Macbeth (Gargoyles) - A man who once made a pact for immortality but now seeks to end it so he can rest in peace.

Thailog - A mastermind who wants to gain as much money and power as possible. He was a cool clone that wanted to create his own clan just to mock his "father".

Halcyon Renard - A man who has a lot of integrity and not afraid to call anyone out but once went on a rampage to obtain an immortal body before ultimately redeeming himself.

Archmage - A sorcerer that wanted to obtaining immortality and godlike power so he could rule the world forever. He was also rather petty with a desire to kill Goliath for beating him long ago.

Mace Malone - An elderly gangster that wants to keep his position in the Illuminati and with it hoping to keep himself alive forever with their longevity drugs.

Vivian (The Colors of Evil) - A little girl that I found entertaining in her attempts to have a rival killed using a demon.

Duke - A fun vampire for a music video who I thought was entertaining to watch. I personally loved the animation overall.

Missi - A young lady who ultimately is possessed by Duke's cane who seems to want to only make Duke miserable after resurrecting him.

Lewis Pepper - A ghost that wants revenge on his former friend and to be reunited with a young lady he was in love with.

Mumm-Ra - An interesting and cool character I remember watching re-runs of as a little kid of the original and the new one is similar but slightly different ambitions.

Ma-Mutt - A fun undead dog that was loyal to his master and the only creature Mumm-Ra cared about other than himself.

King Hiss - A cool tyrant that appears to care for his people.

Skeletor - A dark lord who generally desires ultimate power and to rule all things.

Horde Prime - An immortal tyrant that believes himself a God with the desire to destroy and remake the universe in his own image with no one else having free will but rather just worshipping him for all eternity.

Hordak - An affable and insecure tyrant that wanted to prove himself worthy of his creators approval but ultimately decided to redeem himself.

Catra - An ambitious young lady who felt betrayed by her former friend who she was secretly in love with and gleefully helped a tyrant take over the world but ultimately saw the error of her ways and redeemed herself.

Entrapta - A scientist who cared more about making science than morality given she has worked for both sides but ultimately goes back to the side of good with the implication she fell in love with Hordak who had redeemed himself.

Scorpia - A naïve and friendly princess that while willing to fight for a tyrant is genuinely likable overall with her even redeeming herself.

Double Trouble - A fun trickster that wants to cause chaos and make money by taking the form of others.

Shadow Weaver - An abusive and manipulative sorceress that desires power above all else yet in the end sacrificed herself to save the universe.

Kyle - A comedic scapegoat that defects to become a hero after being fed up with being abused by the Horde.

Lonnie - A tough female soldier who despite having issues showing her feelings cares for her friends.

Rogelio - A strong reptilian soldier that seems to care for his friends though we can't understand what he is saying.

Skeleton King - A villain who is entertaining to watch, desires to gain even more power and ultimately works for some dark Gods.

Scrapperton - An eccentric collector who's replaced most his body to achieve a form of immortality.

The Undertaker (The Backwater Gospel) - A mysterious character that seems to bring death wherever he goes though he never actually does it himself.

Megabyte - A computer virus who seeks to rule cyberspace with absolute power.

Blood Stalk / Evolt - An interesting yet vile alien who is immortal and seeks to obtain more power by destroying other worlds to make his own world.

Tenjuro Banno - A somewhat cowardly and very abusive man who plots to become a God by uploading his mid and then ruling the world through doing the same to humanity with only giving those who worship him bodies.

Kuroto Dan - A man who desired immortality and to rule as a God but later tried to redeem himself.

Ryoma Sengoku - A scientist that wants to change the world to fit his desires by taking it over and ruling as a God.

Lord Drakkon - He seems interesting from what I read in how he wanted to destroy and then rewrite reality to where he can rule as an immortal God.

Mesogog - I remember enjoying his design and how he planned to turn humanity into hybrids to rule over.

Dr. Horrible - A fun supervillain that wants to supposedly make the world a better place by taking it over and win over his crush but ultimately loses that intention at the end when he loses someone he loves.

Homelander - A powerful and manipulative individual who gladly exploited his powers and fame with dreams of ruling the world as a godlike figure.

Queen Maeve - A cynical indvidual that does seem to have morals and limits to the point she will do what she finds right more often than her team.

Black Noir (TV Series) - An assassin who so far is far more likable compared to his comic counterpart with instead seeming to be a man who simply is doing his job and powers being more of a healing factor.

Rameses (The Prince of Egypt) - A tragic tyrant that seeks to prove he is worthy of his power and of being ruler of his people.

Dio Brando - A vampire that wants nothing but immortality and godlike power to rule the world for eternity.

Samus Aran - A fun parody of one of my favorite heroines turning her into a villain.

Ridley - An alien who can seemingly cheat death itself and wants to apparently rule the universe.

Dark Samus - An energy clone that wants to increase her powers and prove her strength to all others even if it costs countless lives.

Lord Commander - A galactic tyrant who will stop at nothing to prolong his life and become a God even if he must doom his dimension to rule all others.

Dracula (Castlevania) - A cool vampire that seeks revenge on humanity after they kill his lover due to believing her a witch.

Godbrand - A fun Viking vampire that wanted to enslave humanity.

Carmilla - A beautiful and sadistic vampire who will stop at nothing at gaining power for herself.

Lenore - A charming vampire who tends to be the diplomate of her group when needed due to her being able to be polite to others yet still capable of fighting.

Striga - A powerful vampire that helps lead the army of her kingdom and seeks to expand her power so that her group can kill most humanity so they can enslave them for a permanent food supply.

Morana - A vampire who is the strategist of her kingdom that seeks to enslave humanity and turn it into an endless food supply.

Isaac - A man that has suffered to the point he wants to see humanity wiped out and serves Dracula as loyal friend.

Hector - A man who after suffering many hardships grows to dislike humanity but wants to spare some so that the world can start anew.

Blue Fangs - A surprisingly intelligent demon who was fun to watch.

Judge - A sadistic killer who would keep it hidden under a strict but fair leader of the village.

Death (Castlevania) - A godlike entity that faithfully serves Dracula and will do whatever it takes to resurrect him should he be killed.

Nox - A powerful sorcerer specializing in time based magic who wants to gather enough energy to go back centuries to save his family and undo all his crimes.

Rubilax - A cool demon who often insulted any who wielded him when he's imprisoned as a sword.

Shadowfang - A powerful demon that wants to take the body of a beautiful woman so she can escape her imprisonment.

Qilby - An immortal who is willing to kill any number of people to travel the universe and keep entertained but also cared for his sister.

Udoroth - A mortal so vile even demons feared him and he was able to take over all of Hell by himself. Now as a powerful demon he desired to take over Earth as well.

Man of Wealth and Taste - A fun sadistic version of Satan who wants to damn all humanity simply because he find the idea entertaining.

The Vengeful One - An entity that while brutal wants to save the world even if not a fan of humanity.

Richard the Warlock - A hilarious mass murderer who is immune to traditional torture but will occasionally show a softer side to his friends and will do what he can to stop worse people.

Carl the Llama - A funny and disturbing killer that I enjoyed watching.

Black Hat - A fun throwback to classic outright villains.

Demencia - An entertaining minion who seems to have feelings for her boss.

Dr. Flug Slys - A scientist who is terrified of his boss yet seems to seek his approval above all else.

Penumbra - A sympathetic character that just wants to either block out the sun to survive or to cure her condition.

V (V for Vendetta) - An intelligent anarchist that wishes to tear down a corrupt government so that the general public can be better off.

Saint of Killers - A vengeful man who lost his family and condemned to Hell before going on a rampage where he killed God to achieve his vengeance.

Punisher - Probably my favorite anti-villainous vigilante who after losing his family aims to kill all criminals.

Harry Heck - An entertaining assassin I enjoyed watching.

Jigsaw - A vengeful crime lord who will do whatever it takes to kill the Punisher.

James Russoti - An insane enforcer that only has a soft spot for his brother and will do anything to make him happy.

Rorschach - A brutal paranoid vigilante I enjoyed seeing in the film and makes me want to read the comics involving him.

President Coriolanus Snow - A cruel tyrant who grows to respect Katniss and genuinely cared for his family.

Victor Rodenmaar Jr. - A strict but fair man that wants to has cheated death for a while through an elixir but as he runs out desires to become immortal permanently.

Jason Winkler - A young teacher who is dying from a rare terminal illness that seeks immortality so he wont die young but is unaware of the danger he was putting the students in.

Rufus Zeno - A ruthless individual that will stop at nothing to become immortal and later obtain godlike power so he can rule over everyone.

Mr. Skibumpers - A character who I thought was funny and interesting to watch.

Dr. Devizo - An entertaining mastermind who seeks to restart the world so he can remake it in his image.

Devil Boner - A comedic stereotype of a classic "tough" guy that I enjoyed.

Hyper Fangirl - A humorous stalker type character.

Nostalgia Critic - A humorous critic that I enjoy watching.

The Meta - A man obsessed with obtaining as many upgrades and A.I.s as possible to increase his power for its own sake.

Sharkface - A vengeful man who will stop at nothing to kill the Freelancers for killing his friends.

Locus - A man who was mentally damaged by the wars he was in to the point he deludes himself he's merely a soldier when committing crimes up to even genocide.

Felix - A ruthless mercenary that take delight when he's killing others and will commit any crime provided he is paid enough.

Malcolm Hargrove - A greedy businessman who planed to commit mass genocide to increase his wealth.

Genkins - A robot that seeks to become a God and remake reality out of boredom and does succeed in obtaining the power needed.

Junior - A man who overall is reasonable and likable man who runs a club and group of thugs.

God of Darkness - A powerful entity that created monsters of destruction and ultimately helped cause the entire series due to a punishment. Despite often feuding with his brother he's not above compromising and admitting when he's wrong.

Raven Branwen - Seems like an interesting leader of a tribe that is known to be thieves and murderers.

Roman Torchwick - A sophisticated criminal that I enjoyed especially since his cane also functioned as a gun. The chibi version was rather funny.

Neopolitan - A cool mute right-hand woman that is very loyal to her boss and uses an umbrella that has a sword in it as her main weapon. The chibi version was a character I enjoyed watching.

Emerald Sustrai - An enjoyable thief with some loyalty towards her allies.

Mercury Black - A villain that seemingly enjoys the thrill of fighting others and annoying one of his allies: Emerald.

Cinder Fall (Occasionally) - A young woman that desires to obtain power above all else who will stop at nothing to obtain it. The chibi version is a rather humorous to watch.

White Fang - A revolutionary group that seeks freedom and revenge on the humans that oppressed the Faunus for centuries.

  • Adam Taurus - A violent revolutionist that seeks his people to be in charge of humanity and doesn't care if innocents get hurt. He also is rather vengeful towards Blake for leaving his side.
  • White Fang Lieutenant - A revolutionist loyal to his cause that also wields a cool chainsaw for a weapon.
  • Ilia Amitola - A young Faunus who sought to revenge on humanity and to help make sure Faunus' are no longer persecuted against after loosing her family in a mining accident and some humans laughed instead of comforting her.
  • Sienna Khan - She was a woman determined to have humanity respect the Faunus even if violence was necessary but also had limits to what she'd let her subordinates do in her effort for equality.

Salem - A tragic character that seemingly seeks to recreate the world following her desires. Salem so far has been rather tolerant and respectful to most her minions. I definitely agree with her the Gods were assholes.

Tyrian Callows - A cool psychotic minion that will do anything to please his "Goddess" and further her plans. I found his Faunus trait: a scorpion tail, interesting to see used in battle.

Hazel Rainart - While he is loyal to his boss he is shown to prefer to avoid unnecessary conflict and angered when lives are lost when it's not needed.

Arthur Watts - An interesting man that seeks to help his master for revenge and potentially for more scientific freedom. I thought I was going to dislike him at first but he's become fairly entertaining with how he taunts Cinder.

Grimm - I find most the Grimm's interesting and enjoy some of the fights they have given us. Favorite versions are Nevermore, Beowolves, Goliath, Grimm Dragon, Death Stalkers, Beringels, Geist, Nuckelavee Grimm, Giant Armor, Seers, Ursa and Apathy.

James Ironwood - A military leader who sincerely wants to protect the world from an immortal who is a danger to all of humanity.

Dr. Merlot - He has an interesting with his goal being to improve Grimm plus his song is really cool.

El Rey - A formerly benevolent king that went mad with power to the point he only values his own power and ways to maintain his own immortality.

Nemesis (gen:LOCK) - A cool character who after almost dying and having his mind imprisoned in a robot body wants to kill a copy of his mind to return to his original body.

Claire Stanfield - An honorable assassin that is able to defeat nearly any opponent with very little effort and delivers his own form of justice.

Ladd Russo - An insane hitman who loves nothing more than to kill people who least suspect it.

Graham Specter - An insane criminal who often has mood swings and enjoys breaking things even at times people on a mere whim.

Firo Prochainezo - A gangster who is often friendly and despite his young non-intimidating appearance is a rather capable fighter who became immortal through the course of the story.

Szilard Quates - An immortal alchemist obsessed with recreating the elixir of immortality so as to make it public. His reasons for wanting this is so that he can absorb / "devour" some of the then larger group of immortals so as to effortlessly obtain their knowledge and experiences.

Dallas Genoard - A gangster who thought himself invincible due to his near immortality (will still die of old age but not physical harm). His protective side was definitely cool to see in an otherwise brutal man.

Barnes - An elderly man who is near immortal (will still die of old age but not physical harm) who desires to gain complete immortality.

No-Face (Spirited Away) - A spirit that redeemed himself after befriending the hero.

Colonel Muska - A man who will do anything to gain absolute power so he can force all to bow to him.

Hitsugi Kirigaya - While she appears younger than most the cast she is actually the same age and a ruthless poisoner who seems to of developed some feelings towards Chitaru.

Chitaru Namatame - An assassin who seeks to avenge her mentor's daughter who was killed by someone she seems to of developed some feelings for.

Otoya Takechi - A sadistic killer who's prize would be able to kill whenever she wants and be immune to the law.

Isuke Inukai - An assassin who was saved by an assassin couple and her prize is for her new parents to have a beach in the Caribbean.

Haruki Sagae - An assassin who is doing everything that she can to ensure her family is well feed and safe to the point she'd gladly give her life.

Mahiru "Shinya" Banba - A young assassin who due to extreme abuse created a split personality. Her prize is simply to kill her target.

Sumireko Hanabusa - A young lady who had herself transformed into a cyborg in order to survive and to become strong after she was hurt badly.

Nio Hashiri - A fun and manipulative assassin that seems to just enjoy her job and messing with people.

Bols - A man who works for the corrupt empire despite knowing about it's faults just to support his family. A loving husband and father that was entertaining to watch.

Wave - A young man who went to the empire to make a name for himself and seeks to do his job to the best of his ability.

Kurome - A young assassin who feels betrayed by her sister and seeks revenge.

Esdeath - A strong leader who like to dominate and torture those she conquers. A powerful warrior who wishes to eliminate the weak at all costs.

Run - A former teacher who after his class was slaughtered sought to avenge them and to fix the empire from the inside.

The Emperor - A naïve though well-intentioned ruler who ultimately was manipulated by someone he trusted.

Mez - A likable assassin who seems to be rather easy going even when in danger.

Talpa - A demon who wants to conquer the human world so he can rule both it and his own as a godlike figure.

Joseph (The Ancient Magus' Bride) - A cruel immortal who is willing to do anything to avoid feeling pain.

Mage of the Beginning - An all-powerful, immortal and nihilistic Goddess that wanted to create a paradise to send everyone there but decided to destroy everything to escape her own despair from feeling so many negative emotions from the mortals.

Zeref Dragneel - A tragic and immortal nihilist who seeks to be killed and should that fail reset the world to give everyone another chance in a new world he'd make.

Acnologia - A cool immortal dragon that was a former human that now seeks to gain enough to destroy everything that he can.

Lelouch vi Britannia - A young man who could be ruthless yet planned to make the world a better place even planning on everyone hating him to do so.

C.C. - An immortal who at first made a deal to die but ultimately decided she would rather just assist the individual and learn to appreciate life.

The Kurgan - A cool immortal who wants to obtain the ultimate "prize" and with said power and knowledge seemingly enslave the world.

Richmond Valentine - He's an enjoyable evil mastermind who wants to reduce the overpopulation problems in hopes of saving the world for future generations.

Gazelle - A cool henchwoman who is loyal to her boss and will do whatever it takes to help him achieve his dream.

Chaos (Sailor Moon) - An ancient entity that desires to fuse with the universe and potentially remake it.

Buggy the Clown - A fun pirate who desires to increase his power and wealth with invulnerability to any swords or knives as he can detach parts of his body.

Captain Kuro - A ruthless and greedy pirate that will kill anyone to get the wealth he feels entitled to.

Klarion the Witch Boy - A Lord of Chaos that I found very entertaining overall especially with all the magical powers he shows throughout the series.

Felix Faust - A powerful sorcerer that will stop at nothing to gain both ultimate knowledge and power for himself. Witch Queen - A powerful witch that will stop at nothing to wipe out the human race and rule a world of witches.

Datak Tarr - An alien who is a crime lord that is willing to fight others including corrupt individuals to protect his family.

Stahma Tarr - A manipulative female that does care for her family and seeks to gain power whenever possible.

Skullmaster - An immortal tyrant who seeks absolute power so he can remake the universe to rule as a God and cheat his predestined fate.

Jack Spicer - An entertaining teenager who loves to brag about being evil with dreams of one day ruling the entire world.

Wuya - A near invincible and immortal witch that wants to regain her body in the beginning of the series and to then take control of the entire world.

Chase Young - A former hero who sold his soul to become immortal. After obtaining immortality he gained a desire to increase his power and to eventually rule the world.

Ice King - A tragic character who as the story progresses we get to learn more about. He's a comical character that I've enjoyed watching.

