Still your tounge, whelp, and experience the power of... Zant, King of Twilight!!!
~ King Zant


Hello, people of the world! Please don't edit my userpage without asking.

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Reason for joining

The reason I joined Villains Wiki is because of User:Deathwalker 13000 and User:Thesecret1070. They are leaders of the Wiki here.


None, I will become an admin!

Favorite Villains

These are my favorite Villains 1=best 10=...not best? 10. Darth Vader


8.Davy Jones

7.The Joker



4.Shadow the Hedgehog




What I have to say

Nothing. If you have fallen go here.

In the beginning

The Visions dancing in my Mind.jpg

In the beginning, Zant was a mere child. He was raised by two parents who despised of him. Finally Zant ran away from home. While on the run he tripped and fell into a pit of intoxicated fluids. Zant arouse out of the liquid and begun to realize his powers. For he was not normal anymore. Realizing this, he created his own twilight realm were there was light enfused with darkness.

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