Earth Negative is one of several Parallel Earths found branching off the singular Prime Dimension within the First Realm (Universe). Although Earth Negative suggests heavy similarity to Earth Prime, there are several subtle differences; the difference in various historical events, the existence of people who do not exist in Earth Prime and the absence of those who do, various geological differences, and the most significant of all being the influence the outer Teraverse has on this particular Earth. Several supernatural creatures reside within Earth Prime, and Earth Negative itself is interlinked with several pocket dimensions within the Blank Zone, as well as with the mental plane of the Remeditary.

Legend: (d) = deceased, (hd) = historically deceased

Hypernatura-Sensitive Beings

The Sanctuary and Allies

The Masters

The Sanctuary:

Gardia Kirune/Portalmaster:

The Roadwalker:


The Seers

Seers: The psychic precursors to humanity who lived in earliest state of Earth (known as the Old World) billions of years ago. A race of humanoid beings capable of resurrecting if killed and with no biological genders, the Seers were by nature near-omniscient due to their ability to link with the Remeditary and project mental avatars of themselves into mind-space all across reality, using the gathered knowledge to build a highly-advanced society kept after by the godlike Daydreamers. However, the experiments of the amoral Daydreamer, Pond, led to a disaster which managed to totally wipe out the Seers and their society (with the exception of one artificial Seer, that being Zyra Nyson). What remained would later evolve into humankind after a course of billions of years to evolve, a race that could not tap into the Remeditary and thus lost its knowledge and the capability to comprehend what the Seers could. However, a few-hundred individuals (half-Seers) still possessed unawakened parts of Seers within them, and, if they were capable of awakening those parts inside them, they would be able to tap into the Remeditary and adapt partially to the form of the Seer. 

Michael Seer (post-regeneration): One of the central characters of the Neverworld series. After his death at the hands of the Wing, Michael would quickly regenerate into a half-Seer due to his previous contact with an artifact of the Remeditary (the slab found on Onolo's beach, which, while causing Katrina's nightmares, allowed Michael to tap into the Remeditary and communicate with the White Lady). Now immortal due to the regenerative and biological immortality of the Seer half within him, Michael, after the events of the Never Incident, recreates his identity and moves into Calgary. As a Seer, Michael is deeply paranoid about the future of mankind and has grown even more misanthropic since his first death, something he finds contrasted when he meets the artificial Seer Zyra Nyson and joins up with her to finally find the answers to why Earth Negative is the way it is in 2006. 

Zyra Nyson (post-regeneration): One of the central characters of the Neverworld series. After her death at the hands of the Consultant, Zyra regenerates as a fully-formed Seer - the only one of its kind - and taps into the Remeditary, whereupon she learns of her identity from Pond; she was created alongside a series of artificial Seers billions of years ago by Pond which, due to a miscalculation, ended up destroying most of the Old World and almost all the Seers. After killing Pond and the Daydreamers for the sake of preventing the Remeditary from fusing with Earth, Zyra, with her Seer powers, vows to protect the world from creatures like the City, and spends the next ten years of her life helping other unawakened half-Seers link with the Remeditary. Zyra is very much an idealist even in spite of her experiences with the City and is good-hearted by nature, something she finds reflected upon meeting with Michael Seer in 2006. 

Daniel Hopper (d): An everyman living with his two daughters (Alessa and Crystal) and infant son (Mark) in Onolo, and one of the focus characters of The City of Never. Daniel runs a curiosity shop where he sells various antiques at a low price. After the City ends up taking the things he holds closest to him, Daniel goes on a journey through eldritch odds to find them, no matter what the cost to him, and in the process realizes that he is interconnected to the Remeditary and a half-Seer alongside Michael; an incredibly rare occurrence (as only about two half-Seers are born annually, and even fewer gain the chance to awaken their powers). After Michael's regeneration and the revelation that his own daughter is a crucial factor in the Consultant's scheme, Daniel's powers may be the key from stopping the City to reaching the rest of Earth. Daniel, after awakening, is driven to suicide and asks for Draynak to kill him, which it obliges by destroying his mental avatar.

Alessa Hopper: Daniel's oldest child. A young girl who is best friends with Katrina Summerwood, her father Daniel is briefly driven insane from a bite from one of the City's creatures, causing him to fly into a frenzy and attack her. Shortly after this, her siblings are taken by the City, and Alessa finds herself in a struggle to fight back against the City, in doing so developing her own romantic feelings for Katrina.