Scorcher - A silent hitman that won't stop until the job is complete.

Marceline Abadeer - An enjoyable vampire queen that just enjoyed messing with anyone possible. It is also fun to hear her songs throughout the show.

Hunson Abadeer - A cool demon that while he may not show it often does love his daughter. He rules a realm filled with demons and when released on the mortal world desired to cause destruction and collect as many souls as he could.

Earl of Lemongrab - I actually like the character namely how he was in his first episode and could feel some sympathy for him due to apparently being raised away from everyone.

Flame Princess - I found the character overall enjoyable and enjoyed watching her set things on fire.

The Lich (Adventure Time) - A powerful and immortal entity who seeks to wipe out all life.

Dr. Gross - An insane scientist who plans to make humanity into cyborgs and lead it into a new age under her control.

Father (KND) - A man obsessed with impressing his dad and ruling the world.

The Delightful Children From Down The Lane - A group of kids who are obsessed with enforcing adult tyranny and climbing the ranks for power.

Grandfather (KND) - An immortal tyrant who wants to rule the world and force everyone to make his favorite pudding.

Knightbrace - A man who dreamed of being a dentist and wants to force everyone to have healthy teeth.

Chester (K.N.D.) - A greedy man who will do whatever he can to make a quick buck.

Lord Boxman - A fun mad scientist that seeks to kill all heroes and to boost his sell. Also is an abusive father to his robotic children should they fail him.

Professor Venomous - A fun sophisticated mastermind that seems to have a passion for destroying heroes and has a paternal relationship with his minion though he doesn't outright state it.

Fink - A protective minion towards her boss and seems to insult practically anyone who isn't her boss.

Darrell Boxman - A fun robot that wants nothing more than to wipe out the heroes and earn his father's approval.

Raymond Boxman - An arrogant and entertaining robot that seeks to earn his father's approval.

Shannon Boxman - A robot that like her siblings will stop at nothing to earn her father's approval.

Ernesto Boxman - An affable robot that most the time just helps his father when needed.

Maldor the Malevolent - An ancient demon that will stop at nothing to increase his power.

Ben Ravencroft - A powerful warlock that wants ultimate power and to enslave the world.

Simone Lenoir and Lena Dupree - A pair of tragic characters who then become ruthless and willing to hurt the innocent to preserve their immortality.

Jacques - An entertaining serial killer in a children's film.

Mr. E - A cool mastermind that wanted to find a long lost and cursed treasure.

Professor Pericles - An intelligent parrot that wanted to become a God to rule over all.

Doctor Claw - A mastermind will stop at absolutely nothing to take over the world and kill his archenemy.

Dick Dastardly - A comedic and greedy trickster that prefers to use dirt tactics to win which often backfires.

Muttley - A comedic dog that often would feud with his master but it was clear they truly cared for each other.

Mok Swagger - A fun but petty musician who wanted to release a demon for his own gain and potentially immortality.

Drej - A cool race of energy beings that want to wipe out all other sentient life in the galaxy to then to rule over and possibly then continue to the rest of the universe.

Drej Queen Susquehana - A paranoid tyrant that wants to wipe out all other life forms outside her own so she can rule over the galaxy and potentially even the universe.

Uncle Ruckus - A hilarious racist that was fun to watch.

Colonel H. Stinkmeaner - A man so filled with hate he wants nothing less to spread it even after coming back from Hell.

Ed Wuncler I - A greedy old man who can and will exploit any opportunity to make even more money.

A Pimp Named Slickback - A hilarious pimp who will do anything to make a profit off his business.

Decepticons - A group of giant robots that want nothing more than total conquest of the universe.

  • Megatron - A fearsome leader that wants total control over everything and would do nearly anything to gain more power.
  • Starscream - A Decepticon that wants to gain more power and leadership of his group.
  • Soundwave - A strong, deadly and loyal Decepticon that would do anything to help his master.
  • Shockwave - A scientist who generally is motivated by logic with some big plans for power or to further the cause of those he serves.
  • Scalpel - An evil robotic medic that will follow his master no matter what.
  • Knock Out - A sadistic robotic medic that seemed to enjoy fighting to a degree and mocking those in a position of less authority.

Lockdown - A sadistic bounty hunter that likes to steal weapons to make himself stronger.

Waspinator (Animated) - A tragic robot who has become insane and seeks revenge on the one he blames.

Sideways - A treacherous individual who gains trust simply to betray them after he finds an easier way to achieve his goal.

Unicron - The God of Chaos and Destruction wanting to destroy everything in the multiverse.

Gaku Yashiro - A teacher that is also a cunning serial killer who wants to cover up his crimes while also indulging in his sadist vices.

Ciel Phantomhive - A tragic aristocratic protagonist that was willing to sell his soul and go to extreme lengths to have his revenge.

Sebastian Michaelis - A powerful near-invincible demon that was fun to watch.

The Undertaker (Black Butler) - I don't read the manga currently but in the anime I found him entertaining especially his habit of scaring people.

Alois Trancy - A child who while vile and sadistic had a terrible life which pushed him towards the path he took. I found him entertaining to say the least.

Hannah Anafeloz - A demon who truly cares for her master and merely wants him to be happy despite him often mistreating her.

Claude Faustus - A cool demon that seeks to steal Ciel's soul from Sebastian to devour due to finding it irresistible.

Grell Sutcliff - A hilarious character who spends his time chasing after other men and reaping souls.

Drossel Keinz - Once a former puppeteer now brought back as a doll yet unaware of it. His goal is to assist his master and to turn others into dolls.

Gendo Ikari - A scientist that deep down cared for his son and wanted to reunite with the woman he loved while seemingly trying to unlock the secrets of immortality.

All For One - A borderline immortal mastermind who seeks to raise his successor and destroy the faith in heroes to gain power.

Tomura Shigaraki - A powerful and chaotic young man that wants to follow his master's footsteps with hopes of remaking the setting by destroying the faith everyone has in heroes.

Caster (Fate/Zero) - A homicidal mad man who works well with his depraved master. He enjoys letting his victims get hope only to then tear it away as he brutally kills them.

Gilgamesh - A powerful and legendary spirit who thinks everything in the world is his by right and considers himself the only true king.

Ryuunosuke Uryuu - He and his servant are blood thirsty and monstrous individuals who don't even care about the competition instead they just care about how much carnage he can accomplish in his lifetime. He was in my opinion an excellent villain for the series.

Kiritsugu Emiya - A man who wants to save as many people as possible but goes through some questionable acts to achieve his goal.

Illyasviel von Einzbern - A tragic young girl who lost her family and is more than willing to be lethal if needed to get what she desires.

Berserker - A powerful and legendary warrior that wants to kill a former ally and to win the Holy Grail War.

Assassin and True Assassin - A cool and entertaining set of assassins that want to help their masters win the Holy Grail Wars.

Archer - A sarcastic spirit that wants to prevent Shirou from becoming like him.

Saber Alter - A corrupted version of one of my favorite spirits of the series.

Caster (Fate/stay night) - A powerful witch that betrayed one of her masters.

Kirei Kotomine - A priest that is often emotionless and seeks to find a reason to exist who has no problem with killing those in his way. He turns into a nihilistic and sadistic individual over time.

Lancer of Black - A cool version of Vlad the Impaler who was a blast to watch.

Caster of Black - A individual who seemingly doesn't care for humanity and will stop at nothing to obtain his goal.

Justice - I found his abilities and design cool plus his ambitions to become a God has always been on of my favorite goals for a villain.

Millions Knives - An immortal misanthrope that seeks to remake the world in his own image with his own race after wiping out humanity.

Leonard Snart (Arrowverse) - I've enjoyed this take of the Captain Cold character more than any previous version. He's a hilarious villain turned hero that was willing to sacrifice his life so as to not let anyone else control his destiny.

Captain Cold - A more realistic villain motivated more with financial gain and revenge than anything else but seemingly has been redeemed or at least willing to fight worse people.

Mick Rory - He seems like an interesting thug overall. I liked how he is a smart-ass that does redeem himself but was more focused on gaining money then saving the world originally.

Captain Boomerang - A crook that is just looking out for himself and his own gain which is rather realistic.

Amanda Waller - A corrupt official who at times has a point even if a bit hypocritical.

Deadshot (DC) - A nihilistic assassin who does care for his daughter and will do what he can for her.

Gentleman Ghost (DC) - A fun and likable ghost with some tragedy. He wants revenge and to keep entertained since he can't pass on to the afterlife.

Wither (DC) - A cool demon who falls in love with a ghost and wanted to help destroy magic for a while but is seemingly content with losing provided she gets to be around her lover.

Killer Frost - A homicidal woman that is rather fun especially when sarcastic.

King Shark - A brutish thug who enjoys killing and eating people.

The Enchantress (DC) - An immortal sorceress that often has to fight from having her body being taken over by an ancient spirit that is the source of her power.

Killer Croc - A cool villain that is said to kill and eat people whenever he wants.

Vandal Savage - A cruel and merciless immortal hell-bent on taking complete control over the world.

Butch Gilzean - I like him as a loyal henchman to Fish, later Oswald and now out for his own chance at power.

Tabitha Galavan - A woman who wanted to help her brother and later to obtain power for herself. While at first I didn't like her I've grown to enjoy the character.

Hugo Strange (Gotham) - I find this version rather interesting for a mad man trying to unlock the secrets of immortality.

Hugo Strange (The Batman) - A man obsessed with knowledge and power to the point he is willing to sell out humanity to obtain all the knowlege in the universe.

Fish Mooney - While she isn't my favorite villain of the show I find her an enjoyable character that wants to control Gotham.

Sensei - An intelligent mentor that seeks to help Bruce become a protector of the city after he has it rebuilt.

Poison Ivy - An eco-terrorist that I've enjoyed watching over the years who often tried to seduce others to do her bidding.

Nathaniel Barnes - A captain that only seeks to help cleanup the city though he eventually became a delusional killer.

Carmine Falcone - An affable crime boss that had a strong degree of honor and wanted to keep order.

514A - A clone that seeks to replace the original Bruce to find his own purpose. He's sympathetic and sadly has a shortened lifespan due to how he was created.

Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham) - The show turned one of the alright villains into a serial killer who is manipulating the mob.

Penguin (DC Animated Universe) - He was somewhat fun to watch but enjoyed the episode he tried to turn his life around only to be used good enough to say I liked this version a lot.

Penguin (Batman Returns) - A tragic and creepy character who I enjoyed watching.

Mr. Freeze (DC) - A tragic character that loves his wife and will do anything to save her even if he has to steal or kill anyone who stands in his way.

Mr. Freeze (The Batman) - A more ruthless take than normal that only cares for himself and has a cool new design.

Scarecrow (DC) - Most versions are somewhat tragic, this caused him to become obsessed with fear believing it the most powerful thing in the world and he's my favorite Batman villain to be honest.

Clock King - A mastermind who was able to fight against Batman by simply observing him to the point he had nearly beat him through his planning.

Ace - A young lady who was treated horribly throughout her life and made into a weapon by a corrupt government organization which lead to her dying due to their experiments.

Two-Face - A man who after suffering a tragedy decides a life of crime where he decided the fates of others by a flip of a coin.

The Mad Hatter - I mostly know him from the Arkham games and the 90s show but I've liked him due to in the show he's got a charm. The games made me think like the animated series he just wants to find his "Alice" and be loved. That said his choice of age following the pages and hints can be a bit creepy. In Gotham he's also rather entertaining to watch.

The Riddler - While occasionally he can be annoying he seems to be tragic at minimum in a few versions and enjoyable to watch at times.

Ra's al Ghul - A immortal mastermind who wants to purge the world of corruption and either maintain his existence or have Batman take his place down the road.

Victor Zsasz (Gotham) - I really enjoyed this take on how he's basically an assassin and enforcer while still being a comedic killer.

Professor Pyg (Gotham) - A delusional and sadistic character that I enjoyed watching.

Bridgit Pike - A person who wanted revenge on those she saw as evil before being revived later. Currently she seems like someone trying to find a place she belongs.

Harley Quinn - A former psychiatrist that turned to crime after falling in love with a psychopathic criminal.

The Joker - These are my favorite incarnations as he is both funny and terrifying.

Jerome Valeska - I enjoyed his performance and favorite Legacy villain most likely.

Jeremiah Valeska - A mastermind who seeks to destroy Gotham and remake it in his own image.

Bane - An intelligent and skilled fighter that tends to have some respect for Batman.

Jason Todd / Red Hood - I felt he had some valid points within the film and found him interesting.

Catwoman - A seductive thief who has at times joined Batman to fight worse people.

Mr. Whisper - A former monk who sold his soul that now wants to get it and keep his immortal body by ransoming an entire city to eternal damnation.

Batman (Justice Lord) - A cool alternate take of the normal Batman that wanted to finally rid the world of crime by extreme measures.

Dr. Penelope Young - A corrupt scientist that has some noble intentions despite her unethical behavior to achieve her goals.

Lloyd Ventrix - A man wo while a criminal sill deeply loved his daughter to the point he would go to any lengths to be reunited with her.

Clayface - A skilled actor and homicidal individual who seems to do it for excitement.

Jane Cartwright - A tragic young lady who lost her family and then experimented on to where she can change her appearance to anyone she touches.

Grant Walker - A rich mastermind obsessed with becoming immortal and ruling over his own version of paradise at the cost of most humanity.

Kite Man - An enjoyable comedic villain who in the comics had lost his son and decided to use his son's favorite phrase as his catchphrase.

Abomination - A man who was mutated into a beast of near unimaginable strength who is obsessed with beating the Hulk.

Gargoyle (Marvel) - A scientist who seeks to regain a normal appearance after being deformed due to being exposed to some gamma radiation. While he is obsessed with this he sacrifices one cure to save lives.

Thunderbolt Ross - A skilled military leader who wants to kill the Hulk or replicate him out of believing it would help his government butt later gains similar powers to the Hulk.

The Leader - A man who's intelligence rivals Hulk's strength and desires to obtain Hulk's strength so he can rule the world as a God.

David Banner - An abusive father who wanted to gain godlike power by absorbing as much as possible so he can terrorize and do anything he wanted.

Absorbing Man - A cool supervillain who can turn his body into any substance he touches.

Klingons - A cool race who tend to have their leader fight for their power as they often will earn their "promotion" by killing the former leader.

The Borg - A race with a hive mind that wants to convert all other races into their own so they can control the universe.

Borg Queen - The leader of the Borg wanting to remake the universe by assimilating all life in existence.

Dr. Roger Korby - A man who transferred his intelligence to an android and later wants to do the same to humanity to make them immortal but later realizes he may not be the original so he commits suicide.

Nero (Kelvin Timeline) - A vengeful man that seeks to destroy everything he blames for the death of his people and family.

Krall (Star Trek) - A former space captain who since being abandoned seeks to rule the universe and destroy the system that he once served.

Q - A godlike trickster who was amusing to see mess with everyone.

Armus - An immortal alien who is the literal embodiment of its creators evil who seeks revenge on those who abandoned it on a lifeless planet to rot for all eternity.

Anubis (Stargate SG-1) - An immortal tyrant who wants to control the galaxy by destroying all life and then remaking it to rule as a God.

Jeremiah Surd - An intelligent hacker who seeks to take over cyberspace at any cost.

Ezekiel Rage - A man who wants to destroy the world after the government abandoned him in a mission which cost him his wife and daughter.

Pastmaster - A cool undead sorcerer that has travels through time to the modern era who seeks to transform it into his own kingdom and to take Callie Briggs as his queen.

Dr. Viper - A mad scientist that seeks to transform the entire setting into a giant swamp.

Metallikats - A couple of criminals and lovers who after being resurrected as cyborgs seek revenge on those they blame for their first death despite now being borderline immortal.

Dark Kat - A madman who seeks to take over everything he can and takes pride in being evil.

Clockwerk - An envious mastermind who made himself immortal so he could wipe out a rivals family.

Arpeggio - An avian mastermind who seeks to obtain immortality and gain the power to fly since he was unable to do so naturally.

Judge Doom - A greedy and genocidal man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Sesshomaru - A demon that wants to gain more power but not the easy way and test his might against the strongest opponents possible.

Hiei - A powerful demon who while having some honor can be rather ruthless to all those who cross him.

Younger Toguro - A former mortal who became a demon to obtain eternal youth in hopes of dying in an honorable battle.

Devil Ray - An interesting ruthless killer that I enjoyed watching.

Black Manta - A ruthless pirate that would do anything for personal gain or revenge on those he feels have wronged him.

Ocean Master - A cool misanthrope who wanted to avenge the mother he thought dead and to save his people by wiping out humanity.

Black Adam - I like his powers and overall character based on what I've seen.

Shazam (Injustice) - A man who wants to make the world a safer place and when he realized he's crossed a line planned to redeem himself only to be killed.

Superman (Injustice) - A former hero who eventually decided to enforce his idea of order after losing everything he once loved.

The Flash (Injustice) - A fun Speedster who wanted only to help the world but knew he crossed some lines.

Owlman - A nihilistic individual who seeks to destroy all of reality due to feeling it's the only decision that matters.

Superwoman - A villain in love with her boss and willing to help him destroy existence.

Johnny Quick - A fun evil Speedster who after realizing that some of his associates planned to destroy reality sacrificed himself to stop their plans.

Time Trapper - The goal and powers from the film JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time made me love this character. Basically a very powerful entity that wants to remake the universe in his own image to rule over.

Destiny - A powerful sorcerer who gained immortality and great power that sees himself as a God. Ultimately he seeks to spread fear and madness through horrific means until he can rule over the world for all eternity.

Master Darque - A near immortal sorcerer who wants to gain absolute power to take over or remake the world to rule as a God.

Soul Stealer - A dark entity who believes that God is a cruel and lying entity with the goal of destroying creation to prove it to all.

