I'm the Most Greatest Powerful Killing Beast Machine of the Elements Masters!
~ Scrapmetal's catchphrase

Metaltronus Omegahorns


Backstory: Metaltronus was born he sit his father knee and It call it Elemental Dragon Clan Anyone Read it to be Especially. The Elemental Dragon Clan is honor and Challenge defeat Evil Creature you know you are the Master of the Elemental Master. one night My Father tried to protect us the gang call the Villain Elemental Overpower him and Heartless Army attack my land. And then they found Elemental Dragon Clan Book, his Father tried to Defend Family Manual Keeping Greatest fell into their filthy hands. They tore the Book into pieces and spit it up Each Villain Disappear as Farthest, corners of the World to commit dastardly crimes. Next Morning Princess Celestia find me in old house, She take me home and she raise Metaltronus as her son.

Grown up: few years after Celestia Raise Metaltronus, I kind Grown up and it when I met others they are my most trust friends.


Sword - He have Diamond Sword,

Axe - He use to chop Rock, Stone, Diamond, Crystal

Saw Shield - when it attack use the Shield for Defend. He throw the Shield back.

Knife - He use a Knife for throw the

Dagger - The move's call Laser Dagger to burn Metal, Gear, Diamond, Crystal, Tree, Brick,

Saw Blade Shuriken - He have button Shuriken Ice, Bomb, fire,

Hammer - he use a hammer to smash earth or damage earth

Minigun - He use a big gun to Damage emery

rocket launcher - He have four hole a big gun rocket

Lance - Once he climb big tree and mountain, he use Lance on right hand/claw for Catapult Crash

Spear - He smart enough to make a Spear bamboo

Gun - The gun on the arm gear

Hockey stick -

Guandao -


power and Ability

Super speed - His speed is so Faster than Sonic in 1500 mile an hour. He was too quick.

Super strength - Metaltronus is so Stronger enough as Crabdozer, Humungousaur ,Malware, Trumbipulor, Armodrillo, Yang Xiao Long, Marshmallow   able to use a Super Strength to carry the Rock, Wood, even break metal wall and the most part is He has also proven to be strong enough to flatten the Enemies with a few punches and few a leg based martial art then a few his Spike-mace Tail.

Metallic spikes - His Spike is so Sharp to quill on his back

Metaltronus able to mimic the fire of any dragon they encounter. They can also combine the fire to make a powerful blast. So far, they have been seen mimicking the fire blasts of amber-like substance From Death Song, Fire Breath From Monstrous Nightmares, Lava Blast From Gronckle and Firing Lighting From The Skrill, Magical Blast From Twilight Sparkle and

Hypnotic - Sometime he use a siren-like song to lure his prey

Camouflage - He can camouflage giant trees to attack his prey

Climbing Skill - He can climb giant tree and mountain,build wall

Drain Energy power - He can touch hands the absord

Drain Technology -

Flame-Fu -

Elementals-Fu -

Intangibility -

Shapeshifting Weapons: Metaltronus is able to easily shapeshift both of her hands into several types of weapons, Hammer, Sword, Gun, Mace, Once you attack with the weapons Metaltron take their weapon the create his own weapons is no one can't return their weapon

Spraying fog - capable of spraying a yellow fog

Force Field Webs - His skill was good enough to trapping his prey

Counterattack - He Know all moves and Attack. First attack he grab your attack. he attack back

Anti-Magic - He wear his armors in case he doesn't like "Magic or Fairy."

Strong skin - whenever attack using the weapons his hard metal skin is no effective made of fire, poison , water, laser, explosion, bomb, bullet, fighting, dragon, toxic metal, weapons, lava, proof is not even single scratch on him.

Elements powers



He have a killer instinct to kill or eat. His instinct told to kill his friends and catch his Prey

when he use a crystal power his armor strong enough for defense including his helmet

Sometime he ate Rock, Metal, Technology, to use his mouth blast the ernies

He can swim in water he can't breath about 30 Minute Scrapmetal don't swim deep

He have a dragon heart he can breath fire. His tamper keep himself warm. If he don't he die or weak.

He have Super Strength able carry rock, wood and dig underground

He don't like to eat Fairy and Magical creature

He never hunt the deer and Chicken and Bunny and Mouse

He never hunt a Bunny, Mouse, Dear, Pig, Chicken,


12 feet tall,Stegosaur-like plates on Ankylosaurus-like Armored back with Spinosaurus or Dimetrodon spine, Mace Tail, Ankylosaurus's Neck Armor with Carnotaurus's Spike neck, Arms and Legs do something similar. His Metal Skin is hard as a Heavy Rock, wears short pants with white waistband, Wear a blue Shirt, Metal Armor, Sharp like Shellephant


Undead Type -

Gods & Goddesses yourself -

magic fairy - combine your type and your ability to defeat him

Ice Water - Ice and Water combine attack won't hunt him It Create hole to the Armors

natural predator - Scrapmetal he is like a dragon

Dragon Snake - many type of Dragon snake is Natural predator. once Dragon snake wrap around him. He is not strong enough to break free Like a Desert Dragon Snake is a Natural predator It can bite him with Magical Paralyze and Arctic Dragon Snake is Natural Predator It can one bite on him. It Freeze him and eat him

Dragon Cobra -

Metal or Diamond Leech - It a Natural predator can suck him skin when It on the body.

Giant Spider - It a Natural Predator. once It set up trap on the wet. It will string his body

Giant Shark - It a Natural Predator. It can swim fast about 1500 mile and jaw is strong enough to bit a metal

Shadow Wolf - It a Natural Predator. It can eat Metal diamond Dragon. attack his packs. And sometime It can eat Shadow Soul

Arctic Wolf -

Undead Wolf -

Magical Wolf - It a Natural Predator. It also eat Diamond Dragon. It use a Powerful Magical Blast against Metaltronus Elementals Blast. It so Magical Paralyze

neck - he have a weakness his hard neck

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