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The name's MordoCairah, your average Fandom Wikia (and Villains Wiki) editor and villain fan.

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♦️Eh, I'm just only a contributor with mixed personality♦️

Favorite Villains

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Hostile Species

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Evil Organizations

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Disliked Villains

  • Murdoc Niccals- While he is funny in some ways (even with some involving him and "the Bath" meme) and despite being the founder of the band, how he treats 2-D seems "unhealthy". Not to mention about a few people in the Gorillaz fandom shipping the two >:P, which makes it not only disgusting but the relationship worse...
  • High Priestess (Samurai Jack)
  • Thanos (Marvel Cinematic Universe)- ..but is also a total ba****d for what he did.
  • Great Bootleg- Kind of funny, but actually creepy.
  • Ragyō Kiryūin- (She may be "bada**", but much like the High Priestess, Ragyō abuses her two daughters; however, Ragyō's type of abuse is more of sexual abuse rather than just regular child abuse)
  • Martin Brenner- Has taken Jane Ives/Eleven away from her biological mother (leading HER to get electroconvulsive therapy) and then mentally abused her (by having Eleven locked up in a cramped room if she defied his orders). In the end, he deserved to die.
  • Most fanatic villains (individuals like Margaret White, and organizations such as Project at Eden's Gate)
  • Victor Quartermaine- Despite conducting several (maybe a hundred or so) edits for both the article and the article's gallery, I'll just say he's in a "great villain or mediocre villain" kind of situation.
  • Peter Griffin- Much like Martin Brenner, Mr. Griffin here abuses a child; this time however, it's his actual biological daughter Meg and instead it's serious physical abuse placed on her. Also, he's a jerk to everyone Peter knows and is much dumber, unlike himself in earlier seasons in the series (dumb, but.. kind [??]).
  • Ernesto de la Cruz


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