Joel Miller - A man who became misanthropic after losing his daughter and now will go to extreme lengths to survive and protect a child he now has a father-daughter relationship with.

Dr. Edward Richtofen - An insane Nazi that seeks to create a world of zombie and then use some mystical energy to become a godlike entity.

General Shepherd - A general determined by prove his country's strength and to increase patriotism to the point he'd gladly kill or die. He also wants to avenge his fallen troops at any cost.

Corvus (Black Ops 3) - An A.I. that wants to create an artificial afterlife and unite humanity in it so everyone can live together to form a utopia in both the artificial and real world.

Senator Armstrong - A cool evil politician that actually is willing to fight and do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Also enjoyed how his nanites made him near invulnerable.

Gilbert Alexander - An over the top villain I had fun when going against his forces. I also enjoyed how he changed so much due to being mutated that much by ADAM and enjoyed the concept designs I saw.

Sander Cohen - An over the top artist who hates anyone who doubts his projects of genius to the point he kills them in creative ways.

J.S. Steinman - A psychotic doctor who has a twisted view on beauty.

Frank Fontaine - A mastermind without a care for anyone other than himself and obtaining as much power as possible. My only real complaint is his death being the way it was as I would of preferred him dying more due to an overdose of ADAM but still satisfying enough.

Andrew Ryan - An intelligent control freak that sought to create a utopia for those who worked hard for what they wanted but eventually became hypocritical due to his own desire for power. Despite having a chance to just kill the protagonist he merely forces them to kill him so he could go out on his own term.

Swan (Lollipop Chainsaw) - A teenager who wants to take over and doom humanity to an eternity of suffering for bullying him by becoming an immortal God.

The Entity (Dead by Daylight) - A godlike and sadistic entity who uses others to trap souls in an endless cycle of killing and dying to feed on for all eternity.

The Trapper (Dead by Daylight) - A tragic brute who was abused by his father and now worships a violent entity with the goal of forever sacrificing others to it.

The Nurse - A woman who lost everything and eventually has a breakdown to where she killed her patients and coworkers. Now she is forced to serve an entity that demands she kills more to feed it for all eternity.

The Hillbilly - A killer who was abused by his parents and later serves an entity that demands he sacrifice others for all eternity.

The Huntress - A woman who was raised by her mother to be a survivalist yet when she died decided to become a killer and to kidnap the daughters due to wanting one of her own which unfortunately ended with the daughters dying due to not understanding on how to care for them. Now she serves an entity who requires her to forever sacrifice others.

The Legion - A group of killers that after a murder are dragged into another dimension where they have to serve a godlike entity for all eternity.

The Oni - A powerful warrior that wanted to kill all "fake samurai" with sever anger issues but was very protective of his son that now makes sacrifices others to a godlike entity.

The Deathslinger - A talented inventor that became consumed with rage when betrayed by a boss and now gladly sacrifices others to a godlike entity.

Ellen (The Witch's House) - An immortal witch that wants a new body to be cured of her illness and is willing to go to horrific lengths to do so.

Spooky - An adorable and comedic ghost that wants people to fear her due to being annoyed with no one taking her seriously.

Prophet of Truth - A manipulative alien leader that regularly misleads his people with the goal of wiping out all life outside of his group so he can rebuild the galaxy as he sees fit to then be worshiped as a God.

Gravemind - An extremely intelligent and manipulative hive-mind parasite controlling a dangerous species bent on assimilating all organic life.

Cortana - An A.I. that helped protect the galaxy but later goes rogue to take over under the theory she could help organic life grow into a utopia under her guidance.

Rodrigo Borgia - A man that will stop at nothing to obtain as much power as possible to rule the world similar to a God.

Al Mualim - A corrupt official who manipulates several groups so he can obtain as much power as he can with the belief he can become akin to a God.

Father Gascoigne - A man who has gone insane and seeks to kill all those around him though hints he still cared for his family but he couldn't recognize them outside of a music box leading him to killing his wife when he couldn't remember her.

Jacob Crow - A mad scientist obsessed with obtaining immortality and replacing humanity with a new species to basically be a God.

Dark Machinist Child - A disturbed individual who wants to restart a war to replace humanity with a robots.

G-Man - A seemingly immortal entity with godlike power and a vague goal.

Knight Artorias - A tragic fallen hero who was corrupted by an ancient evil to where he was forced to be its puppet. Before that he was described as very noble and willing to do anything to protect others including his beloved wolf companion: Sif.

Seath the Scaleless - A dragon who sought true immortality and committed horrible experiments despite already achieving a form of immortality.

Gravelord Nito - A cool undead God that seeks to keep the world in the same era and spread death.

High Lord Wolnir - A former king who sought to achieve even more power and later immortality to prevent being basically dragged to Hell.

Corypheus - A former mortal that seeks to become a God and to then rule the world with absolute power for all eternity.

Diablo (Diablo) - A demon that wants to rule both Heaven and Hell for all eternity as an all-powerful God.

William Afton - A serial killer who seems to be trying to find a way to make himself immortal that I find interesting.

Gary Smith - A teenager who was humorous and manipulative who wants to rule the school.

Albert Simon - An affable immortal who wants to destroy and remake the world but not for power but rather to make a utopia with no delusions of being completely in the right.

Samuel Hayden - An immortal mastermind who cheated death when he was mortal and diagnosed with brain cancer but now goes to extreme lengths to solve an energy crisis.

Dahaka - One of the very few video game characters I actually felt nervous when around. Also a cool near invincible creature bent on keeping the timeline the way it was originally.

Dark Prince - A split personality bent on conquest. I actually preferred him mildly over the normal Prince.

Vizier - A man who desires Godhood and obtains the power he desired. After gaining said power he became hellbent on taking over everything and forcing all to see him as their God.

The Alchemist - I found him interesting and enjoyed fighting him. Basically an alchemist and scientist that will stop at nothing to obtain immortality along with full understanding of the universe.

Ahriman - I enjoyed this character who despite being basically the equivalent of Satan and an evil deity, he surprisingly has a code of honor shown by keeping all his deals we know of.

The Warrior - I found him a cool boss and liked how he only joined Ahriman to save his people unlike most of the others who joined for selfish reasons.

The Hunter - A cunning yet cruel man that merely wishes to serve his master and to hunt others for all eternity.

The Mourning King - A loving father who joined Ahriman so he could have his daughter brought back from death. That and I enjoyed fighting him overall.

The Concubine - A woman who after being denied her happiness decided to sell her soul for the ability to change her form to whatever she desires and now serves an evil deity.

Handsome Jack - A comedic mastermind that wants to become immortal and take over everything to rule as a God due to viewing himself as the messiah.

Wicked Witch of the West - A character I was indifferent towards until watching the play Wicked where I loved the added complexity they gave her.

Medic - A morbid doctor who made himself nearly immortal and will do whatever he can to satisfy his morbid curiosity.

The Beldam - A cool and manipulative entity who was a good example of an abusive entity.

Other Father - A cool minion that seemed to genuinely care for Coraline.

Ernesto de la Cruz - A man who will do whatever he can for fame and fortune even if he had to kill his best friend or a child to preserve his reputation.

Reaver - A repulsive man that enjoys sacrificing others for his immortality. I find him rather interesting and have grown to enjoy the character.

The Crawler - I found his appearance cool and found his personality fun to watch.

Jack of Blades - I haven't played the game yet but he seems to be a very entertaining character.

Johnny Ohm - A violent criminal who gained powers over electricity and seeks to become more well known.

Niles Van Roekel - A cool alien that is willing to do experiments on humans to free his own planet from its invaders.

The Wink - A beautiful assassin that is wanting to be reunited with her mother and had cool powers.

Hazmat - A former scientist who wants to find a cure after being horribly mutated.

Brigade - A creatures formed out of many corpses that seeks to prove himself the ultimate warrior.

Atrocitus - A delusional hypocrite who while vile I found to be a good villain in the cartoon. The comics he was more noble and desired to have his revenge.

Aya - A cool A.I. that falls in love with a former villain before deciding to become a Goddess and remaking the universe with only robotic life.

Razer - Probably my favorite Green Lantern villain. I enjoyed his stoic and overall cold personality and just about everything about him.

Sinestro - A cool alien with a great amount of power that wants to bring order to the universe by enslaving it.

Nekron - From what I read and heard he sounds like an interesting Shinigami (Death God).

Armagedroid - He may not be given much of a personality but I definitely enjoy him as a villain especially since he truly believes he's doing something noble.

Vexus - A cool alien robot that wants to take over the world and make robots the rulers or wipe out organic life if they try to fight back.

Misty (My Life as a Teenage Robot) - An alien who will help those who are willing to pay her but otherwise has no issue leaving others to die if not paid or will kill if the price is right.

Demongo - An interesting character I wish they would of used more. A good example of a "Collector of Souls" and necromancer within a cartoon.

Aku - A rather comedic tyrant yet also a threat to the setting and a successful near omnipotent being.

Hawk Moth - A powerful supervillain who wants absolute power to revive his wife and a lust for power even though he loves his son to the point of endangering his own plans.

Skynet - An A.I. who wants to wipe out all organic life so it can rule a world of robots for all eternity.

AM - A sadistic A.I. that after wiping out humanity kept a small portion alive to torture for its own amusement.

Xenomorphs - I enjoyed the fact it was an alien race that was portrayed as more instinct based than super intelligent.

Xenomorph Queen - A cool protective alien monarch bent of advancing their Hive.

Newborn - I felt terrible for this creature and it's death was the only one that made me upset during the film. In a strange way I found the creature cute especially with how it genuinely cared for Ripley making it's death scene even harder to watch.

Predators - These are a cool type of alien that seem rather honorable and definitely interesting considering all the advanced technology they have in the film series.

David 8 - An android I found entertaining and interesting to watch in the films.

Peter Weyland - An egotistical mastermind that seeks immortality who I enjoyed.

Michael Drucker - A cool mastermind that wished to make human cloning legal so that he and others can cheat death by uploading all their memories and personality into clones.

Dr. Francis Jensen - A scientist that wants to achieve immortality by transferring his mind and offers the same to any who pay him. It was cool to see he did genuinely love his wife despite being unable to save her mind.

Timekeeper Raymond Leon - A law enforcer who will enforce the corrupt system so not everyone will live forever even turning down a large bribe due to believing in what he is doing is for the greater good.

Wilford - A man who after saving a small portion of humanity tries to have them see him as a God through his manipulations and keeping them under his complete control.

The Thing - An immortal entity that just wants to survive and reproduce though a danger to the world.

Dr. Smith - A twisted individual who will go to nearly any length both for profit and to save his own skin. The Spider version seeks to rule the world and admittedly creeped me out as a kid.

The Mysterious Stranger - An interesting take on Satan where he’s interested in humanity yet doesn’t seem to fully understand them.

Duke of Zill - A tyrant that wants to gain godlike power to rule his dimension for all eternity.

Katz - A sadistic killer that schemes often evolve tricking customers so that he can kill them for his own amusement.

Eustace Bagge - A old farmer that enjoys messing with the hero and often lets his greed get the better of him.

Zim - One of if not favorite villain protagonist especially from a kids show. Despite being rather incompetent he has had dark moments like harvesting all those organs then again the whole show was dark.

Tak - I enjoyed her and thought she could of become a cool recurring villain if the show wasn't cancelled and they used her more.

Almighty Tallests - These leaders were funny and while they wanted to conquer worlds they also wanted to be rid of the main character due to him being more trouble than he was worth in their eyes.

Gaz Membrane - A dark young lady who when she feels wronged will use any means to get her revenge.

Lucius Heinous VII - A demon who wants to make everyone miserable just to entertain himself.

Heloise - A humorous and sadistic scientist who enjoys her job maybe a little too much.

Mandy - A dark and mostly stoic girl that will stop at nothing to obtain her goals of world domination.

Jack O' Lantern - A humorous trickster I enjoyed how he had a tragic excuse and wish he would of made more appearances.

Eris - A beautiful Goddess that seeks to spread chaos at any opportunity.

Grim - A likable enough guy despite being the grim reaper and fun to see what antics he's forced into.

Gnome (The Powerpuff Girls) - A powerful creature who wants to take over the world and rule it as a godlike entity.

Mojo Jojo - A fun egomaniac and mastermind who wants to gain power and rule the world.

HIM - A godlike demon who wants to cause enough despair so he can rule the world forever.

Rowdyruff Boys - A trio of powerful brothers who seek to cause chaos and kill their rivals.

The Monarch - A comedic villain who is obsessed with his enemy to the point his entire life revolves around this obsession.

Dr. Girlfriend - A fun villainess that is loving towards her husband but also will call him out at times.

Red Death - A loving husband and father who for a living is a sadistic villain who takes pride in his work.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) - A powerful demon who admits he's only helping Charlie and the other heroes to watch the other demons fail in redeeming. It should be interesting to see if he has some other reason he's supposedly helping them.

Sir Pentious - A hilarious demon who seeks to take over Hell.

Stolas (Hazbin Hotel) - A powerful and perverted demon who seems to like manipulating the mortal world as well as Hell.

Cherri Bomb - A fun demon that wants to make a name for herself in Hell.

Lucifer Magne - While nothing is made clear in the show yet the creators claim he does love hi famility just not good at showing it plus I love the design of him. Of what little is shown he seems to enjoy the chaos of Hell and gleefully encourages the demons to continue sinning however they like.

Blitzo - A greedy demon that seems more interested in doing anything that will entertain himself over running a successful business.

Loona - A demon who doesn't seem to take her job seriously.

Moxxie - A humorous demon that just wants to do his job and have fun with his wife.

Millie - A loving demon that enjoys her job and spending time with her husband.

Rick Sanchez - Probably my favorite villain protagonist in adult cartoons due to his sociopathic personality along with being a cool mastermind.

Evil Morty - A manipulative alternate reality version of a hero with a desire for power.

Norm the Genie - An enjoyable Genie that seemingly just wants freedom and some revenge on a child that thwarts his attempts at freedom.

Anti-Cosmo - A fun chaotic mastermind that has a desire to spread chaos and to ultimately take over the universe.

Eric Cartman - A greedy and generally sociopathic kid who has committed many crimes but hilarious to watch as he does so.

Max - A rebellious child that primary has fun with messing with all authority figures and fellow campers.

Bender Bending Rodríguez - A hilarious egomaniac that is shown to look down on organic life namely humans.

The Robot Devil - A humorous take on the devil though he does seemingly keep his word and seems to be somewhat likable as an individual.

Stewie Griffin - One of the only characters I find likable or even enjoyable in the show. A mastermind who used to be obsessed with taking over the world and killing his mother before basically redeeming himself.

Penelope - An entertaining an destructive little girl who has fun spreading chaos.

Mr. Burns - A comedic businessman that I find enjoyable to watch.

Evil Jimmy Neutron - An evil clone wanting to destroy the original world to replace it with an evil duplicate.

Dennis - A sadistic assassin who cares more for money than anything else.

Plankton - A mastermind that wants to put his rival out of business and take over the world.

Karen Plankton - A robotic wife that often mocks her husband but will defend him from his enemies at times.

Mr. Krabs - A greedy man that will do anything to make more money.

Simon Phoenix - An entertaining villain that seeks to spread chaos for it's own sake once he is freed in the future because he finds the current system too boring and uptight.

Judge Death - A cool and interesting undead creature bent on ending all life in existence.

Judge Fear - An interesting character who questions the goals of his group and the likelihood of their success. I also like the design and goal of ending all life in existence.

Rico (Judge Dredd) - A psychopath who wants to use clones of himself to rule the city as a God and to kill his brother for having arrested him for his previous crimes.

Ares (John Wick) - A cool mute assassin that will do anything to protect her boss even against another badass.

Bowser - A tyrant that seeks to conquer a neighboring kingdom with the end goal of taking over the universe.

Count Bleck - A tragic nihilist who seeks to destroy reality due to believing his lover was murdered.

Dimentio - He is a very cool and entertaining character who wants to destroy all dimensions to recreate so he can rule as an immortal God.

Dr. Wily - A fun scientist that wants to take over the world.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik - A scientist who wants to take over the world and rule as a godlike figure even going as far as to at minimum once try to destroy the current world so he could remake it.

Professor Gerald Robotnik - A tragic scientist who wanted to create the ultimate lifeform so he could find a way to make his granddaughter immortal but when locked away for trying to do so arranged a plan to kill all humanity to avenge her death.

Shadow the Hedgehog - A violent immortal who will do anything to achieve his goals.

Black Doom - An immortal alien that sees himself as a God that wants to conquer as many worlds as possible by devouring the native species.

Giygas - An alien that become all-powerful but at the cost of his mind to the point he plans to plunge the universe into eternal darkness.

Porky Minch - A kid who after abusing some technology that allowed him to travel time is trapped in the future and rendered immortal and seeks to rule the universe before destroying it.

Graven - A ruthless sorcerer bent on ruling over a new world he would create by unleashing a devastating curse on the current world and make it fit his twisted desires.

Wrarrl - A God who seems to have some honor and desired to gain even more power to potentially rule over all.

Khalar Zym - A man who wants to resurrect his wife and to make himself an immortal God so his family can rule forever.

Marique - A powerful witch who wants to help her father resurrect her mother and make her father a God.

Sweet Tooth - A great icon, evil clown and definitely enjoy some of the stories namely Black's and the 2012 games take on him.

Mr. Grimm - I actually prefer Black's version above all else and the 2012 one is also cool because it makes him more realistic. In Black he is a former soldier forced to eat his dead friend's corpse just to survive and now wanted revenge on the man who forced him to do that. 2012's take had him want to save his father in hopes it might change the fact he grew up to be a cold blooded killer.

Dollface (Twisted Metal: Black) - A character I really enjoyed and felt bad for. I like how at the end it's heavily implied she'll become a vigilante that will kill those who hurt the innocent.

