Hi. I am the user known as Misry6, but you can simply call me Misry. I am here to do constructive work on this wiki and improve it. I am also here to suggest ideas for articles, and I am currently planning to create the Legendary Villains Wiki for all villains that are real-world legends.

Blogs That I Don't Want to Forget

Pages to Create/Work On

Favorite Franchises

  • Middle-earth
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Minecraft: Story Mode
  • Tales of Arcadia
  • Jurassic Park
  • Cars
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Star Wars
  • Independence Day

Reasons for creating the Legendary Villains Wiki

These are my reasons for creating the Legendary Villains Wiki:

  1. This wiki is only for fictional villains. Some people (including Christians like me) believe those villains to be real, and adding them to a wiki that is only for fictional villains would be offensive to them.
  2. If I add Legendary Villains to the Real-Life Villains Wiki, that would be extremely offensive, since a lot of people do not believe such villains exist.

My Pure Evil Proposals (from the old Discussions)


  • 3rd PE Proposal: Hadrian (Minecraft: Story Mode series) - For the heinous standards, despite not being able to compete with the likes of Romeo nor the Wither Storm (Romeo murders hundreds or thousands of people in Champion City is Xara is given her bed, and the Wither Storm did mass vandalism on Jesse's world), Hadrian is the evilest and sadistic out of all the minor villains in the series, as he rigged the Old Builder Games with Mevia and has the Competitors compete in the Games. He also commits the crime of mass torture, as those that get "eliminated" in the Games are sent to being tortured in the quartz mines in the Nether for the rest of their lives by both Hadrian and Mevia until they can compete in the Games again, which would by very unlikely under their rule. Not only that, Hadrian gives the competitors false hope through the legend of "Tim", a fictional character which he made up; that action also makes him worse than Mevia as she doesn't give people false hope. (This is very similar to Dr. Gross from the Adventure Time series, as, although she can't compete with the likes of GOLB nor the Lich for the heinous standards of her series, she is the most evil out of all the minor villains in her series, as she accidentally commits mass murder but shows no remorse for it.)
  • 7th PE Proposal: Grimmel the Grisly (How to Train Your Dragon animated franchise) - He is a wicked dragon trophy poacher who has found a Night Fury in a vulnerable state, but cowardly killed it in its sleep. He later went to almost wipe out the rest, and even drugged six Deathgrippers and built an airship along the way. Eventually, he sets up a trap for Toothless and the Light Fury so he can kill them both. He later stalks into Hiccup's house and uses his Deathgrippers to burn it down, threatening Hiccup that if Toothless isn't surrendered the next day, he will destroy everything he loves. When Grimmel captures Ruffnut, it's revealed he feeds baby dragons to his Deathgrippers, something that makes him even more terrifying as dragons (in this franchise) are sapient creatures. He later gives Toothless a sadistic choice between calling off the other dragons or risking the Light Fury's life, and tries to take Hiccup down with him to his death in his final moments.


  • 1st PE Proposal: D-Stroy (Dinotrux series) - He fails the Heinous Standards, most notably the General Standard. He might eventually count in Season 4 of Dinotrux: Supercharged if it ever comes out, however.
  • 2nd PE Proposal: Asa Watts (The Cowboys) - He has very sadistic tendencies, crosses the Moral Event Horizon at least four times, and is manipulative. However, he fails the Story Type criteria, as the movie he is in isn't darker than the majority of Western fiction. However, I haven't read the novel The Cowboys, which I've heard is darker than the movie based off of it, so Watts might count there, but he doesn't count in the film, albeit very close; I plan to do a reproposal for Watts with an admin's permission (the novel version, not the film version, if Watts even appears in the novel).
  • 4th PE Proposal: Big D (Sammy & Co series) - The main antagonist of the movie A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Escape from Paradise in the A Turtle's Tale film duology of the Sammy Co series. As such, he is a manipulative but tyrannical seahorse who enjoys ruling all the marine life of "the Tank" (the largest aquarium in the world in the said series) with an iron fist while making it look like he's the "hero" by trying to help the sealife "escape" the Tank, and forces the sealife into pretending that they like him. He has his own "restriction zone" where only he and his two henchmen, Marco and Philippe (who are also afraid of him) are allowed to swim in. He also tortures his cousin, Tremaine, out of a petty excuse, who talked to himself about Big D being nobody back home, insinuating Big D was no better than he currently is. However, he was downvoted due to being accepted as a generic tyrant, but I'm definitely planning a reproposal once I'm fully familiar with the Sammy & Co franchise.
  • 5th PE Proposal: General Morando (Tales of Arcadia trilogy) - He is a manipulative alien👽 tyrant who was exiled for high treason against his king, Fialkov, and his queen, Coranda, rulers of the alien planet Akiridion-5. After that, he deceived Varvatos Vex, a commanding officer of the alien species known as the Akiridions, into lowering the shields, promising no one would be hurt. (Morando also knew that Varvatos's family was killed by the Zeron Brotherhood.) However, he deliberately broke his promise, as he attacked the Akiridions anyway, enslaving them with himself as the self-proclaimed "King" and putting the real King and the Queen into stasis. As ruler of Akiridion-5, he forces the Akiridions to worship him and even threatens an Akiridion child's life, after said child refuses to worship him. Soon, Morando forces the people of his entire planet to watch as Aja, one of the King's children, as she is almost killed by the evil and brutal robot, Omen. However, he doesn't count due to his story arc is still ongoing and he is from a family-friendly franchise, but chances are that he might eventually count in the future.
  • 6th PE Proposal: Fib (LarryBoy) - Completely and utterly fails the heinous standards. Honestly, this proposal had so much exaggeration I wish it was deleted. Shame on me.