Eliza Cortly/Leandra Hopper:

Crystal Hopper (d):

Mark Hopper (d):

The Blacksouls and the Tainted

The Dark Pantheon

The Dark Divinities (d): The Dark Divinities are a powerful race of godly entities who seek to destroy and dominate all they come across. Referred to collectively as the "Dark Pantheon" and spoken of in the dark language of Wither-tongue, they vary in form, goals, and power, but most of them are wholly evil and are beyond the understanding of humans. They are beyond even the eldritch nature of the supernatural creatures on Earth Negative and even the City. Despite their godly nature, the influence of Earth Negative's supernatural essence has drawn Dark Divinities to the planet again and again, and into the contact of humans. Cults of worship of those who know of them have been based all over Earth Negative; Ix Nagoth is generally seen as the most powerful of the Dark Divinities in Earth Negative as it is the creator of Earth and the oldest (alongside Masq). Every Dark Divinity was destroyed upon the Darkblight.

Ix Nagoth/The Omnipotent Fire/The All-Eye (d): An outer-dimensional Dark Divinity, one of the most powerful of its kind, and one of the central antagonists of the Neverworld series. Ix Nagoth is a being that lives in a hellish plane known as Xi'Acerbia, and is utterly chaotic, twisted, and sadistic even by the standards of the Dark Divinities. Given the rare powers of creatoin, Ix Nagoth twists these powers by creating entire worlds and races, then using them in cruel experiments and toying with them before gradually breaking them down and destroying them completely. It repeats this process endlessly, and has destroyed more of the Teraverse than any other Dark Divinity. Abhorred even by its kin, Ix Nagoth's ultimate goal is to unmake the Teraverse. Earth Negative is the creation of Ix Nagoth, and the strange anomalies in comparison to other, more mundane Earths (such as the presence of Hypernatura and links with dimensions in the Blank Zone) is a result of Ix Nagoth's influence. Ix Nagoth is only visible as a massive collection of bright, red-orange, bloodshot eyes. 

Draynak/The Wish (d):

Diah Shaa'dor/The Shade: One of the most enigmatic of the Dark Divinities. Shaa'dor is a being of shapeless darkness that took command of the City's creatures for a great period of time to pursue whatever agenda it may have devised. It is implied to be sentient, but to what degree is unknown; it never openly communicates or establishes any understandable personality aside from having the Consultant command the City's forces to attack St. Howard's. It is hinted, however, that it is more well-intentioned than its frightening appearance and actions may suggest, as there are implications that, through killing Zyra and forcing the treacherous Consultant to remain loyal to the City, it is keeping Draynak sealed and preventing it form reaching the rest of reality. This is further supported by the fact that Shaa'dor is never seen openly attempting to harm any other plane of existence aside from the localized area of St. Howard's. It is also implied to have a connection with Pond, as she mentions that she intentionally lured Shaa'dor to St. Howard's for the purpose of having Zyra eventually connect with the Remeditary. After 1996, Shaa'dor is never seen again, having been replaced with the Priest in 2001; there is an implication Shaa'dor was either naturally succeeded as the priest of the City or disposed of by the Consultant.

Al Palia/The Pale: The center being of worship by the Followers of the Pale. An eldritch, mindless monstrosity drawn to Earth Negative by a portal conjured by Arland Arevalous, the Pale is a being that invades life-populated dimensions and feeds off the energy of all mortal beings within to sustain itself. Unlike several of the Dark Divinities, the Pale has no sentience and has intelligence comparable to an earthly predator. Despite this, it is very much destructive and it as seen as an absolute deity by the Followers, with their High Priest Arland seeking to fuse with it and displace God (actually Ix Nagoth) to control the destinies of everyone. Ultimately, the Pale is driven off by the powers of the After and the residents of London mindwiped of its presence, but the Pale remains alive, with those who still recall its existence dreading the day it inevitably comes back.

Masq/The Djiini: Masq is a vastly powerful Dark Divinity, one of the original three birthed by Lord Malevolence, and one of the oldest Dark Divinities alive. A being who's formed is perceived differently by all who look on him, Masq's only consistent trait is the mask he wears, which varies from form to form. Due to his very influence corrupting men to sin and destruction, Masq was sealed away in the Timeless Corridor. Yearning to get out, Masq has vowed personal revenge. Despite all this, Masq is very affable and honest, and is arguably the most human of all the Dark Divinities. During some unknown time before 2006, Masq helped Johnathan Bevvy attain his goal of seeking the one he loved in exchange for committing several immoral acts in the name of releasing him. Bevvy would later become a Dark Divinity himself, named the Black Prince. Masq nothing holds disgust for his kin, holding special hatred for Ix Nagoth. He leans, uniquely enough for a sentient Dark Divinity, neither to the side of good nor evil, instead preserving the flow of corruption to balance out good and evil as it should be. Masq will also use his power to give those who help him what they most desire.