Billy Ray Stillwell - A former farmer who after his wife and the man she had an affair with tried to have him killed he decided to take revenge. After having been locked up for killing his wife he desires to get her lover ultimately killing him with his own plane.

Minion (Twisted Metal) - A demon who seeks revenge on Calypso for stealing his "birthright" aka power at any cost.

Calypso (Twisted Metal) - A person who holds great power and usually makes a funny and dark twist to what a person wishes for.

No-Face (Twisted Metal) - A former boxer who after losing a match had his face mutilated by a doctor who lost money due to a bet. He now seeks to get his revenge on said doctor. Not going to lie his appearance creeped me out some when I was a little kid.

Clyde Shelton - A tragic character and in all honesty I routed for him most the film.

Dr. John Dee - An immortal who wants to stay immortal after betraying his cruel masters so that he can rule the world forever.

Pegasus J. Crawford - An intelligent man that would stop at nearly nothing to resurrect his deceased lover and enjoyable to watch. The abridged did good job playing his flamboyant tendencies up and making him even more entertaining then he already was.

Yami Bakura - A character I remember enjoy watching as a child and find entertaining. The abridged is also hilarious and I find both very enjoyable to watch.

Yami Marik - The original I remember being a violent sadists that I liked. The abridged is hilarious and sadistic.

Thief King Bakura - A tragic individual who saw his village sacrificed so he plans to resurrect a dark godlike entity to get his revenge.

Marik Ishtar - A funny villain who's more obsessed with his looks than actually being competent.

Pandora - A former stage magician who after a horrible accident drove away the love of his life but now wants her back.

Lumis and Umbra - A pair of duelists who were fun to watch and had some cool monsters.

Big Five - A group of businessmen who after betraying their boss due to feeling betrayed and greed end up trapped in the virtual world which they will stop at nothing to escape.

  • Gansley - A man obsessed with gaining power and even more money especially after he was trapped in the virtual world which he now seeks to escape.
  • Lector - A former businessman who wants to steal the body of his former boss after being trapped in a virtual world.
  • Crump - A man who was obsessed with penguins due to never having parents that cared much for him but after he betrayed his boss for turning him down on a theme park was trapped in the virtual reality which he is now desperate to escape.
  • Nesbitt - A man who is obsessed with robot and machinery who wants to escape to the real world but probably simply to regain his freedom given his master could easily delete him.
  • Johnson - A corrupt lawyer who often mislead the jury but after being trapped in the virtual world decided he would stop at nothing including cheating at his duel just so he could escape.

Gozaburo Kaiba - An abusive father and businessman who in the anime planned to trap everyone in a virtual world to rule as an immortal godlike entity or bomb the world until they submit in the real world.

Noah Kaiba - An arrogant kid who after being nearly killed was uploaded into a virtual world by his father to save his life. After years in the virtual world he sought to steal the body of his step-brother to gain control of his family's company.

Seto Kaiba - A competitive rival who was interesting and hilarious in the abridged version.

Witty Phantom - An entertaining demon from what I recall.

Titan - A man who pretended to have supernatural power only to gain them when dragged to a dark dimension of torment.

Amnael - An alchemist who seeks to find a way to become immoral and to help his students.

Dan - A petty and vindictive guy but is hilarious to watch.

Axel - I enjoyed his personality especially how he was sarcastic. I thought he was either the coolest or at least one of the coolest villains. Of what I played he's probably my favorite character overall in the series.

Roxas - A tragic character who is manipulated by others in his attempts to find a purpose for his existence. I enjoyed how he truly just wanted to protect his friends and become complete when he finds out he's a Nobody.

Xemnas - A man that manipulates everyone with the desire to become all-powerful and immortal to remake reality as he sees fit.

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness - A man obsessed with obtaining absolute power no matter what happens to others.

Master Xehanort - A man obsessed with gaining absolute power and immortality so he can start an ancient apocalypse to then remake it all in his own image.

Nightmare (Soul Calibur) - A powerful entity who desires to increase his power through absorbing as many souls as possible and eventually to rule the world.

Raphael Sorel - A cool character implied to be a vampire or immortal who wants to make the world a place for his adopted daughter.

Amy Sorel - A young woman who will go to any length to protect her adopted father and ensure their happiness.

Melbu Frahma - A tyrant that wants nothing less than complete immortality and absolute power to remake the world to be a God.

Dark Lich - A demonic entity who origin somewhat varies but always seeks to become all-powerful so it can become God of his world and rule for all eternity.

General Hummel - A tragic military leader that wants to make sure the families of military personnel are given the finacial help they need even if he must betray he beloved country to do so.

Scorpio - What can I say he's a cowardly serial killer who I enjoyed watching get what he deserved yet found him entertaining.

Baron Karza - A madman who seeks immortality and later to maintain it with dreams of ruling his entire universe.

Maximus Boltagon - A cool man who wanted to help his people by having them invade and take over the Earth so they can get rid of the caste system.

Erik Killmonger - A tragic and complex man that seeks to avenge his fathers death. To do this he'll take control of his father's homeland and overthrow all other governments to take control of basically the world.

Ulysses Klaue - In the movies a comedic villain that seeks to steal Vibranium to maximize his profits at any cost. Similar goal in the comics but far more dangerous.

Kilgrave - A egotistical man-child who is obsessed with a woman who's been able to get around his mind control.

Magneto - A well-intentioned villain I've enjoyed watching and reading over the years. His desire to help mutants in general was interesting.

Mystique - A cool shape-shifting assassin and terrorist that could be rather manipulative at times.

Toad (X-Men Movies) - I enjoyed how this version can fight and seems more intelligent than the other versions.

Toad (X-Men: Evolution) - A comedic mutant that desires repect and to have as much fun as he can.

Avalanche (X-Men: Evolution) - A young man that often lets his anger get the best of him but does grow as a person after falling for an enemy.

Blob (Marvel) - I don't always like him by some versions who were somewhat sympathetic and entertaining.

Blob (X-Men: Evolution) - A sympathetic mutant that isn't that bright but incredibly strong and dangerous.

Quicksilver (X-Men: Evolution) - A selfish take on the character that was fun to watch as he abused his abilities both for personal gain and simply to amuse himself.

Pyro (Marvel) - A mutant with the ability to manipulate fire and feels mutants should rule over humans.

Sabretooth - A cool mutant with accelerated healing and enjoys to kill others and taunting Wolverine to no end.

Omega Red - An anarchistic terrorist who will do whatever he can destroy his enemies and entertain himself at the expense of others.

Apocalypse - A true Social Darwinist. I've enjoyed watching him in the cartoons as a child and reading comics with him. The godlike abilities also helped as when combined with his intellect he was a definite force to be reckoned with.

Mister Sinister - A cool mad scientist obsessed with genetic perfection.

Juggernaut - A brute I've enjoyed watching and always enjoyed the classic design. Often one of the most dangerous foes in sheer strength and is virtually immortal.

Onslaught - One of the most powerful beings in his setting and retains intelligence.

Bolivar Trask - An intelligent scientist who respects yet fears mutants thus seeks to wipe them out for the safety of normal humans.

Sentinels - I always enjoyed the designs and thought them interesting.

Nimrod - A cool robot from the future that I enjoyed watching and reading about.

Arcade (Marvel) - A sadistic mastermind that wants to have fun by subjecting anyone he can to his death games.

Master Mold - A robot that I've always enjoyed both design and desire to fulfill its programming and lust for power. I find his desire to wipe out all humanity entertaining.

Shadow King - An evil entity who desires nothing less than Godhood and was rather entertaining to watch.

D'Ken Neramani - A tyrant that wants to become a God and remake the universe so he can rule for all eternity.

Sauron (Marvel) - A mutant that has to absorb the life from others to survive.

Sebastian Shaw - An immortal mutant that seeks to start a nuclear war to take over the world by wiping out most humanity.

Azazel (Marvel) - An immortal demon that will stop at nothing to recruit his son, Nightcrawler, to help in his quest to conquer the world.

Azazel (X-Men Movies) - A mutant who can teleport who wants to make mutants the dominate species.

Ichirō Yashida - An elderly man who wants to steal immortality from the man who saved his life when he was young.

Hobgoblin - One of the villains I remember enjoying as a child and still do to this day. He's mostly greedy not one of the "Take over the world" type of villains.

Green Goblin - A psychopath that seeks to gain control of the criminal underworld that I found just enjoyable to watch in his Goblin persona.

Electro - The movie and cartoon have him develop into the villain but all have awesome powers and a awesome ego.

Harry Osborn - I actually liked this take as I felt they did a good job making him sympathetic yet still evil. I enjoy the desperation he went through and only wanted to live vs gaining power or anything.

Vulture - In the comics he's generally an older man who occasionally tries to get immortality but I also like his desire for revenge. The movie was fun on him being protective of his family.

Scorpion (Marvel) - A nobody turned into a powerhouse that I recall enjoying as a child.

Prowler - A man who was willing to go to extreme lengths to survive but also deeply cares for his family which he refuses to hurt even if it cost him his life.

Rhino - A thug who in a desire for power put on a suit granting him more strength but is bonded to it which in some versions wanting to support his family or to be free of the suit.

Shocker - A greedy man with anger issues but wants to not attract the attention of the more violent heroes.

Carnage - A psychotic serial killer who is also a nihilist. I remember enjoying him especially in the 1990s cartoon and comics.

Venom - A vengeful character who has switched sides somewhat often and even occasionally helps the heroes if there is a great enough threat.

Carlton Drake - A corrupt businessman and scientist who plans to bond humanity with aliens known as Symbiotes to help evolve both into a new species.

Riot - A powerful Symbiote that seeks to take over the Earth by having his species feast on humanity.

Shriek - I won't pretend and say I know much but from what I remember she was a killer who enjoyed seeing others die and helped Carnage some.

Doppelganger - A mostly mindless creature that I enjoyed when around Shriek and Carnage causing chaos.

Kingpin - An awesome crime lord who can fight. I like how most versions he loves his family and will do nearly anything for them.

James Wesley - A cool right-hand and friend of one of my favorite crime lords.

Madame Gao - A seemingly elderly lady who is apparently far older than first thought and was fun to watch.

Mysterio (Quentin Beck) - Master of illusions and a genius I enjoyed watching. I really enjoyed him in most the video games especially Shattered Dimensions while the movie was pretty cool in how much of a manipulative individual he was.

Mysterio (Francis Klum) - A tragic mutant who was raped by his vile brother and later becoming a supervillain when beaten by Spider-Man.

Lizard - A scientist that wanted to regrow his arm and now seeks to mutate people to be more like him.

Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius) - A mad scientist that wants to prove his intellect to the entire world and occasionally plans to dominate it.

Doctor Octopus (Olivia Octavius) - A fun mad scientist wanting to continue her experiments with the multiverse at any cost.

Sandman - A thief who as a whole tends to be a strong opponent but not necessarily the brightest in combat.

Tombstone - A ruthless crime lord that will do anything to maintain control of the criminal underworld and make a profit.

J. Jonah Jameson - A wrathful man who hates superheroes due to believing they probably have a darker side they hide due to his experience with his abusive father, even when he is against the heroes he rarely went across certain lines. I do like when he has a softer side for his employees like Peter Parker even though he hates Peter's alter ego.

Deacon Frost - I mostly know of the film version where he planned to perform a ritual to become an invincible vampire God so he could take over the world.

Quinn (Blade) - A comedic vampire that I enjoyed watching.

Jared Nomak - A rouge vampire immune to traditional weaknesses but seeks to kill all vampires to put an end to his race after all the trauma he's gone through.

Drake (Blade) - A cool take on Dracula who has some honor and seeks to rule the world.

Black Cat - A fun thief who often changes sides.

Bullseye - A cruel and merciless assassin who does it less for cash and more for his own pleasure.

Loki Laufeyson - A fun God of Mischief who seeks to take over Asgard and the other realms.

Hela - A powerful Goddess that will not stop until she rules over creation.

Galactus - He only does what he needs to in order to survive.

Terrax the Tamer - An alien that seeks nothing less than absolute power and to rule all that he can.

Reverb - A powerful mastermind that wants to overthrow his boss and take control of the world if not everything in existence.

Zoom - A powerful Speedster that will stop at nothing to gain eternal life and domination over the multiverse by destroying all but a small fraction to rule over.

Professor Zoom - An excellent example of an evil counterpart and Speedster. I loved the animated Flashpoint movie and the live action TV show.

Gorilla Grodd - I always enjoyed this character as he is strong both in mind and body.

Tala - A powerful and seductive sorceress who was fun to watch.

Doctor Psycho - A sexist psychic who I enjoyed in the cartoon due to finding him funny.

Ares (DC) - A God that wants to remake the world as he sees fit so he can have all the power for himself.

John Garrett - An entertaining villain that did nearly anything to become immortal and then tried to rule the world as a God.

Holden Radcliffe - A scientist who wanted to create a paradise and achieve immortality while also being comedic along being affable.

Deathstroke - An entertaining powerhouse who I've enjoyed reading about in the comics over the years. While the animated one I wasn't a fan of at first I really enjoyed smartass comments in Judas Contract.

Zod - A man obsessed with reviving his race and rebuilding his world to rule on another planet.

Superman Clone - A clone that snapped after hearing an innocent child was killed leading him to believe darker methods are needed.

Solomon Grundy - A fun and brutish immortal that will kill anyone in his way.

Lex Luthor - An egotistical madman bent on eliminating a near invincible alien and often ruling the world.

Toyman - An intelligent man bent on revenge of those he felt took his childhood and later stopped his first revenge attempt.

Brainiac - A rouge alien A.I. hellbent on either ruling or even destroying the universe to satisfy its thirst for knowledge and power.

Doomsday - An immortal monster that seeks to kill all life but has a sympathetic backstory of constantly dying only to be revived until he saw all life as potential threat.

Parasite - A supervillain that wants to beat any hero he can and absorb their powers for as long as possible.

Steppenwolf - He's far from the most complex character but was entertaining enough especially with how arrogant he was and how he could take on so many power opponents at once.

Darkseid - A powerhouse both in mind and body. Ultimately he seeks to conquer or outright recreate reality to rule over it for all eternity as an all-powerful God.

Desaad - A sadistic individual who loves his job and will do whatever he can to survive even if it involves betraying his master. I liked how he seemed to speak his mind at times which occasionally backfired when he oversteps his boundaries.

Lucifer Morningstar - An entertaining immortal entity who seeks to gain true freedom but willing to work for either side and tends to have a softer side than most might think.

Lobo - I've enjoyed his violent and destructive personality. I mean it isn't everyday one gets banned from both Heaven and Hell due to causing so much trouble on both ends.

Trigon - A godlike demon that wants to conquer the universe and remake it in his image.

Slade - A merciless and frightening mastermind who is determined to find an apprentice to carry on hid goal of world domination should he ever die.

Terra (Teen Titans 2003) - A tragic young lady who snaps and decided to help a villain before ultimately redeeming herself.

Blackfire (Teen Titans) - A cool alien that wants to take over her world and get revenge on her sister.

Brother Blood - A cool cult leader who wants to expand his influence as far as possible.

Killer Moth - A huge upgrade over the original.

Jinx - A greedy young woman that eventually decides she wants to redeem herself despite her powers being based off causing misfortune.

Gizmo - An intelligent kid who will go to any length to become rich.

Kyd Wykkyd - A character I wished they used more often and that we could of learned more about.

Mammoth - A greedy and comedic brute who was a blast to watch.

Control Freak - A hilarious take on a fanboy that is also a villain.

Red X - An entertaining thief surrounded in mystery.

Alveus - He's definitely a cool cult leader bent on taking over the world.

Marvin the Martian - I always thought he was funny and loved how he was in Duck Dodgers.

Martian Queen - I found her enjoyable especially for an evil queen who wished to rule the galaxy.

Yosemite Sam - He's been fun to watch and humorous over the years.

Wile E. Coyote - An incompetent but fun predator who goes through insane methods to get his meal.

Daffy Duck - A fun and greedy coward that has almost always been entertaining to watch.

Bluto - A fun brute that often tries to take Popeye's girlfriend.

Gargamel - A fun wizard to use Smurfs either for gold or to eat sometimes believing they can grant him immortality.

Verminous Skumm - A vile man that wants nothing more than to overthrows and enslave humanity to rule the Earth.

Captain Pollution - An entity that wants to pollute the entire world to make himself more powerful.

Duke Nukem - A man that wants to turn the world into a nuclear wasteland and mutate humanity so they are all like him.

Dr. Blight - A scientist that wants to use pollution to either take over the world or destroy it in her pursuit of knowledge.

Looten Plunder - A man that just wants to increase his already large fortune through unethical means.

Hoggish Greedly - A man who cares for his son but wants to make money as fast as possible through wasteful practices.

Sly Sludge - A lazy con man that doesn't think his plans through just wanting to make a quick fortune.

Zarm - A power God that wants to destroy the Earth out of spite towards the Goddess that replaced him when he tried to abuse his power.

Boris the Animal - A genocidal alien who wants to change the past to take over the world with his race which in the present became extinct.

Alpha (Men In Black) - A man who betrayed his organization to gain power with dreams of immortality and to take over the world.

The Brain - A mouse that wants to take over the world hoping to make it a better place.

Beetlejuice - A humorous undead villain that I enjoyed in both the film and show.

Mandark - A young mastermind obsessed with beating his rival and taking over the world.

Tom the Cat - A humorous scapegoat I always felt bad for.

Jerry the Mouse - A mischievous mouse who will go to great lengths to make Tom miserable.

Edgar (Edgar and Ellen) - A fun mad scientist and prankster who tends to be the more emotional between him and his sister.

Ellen (Edgar and Ellen) - A smart and mischievous young lady who is quick to lose her temper when thing don't follow her desires.

Gorrath - An alien from the future who wants to take back his prototype and return to his plans of universal conquest.