Pages to Check On

  • King Runeard - Really watching to see if anyone will post the "Genocidal" and "Starvers" categories here. He does not fit those at all. He's just a xenophobe and only built the dam to weaken Northuldra, not leave them without food and water.
  • Thunderclap - He's not the main antagonist of The Good Dinosaur; he's simply the foremost villain. Technically, the main antagonist is Arlo's fear of the unknown, even though it's technically not a character.
  • Jesse (Minecraft: Story Mode) - Hopefully, no vandalism will be done to his/her villainous acts during Season 2.
  • Jackson Storm - That page should not be added here again. Even though he is the main antagonist in Cars 3, he does nothing heinous enough to count him as a villain.
  • The Devil (theology) - I am patiently waiting for that page to be unlocked so I can make some improvements.
  • Romeo (Minecraft: Story Mode) - Hopefully no one will add him as being ("Admins" - a race of Gods/cosmic entities); he was never confirmed to be either one. In the last episode of Season 2, Above and Beyond, it's revealed he is simply an extremely powerful human being.
  • Romeo's Snowman - This article is a mistake I made, and was deleted. This is because Romeo and the Snowman are actually the same being, which is explained in the article itself. Romeo is fragmental, able to split himself into different forms, including his Snowman form. This page shouldn't be added here again.
  • Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear - Sadly, the Quotes section may get messed up again now that this article is unlocked.
  • Koba - I am really getting concerned about this plagiarism now. That Personality section should be completely original, and not copied from another site. Plus, the fallen heroes category should not be readded here because Koba never did any heroic acts.
  • Hadrian - I have explained in the article why he is the main antagonist in the Adventure Pack and the overarching antagonist entire Season 1 of the game he is in, while the Wither Storm is the main antagonist in the Season Pack and the entire Season 1. This is another concern vandalism may occur here.
  • Sterling - Like Jackson Storm, he isn't a villain at all. He's just a jerk, and none of his acts were remotely evil. This page shouldn't be here either.
  • Talos - Although I did create this article, I honestly think it should be deleted. I've only watched parts of the movie, and I don't think I saw enough detail to prove Talos actually is a villain. I just assumed it. Also, the article seems to be plagiarized from the article of the same name on the Antagonists Wiki, which is just stupid and redundant.
  • Chick Hicks - This is my latest one as there is always lots of cleanup I have to do on that page. A user keeps edit-spamming the article but does no cleanup on it, which is why this article is now on my list.
  • Eli Mills - The reason why this page is now on my list is because there may be some edit-wars going on in the page, including one about this character feeling remorse. If it continues, it may be locked.
  • Indominus rex - There seems to be some recent category abuse apparently, and scientific names are supposed to be italicized.
  • Indoraptor - Like said before, scientific names are supposed to be italicized.
  • DJ Stylbator - It should not be vandalized again.
  • Jadis the White Witch - Tash is the Satan-type character in The Chronicles of Narnia, not Jadis; however, she does come very close. The Satan category shouldn't be added in this page.
  • Grimmel the Grisly - Watching for category spam. Also, Grimmel is the ultimate antagonist of the How to Train Your Dragon animated franchise, and not just the final antagonist.

Long Vote

None so far.

Synopsis Finish-Ups

Note: This was made because it might be difficult to add a character's entire history in ten edits due to how many paragraphs it can take, so I've decided to finish them up here. This is also where I test synopses to see whether they are 15k bytes.

King Arthur (Tales of Arcadia)

Memorable Quotes

Me: What is a GDV?
AustinDR: A generic doomsday villain. In short a villain that does not have a personality or legitimate goals, exists only to be a threat to the protagonists, etc. It is not the same thing as being a flat character.
~ Me and AustinDR about a GDV (generic doomsday villain) on the Pure Evil Cleanup thread (which has now been deleted).

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