The Black Prince/No-Faced Ricker/Jonathan Bevvy:

Aldreus/The Void-king:

Kilzzamandro/The Spiral-Eyed Man: A manipulative being gifted its title by its strange, black spiralling right eye. Kilzzamandro, like Masq and Draynak, has a near-human personality and is perhaps the most Earth-bound of all Dark Divinities while also remaining one of the most enigmatic. Though implied to have an eldritch true form, Kilzzamandro's primary body is that of a simple, pale-skinned human always bearing a deep gray top hat, with a black, constantly swirling right eye and an ear-to-ear grin it never drops. Styling itself as a sort of 1930s-esque carnie, Killzzamandro is theatrical, has a bombastic and refined way of speaking, and never loses its temper. Its goal is unknown, it has appeared numerous times throughout the history of Earth Negative seemingly out of nowhere dozens of times, sometimes helping people and other times manipulating them into commiting foul deeds. Its actions have indirectly revolutionized a country at least once and brought down an entire empire, with seemingly no intent to its random deeds aside from to have fun and observe the results of its manipulations. It is perhaps the most neutral out of all the Dark Divinities aside from Masq, holding no apparent allegiance to anyone and having no apparent connection with any other Dark Divinity or even any outer Teraversal being.

Desara/The Great Reaper: Thought to be the personification of death itself, Desara is a being said to be equivalent to a shinigami. Represented through various gothic forms, Desara is the primary god of worship of the Blades, who see it as the ultimate representation of acceptance, inevitability, ascension, and death. Though it has been symbolized and depicted in numerous forms and does indeed physically exist, Desara is unlikely sentient and has never had any physical interaction with Earth Negative.

Salamandris/The Writhing Sufferer: An obliquely-described Dark Divinity that likely does not even exist within Earth Negative's dimension. Stated only as a "great white writhing sufferer who lives within a great pool of damp fire" through the texts of an extinct cult thought to be the basis for the Blades, little if anything is known about Salamandris.

Necrossio/The Shaded Lord (d):

Lord Malevolence/Haeterne/Domixus (d): The ancient creator of the Dark Pantheon, the lord of the Blacksouls, the Enemy of the Sanctuary, and the oldest, greatest to the threat to the Teraverse. Born from the result of a former Master known as Domixus falling into despair, Lord Malevolence waged the Blackest War on reality before being sealed. Brought back to life upon the destruction of Earth Negative and hosted by Cyndi Idashov, Lord Malevolence establishes a new assault on reality with the Blacksouls in service and sets to plunge all the Teraverse into the Null. Every single wrong in the Teraverse can be pinned back to Lord Malevolence itself. 

The Callers

The Jackal-Hunter/Segel Audey:

Patch/Aselles Gryer:

The Witherer/Rever Txales:

Twilight Dove/Nitch Kevel:


Dark Masters



Other Tainted


Lucia (post-Taint) (d):

Welter Faye (post-Taint) (d): 

Aldo Damscus (d):

Theodore Andrews:


The City

The Passenger: A horrendous, shapeless entity comprised of several groping limbs and eyes reminiscent of the Shoggoth. The Passenger serves as the being responsible for traveling to Earth initially after it is inadvertantly summoned by the slab which washed up on Onolo. One look can drive a man insane. It represents Ghatanothoa.

The "Shadows' Consultant"/Lucia: A fallen Daydreamer under the guise of a silent, masked entity in service to the City, and the main antagonist of the first three books of the Neverworld series. Clad in a double-riders leather coat, a featureless black mask, and brandishing an array of knives, Lucia self-titles herself the "Shadows' Consultant" and has been haunting Earth Negative for many thousands of years, manipulating the other beings of the City into a cult and seeking out various Remeditary-compatible "candidates" meant to host Draynak. She is tactiturn, completely emotionless, and has absolutely no boundaries to the lengths she goes to to free Draynak, commiting a vast number of horrible atrocities in her lifetime and having a massive influence on people integral to the Attack and the Never Incident. She represents Nyarlathotep.