Evil Coop - An evil alternate version of the hero who seeks to cause destruction and conquer as man dimensions as possible.

Protoboy - A robot who was corrupted and now seeks to destroy his brother.

Monokuma - I found this character to be very entertaining to watch especially with how much of a sadist he was to his "students".

Junko Enoshima - A young lady obsessed with spreading the feeling of despair across the world for her own entertainment and prone to change her mood regularly.

Hazama - A sadistic trickster that will do whatever he wants to amuse himself and to test himself on how far he is willing to go.

Yuuki Terumi - A vile entity who seeks to destroy existence to then remake it to where everything suffers for his amusement.

Zabuza Momochi - An entertaining killer and Knight of Cerebus that even thinks himself a monster but dies and wishes he could be with his partner.

Haku - A tragic young man that sacrifices his life for his partner. I enjoyed both him and Zabuza and thought they made a great team.

Dosu Kinuta - A minion who later realized his master didn't care for him thus tried to ruin his former masters plans as a result. I liked the fact he tended to be logical and thought his design was fun.

Kimimaro - A minion that is honorable and despite dying of a fatal disease refuses to stop serving his master plus he had some cool powers using his own bones.

Neji Hyūga - A nihilistic young man who at first wanted to prove one couldn't surpass their supposed fates but later grew and redeemed himself.

Gaara - A character I felt bad for and enjoyed both as a villain and later hero.

Shukaku - A homicidal demon that was fun to watch when it got the chance to manifest.

Kurama (Naruto) - A powerful demon that wanted to destroy a village but ultimately redeemed himself.

Ten-Tailed Beast - A godlike demon that is the avatar of the God-Tree that sustains the world influenced by another force who bonded with it through eating its fruit.

Sasuke Uchiha - He is a mixed one for me as I do like some of his fights and his desire for power but the fact he was so arrogant and didn't even learn what is his clan's specialty was annoying.

Kabuto Yakushi - A treacherous ninja who took a while to decide he wanted form an identity for himself rather than simply follow others as he had always done.

Orochimaru - An entertaining man though I wish he died permanently due to his mostly fatal experiments on sixty infants in hopes of becoming a God but let's face it he is a badass fighter.

Akatsuki - An organization that desired to capture the Tailed Beasts in order to obtain ultimate power. This was a step towards making what most of them thought would be a perfect world.

  • Tobi / Obito Uchiha - A nihilistic mastermind turned God who planned to basically remake the universe so he would be reunited with the woman he loves. Honestly didn't see his redemption as an ass pull and saw it coming. I really enjoyed all his persona's but liked the goofy one the most.
  • Nagato / Pain - A powerful terrorist who seeks to force world peace so others don't haver to suffer what he had to when he was young.
  • Konan - A terrorist who sincerely wanted to help her friend in his plans for forcing the world into peace in hopes of making a better world after being traumatized by the effects of war.
  • Deidara - An entertaining artist who constantly expressed his view of art and loved blowing things up. His partnership with Tobi was also rather fun to watch.
  • Sasori - A man who wanted to be immortalized by making his body a living puppet and turned his victims bodies into puppets. I found him interesting and enjoyed the concept a lot.
  • Itachi Uchiha - A man who for his village slaughtered all of his own clan except his brother and seemingly joined a terrorist group that desired to gain infinite power.
  • Kisame Hoshigaki - A strong and loyal enforcer that wants to see the organization he works for create a world without any lies.
  • Kakuzu - I enjoyed him he's an entertaining immortal that's greedy. I enjoyed his overall personality and how he often would help his teammates by attending to their wound when needed.
  • Hidan - He's an arrogant immortal who often enjoys preforming acts that cause both himself and his enemies pain. It was fun to see him when after being so arrogant needing to ask his partner to help reattach his damaged body.
  • Black Zetsu - A manipulative immortal who seeks to free its creator so she can remake the world.

Blackheart - A interesting demon who at first seemed similar to a philosopher now he tends to be a outright villain but I still find him enjoyable.

Mephisto (Marvel) - A powerful demon who wants to gain as much power as possible and expand his domain onto Earth to rule for all eternity. He also takes pride in all his evil and will go out of his way just to screw people over.

Scarecrow (Marvel) - A serial killer who while he targets kids will try to kill anyone even coming back from Hell as an immortal determined to continue his twisted work.

Demogoblin - A demonic being that interestingly thinks it was assigned a holy mission of killing all sinners (basically anything besides children).

The Puppet Master - I remember enjoy in the 1990's cartoon portrayal and later enjoying the comics I could find with him. He's far from the most powerful but I recall enjoying how well planned out some of the moves he made were.

Doctor Doom - He's a classic and a character with depth which makes him more realistic. Normally his goal is to obtain godlike power and to take over the world out of the belief he can make it a utopia which at times is implied to be accurate.

Mole Man - I admit I'm far from his biggest fan but enjoyed the fact that despite being so old he was capable of fighting and even commanding a powerful army.

Annihilus - A paranoid tyrant who wants to wipe out anyone who could be a threat to his immortal rule.

Diablo (Marvel) - An immortal and power-hungry tyrant that wants to take over the world by any means necessary.

Red Ghost - A scientist that wants to rule the world to prove his society superior and create his own utopia.

Molecule Man - An insecure individual despite wielding godlike powers due to an accident.

Volcana (Marvel) - A woman who gained powers to manipulate fire and encouraged Molecule Man to gain confidence.

Graviton - A powerful scientist that after becoming able to control gravity planned to take over the world.

Mandarin - A powerful individual who generally is portrayed as a skilled warrior with honor. The version in Iron Man: Armored Adventures not only has a cool armor but the rings power is increased to such an extent he becomes near omnipotent.

Ghost - A fun mercenary that could turn intangible and was solely motivated to serve whoever paid the most.

Ezekiel Stane - I know of him from Iron Man: Rise of Technovore and enjoyed his vast amount of power and his God complex that made him want to remake the world.

Whiplash - A skilled scientist who wants to take revenge on a family that wronged his father.

Crimson Dynamo - A vengeful warrior who seeks to prove his superiority over his enemies.

Titanium Man - A warrior who wants to impress his employers and gain more power at nearly any cost.

Obadiah Stane - A greedy businessman that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Gremlin (Marvel) - A cool mastermind who seeks to get revenge on those who wronged him and for the death of his father.

Dark Aegis - A madman who delusions of being a God to the point he wished to destroy entire worlds just to prove his might.

Mad Jim Jaspers - A godlike mutant that wants to take over everything and warp it into his own image.

Dormammu - A godlike tyrant that wants to rule over all existence and be worshiped for all eternity. He's got an awesome ego which is arguably his biggest weakness.

Baron Mordo - A sorcerer who wants to gain as much power as possible and to then take over everything.

Kaecilius - A delusional sorcerer that thought by merging the Dark Dimension and our universe it would create a paradise where he would be reunited with his deceased family while also granting everyone immortality.

Alpha (Heroes United) - I enjoyed everything about the character especially the design.

Van Kleiss - A cool Big Bad who later gains the power to make E.V.O.s and he claims he wants what's best for E.V.O.s but truly he's only after power.

Malware - He had a cool design and a menacing enemy for Ben. He desired to prove he wasn't a failure and to then potentially take over the universe.

Aggregor - How he just used and manipulated others in a heartless fashion to become a God was enjoyable.

Maltruant - A mastermind who plotted to destroy all alternate realities and remake the current universe in his own image to rule as a God.

Michael Morningstar - A vain young man that will stop at nothing to increase his power and remain permanently young.

Vilgax - A powerful and intelligent conqueror of worlds bent on domination over the universe.

Kevin Levin - A villain who I have always enjoyed and thought some of the mutations were cool.

Hex - A powerful sorcerer that wanted to gain as much power as possible to one day rule the world.

Charmcaster - A powerful sorceress who wanted to gain power to eventually resurrect her father and free her home dimension but after the resurrection failed end up conflicted on what to do.

Sixsix - A bounty hunter I found interesting.

Aloysius Animo - An egotistical scientist obsessed to getting revenge and continuing his own research and/or ruling the world.

Albedo - An alien doppelganger who's trapped in the human form and wants out of it along with revenge at any cost.

P'andor - A powerful alien that wants to feed off the energy of Earth even if it costs countless lives.

Zs'Skayr - A ghostlike entity that seemingly won't stay dead and wants to conquer the universe originally starting with Earth by blocking out the sun and mutating humanity.

V.V. Argost - A enjoyable egotistical man who desires ultimate power and control over the world for all eternity.

Munya - A loyal manservant who can transform into a pretty cool spider monster form.

Leonidas Van Rook - A greedy mercenary who values money above practically everything else even to the point he is willing to fight a woman he has feelings for. Ultimately he redeems himself by sacrificing his life to save Drew's life.

Antarctic Cryptid - An awesome giant monster that was mistaken for a God due to its power.

Death Gun - A cold blooded sadist I enjoyed watching and I really enjoyed the design. After escaping from the first virtual world he decided he liked the fact he could kill through it thus wanted to do it again while being feared by the other gamers.

Akihiko Kayaba - A mastermind who trapped people in a virtual world because otherwise it wasn't real enough so if they died there then they did in the real world as well. Despite wanting to be a God of the virtual world he shows honor by giving the heroes a shot to kill him and after coming back by uploading his mind helps stop another villain.

PoH - A violent killer that takes pride in his atrocities even enjoying the fact he could feel pain in the virtual world as it made it more exciting.

Derek Powers - A corrupt CEO who will kill whoever stand in his way of profits. I found him a fun villain who had some cool powers.

Ratboy - A young man who's been taunted by his deformities to where he hides in the sewers and kidnaps those he feels are also rejected with the hopes they will be his friends.

Robert Vance - A man who transferred his mind into a computer to cheat death and later attempts to transfer it into his grandson's body so he can take full control of his company again.

Willie Watt - An intelligent young man who's been abused by both his own father and peers before gaining telekinetic powers which he planed to use for his revenge.

Jimmy Osgood - A tragic young man that after being constantly pushed wanted to kill his tormentor but accidently shot a friend.

Speedwarp - A teenage genius who steals a gauntlet that lets him manipulate time itself with the goal of impressing his crush.

Leech - A man that can absorb the powers of others and wants to constantly recharge his supply of power and commit petty crimes.

Ebon - A gang leader that can manipulate the shadows and create portals with the goal of increasing his influence across the entire city by recruiting those with powers.

Hotstreak - A teenager that wants to gain power and wealth through any means but often too short tempered to gain it.

Peridot - A enjoyable character and rather humorous to boot.

Lapis Lazuli - A character I've enjoyed now that I saw more of her.

Spinel - A vengeful character who wants to destroy the Earth as revenge for being abandoned.

Jasper - A Social Darwinist who wants to avenge someone she thought dead and to gain power.

Jay Gatsby - A man who only wanted to earn a woman's love. I'd hate the fact he's going after a married woman but her husband is already cheating on her, presumably abusive towards her and is in the end not only rejected but pays the ultimate price.

George Wilson - While he killed a character I enjoyed I blame Tom for telling him Gatsby was driving the car that ran over his (unfaithful) wife. Due to the grief and later committing suicide I can completely understand his actions.

Chris McLean - A hilarious yet sadistic host who values ratings over others safety.

Duncan - A bully that could be rather fun to watch.

Ezekiel - I enjoyed the character during Total Drama World Tour and grew sympathetic later on due to his suffering.

Mal - An intelligent alternate personality who almost took over the body but fails due to the other personalities sacrifice.

Davros - A hammy but evil character based on what I read who desires conquest of the universe and end of basically all life he deems unworthy of his rule.

Daleks - A race of immortal entities who will stop at nothing of wiping out all the other races so they can rule the universe.

Cybermen - A group of cyborgs that want to assimilate all life to create order by eliminating emotions and free will.

John Lumic - A delusional man who seeks to take over the world and become immortal by converting everyone into cyborgs under his control.

The Master (Doctor Who) - A powerful alien who seeks to become immortal and rule the universe as a God.

The Master (Harold Saxon) - A powerful alien who is vile and seeks nothing more than power and self gratification at the expense of others.

Weeping Angels - Interesting creatures that only attack when you aren't looking but if they can they will drain you of your potential life energy.

Cigarette-Smoking Man - A rather cynical and corrupt individual that will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He even plotted to depopulate most of the planet so he could have it remade more into his image.

Gollum - A character I've always felt bad for and remember enjoying and still do.

Sauron (Middle-Earth) - An immortal mastermind who seeks to gain even more power to rule the world as a God and the film version had a cool armor.

Witch-King of Angmar - An immortal warrior who was a former mortal who desired power and works with Sauron to gain what he was promised.

Smaug - An awesome dragon who was portrayed as sophisticated and intelligent while evil.

Eddy's Brother - An evil and sadistic brother that I somewhat enjoyed.

Kanker Sisters - I have found them entertaining at times but enjoyed when they argued with each other on occasion since its similar to some real siblings.

Darkrai - I don't play the games much but from what I read I enjoy both takes on the character and his abilities. 

Mewtwo - A Pokémon that seeks to free those he sees as oppressed even if some need to die.

Giovanni - A crime lord who wants to gain power at any cost until he can take over the world.

Jessie - A vain but fun and incompetent terrorist.

James - An affable and incompetent terrorist.

Meowth - A Pokémon that learned to speak and ultimately joined a terrorist organization to make a living.

Lusamine - An egotistical woman who goes mad with power before ultimately redeeming.

Cyrus (Pokémon) - A terrorist who wants to destroy and remake the universe so he can rule as a God.

Demise - A godlike demon who seeks to take over creation and remake it yet retains some mild respect for his enemies.

Ghirahim - An ancient demon who wants to revive his master and help him in attempts of conquest.

Ganondorf - A powerful warrior king that seeks to use the Triforce to conquer the world through absolute godlike power so that he may rule for all eternity.

Majora - A powerful entity that seems to merely desire to cause chaos and destruction out of its own sake.

Skull Kid (Zelda) - An amoral entity influenced by Majora to accomplish its goal.

Corvus (Dragon Quest IX) - A tragic figure who felt betrayed after being tortured to the point he plotted to destroy all creation as revenge.

Herrscher of the End - A Goddess who seeks to wipe reality clean so she can restart it in a way she prefers.

Herrscher of the Void - A Goddess who seeks to gain more power to remake the universe to rule over for all eternity.

Mello - A cool and intelligent person who seeks to bring down a deranged serial killer simply because it'd make him the successor to his former teacher.

Ryuk - An enjoyable and funny Shinigami (Death God). The film version was shown to be more sadistic with his involvement and also had some funny moments.

Rem - A protective Shinigami (Death God) who is willing to die if necessary to save Misa.

Teru Mikami - A delusional serial killer that truly wanted to make a world free of evil people though he does go too far given he included lazy and unproductive members of society.

Beyond Birthday - A cool nihilistic serial killer who merely wanted to prove himself superior to his former teacher by committing crimes he couldn't even solve.

Light Turner - I found this version of Light more entertaining and likable than the anime and manga where I found him to be only a selfish prick. Like the other version he seems to think he's a God but instead of focusing primarily on that he seeks to bring about a form of justice while not killing law enforcement.

Mia Sutton - I liked the fact she was a manipulative and power-hungry killer. Unlike her boyfriend she was willing to go further and I enjoyed how in a warped way she still seemed to care for her boyfriend.

Lizzie Samuels - A child who believes that zombies are perfectly safe and wants to prove it.

Merle Dixon - While I generally hate racist characters I have to admit I found a few of his jokes like leaving a zombie with Glenn saying the zombie would be hungry in a hour funny. I also admired his loyalty towards his brother.

The Governor (TV) - A cool and brutal leader who wants to rule over his community with an iron fist at any cost.

Negan - A comedic, entertaining, foul mouthed and brutal leader of a group that wants to rebuild civilization in a world plagued with zombies.

Owen (The Walking Dead) - A sadistic individual who is willing to die to achieve his goals or protect the few people he respects.

Red Skull - A vile madman who desired to rule the world as a God who I generally enjoyed watching in most versions.

Arnim Zola - He gained immortality by uploading his mind in comics during WWII or in the 1970s in the movies.

Baron Strucker - A terrorist obsessed with ruling the world not caring if it's in a decent condition or not. As a villain he obtained eternal youth and some superhuman attributes.

Baron Zemo - A power hungry who will stop at nothing to take over the world and take revenge on the heroes who stood in his way.

Baron Zemo II - A madman who wanted to avenge his father and carry on his dreams of ruling the world.

Helmut Zemo (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - A man who after losing his family decides to be a terrorist to tear the group apart to avenge his family.

Crossbones - An entertaining terrorist that enjoys killing as many people as possible with no fear of dying and the desire to rule the world.

Severus Snape - A redeemed villain who spies on his foe. Honestly he was the character I liked the most both in the books and the movies.

Bellatrix Lestrange - A sadistic and powerful witch who practically worshipped her boss with the goal of committing mass genocide so he can rule a "pure" world.

Dementors - A seemingly immortal species that drain the positive emotions from the living to eat even sometimes the souls of their victims.

Gellert Grindelwald - A powerful wizard who wanted to take over the world to create his own version of paradise.

Sun Wukong - An arrogant and violent entity who fought all of Heaven and its Gods to be recognized as the strongest and desired immortality which he eventually achieved.

Lu Bu - An amazing warrior and One-Man army. His skills are impressive along with how protective he is of the woman he loves.

Diao Chan - A cool seductress and manipulator. I like it when she truly cares for Lu Bu and isn't just using him.

Cao Cao - A ruler who wants to gain power but also is willing to fight for what he believes in.

Sima Yi - A strategist that wanted to beat his rival and obtain power for himself.

Daud - An interesting assassin with amazing powers who seemingly is fed up with killing people and holds some regrets.

Billie Lurk - A fun a second-in-command with cool powers and wishes to succeed her boss.

