I am a person that really enjoys multi-dimensional characters and frankly heroes are boring. Heroes form into such established niches. Now Villains on the other hand; they can be refreshing, unexpected, empathetic, fun, insane or just plain SOOOO off their rocker evil that they set a recreated standard for what it means to be evil. Evil can be dull too as unfortunately villains can sometimes be dry or cliche', so I am not a big fan of the mindless killing machines with no depth to them. But heroes don't even get that far most of the time. Now villains are what make the plot interesting as long as they are about something more than torture and death, that causes some trouble. Don't get me wrong, I like trouble but I HATE chaos.

My Top 10 Villains

  1. Albert Simon - Anti-Villains are some of my favorite types of villains but of all of them, the best I have seen is Albert Simon. He does not whine, he does not angst and he is under no delusion about being a bad-guy. He is/was a good-Samaritan who can't take the existential madness of the human world and so upon discovering the secrets of God opts to wipe it all out and restart it as a perfect world. This is one of those few "For the greater good" baddies who knows he is going to hell for all the bad things he needs to do and accepts it.
  2. Lord Recluse - Of all the super-villains out there my number one is the guy who knows all the super-hero/super-villain clichés inside and out and come out on top because of it. In addition it is refreshing to see the canonically smartest being in a franchise solve his problems with a handful of simple back-up plans as opposed to thousand circumstantial convoluted ones, I'm looking at you Doctor Doom.
  3. Livia - One of the most complex characters in all of literature, traumatized by the last time she saw her society dissolve into civil-war and willing to kill even those near and dear to her in order to ensure it never happens again.
  4. Lilith - Mostly due to the performance of the voice-actress, but the concept of a multi-dimensional being where all incarnations of it are aware of and can affect each-other is intriguing. In addition to that, she pops in right the hell out of no-where when first encountered.
  5. The Conduit - My favorite dark form is the primordial darkness hidden inside a non-assuming form.
  6. Thérèse Defarge - One of my favorite literary villains, legitimate motivation leading to overwhelming anger brought on by an uncaring system that is repressed for so long she aims to kill everyone she can even vaguely associated with those that wronged her. The contrast between her and her husband, Ernest shows the thin line between revenge and justice.
  7. Abby & Martha Brewster - I love that the play/movie thinks to account for serial killers being completely reasonable people in their own heads and thus the idea that what they are doing is wrong doesn't even occur to them.
  8. Prince Zuko - Not many stories can have a reluctant villain without being a wangsty cry-baby, Zuko is Avatar's exception to that principle.
  9. Patrick Heyworth - In a game of Lovecraftian horrors the real terror is that journal. Dear sweet merciful @#*%!
  10. Maleficent - Disney villains are mocked but they serve as starter villains for most people as children, as such I must acknowledge at least one of them for such a role. Of the lot, my favorite would be the villain who manages to have the most charismatic presence yet most petty motivation. Cursing a new-born baby because you were snubbed for a birth-day party is actually the sort of thing traditional fey did do.

My thoughts on Trolling


My feelings on trolls.

I see alot of articles added on this wiki that do not belong here. I don't like George W Bush either but that does not make him a villain, someone having policies you do not like does not make them evil. I think the Fan villains pages are pushing it but considering things non-cannon like the Barney parodies, the My little pony Cupcake thingy or TFS's take on Mr Popo, I can see the validity of Fan villains since the non-cannon becomes a prominent concept in the public at large; But then there are the things about half the douchebags on Total Drama Island, MTV's idiot of the week, unpopular/disliked heroes, and frankly I am sick of it. We should have a picture of Peter Griffin with lettering under it saying "You must be at least this antagonistic in order to enter this wiki.".

Gregory House MD is not a villain, I don't care how big of a jerk he is.

Patrick Star is not a villain I don't care if he is stupid and a jerk in like 2 out of 100 episodes

Your cousin Miky is NOT a villain because he drives you nuts.

Sam from Danny Phantom is not a villain because you think Danny could do better.


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