The Mollusc: A sluggish, nautiloid-esque entity that resembles a massive, shelled mass of meat. Despite its inability to move on its own accord, the Mollusc holds total control of the slag-behemoths it uses to overwhelm intruders to its realm. It represents Tsathoggua.

The Priest (d): The being responsible for the attacks on Onolo. A being that takes a vague likeness to a screaming human, the Priest, as it is called, is responsible for sending its ilk to Earth in hope to draw "IT" to them for some unknown reason. It represents Cthulhu.

The Needler: An arachnidian entity capable of spreading venom that drives men to feral bestiality. It mothers over the many strange entities responsible for issuing and delivering its venom, like the leech and slug creatures utilized by the Consultant. It represents Shub-Niggurath.

The Blind (d): A being residing in the Cast-out outside the Teraverse. The Blind was ex-communicated from the City after taking issue to the Consultant's ideas and advice, and due to its desire to maintain a balance, the Blind learned human culture over a time of thousands of Earth-years for the sake of repopulating them on the Cast-out due to the impending catastrophe of "IT." The Blind was killed by the Consultant at the rose-field, where the Consultant rent through it with its claws. It represents Hastur.

The Thing in the Labyrinth: (See The Dark Pantheon - Draynak)

Slag-behemoths: A race of tank-sized monstrosities not too dissimilar to the Passenger. The slag-behemoths are titans comprised of slime, with titanic jaws and blobbish bodies hoisted by several-dozen limbs. They are all seemingly commanded by the Mollusc. They represent Eihort.

The Mass: A colossal, amorphous being that defies the laws of physics with its mere existence. Taking the form of a titanic blob of void-black ooze, the Mass has no defined shape and towers over everything in an undulating, constantly shifting mass. It is capable of spreading parts of itself across the ground to ensnare all within reach; the Mass then pushes parts of itself into the people it catches and dissolves them from the inside out, drawing the melted flesh into it for apparent sustenance.

The Wing: A bat-like creature that hatched from the Babyface. Suspected to be part of a species, the Wing has a small and yet integral role in the form of killing Michael Seer, which allows him to regenerate into a half-human Seer capable of linking his mind with the Remeditary. It represents a shantak.

The Leeches: Several beings with likeness to leeches, hence their name. The leeches appear capable of carrying unborn spawn of the City, and due to this the Consultant weaponizes them and uses them in its cruelest atrocity, that being impregnating Alessa with them to turn her into the Bloat. Despite the Consultant using them, they are all created by the Needler. They, alongside the slugs, represent the young of Shub-Niggurath.

The Lurker: An invisible entity that appears predatory. The Lurker is completely and utterly silent, to the point where noise seems to dull in its presence. Like the mist-being, the Lurker doesn't appear to harm those it captures, but instead brings them to the City. It represents the star-vampires.

The Slug-things: A race of revolting, slug-like monstrosities, roughly as large as a cat. Mothered by the Needler, the slugs carry the Needler's venom and can spread it onto others with a single bite. One did exactly this to Daniel Hopper, briefly driving him insane and causing him to go into a coma upon where he linked with the Remeditary for the first time. They, alongsides the leeches, represent the young of Shub-Niggurath.

"Babyfaces": The "babyface" refers to two separate entities. The former is the first form of the Wing and appears to be the larval form of the species, and upon maturing they burst from the babyface form. The second refers to what the Consultant forcefully molded Mark Hopper into; a horrendous, pained entity taller and bulkier than any man but with the mind of an infant.

Mist-being: A being shrouded in an ethereal fog. Christian and his party encountered this being during their first expedition to the City, and Christian drove off the being, aggravating it and causing it to whisk him to another part of the City, where he met the Priest.

The Witherboys: Impossibly slender, maned beings with coal-black skin with a likeness to chalk. The Witherboys are named so due to their subtle likeness to male human children, and Mr. Bright dealt with one during a brief mental breakdown shortly after coming to Onolo; whether or not this was real or a hallucination is never explained.

"It" (d): The mindless, vast, incomprehensible entity worshiped by the beings of the City. "It" is a being vaster than a planet and seems to be headed to Earth after being drawn by the imbalance that obliterated all life on Earth years ago - and being lured further by Lucia's exploits. It is consumed by Draynak at the edge of the Teraverse. It represents Azathoth.