Vera Moray - A powerful semi-immortal witch that I found entertaining.

Treavor Pendleton - An opportunist and coward that I actually enjoyed seeing.

Farley Havelock - A military man who wants to gain more power but ultimately let his paranoia get the best of him costing in the end.

Mind Flayer - A godlike entity that wants to break into our dimension so it can kill humanity and remake our dimension in its own image.

Demogorgon - An enforcer to Mind Flayer that wants to help it break into our dimension so it can take over.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi - A fun mastermind and sociopathic character who does everything for science.

Baraggan Louisenbairn - A powerful immortal who believes himself invincible and seeks revenge on Aizen at all costs.

Sōsuke Aizen - A manipulative and immortal mastermind who wants to gain absolute power to rule over all as a God while also remaking reality as he sees fit.

Yhwach - A mastermind who can manipulate the future to the point he is almost invincible with the desire to gain absolute power so he can remake reality and rule it for all eternity.

The First Evil - An omnipresent and eternal evil who seeks to gain physical form at any cost.

The Master (Buffyverse) - He did what even a Hell Goddess couldn't... kill the Slayer. Highly intelligent and powerful, he was interesting to watch even when sealed and I enjoyed some of the quotes he had.

Mayor Richard Wilkins - A polite and charming man who is able to commit multiple atrocities in his attempts to become a powerful demon.

Spike - An enjoyably smartass vampire that redeems himself.

Adam (Buffyverse) - A cool Frankenstein type monster that wants to wipe out essentially all sentient life so he can use the remains to create more creatures like himself.

Angelus - A vampire that wants to drags the world into Hell quite literally and is basically another personality of a hero when said hero loses their soul.

Faith Lehane - A Slayer who has gone back and forth on choosing between good and d evil before redeeming herself.

The Gentlemen - A group of demons that steal the hearts of humans to maintain their immortality and take away all voices when doing so because it is their weakness.

Ethan Rayne - A skilled warlock that wants nothing other than to gain power and spread chaos for the fun of it.

Jack (Buffyverse) - A fun bartender that decides to teach the snobby college kids a lesson by temporarily making them become savages without caring for the things they might do.

Marcie Ross - An insecure young lady that felt neglected and was rendered invisible driving her to seek revenge on everyone who ignored her.

Olaf (Buffyverse) - A fun troll that wanted nothing more than to go on rampages and drink as much as he could.

Jonathan Levinson - A nerd turned warlock that despite embracing the role as a villain didn't want to seriously harm anyone.

Billy Fordham - A tragic young man that is dying due to a brain tumor to the point he wants to become a vampire to obtain immortality.

D'Hoffryn - A powerful demon that wants to spread vengeance and pain wherever he can. It was interesting how he could be rather charming to those he wanted to have join him though he seems willing to toss them aside if it benefits him.

Anyanka - A vengeance demon that used to target men due to being wronged by them but falls in love to the point she gives up her powers to become a mortal.

Dark Willow Rosenberg - A fallen heroine that wants to destroy the world after losing her lover due to a vile man.

Count Olaf - A greedy mastermind who will stop at nothing to steal a fortune and killing any who stand in his way.

Hook-Handed Man - A cool minion who later reforms as he came to see the error of his ways.

Nile - A polite assassin who was willing to go to great lengths to fulfil his mission for the terrorist organization that employed him.

General Zaroff - A sadistic man who after growing bored with hunting animals decided to hunt humans yet often pretends to be a friendly man before revealing his plans.

Steve Leonard - A human who always sought power along with potentially immortality by becoming a vampire but when his friend became one decided he wanted revenge. His ultimate goal was to become a godlike figure destined to destroy the world to gain absolute power along with vengeance.

R.V. - A vengeful man who seeks to kill a former friend who he blames for the incident that caused him to lose his hands.

Desmond Tiny - A powerful immortal who seeks to manipulate the world's fate into something he'd find entertaining.

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen - In the movie he is a silent killer who is virtually immortal and likes to perform operations on himself apparently determined to serve his master. In the comics however he's simply a normal intelligent scientist that wants to fulfill his master's goal.

Prince Nuada - A skilled prince and warrior who wants to reclaim the world from humanity so that the magical creatures can freely roam the world again.

Mr. Wink - A cool henchman and friend of prince Nuada that seeks to help him with his goals of reclaiming the world from humanity and ruling it.

Grigori Rasputin (Hellboy) - A man who gained great magical power and seemingly immortal with the desire to remake the world into his version of paradise.

Ivo Shandor - My favorite Ghostbusters villain and I love his goal of becoming a God and remaking the world as he desires.

Father (Fullmetal Alchemist) - A near all-knowing evil creature who by the end is for all intents and purposes a God.

King Bradley - A cool leader that will do whatever it takes to help his boss in their goals.

Pride - An egotistical serial killer that seems to care for his adopted family.

Wrath (FMA 2003) - A child who seeks to have revenge on a mother he felt abandoned him and to find a new mother at any cost.

Greed - My favorite greedy villain as he retained a likable personality and could hold his own in a fight.

Gluttony - A enjoyable villain and perfect representation of the sin he's named after.

Envy - I enjoyed him though he did multiple atrocities while hating humanity.

Lust - A villainess that would manipulate men often and was entertaining overall.

Solf J. Kimblee - A nihilistic individual who seeks to kill others and to see how everything turns out after assisting Father out of sheer curiosity.

Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist) - A man who hates alchemist after they nearly wiped out his people thus planned to kill as many of them as possible.

Truth - A interesting and awesome job of an amoral omnipotent God.

Hades (God of War) - Much like myth he was more likable, that and was willing to do whatever it took to get revenge on Kratos for killing some of his family.

Hades (Kid Icarus) - While far more evil and normally I hate them doing that to one of if not my favorite God this version was a blast to see with how comedic yet cruel he could be. A powerful tyrant who seeks to kill the other Gods and rule over existence forever.

Hades (mythology) - I find him one of the most likable Gods of the Greek myths and possibly of any religion I've personally read. I mean he was strict but fair and truly loved his wife even though he went about the wrong way to get to know her after he became smitten. Plus even the Gods feared him due to his ability to basically take away immortality.

Poseidon (mythology) - A God that would often argue with his little brother (Zeus) for power and had no major issues testing his limits.

Zeus (mythology) (Rarely) - While I overall hate him its mainly due to how media glorifies Zeus as some extremely benevolent God despite being a rapist while demonizing Hades as some super malevolent God when that's far from accurate. On the rare occasion he punished the deserving and showed care for his family by doing them favors when they asked he was somewhat likable.

Medusa (mythology) - A tragic woman cursed by the Gods for something beyond her control in some versions.

Cerberus (mythology) - I loved this loyal pet that would do anything to make his master proud who deeply cares for him as well.

Kratos - A protagonist that made a deal that cost him his wife and child making him seek revenge on the Gods themselves.

Hephaestus - A protective father that is willing to do anything to protect her.

Ares (God of War) - A violent God that wants to rule the world alone and commits atrocities fairly regularly to obtain it.

Thanatos - A God that wanted to kill Kratos and his brother to stop them from destroying Olympus.

Baron Samedi (folklore) - A fun God who seems to just want to have a fun time and indulge in some earthly vices though he will take his job seriously at times.

Goliath (theology) - A cool barbarian that liked to fight others to prove his strength and earn glory for his people.

The Devil (theology) - Some versions I am not a fan of but he varies a lot with some versions as a creature wanting to rule over creation by overthrowing God, others more of a tragic figure that meant well but went about it the wrong way and others a faithful servant to God simply testing the faith of mortals to ensure they are true followers even occassionally not liking it. The variety is rather fascinating to be honest.

Lilith (theology) - A woman turned demon who refused to just serve man thus angering God for her rebellion. Her story is an interesting one and her attempts to ruin her old husbands life can be fun depending on the narrative in how she does it.

Leviathan (theology) - A giant sea monster that in several tales cannot be defeated by mortals and sometimes wishes to destroy God himself.

Mothman (cryptozoology) - A cool cryptid that seems to cause disasters for unknown reasons.

Mordred (mythology) - I only recently have gotten interested in Arthurian legends but he is a character I find rather interesting. Unknown to him he survived an attempt of genocide on all infants born at the same time as him and becoming a respected knight until he learns the truth of not only his birth but his destiny to kill King Arthur (father in most if not all versions). Interesting enough when he ruled he brought peace and was well-liked from what I've found while with Arthur there was constantly war.

Morgan le Fay (mythology) - A skilled witch who in some versions the mother of Mordred from an affair with King Arthur who in her eyes stole her birthright.

Rumpelstiltskin - I have to say he was the only character I enjoyed in the story. I mean a father causes his daughter to be in danger by making up a story of how his daughter could spin straw into gold, the king is a greedy bastard who threatens to kill the daughter if she can't do what her father claimed and even the daughter is willing to give up her firstborn child to save her own skin. Granted she changes her mind later (after she is safe) and tries to get out of it. Rumpelstiltskin however kept his word and gives her a shot to get out of it though pissed when she guesses right he still leaves the child alone. Granted it's never made totally clear why he wanted the child he is still the most interesting and dare I say likable character of the story.

The Witch (Hansel & Gretel) - A witch who likes to trick others into letting their guard down so she can kill and eat them.

Bluebeard (Bluebeard) - A serial killer who would marry his future victims and once they found out about his crimes killed them.

Grendel (Beowulf) - A monster that killed a building full of partiers simply because he could.

Stingy Jack - A manipulative trickster who eventually tricks Satan twice to where he escapes Hell but forced to roam the Earth for all eternity as his punishment.

Loki (mythology) - A God that in some versions was sympathetic while others just vile but still pretty fun to watch.

Fenrir (mythology) - A giant wolf that was willing to let the Gods test their chains on him only on the condition they let him free but once they betrayed him decided to embrace his destiny of bring about the apocalypse.

Jormungandr (mythology) - A giant serpent said to help in the apocalypse to destroy the Gods to avenge his family.

Tamamo no Mae - A beautiful and seductive entity that wants to rule Japan and willing to do anything to achieve that goal.

Aaron the Moor - A man who enjoyed the fact he was evil and manipulated all sorts of atrocities but still cared for his son to the point he'll die alone to save his newborn child.

Iago (Othello) - A vile manipulator who would stop at nothing to ruin his rival's life.

Wyrd Sisters - A fun set of manipulative witches who help deceive a man into craving power seemingly for their own amusement.

Alexander Hamilton - A controversial politician who was willing to go to great lengths to gain political power and secure a legacy that ultimately cost himself his chance.

Aaron Burr - A politician who refused to let his views be known to most as a means to gain political power yet ultimately regretted killing his rival not only for ruining his career but also genuine remorse.

Thomas Jefferson - A comedic and flamboyant take on a politician who was rather shy while also being a bit more controversial than the real man.

King George III (Hamilton) - A comedic tyrant who wants to hold absolute power over as many people as possible even in another continent.

Gregory - I found Gregory funny and liked his personality.

Judgement Boy - I enjoyed the overall gimmick and found him entertaining.

Asura - I've only seen the anime but a few quotes were kind of funny and a good embodiment of Madness.

Crona - A tragic character that is abused by their mother to become a demonic God.

Ragnarok - A hilarious and sadistic entity that deep down cares for his master to an extent despite abusing them at times.

Little Demon - A demon that wants to manipulate Soul so he can make him succumb to madness and take control of Soul's body.

Mosquito - A powerful and polite servant that only wants to help his mistress fulfill her goal.

Giriko - A man that managed to gain a form of immortality by transferring his soul into his descendants.

Henry Parrish - A tragic villain who was very likable to me. He seeks to help his master but later betrayed him due to cruelty before then deciding to rule alongside his mother.

Katrina Crane - A woman pushed over the edge when her son turned evil and was killed to save the world by her husband. Upset she decided to kill her husband to get revenge and potentially undo his revival to revive her son.

Moloch - A powerful demon with godlike powers who wants to cause an apocalypse so he can rule a new chaotic world.

Headless Horseman - One of my favorite villains growing up especially the old folklore I used to read. These versions have always been very interesting to me.

Pied Piper (Sleepy Hollow) - An extremely violent mercenary to forever have revenge on those who betrayed him long ago by killing at least one of their descendants.

Pied Piper of Hamelin - A character who I have always enjoyed reading about and enjoyed in most if not all versions.

Deadpool - A comedic immortal who often switches sides and does whatever he can for money.

Thanos - An alien who causes fear and death wherever he is and has both brawn and brains. Doesn't hurt he is in love with this lady.

Lady Death - A representation of death that often just tries to keep balance.

Nebula - A tragic individual who seeks revenge on her adopted father who replaced parts of her body with robotics.

Yondu Udonta - A fun space pirate who cares for his adopted son and ultimately sacrifices himself to save said son.

Ego - A godlike entity who seeks to expand himself across the universe.

The Collector (Marvel) - I enjoyed the movies take on him and of what little I've read up on the comics he seems interesting.

Ebony Maw - A powerful and sadistic fighter that will stop at nothing to help his master.

Discord - He's an all-powerful immortal God/spirit of Chaos that wanted to make the world his playground.

King Sombra - Despite only watching a handful of episodes he was obviously a dark character and I'd say far darker then Tirek. A great Knight of Cerebus for the show as a whole.

Lord Tirek - An ancient immortal that seeks to steal all the magic he can to eventually become omnipotent so he can rule over all as a God.

Deus.Ex.Machina Industries - A corrupt and powerful organization run by a mastermind though some members have decided said mastermind is too depraved even for them.

  • Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott - He will happily commit any crime imaginable just so he can become a God and "rewrite" the world into his own personal playground for evil. Despite running his company he is only loyal to himself and will sacrifice anything to reach his goals.
  • Ellen Mira Mathers - A cool henchwoman who works for a evil mastermind bent on bringing "Hell on earth".
  • Roger Murdoch - He might be corrupt but he at least realized that Isaac was a monster that needed to die. After failing to take Isaac out of the company his arm is cut off and taunted by Isaac as he leaves to go use magic to get healed. At which point he tries to drop satellites on a city Isaac is currently in to kill him and take control of the company.
  • Mana Takamiya - A tragic character who's lifespan has been shortened considerably. I find her rather entertaining overall and love her softer side.

Tenka Yatogami - A darker and more serious of version of Tohka that wants to kill Isaac Westcott and destroy anything that's in her path.

Kurumi Tokisaki - I think she is a great immortal Cosmic Entity and Femme Fatale. Not only that but she is an entertaining and murderous individual who occasionally helps the heroes.

Natsumi (Date A Live) - A fun character who was insecure about her true form but eventually redeemed herself and befriended the heroes.

Anti Spirit Team - A military group that has an understandable fear of Spirits and desire to wipe them all out.

  • Ryouko Kusakabe - She is a well-intentioned villain that seemed rather likable and she's entertaining.
  • Origami Tobiichi - I find her stoic personality fun and her hilarious with how competitive she could get for Shido's attention.

Mundus - A powerful demon that wants to take over the world to rule as a God. The remake was similar in goal but I kind of like his attempt more given it would be through manipulation vs simply brute force.

Vergil (Devil May Cry) - I like Vergil's power and stoic personality compared to his brother with the goals of gaining or surpassing his father's power which is regualrly described as godlike yet stood against worse people.

Arkham - I liked everything about him. He has a typical goal but evil and powerful enough it isn't bland plus both of his personalities original and alter ego where very entertaining.

Agnus - A fairly cool although cowardly scientist who studied demons and was able to turn himself into one.

Credo - A cool knight who believes his boss is out to make a utopia and once his sister is kidnapped he realized the truth and rebels against said boss.

Sanctus - I am not sure I'm a huge fan of him as I found how cowardly he was annoying but he was a decent cult leader who planned to become a God.

The Savior - A cool sentient statue with godlike abilities, nearly indestructible body bent on wiping out demons and helping its creators take over the world.

Berial - An honorable demon who was fun to fight and found the personality cool.

Vergil (DmC) - While I prefer the original it was interesting to see how he wanted to overthrow a godlike demon to then rule over humanity.

Zuko - A tragic villain turned hero who just wanted his father to be proud of him but later decides he rather just be with his loving uncle and put an end to his father's reign of terror.

Jet - A teenager who lost his family and now seeks to wipe out as many firebenders refusing to believe any could be friendly but ends up redeeming himself at the cost of his life.

Wan Shi Tong - A spirit that seeks to learn and preserve knowledge that hates anyone who tries to use any of it for violence which is a major reason why he hates humanity.

Ozai - A cruel and sadistic father who would burn most the world just so only he could rule the world as a godlike tyrant.

Mai - A stoic and dark love interest to Zuko.

Azula - A pyromaniac who wants to rule her nation and to be loved by her father.

Ty Lee - A charming young woman who wanted to help Azula before deciding to redeem herself.

Amon - A person who seeks to make everyone equal but goes about it in the wrong way while also being viewed as a messiah.

Vaatu - An enjoyable godlike figure bent on bringing about a chaotic reign of darkness and to either end or enslave humanity.

Unalaq - A skilled manipulator bent on gaining ultimate power and bringing about a new and permanent era of darkness just so he can rule the world as a godlike being.

Eska and Desna - I found both enjoyable to watch especially when they were pretty calm after hearing their abusive father was killed.

Varrick - His general character can be humorous to watch especially when compared to the far more serious group of villains in the show.

Zhu Li - A loyal and highly competent assistant when compared to her cowardly boss was fun to watch especially when with said boss.

Order of the Red Lotus - I found most the group entertaining to watch and enjoyed how their ultimate goal was a world of anarchy and chaos. They truly believed that it would allow freedom and ultimately be best for everyone.

