• I live in Salem, Oregon
  • I was born on November 14
  • My occupation is Writing fanfiction
  • I am Female

Greetings, everyone at Villains Wikia! My name is Kat Kennedy and I've always admired villains and their certain powers and attributes, but mostly their backstories on how they became villains... I also admire Lady Gaga, junkfood (especially cupcakes!) and unicorns


I am a child of divorce, youngest of 10 kids, high school dropout, still contemplating collage. I've always admired villains, their tragic back story, their certain attributes and abilities. I am a dog person, am lactose-intolerant but still enjoy the occasional pizza and ice cream with little distress.



  • I have an extreme fear of spiders (tarantulas!)
  • I have a fear of worms and snakes
  • I got stung by a bee recently
  • I have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and like things neat, arranged and tidied up
  • I lived in 7 cities all within a year and a half
  • I suffered an epilepsy attack due to a severe allergic reaction to flu medication when I was little
  • I have a fear of drowning and can't swim
  • Most of my celeb crushes are singers
  • I have a fetish for tattoos
  • I've dyed my hair 7 different colors in the last 5 years
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