Zyra's Dream-Sphere




Maare Kal'yuun:

Rannel Okeva:

Axen Vilru:

Other Beings


Daydreamers (d):


Pond (d):

Lucia: (See The City - The Shadows' Consultant)





The Coven:







The Clergymen


Society of the Blanks:

Theodore Andrews/Blank: A man-turned-Wight as a result of the experiments of Welter Faye. Formerly an accountant who advocated and supported homosexual marriage, Theodore was targeted by the Order for his views. Sending Welter Faye to care of him, Faye murdered Theodore and his fiancée on the day of their wedding, and Faye resurrected Theodore with an artifact that turned Theodore into a creature. Theodore, after unleashing his rage, joined a secret society of these beings, called "Wights," who had still held onto their humanity even after their transportation.


The Dreadmeister:




The Higher Ones:


The "X-Man"/The Winterman:

The Engineers:




Onolo and Outer Mexico

Michael Seer (pre-regeneration) (d): An irritable, arrogant journalist who moved in from Idaho into the Mexican village Onolo, and one of the central characters of The City of Never. Michael is smug and rather cynical, and adores the works of H.P. Lovecraft. His admiration, however, finds itself challenged when beings of another world known as the City suddenly invade Onolo. Finding himself a key player in the struggle against the City, Michael gradually learns to soften and ends up developing a soft spot for Alessa and Katrina. Michael ends up sustaining mortal injuries when fighting the Wing and dies shortly after as the first major casualty of the City.

Daniel Hopper: (See List of People - The Seers)

Christian Vade (d): The stern Headman of Onolo, and one of the central characters of The City of Never. Christian is a tired former politician with many years behind him, and lives a life of drudgery managing Onolo, while secretly arranging for his own retirement while keeping strange events and messages found in Onolo undercover. After a strange man who calls himself "Mr. Bright" washes up on Onolo, Christian unveils the Memorycatcher, a journal meant to catalog all the events of the City. Why he has arranged all these in such a fashion is unknown, and as the story goes on it's revealed Christian may know more than he lets on about the City. Ultimately, Christian is killed in the rose field very suddenly by Lucia, who tears him in half after he lets his guard down.

"Mr. Bright" (no spoil profile): An enigmatic man who washes up ashore on Onolo one day in May of 2001, shortly after a horrendous beast rampages through the Prolestho district. Mr. Bright claims to have been washed up from the City itself, and details a horrifying, seven-year expedition through the subterranean labyrinth comprising it. With no details of his past, Mr. Bright joins the struggle against the City, and remains the village's most mysterious person until details of his person- as well as his place in the Consultant's scheme- come to light.

Katrina Summerwood: Mathilda Summerwood's only daughter. A girl with a stutter who walks with a slight limp as a result of her ankle being horrendously fractured a few years prior, Katrina is best friends with Alessa Hopper as a result of the contact between their parents. Katrina is one of the first people to stumble across a strange, glowing slab on the beach which gives her horrific nightmares, which is the first event leading to the City's inhabitants invading Onolo, causing a cosmic struggle Katrina finds herself the unwilling participant of.

Mathilda Summerwood: The mother of Katrina Summerwood. A doting mother and a cheerful woman, Mathilda works as a nurse in Onolo, and is intensely protective of Katrina due to her husband's death, leaving Katrina as the only thing that gives her meaning in life. When the advent of the City threatens her daughter's life, Mathilda steps up to protect her no matter what happens to her in the process, and finds kinhood with fellow parents Daniel Hopper for these reasons.

Alessa Hopper: (See List of People - The Seers)

Josiah Candison (d): An eccentric, pudgy man living as a rogue in Onolo, also known as "Joe Candy." Joe is quite possibly mentally ill, and is responsible for petty thievery and harassment, causing Onolo to see him as an annoyance. Although Joe is usually harmlessly loony and is adored by the children of Onolo (who he never seeks to harm), a possessive desire to take ahold of the slab that kickstarted the invasion of the City drives Joe to his most primal roots, and as the City gets more violent, so does Joe. He is devoured by the Rain - or otherwise Ix Nagoth's energies.