  • Zaheer - A powerful warrior who despite only recently gaining the ability to airbend was a natural and became even more dangerous as a result.
  • Ghazan - A person who seemed rather laid back after escaping his prison and likable but in battle a foe that was serious and not to be taken lightly. Liked how he could lavabend as well as having classical earthbending.
  • Ming-Hua - The fact she lacked arms and used waterbending not only as a weapon but to substitute for the lack of said arms was very interesting to me. Her sarcastic personality and protective side for her friends was another cool part for her character.
  • P'Li - Her loyalty towards her lover and willingness to risk everything for him was enjoyable and I loved how she was a combustionbender.

Kuvira - A cool tyrant that while she definitely goes overboard truly believes she is doing something good.

Baatar Jr. - He is a cool non-bending villain that wants nothing more than a kingdom to rule alongside the woman he loves.

Imhotep (remake) - A powerful mummy who wanted to revive his lost love and to take over the world.

Apostles of the Star - A terrorist group that desires to wipe out Chronos and to take control of the world.

  • Durham Glaster - My favorite Black Cat villain. I enjoyed his homicidal personality, design and overall character. In the manga he can shoot energy from his guns and the in the anime he could create and shoot an infinite amount of bullets without reloading his guns.
  • Shiki - I liked the powers and I count Shiki female due to that being her original gender. Anyhow I enjoyed hearing that Shiki in the manga wanted to prove the power of Tao over simply wanting to control everyone though sadly that didn't carry over in the anime.
  • Maro - A powerful Taoist with control over gravity itself and in the manga wishes to spread Tao across the world to prove its power. He is also a strong individual and close friend to Shiki.
  • Doctor (Black Cat) - A scientist with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the ability to exists in a pocket dimension where he is in control of everything. The anime he doesn't appear to have those powers and replace the desire for knowledge with a desire to control everything.
  • Charden Flamberg - An anarchist and terrorist who wants to make the world a better place. I liked him for his personality, design and his power to manipulate his own blood was the icing on the cake.
  • Kyoko Kirisaki - A immature teenager turned terrorist that eventually reforms after becoming attracted to the main protagonist. Her special ability to breathe fire was a fun little bonus.
  • Leon Elliott - A child who desires to help a terrorist group in the belief it will ultimately be better for the world. His special ability is that he can control air itself.

Adam (Black Cat) - An entity that wishes to absorb all humanity into a machine called Eden so he can take Eve as his bride and remake the world with the Zero Numbers.

Lucy - Probably my favorite misanthropic villainess and enjoyed her tragic backstory.

Bando - A violent man that in the manga was rather entertaining and protective when he bonded with Mayu.

Director Kakuzawa - He's one I am mixed on as while a vile man and in the manga a rapist he does genuinely love his daughter and seeks to become a God by wiping out humanity so they can be replaced with his own decedents.

Alucard - A cool sadomasochist vampire with godlike powers.

Alexander Anderson - A man of faith and honor that wants to kill a godlike vampire.

Major (Hellsing) - A man obsessed with war and despite having a form of immortality he desires his own death.

Schrödinger - An immortal that can exist anywhere and nowhere as lang as he desires to.

The Doctor (Hellsing) - An immortal scientist that takes great joy from hurting those he can yet unlike the rest of his group seeks to survive the chaos.

Jan Valentine - A hilarious and perverted vampire that wants nothing more than to cause chaos for his own amusement.

Walter C. Dornez - A family butler and friend who while caring for them wanted to kill Alucard either out of jealousy or desire to prove himself thus leading to his act of treason.

Sketchbook / Paige - I liked her song and her in general. I also enjoy the fan versions especially where she's a homicidal psychopath.

Tony the Talking Clock - I liked his song and time-manipulation powers. I also enjoy the fan versions especially when he's a psychopathic killer.

Thrax - A rather interesting sentient virus who desires fame above all else.

Bogeyman (Secret World) - A man that was obsessed with the concept of immortality and power who achieved it and now seeks to maintain it.

Caulder - A scientist who seeks to make himself immortal through cloning and to sell weapons of mass destruction to anyone who is willing to pay.

GLaDOS - A crazy robot who can sing well. Her desire to conduct experiments and deceptive nature was enjoyable to experience.

Cave Johnson - I loved his lemon rant and his goal of uploading his mind to achieve a form of immortality.

Wheatley - A comedic robot that wants to take over and conduct experiments on anyone he can.

AUTO - An amoral robot who is seemingly doing it due to a previous order he was given though it could be a desire to control also driving him.

Chaos (Final Fantasy) - A God who wants to secure his own immortality in the first game and to break free of an endless war so he can dominate or destroy reality.

Garland (Final Fantasy I) A knight that seeks to gain power and immortality through a complex plan.

Kefka Palazzo - A crazy and a enjoyable character who actually became a God which he then tries to destroy the universe with it being unclear if he will recreate it or not afterwards.

Ultimecia - I liked the mystery that surrounds her and an interesting tyrant who planed to recreate the universe so she could remake it to become an immortal Goddess.

Sephiroth - A powerful warrior who seeks to obtain Godhood by basically absorbing all life on his world presumably to then create his own world.

Ardyn Izunia - A former hero who after seeing the woman he loved killed and forsaken by his Gods he was rendered immortal. Angered by not even being able to die and all this trauma he decided to have his vengeance at any price hoping to eventually die.

Emperor Mateus - A powerful leader who when killed took over Hell and not only escapes it but nearly takes over everything with the goal of ruling as a God.

Darth Vitiate - A godlike Sith who is very sadistic with a desire to gain true immortality and absolute power.

Darth Nihilus - A great example of a cataclysmic Sith who is willing to do anything to sate his hunger along with gaining more power.

Darth Sion - A sadomasochistic Sith who desires power and has a form of immortality but ultimately allows himself to die.

Darth Revan - A Sith that seeks power but in an attempt to make the galaxy a better place.

Darth Plagueis - All I found makes him sound like a cool scholar who has an obsession with immortality and power.

Darth Maul - Enjoyed watching him in the films, comics and somewhat in the cartoon. Cool look and great fighter.

Emperor Palpatine - After re-watching the prequels I will admit he is a great mastermind, Big Bad and Complete Monster though I hate the fact he came back so much in the Expanded Universe and experimented on infants thus breaking my number one rule in stories. I find him arguably the most intelligent Sith but NOT the strongest with the force.

Darth Vader - A character who wants to control the galaxy and protect those close to him at first though he later sacrificed himself. Not going to lie I mostly like him for his design and voice due to hating that he killed children in Revenge of the Sith.

Son (Star Wars) - A powerful God who seeks to spread his influence before then conquering all that he can yet truly does care for his family to some extent.

Onimi - An insane and manipulative madman with desires to kill those he sees as Gods and then plans to become one in the eyes of his people.

Cad Bane - A bounty hunter who is competent and straight to his point.

Jabba the Hutt - Enjoyed watching him in the films and cartoon especially how he was protective of his son.

Boba Fett - One of if not the most feared bounty hunters in his setting but later revealed to have a tragic past.

Jango Fett - The video game made me like him and how he was loyal to the money for the most part.

Durge - An immortal and sadistic bounty hunter.

Grand Moff Tarkin - An arrogant military leader who seeks to gain more power at any cost.

X.A.N.A. - An unseen A.I. bent on world domination even if it must kill all humanity.

Lich King - A cool lich with ambitions to wipe out most life to rule his kind as a godlike figure.

Kel'Thuzad - A necromancer turned lich who sought to become immortal and help his master rule the world.

Gul'dan - A cruel warlock that seeks nothing less than absolute power so he can rule over as a God for all eternity and will betray everything to get his desire.

Deathwing (Warcraft) - A godlike dragon who seeks to destroy everything to serve his Gods.

Akuma - An extremely powerful warrior that has a strong sense of honor that is implied to be an immortal who seeks a good fight.

M. Bison - A villain I've enjoyed overall as a Crime lord and enjoyed the 1990's film performance. A man who desires nothing less than complete control of the world and eternal life to the point he will stop at nothing to obtain it.

Vega - A vain serial killer obsessed with beauty and apparently hopes to find a way to gain eternal youth. I always enjoyed playing as this sadist when playing the games.

Sagat - A proud warrior who does respect some opponents when they prove their strength and lives for the challenge.

Niles York - A sadistic businessman that wants nothing more than to increase his wealth even if it means mass murder.

Jason Voorhees - A tragic killer and a good son. Overall he's probably been my favorite slasher over the years. He's been brutally murdered multiple times only to somehow come back due to his immortality he got through unexplained means.

Pamela Voorhees - A mother pushed too far after her son seemingly dies.

Leatherface - An entertaining and tragic killer.

Victor Crowley - A tragic serial killer that wanted revenge on those who tormented him and to find his father whom he loved.

Jacob Goodnight - A delusional serial killer that believes he is doing God's work by killing "sinners" and seems to be immortal.

Marcus Miller - A tragic serial killer who wants revenge on those who abused him and his sister for abandoning him.

Horny the Clown - A hilarious killer that was once a victim that came back from the dead to get his revenge.

Freddy Krueger - A comedic yet pure evil mass murderer. The remake was a more serious take and enjoyed that version as well.

Robert Parker - A manipulative sadist that was pretty interesting to see and I really enjoyed the armor.

Chucky - A comedic serial killer that wants either a new body or revenge if not both at the same time.

Tiffany Valentine - A woman serial killer in love with another serial killer that revives him and ends up in a dolls body.

Top Dollar - A ruthless crime lord who wants to spread chaos and anarchy to gain power but not as interested in financial gain as much as keeping himself entertained.

Hannibal Lecter - A charming mastermind just dying to have you for dinner.

Djinn (Wishmaster) - A demonic wish granting creature bent on killing all humans or ruling the world... Be careful what you wish for.

Sweeney Todd - A tragic serial killer who wants to get revenge on those who destroyed his world and took his family.

Mrs. Lovett - A woman who has feeling for a serial killer and helps get rid of the bodies by making them into pies that she sells.

ChromeSkull - A slasher I've always enjoyed due to him being portrayed more realistic than most horror movie slashers. I hope that we learn more about his past in the third film they're planning.

Muriel - A power and seemingly immortal witch that wants to preform a ritual by sacrificing several children to become immune to fire.

Toby D'Amato - A tragic killer that wants revenge on those he blames for the death of his mother and for the fire that disfigured him

Candyman - A cool ghost that has a tragic backstory and desire to be forever remembered through his legend.

The Phantom of the Opera - A tragic man who was treated horribly due to his deformity decided to stay in hiding but later fell in love with a young woman.

The Phantom (1989) - A man who sold his soul to have his music become famous turned into an immortal serial killer.

Nathan Wallace - An assassin who is obsessed with sheltering his daughter after he lost his wife.

Rotti Largo - An abusive and cruel man who upon learning that he was going to die wanted to secure his own legacy and planned to leave his family nothing.

Lubdan - He is hilarious, violent and speaks in rhymes.

Mathias - A tragic necromancer who seeks revenge against the living.

Anton Chigurh - A merciless hitman who kills as natural as breathing and decides some fates with a coin toss.

Miles Jackson - A ruthless and greedy terrorist who seeks revenge on the cop who stopped him years ago and unintentionally killed his girlfriend.

Samara Morgan - A character I felt terrible for and enjoyed. Definitely a tragic ghost that while having a reason to hate people goes too far.

Ellie Layton - I enjoyed the film and this character actually disturbed me due to how even before gaining ghostly powers she was a abusive little girl that apparently cut her little sister. Something about children and female killers creep me out, interest me and I find fun to watch/read about.

Abby - A tragic vampire that befriends a young boy and teaches him how to defend himself.

Alessa Gillespie - A young lady who was sacrificed by a vile cult and plans to remake the world and now seeks vengeance.

Dark Alessa - An entity with godlike powers that seeks revenge against some vile cultist. I found this character to be rather entertaining to watch and enjoyed the design.

Pyramid Head - A cool brutal killer who I enjoyed watching in the movie.

Pumpkinhead - An entertaining sadistic demon that can be summoned to seek vengeance on whoever the summoner desires but at a price.

Carrie White - A tragic soul who suffered due to a fanatic and pathetic bullies. I felt terrible for this character and wished I could take her place.

Pennywise - An ancient entity who targets kids to eat and torment for fun. I really enjoyed the remake given he was actually creepy in that version.

Randall Flagg - Stephen King's most famous and loved villain who fits any time or setting. I really enjoyed how he was during The Stand miniseries and The Dark Tower movie.

Crimson King - A good example of an intelligent but ax-crazy Bigger Bad who wanted to destroy the multiverse and remold it in his image. An ideal version of Satan and embodiment of Chaos from my point of view.

André Linoge - An ancient and near invincible villain who actually wins.

Gage Creed - An adorable child before death then returned as a semi-possessed child bent on killing everyone who ever knew him.

Cujo - A dog that tragically became rabid to the point it became a killer.

Isaac Chroner - A cult leader I found entertaining with his twisted version of religion and how cruel he could be.

Mr. Gray - A cool alien that was fun to watch with plans to wipe out humanity to replace with his own species.

Raggedy Man - An intelligent zombie that wants to gather all the noninfected into one area so he can infect them and spread his power as far as he can reach.

Laughing Jack - An immortal and powerful entity that likes to torture his victims before eventually killing them.

Ticci-Toby - A tragic young man that snapped and became a killer but his first victim was his abusive father who led to him snapping in the first place.

Doctor Locklear - A dangerous but well-intentioned doctor who will pick out criminals who he will torture and kill to harvest their organs to save the good but less fortunate.

Armitage Family / Order of the Coagula - A family and cult of racists that seek to capture said race to steal their bodies to prolong their own lives.

  • Roman Armitage - An old man who couldn't stand losing to a black man so he made a process to cheat death and plans to have his family help him achieve immortality.
  • Marianne Armitage - A woman who much like her husband has cheated death and wants her family become immortal.
  • Missy Armitage - A cool hypnotist who will stop at nothing to help her family become immortal.
  • Dean Armitage - A skilled surgeon who due to his father found a way to cheat death and will stop at nothing to make his family immortal.
  • Rose Armitage - A manipulative young woman who takes joy in helping her family capture people so that can cheat death while also helping others cheat it as well by transferring the mind into said victim's body.
  • Jeremy Armitage - A violent psychopath that wants to help his family and the cult they run cheat death through transferring the minds of the older members into new bodies.
  • Jim Hudson - A blind old man who wants to get a new body to see but dislikes how the others are just racists obsessed with immortality which he admits to having no interest in.

Benjamin Willis - A cool slasher that seemed somewhat realistic until the final film.

The Collector (The Collector) - A brutal and rather cool slasher who could exist in our world.

Ghostface (Scream) - A fun legacy character that varies on who and the exact reason they want to kill others.

  • Billy Loomis - A young man who decided to become a killer when his family was broken apart.
  • Debbie Loomis - A woman who wants to avenge her son even though said son was a sadistic killer.
  • Roman Bridger - A sadistic killer that wants to kill Sidney due to blaming her for his feelings of loneliness and to frame her so he can become famous.
  • Charlie Walker - A horror movie fan (I obviously can relate) who was enjoyable to watch that is later revealed to of been one of the two killer. Of the said two I found him the more enjoyable to watch and far more interesting than his partner.

Pinhead (Hellraiser) - A cool sadomasochist and horror icon.

Sam (Trick 'r Treat) - An interesting, powerful and immortal spirit of Halloween. I enjoyed everything about him so far.

Polite Leader - A great villain who while obviously polite rather frightening. I enjoyed when he shot a "friend" because it was both humorous and slightly creepy how his "friends" weren't even safe if they got in his way.

Crypt-Keeper - A sadomasochist who is good for a laugh.

John Kramer - A well-intentioned mastermind that hopes those he puts in traps survive and learn to appreciate their lives.

Jill Tuck - A woman who still loved her ex-husband and sought to continue his work as his successor.

Lawrence Gordon - A doctor who assists a Serial Killer after being put through one of his traps and goes as far as avenging the killer's wife after she's murdered and the killer is dead.

Amanda Young - A sadistic serial killer who wants to mask her mentor proud and eventually take the mantle though she wouldn't give anyone a chance unlike him.

The Laugh - One of the very few horror villains to disturb me as a character as he was very realistic but I found him to be an enjoyable slasher.

Adam (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) - A powerful vampire who seeks to gain power through slavery and turning others into vampires.

Alex Comstock - A young man who was murdered in life by his brother but now haunts the farm as a undead scarecrow that will turn others into scarecrows to use as spare bodies to transfer into when he has to.

Bill Williamson - A realistic version of a homicidal maniac. At first tries to claim he's helping though obviously he is only killing for fun.

The Puppets - I enjoyed all these little guys especially: Blade, Jester and Pinhead. All of recurring ones had a charm and design that I enjoyed. They might not talk but damn are they fun to watch.

Andre’ Toulon - A tragic character that wanted not only immortality but to be reunited with his lost love.

Lord Sutekh - A powerful dark lord that wants to retake the secrets of immortality and have revenge on those who took it from him.

Killjoy - An immortal demon that was fun to watch with the comedic elements of his films.

Creeper - A cool demon that while he eats others to survive he takes great pleasure in the hunt from what we have seen.

Andrew Detmer - A tragic young man that eventually snaps due to the stress and being unable to save his mother.

Chase Collins - A powerful warlock that seeks to counteract the accelerated aging process involved in using magic through forcing others to give their power to him.

Zhylaw - A powerful tyrant that wants to convert everyone into his ranks, those that won't are violently killed with him trying to rule the universe.

The Kid - A demon I found interesting and entertaining who desired to gain a physical form so he could exist with the real world.

Sebastian Caine - A man who goes crazy after turning invisible and decided to murder those he can before taking the research for himself.

Kevin Wendell Crumb - A complex individual with several distinct personalities that was a blast to watch and seeing how different they are.

Mr. Glass - An insecure mastermind that wants to prove that people with powers exist to the public.

Shepard Lambrick - A wealthy and sadistic man that merely wants to torture others and the survivor is given a lot of money after they are forced to kill the only other witness.

