Hi everyone! I'm Malik the Teen but you can call me Teen instead, and I'm a fan of Villains. the reason I joined this wiki is that i'm a fan of villains and like to do ideas. and I also like villain songs.

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Pages I created and recreated


  • Alternate Batgirl
  • Basil (The Magic Crystal 2011)
  • Carlo (Marco Macaco)


  • Bad Juju
  • Rage Mage
  • Bruiser Cruiser
  • Chompy
  • Chomp Chest
  • Grinnade
  • Tussle Sprout
  • Hood Sickle
  • Mab Lobs
  • Slobber Trap

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Favorite Pure Evil


Favorite Villains

Favorite Henchmen/Henchwomen

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P.S. I'll join more wikis soon.

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