Edison Perales (post-Attack) (d): A caustic-tempered, neurotic fisherman. Known to Onolo by the simple nickname of "Eddie," Edison's constant and frantic overreactions to the mildest things prompt irritation from the other Onolonians, and after the Passenger's attack on Onolo he seems to disappear completely. However, Edison harbors deeply disturbing secrets relating to the City themselves that justify his perpetual paranoia; as one of the only survivors of the destruction of St. Howard's in 1996 by the City, Edison found that he had essentially been removed from existence and dedicated the next few years of his life to revenge, finally getting the potential when he was dragged off to the City alongside several others. Edison died under the Labyrinth of the City, where the Consultant fatally stabbed him when Edison rushed it.

Crystal Hopper (d): Daniel's second-oldest child, and Alessa's younger sister. A frail young girl, Crystal is taken by the City alongside her brother, and becomes the unwilling subject of experimentation to further the Consultant's plan. A crucial factor in the Consultant's plan due to the blood of a Seer within her, Daniel finds himself in a decision involving her that may change his life forever. Crystal dies when Draynak possesses her form.

Mark Hopper (d): Daniel's infant son and his only male child. Born shortly before the Passenger attacks Onolo, Mark is taken by the City alongside Crystal, and what the Consultant does to him and Crystal may be the most horrifying of its line of various atrocities. The Consultant abominates Mark into a tortured creature, one later found by Daniel who is forced to put him down with a shotgun blast.

Harold Rye: A perpetually-irritated, pompous man serving as the CEO of a trade company responsible for distrubution of the products traded in from Onolo. Afflicted with albinism, Harold often overdresses even in immense heat, and has a habit of showboating and a flair for the dramatic. After Onolo steeps in activity, Harold sails over in a rage, but quickly finds himself entangled in the City's business.

Lester Craw: A spree-killer who rampaged through Mexico and Onolo years ago. Though he was put down and arrested, Lester managed to claim the life of Daniel's wife, afflicting him with a deep depression.

Hansel Brighterson: Bright's past is revealed as a former professor at a psychogical institute in Ireland, twenty years into the future from 2001. A man formerly obsessed with the idea of alternate planes he coined the City and the Remeditary, Hansel was captivated by a mute man known as Shaw Sultan (a human avatar of the Consultant) who claimed to be able to take Hansel directly into the City. What followed next was presumably the Consultant abandoning Hansel in the City for around seven years as a part of its plan, causing the once-keen professor's memories to degrade. 


Zyra Nyson (pre-regeneration) (d): A young, reserved girl having moved into the Canadian town of St. Howard's in 1995, and one of central characters of Nevermore. Unassuming, quiet, and aspiring, Zyra does not look much different than the average girl of her age, but withholds a secret she keeps hidden even from her family; she often has disturbing visions and hallucinations she cannot control, a recurring hallucination being white moths flying around her. This strange quality to her ends up drawing the attention of Weston Church - and potentially something much more eldritch, as Zyra is something much more than what she first appears. Zyra is killed upon confronting the Shade by the Consultant, due to the latter being forced to test its loyalty. Her body is found by Edison Perales and the survivors, causing them immense devastation.

Edison Perales (pre-Attack):

Garen Idashov (d): A laid-back construction worker currently settling down for an indefinite break period in St. Howard's, and one of the central characters of Nevermore. Garen is somewhat rough around the edges, but he has a strong heart and is fiercely protective of those he trusts. After a strange incident in 1996, Garen ends up comforting and soon befriending the girl Zyra Nyson, and is willing to put his life on the line to protect her as the strange forces of the City start to take an interest in her. Garen ultimately ends up sacrificing his life during the Attack, protecting Zyra from the nefarious Shadows' Consultant and sustaining mortal injuries in doing so.

Ferger Marx (d):

Nate Marx (d):

Jimmy Nyson (d?):

Weston Church/Dr. Trauma (d?):

Apollo Nyson (d):

Lynette Nyson (d):

Karrie Fischer:

Cyndi Idashov:

Timothy Fuller (d):

Perla Pryde:

Nina Pryde (d):

Michelle Duncan:

Shay Dawson:

Johnathan Rose: (See List of People - The Seers)

Rick Wester:

Sarah Crosby:

Winston Turose:

Grace Crosby:

Vincent Crosby:

Scott Smithson:


Johnathan Bevvy:

Richard Hawke:

Joseph Lloyd:

Cyndi Hawke:

Tara Lloyd:

Theodore Andrews: (See Supernatural Beings and Creatures - Other)

United Kingdom

Victor Ross:

Vanette Gloss:

Doriette Florente:

Loriette Florente:

Vermillion Florente:

Hector Grant:

Amanda Best:

The Order of Inverse

The Order of Inverse: An extremist organization based in Detroit. A hate group lead by Malcolm Graves, the Order is an anarchistic faction who seek to bestow control upon the people by means of destroying all forms of government worldwide. Violently xenophobic, the Order takes inspiration from earlier organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and wipe out anyone they do not see as "pure" by their standards.