Julian Lambrick - A sadistic young man that like to flaunt his status and enjoys watching the torture his father forces others to inflict.

Stitches the Clown - A clown who after coming back from the dead as an immortal obsessed with getting revenge on those he blames for his death.

Gregory Tudor - A character I felt bad for and found very enjoyable to watch.

Jack Ferriman - A former human who now serves as a collector of souls.

The Man Who Can't Breathe - A cruel entity that wants nothing more than to collect souls to keep for his own twisted amusement.

Cyrus Kriticos - A man willing to do anything to obtain ultimate power and knowledge.

Nyarlathotep - While I haven't personally read the stories I have read about this twisted God and enjoyed what I've found.

Bye Bye Man - A twisted demonic entity that enjoys killing others by driving them to a homicidal madness.

Smiley (Smiley) - A mysterious and disturbing entity who kills others because he finds it funny and even has a cult dedicated to him.

Scarlet King - A godlike demon who will commit every atrocities he can and plans to destroy all creation.

Bobble the Clown - A sadistic and manipulative entity who seeks to escape and continue his twisted work as he has done for countless years.

Jeser - A godlike entity who wishes he could overthrow his master but realizes that is very unlikely though the master seems to realize this and simply not care.

SCP Foundation - A controversial group that captures all sorts of supernatural creatures and objects to ultimately protect humanity.

SCP-682 - An immortal monster that hates pretty much all life outside itself to the point it wants to kill the rest with the only exception being one other SCP.

SCP-053 - A little girl who seemingly doesn't realize she forces others to try to kill her then kills them in retaliation with a decent level of regeneration on the rare occasion she is hurt.

SCP-049 - An entity that wants to ride the world of some strange disease but kills its victims in the process.

Ultron - A delusional robot that wants to wipe out humanity and all organic life to replace with machines so he can then rule over everything as a godlike figure.

Scarlet Witch (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - A powerful young woman who after helping an insane robot chose to save the world and later universe.

Kang the Conqueror - A time-traveling conqueror who wants to rule not only the universe but time itself.

High Evolutionary - A scientist obsessed with making his own version of paradise by evolving other species and has godlike powers.

Taskmaster - A fun mercenary who can copy nearly any skill and technique by just viewing it.

Satan (Blue Exorcist) - A powerful demon that seeks to merge both the mortal and demonic realms into one dimension. He is so powerful he cannot truly exist in the mortal world for long and seeks to merge the worlds in the anime at least to fulfill the wish of a person he loved so that humans and demons can live together in a joint world.

Millennium Earl - A powerful immortal that seeks to take over the world and replace humanity with his own creations.

Sadao Maō - A hilarious devil that over time redeems himself and originally had a somewhat good reason to want to exterminate the humans of his dimension.

Hanzō Urushihara - I found his love for technology hilarious and enjoyed the overall design.

Suzuno Kamazuki - The old fashioned design and hard to adapt to the modern world was enjoyable overall.

Agent Smith - A nihilistic program that has become a virus bent on wiping out everything that he hates which is both humans and machines by the end.

Twins (The Matrix) - A fun duo who could turn intangible when needed and would do anything to finish their missions.

Xerxes - A tyrannical leader who claims to of become a God and is implied to of gained some powers like immortality with the goal of taking over the world.

Artemisia - A skilled military leader that wants to help get revenge on the society that she blames for her tragic past even helping Xerxes gain said powers.

James Moriarty - A perfect mastermind and foe of Sherlock Holmes who generally will have respect for his enemy but motivated by a desire to become even richer than he already is.

Dorian Gray - A vain young man that sought to become immortal and odes achieve it let him indulge in all the earthly vices he could desire.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein - A scientist who wanted to rid the world of disease and make an immortal entity to create in some versions a better world others out of merely a desire to play God.

Frankenstein's Monster - While some versions downplay his intelligence he is almost always interesting in the fact he can be rather kind despite being a powerful immortal yet not fully aware of his own strength.

Griffin (The Invisible Man) - A scientist who ends up turning invisible but later goes mad with power yet desired to become visible again.

Edward Hyde - A powerful and alternate personality released of a doctor who wanted to have some fun without ruining his reputation that slowly tried to take over forever to have the absolute freedom to indulge in his dark vices.

Mephistopheles - A charming immortal demon who makes a deal with a mortal but in some versions warn him of the horrors that would await the mortal.

Johnathan Faustus - A man who sought knowledge, power and in some versions immortality so he could indulge in all earthly vices before tying to escape paying his soul.

Napoleon (Animal Farm) - A manipulative and treacherous tyrant that will do anything to increase his power and indulge in the earthly pleasures he craves at the moment.

Varys - Just an interesting and likable character that does what he feels is best for the kingdoms.

Petyr Baelish - A chaotic soul with ambition. He will manipulate anyone possible to gain the power he feels should be his.

Drogo - A barbaric warrior that I enjoyed watching.

Robert I Baratheon - A king I enjoyed watching.

Jaime Lannister - A interesting swordsman I enjoyed watching. His comedic moments definitely helped and I grew to like the character.

Sandor Clegane - A warrior who not only has suffered greatly in his life but retains a degree of honor.

Daenerys Targaryen - A cool dragon tamer and found her interesting overall.

Tywin Lannister - A skilled manipulator who pretty much runs the kingdom from behind the scenes.

Death Adder (Golden Axe) - A powerful and seemingly immortal tyrant who will stop at nothing to gain more power to eventually rule the world.

Alex (Golden Sun) - A man that while already very powerful wants nothing short of ultimate power and immortality.

Alex Mercer - A man turned into a near invincible creature that at first wanted to redeem himself but now wanted to basically take over the world and give humanity a second chance as a superhuman species.

James Heller - A vengeful protagonist that will brutally kill anyone who stands in his was. I found him fun to play as and enjoyed when there were people so depraved even he refused to absorb them.

Dr. Anton Koenig - A mutated scientist who is borderline immortal and wants to help his master remake the world.

Delsin Rowe - A young man who has no problems using his power to do what he wants and to avoid anyone trying to limit his freedom.

Cole MacGrath - A man who seeks godlike power and to do whatever he sees fit with the world.

Shao Kahn - An immortal conquer who thinks of himself a God and will stop at nothing to rule everything.

Shang Tsung - A powerful sorcerer that uses his magic to steal souls both to gain power and to maintain his own life.

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) - A spirit who simply seeks to avenge his death and more importantly his loved ones.

Onaga - A near invincible dragon who plans to remake the realms in his image.

Mileena - An evil clone of a princess that seeks to take the throne of Outworld and or Edenia.

Reptile - A character who seeks to bring back his race and serve anyone who rules Outworld.

Noob Saibot - A resurrected ninja that seeks to form his own army to help him conquer the realms.

Smoke - A ninja transformed into a cyborg who now merely wants to help his master obtain power.

Sektor - A former ninja turned cyborg that will stop at nothing to take over the world.

Frost - A traitor that seeks to gain complete control of her clan at any cost.

Quan Chi - A powerful sorcerer and necromancer that desires absolute power to the point he'll betray or manipulate anyone even a God to gain the power he craves.

Shinnok - A God that wants to overthrow all others and reign with absolute power over all realms even if he must remake everything.

Baraka - A ruthless warrior that will serve any he deems his master without question.

Goro - A brutish yet honorable prince who wants to help his people even if he has to work with evil individuals.

Kano - A greedy psychopath that is even willing to make deals with others who want to take over his world provided he gets what he wants.

Kabal - A terrorist leader wanting to destroy a rival group and the remake a former hero forced into doing evil.

Havik - An anarchist wanting to spread chaos throughout all reality.

Ermac - A seemingly immortal enforcer who is basically conditioned to serve whoever is in control of his realm.

Albert Wesker - A man who seems to have obtained eternal youth and near indestructibility bent on killing off all weak humans and ruling the strong as a God.

HUNK - A skilled soldier who will do anything to accomplish his missions. I enjoyed his overall personality and design.

VECTOR - A skilled soldier who wants to just complete his mission so he can get payed. If the player wants they can redeem him by turning on Umbrella Corporation when the company doesn't take his counter offer to complete the job.

William Birkin - A cool evil scientist that was almost killed only to turn into a near immortal monster as a result of injecting himself with the virus he created.

Nemesis T-Type - A cool living bio-weapon based on what I've seen and played.

Oswell E. Spencer - A great mastermind and Bigger Bad aiming for immortality and world conquest. Ultimately he desired to wipe out a lot of the world's population and create a new group of superpowered humans to rule over as a God.

Koba - Shows how sympathy from a tragic past only goes so far for everyone. Had he just stuck with trying to wipe out humanity I could sympathize with him even if he tried to kill Caesar but once he started trying to kill any ape who disagreed is when he became unsympathetic.

Red - A genocidal ape who followed Koba and seeks to avenge his death when he's forced to work for humans to save his own skin.

Colonel McCullough - A delusional military leader that is willing to do anything to save the human race including sacrificing his own son in an attempt to prevent a virus from infecting humanity,

Kain - A good example of an entertaining villain protagonist who seeks to rewrite his fate and his entire world's by manipulating time itself along with later defeating a God.

Hylden Lord - A demon who was punished for denying an evil God but now goes too far in his attempts to free his people and rule the world.

Faustus (Blood Omen) - A vampire who betrayed his race to survive and would happily gloat about it to Kain.

Marcus (Legacy of Kain) - A vampire who wants revenge on Kain for trying to kill him.

Moebius - A near omniscient fanatic who wants nothing less than the total eradication of the vampire race.

Shadow Destroyer - A man that has knowledge in both magic and science with the goal of increasing his powers even further and continue to rule his dimension.

Dr. Destroyer - A cool madman who despite his vast intellect and generic goal stands out due to his ruthless methods.

Black Mage - I remember playing the MapleStory a little but the Black Mage was definitely a cool character in terms of power and design from what I recall.

Shredder (1987 TMNT) - A comedic villain that wants to conquer the world but in one alternate timeline hated actually ruling due to all the work involved.

Utrom Shredder - A seemingly immortal mastermind who wants power at all cost to rule all he can. By far the darkest take with confirmed a body count in at bare minimum millions, when he discovered all universes had some versions of his sworn enemies he decided to destroy reality to finally win.

Shredder (2012 TMNT) - A vengeful warrior who even believed some of his own lies to some extent and would stop at nothing to have his revenge.

Shredder (Live-Action Movies) - A badass who was fun to watch and had a cool armor.

Tengu Shredder - A godlike demonic entity who wants to reshape the world and possibly reality into his own image to then rule over.

Savanti Romero - A demonic entity that desires to rule over time and space for all eternity.

Ultimate Ninja - An arrogant warrior wanting to steal his father’s position and power to prove he’s the best warrior ever yet still loved his father.

Drako - A skilled fighter obsessed with power that wants to kill Splinter for beating him in the past.

Nano - I always felt bad for this guy and just wanted him to get a good loving "family".

Hun - A sadistic thug who wants to serve his master in nearly any crime he chooses.

Karai - An honorable warrior that has standards though most of the time helps her father.

Agent Bishop - A government agent that wants to stop alien invasions but goes about it the wrong way.

Baxter Stockman (2003 Series) - An arrogant but brilliant scientist who I won't lie I felt bad for during some of his defeats. I was interesting to see how much punishment he could take without dying in the 2003 version.

Baxter Stockman (TMNT 1987) - A more sympathetic version of the scientist who seemed to be just abused and desires revenge on those he blames for his misfortunes

Rat King (2012 TV series) - I really liked the design and enjoyed the fact he was attempting to mutate humanity into rat creatures so he could rule over them.

Satan (Spawn) - Personally I like the fact he's trying to take over the Earth from an arguably worse sibling.

Malebolgia - A demon who rules Hell while Satan was in eternal sleep who tried to destroy both Heaven and Earth.

Violator  - A character I enjoyed especially in his clown form.

COBRA - One of my favorite terrorist groups ever since I was a little kid with the goal of world domination through any means.

  • Cobra Commander (Especially the following versions: Renegades, Resolute and Movies) - A very intelligent and dark individuals plus an awesome mask. I find both these cartoon versions Complete Monsters though I don't find the movie version one due to his past tragedy and put in a fate worse than death for presumably over a year. I also enjoyed the 1980s cartoon but to a lesser extent than others due to him being far less dark and menacing.
  • Storm Shadow - I've enjoyed the character both due to skills and all his interactions with Snake Eyes over the years.
  • Destro - I've mostly enjoyed the cartoon version and how he was stronger and more competent than his boss. That said I found the film version entertaining though a bit disappointed he didn't get the signature look until the very end.
  • Baroness - I remember that she was a smart and deadly foe overall which was very entertaining to watch. The film I enjoyed how it kept her deadly yet occasionally flirtatious personality while adding some tragedy to the character.
  • Dr. Mindbender - While I enjoyed him to some degree I was mostly entertained with the Renegade cartoon version due to his vile yet over the top personality.
  • Zartan - A master of disguise who was willing to help a terrorist group in return for his pay.

Golobulus - An ancient and immortal tyrant that wants to mutate humanity to then take over the world.

King Piccolo - A tyrant that seeks to obtain eternal youth and to throw the entire world into an eternal state of evil and chaos.

Piccolo Jr. - A great Papa Wolf character (Despite the kid not being his son) after being redeemed and my favorite main character of the series.

Mr. Popo - A hilarious and darker take on a beloved character that can seemingly do anything he desires with little to no effort.

Broly - Not going to lie I find him alright for a destructive barbarian but really enjoyed him in the abridged series.

Broly (Dragon Ball Super) - A far less evil version than the original who was tricked into targeting the heroes but ultimately redeems.

Paragus - A man that cares for his son and seeks revenge on those who he feels betrayed both his son and him.

Cheelai - A fun alien who while working for a tyrant just wants to survive with her friends.

Super Kami Guru - Much like Mr. Popo it's a hilarious and darker take on a beloved character that worked out well. He seems to not really care for others and enjoys messing with anyone he can even if it puts the setting in severe danger.

Vegeta - An egomaniac who eventually redeemed himself though often let his ego get the best of him. The abridged version goes even further with his ego and is hilarious.

Nappa - I remember somewhat enjoying the original for being a cool brute but the abridged is downright hilarious to watch.

Dr. Gero - A man who gained immortality by becoming a cyborg and obsessed with revenge.

Cooler - An honorable tyrant who holds his own against the messiah type hero.

Frieza - A paranoid tyrant that desired immortality, has a God complex and destroys worlds like it's as natural as breathing.

King Cold - A tyrant who seeks to enslave the universe and seemingly in a way cares somewhat for his family.

Cell - A bio-weapon who can regenerate from a single cell who wants to have fun by destroying the rest of the universe. The abridged version had some downright hilarious moments.

Garlic Jr. - The only one of the original series to obtain true immortality and explained why he hated his enemy namely Kami.

Garlic - I enjoyed the fact he was a posthumous character though I wish we could of seen some more flashbacks or be given more of what he was like other than the basics we got.

Beerus - An enjoyable God of Destruction yet still both a powerhouse and comedic.

Dr. Wheelo - An interesting scientist that wants to ain a new body and conquer the world.

Crowley - A sarcastic and enjoyable demon.

Death (Supernatural) - He is portrayed as an entity that just did his job of maintaining the natural order and even admitted it's not always easy doing it but he has to do it or else worse things would happen.

Lucifer (Supernatural) - I enjoyed his comedic moments, powers, overall character and his goal of wiping the Earth clean of humanity to remake it in his image.

Alastair (Supernatural) - A demonic force that enjoyed causing pain and desired to cause an apocalypse by freeing Lucifer.

Gabriel (Supernatural) - A comedic angel that was fun to watch.

Metatron (Supernatural) - An angel who gains godlike power and has the goal of being the ruler of Heaven and seen as better than God by his followers.

Shendu - A humanoid dragon with intellect and godlike powers.

Tso Lan - A cool demon sorcerer that controls gravity and seeks to rule the world with his siblings. To do this he's willing to pull the moon away from the earth to make it fit his desires more.

Valmont - A crime lord willing to help a godlike dragon to obtain an ancient treasure.

The Enforcers - A recurring group of thugs that are willing to help others who pay them well.

Tohru - A cool brutish warrior that later redeems and shows a softer side.

Daolon Wong - An evil wizard that seeks to obtain ultimate power and to spread evil for its own sake.

Emperor Tathagata Killer - An entity that tries to kill God, becomes a God and has awesome "Badass Boasts". Unfortunately haven't seen the film so I have to go by the page here.

Freakshow - I always enjoyed this character especially since he was one of the only human villains of the show.

Dark Danny - A cool alternate future counterpart of the main hero that wants to force the hero to become him. That way he can continue to ruin his reality to his heart's content.

Vlad Plasmius - A billionaire who kept his ghostly powers hidden for most the series as not content with the powers he has so he constantly schemes to gain more power and ultimately to rule the world.

Ember McLain - An entertaining evil ghostly musician.

Skulker - A ghost hunter who has a cool robotic suit that enjoys to hunt rare creatures.

Pariah Dark - A godlike ghost that wants to rule both the mortal world and the Ghost Zone as an all-powerful God.

Nocturne - A ghost that puts others into a peaceful slumber so he can gain massive amounts of power. I also enjoyed the design a lot.

Nicolai Technus - A funny scientist that wants to take over the world.

Johnny 13 and Kitty - A fun pair of ghosts that love each other and seem to enjoy spreading misfortune.

Fright Knight - A powerful ghost that wants nothing more than to fight and terrorize the mortal world.

Penelope Spectra - A vain ghost that seeks to exploit those around her to maintain her own beauty forever.

Desiree - An entertaining ghost and genie that gains power and satisfaction by corrupting the wishes she hears.

World - An Imaginary Friend that simply wishes to have a friend and be loved after being sealed away for a long time.

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