Hi there. I'm Kitty the cat. Even though I'm more into hero and anti-hero characters(since I find heroes more interesting in my opinion), I do like some villains(especially Mr. Burns and Waylon Smithers from The Simpsons) but, not as much and I don’t really spend much time on this wiki as much as on the Heroes Wiki.

I love adult cartoons, anime, some CGI films and some video games. I am a nice, kind and friendly girl but, I also have autism and suffer from mental illness.  I am also a fangirl of Lenny and Carl from The Simpsons.

Catfan180 by blossombright-dbyuddj

This is my persona also known as Kitty the cat. I also kept my real name as a secret.

See also my page on the Heroes Wiki.

My favourite villains so far are:

  1. Roger Smith
  2. Scout (Team Fortress 2)
  3. King Dedede
  4. Bowser Jr.

I will add more later on if I feel like it.

List of my interests

Here are my lists of things that I like and things that I dislike/hate. I will respect your opinions if your opinions are different to mine.

Franchises I like:

  • The Simpsons(mostly the comics and the Tapped Out! game)
  • Freedom Planet
  • American Dad!
  • Half-Life
  • Portal
  • Disenchantment
  • Love, Chuunibyou & Other Delusions
  • Himouto! Umaru-Chan
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia
  • Sword Art Online
  • Kantai Collection
  • Love Live! series
  • Konosuba
  • My Hero Academia
  • Team Fortress 2
  • SuperMarioLogan
  • The Secret Life Of Pets
  • The Angry Birds Movie
  • Alvin And The Chipmunks live action films
  • Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn
  • Big Hero 6

Will add more later on.

Franchises I dislike/hate:

  • Hotel Transylvania sequels
  • Sonic X
  • Horrid Henry
  • Frozen
  • The Loud House
  • Krampus
  • PAW Patrol
  • Steven Universe(I don't hate it but, I don't like it that much.)
  • Star Wars(I don't hate it but, I just don't like it as much and it dosen't interest me.)

Will add more later on.

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