Malcolm Graves/Polarius: The man responsible for the founding of the Order. A man driven to extremities due to his worldview being shaped by the desolate slum he lived in with his homeless parents, Malcolm snapped after his parents were murdered in front of his eyes. Building the Order of Inverse out of a group of similarly disturbed individuals as well as the Brazilian Welter Faye, Malcolm Graves made his mark by organizing the events which led to Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, and he kept on going from there, devolving into anarchistic megalomania. 

Welter Faye (pre-Taint) (d): An impossibly jovial man with a sick, disturbed disposition, and one of the central antagonists of the first three books of the Neverworld series. One of the co-founders of the Order, Welter Faye holds none of their views and is aligned with them solely to engage in his sick fantasies without repercussion, and to this end joyfully organizes all manner of horrendous atrocities. Welter Faye is the ultimate example of the unfettered anti-nihilist; someone who loves to explore every possible situation, every possible reaction, and every possible means to solve a problem, no matter what twisted means he has to do to fulfill them, and it's this horrible curiosity that leads to Welter Faye becoming the greatest human threat come the incident on Onolo. Faye sells out all reality to Lucia and actively attempts to stop Michael from preventing the end of all worlds, and later double-teams with Lucia to free Lord Malevolence.

Justin Nix:

David Nasiauk/"Mr. Cutter":

Nevada Howe:

The Followers of the Pale

The Followers of the Pale: A nebulous group of fanatics active since the fifteenth century worshiping the Dark Divinity known as the Pale. Revering it as a god, the Followers practice human sacrifice- often that of children- to offer up to the Pale, seeking to bring it to Earth and perform a twisted, Rapture-like event known as the "Ascending." The sacrifices they performed claimed the lives of the Florente twins centuries ago. Their current leader, Arland Arevalous, has grander plans than the Ascending, though.

Arland Arevalous: The current high priest of the Followers of the Pale, and the central villain of Harmony. Arland poses as a benevolent priest who reads sermons in an ordinary church in London. However, what nobody knows is that Arland is the leader of the affairs organized by the Followers. Arland seeks to bring the Pale to Earth and then merge himself with it, using its powers to take control of ensare the souls of all beings in the physical world, Limbo, and the After to his control, becoming higher than God and giving him power to "control everybody's destinies." Despite his nefarious intent, Arland has a son and family he very much loves, and develops an odd affection for Vanette Gloss, leading to some form of regret when the two end up opposing each other once Arland's plan comes to light. Ultimately, Arland has his memory wiped by the Ambient after the Pale's defeat, leading him to reform his duties as a normal priest.

Hugo Glee (d): The descendant of one of the Followers' operatives, Josias Glee. Hugo Glee poses as a mellow drug dealer out on the streets of London. Hugo is secretly an operative himself, and is entirely unrepentant when he learns the spirits of the Florente twins now seek revenge against the Followers. Hugo is killed after Victor accidentally topples him from the roof of Arland's church, causing Hugo to fall onto the sharp end of the fence surrounding the church.

Albert Hannigar:

Josias Glee (hd): An operative for the Followers active in the 1700s. Known as the "smiling man" for his perpetual, sickening grin, Josias Glee may seem happy, but he holds a dark secret in the form of his allegiance with the Followers, and after meeting the Florente twins at a park one day, Josias butchers them in their sleep as an offering to the Pale.

The Blades

The Blades: A cult based in St. Howard's numbering about thirty, all whom revere the Dark Divinity Desara. As Desara is seen as the anthropomorphic representation of death, the Blades believe in the values of death and inevitability, and see death as an art form; the Blades, for this purpose, are essentially a group of serial killers who kill others in varying ways as an art form and a form of worship. They are led by Jack Slade. Almost every member of the Blade ended up wiped out by the Shadows' Consultant during the Attack, who quickly and seamlessly tore every member apart while unopposed due to its unnatural strength.

Jack Slade (d?): The leader of the Blades and the "mouth" of Desara. Jack Slade is effeminate, disturbingly polite, and possibly one of the most unhinged people in Earth Negative. Focusing worship on the values of death, Slade encourages the Blades to lead covert operations across Canada and America for the purpose of spreading wanton death and destruction. Slade themselves is never suspected as the leader of the Blades in their hometown of St. Howard's due to their mild-mannered and genial manner. What serves to punctuate Slade's insanity is that they are completely sincere with this behavior in a way much more convincing than Welter Faye, being infallibly polite to everyone and targeting only those they do not know so as not to develop bonds with them. Slade's own amiability and ensuing conscience developing from it leads to confliction when the Blades end up focusing on Zyra Nyson in the wake of the City's attack. Slade is presumed to die after they are shot in the shoulder by Michelle, causing them to plummet into the Blackwaters of the City; there is, however, evidence suggesting they may have survived in the form of a statement they made to Jenna earlier in the story.

Whir/James Greek (d): The most psychotic and dangerous member of the Blades aside from Slade. James, or as he is known, "Whir," is possessed of virtually none of the humane qualities of the other Blades and joined to indulge in his psychotic fantasies and to sate his depraved compulsions. Whir has tortured, maimed, and killed dozens of people in increasingly cruel ways, and is also a disgustingly prominent serial rapist, which, while not uncommon in the Blades, have neither the bodycount nor lack of remorse or delusions of good Whir has. Whir is one of many casualties of the Attack on St. Howard's, being ripped to pieces by the Shadows' Consultant after Whir begged to be spared.

Jenna Fey (d):

Past Characters

The Tribe of Arms (hd): A tribe of outlaws and thieves who seek to cross to the legendary Other Side, a section of the world unknown to even the English civilization and said to hold a massive treasure. The Tribe practices various immoral customs, but one thing is always for sure between them; family and loyalty to each other is what matters, and while other innocents may die in their hunt, the Tribe will never betray each other.

Ritts (d): A boy with a strange streak in his hair who is found unconcious by the Tribe one day. Although he is initially met with suspicion, when Ritts comes true he seems to recall several memories that may be the secret to finding the Other Side. Ritts is made a member of the Tribe and he gradually finds kinship with the Tribe's leader Mama. Ritts does manage to eventually find the Other Side, but ultimately, he dies at Septir's hand, mortally wounded before he can truly find the supposed treasure within.

Mama (d): The boisterous leader of the Tribe. A tough, no-nonsense amazon of a woman, Mama has well earned her credentials as the leader of the Tribe, and every member looks up to her as an idol. What Mama hides, however, is a deeply troubled heart, caused as such by the death of her son one particularly cold winter. After learning Ritts lost his mother under mysterious circumstances, the two start to bond and become as close as mother and son. Unfortunately, Septir betrays the Tribe and his first order of business is to kill Mama, and arranges for her and Ritts to fall off the Hell's Jaw waterfall after revealing himself as having murdered Ritts' mother, echoing the same events he did those days. Mama ultimately dies in Ritts' arms after protecting him from the fall with her own body.


Hector Goodwill:


Severa Sixfinger (d): A treacherous, underhanded member of the Tribe of Arms. Severa is named as such due to his polydactyl right hand, and is an egomaniacal fop who obsesses other his own appearance and prides himself as a shot with a bow unmatched by any other. Severa is distant towards Ritts at first, and the reason why is revealed that Severa attempted to kill an infant Ritts and his mother by tossing them off the Hell's Jaw waterfall, and after this is revealed, Severa becomes Ritts' greatest threat to reaching the fabled Other Side. Ultimately, Severa engages in a mutual kill with Ritts, managing to fatally wound him before he himself is shot by an arrow, causing him to plunge himself into the Hell's Jaw waterfall.

Estav (hd):

King Henry V (hd): The historical ruler of England who ruled from 1413 to 1422, who reigned during the time of the Tribe of Arms.

Vance Summerwood (d): Mathilda's late husband, who died of malaria numerous years before the City's invasion.

Leandra Hopper (née Ambar): Daniel's late wife, who, a year before the events of the City's invasion, was killed during Lester Craw's spree. She is in actuality Eliza Cortly; see her section in The Seers for details.

Mr. Florente (hd): The father of the Florente twins. Rich and respected, Mr. Florente is a loving father who views his children as his greatest accomplisment. When Josias Glee murders them, Mr. Florente succumbs to grief and dies a year after.

Mrs. Florente (hd): The mother of the Florente twins. A member of English nobility, Mrs. Florente takes pride in what she is, but she, alongside her father, dote on their children, and is devastated when they end up murdered.

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Christian's father

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