"Whether you're a wanna-be despot or some goody two-shoes "hero" I got what you need.. you want some planets relocated to make way for an interstellar highway? kid's stuff.. you want that imperial-class war-ship to disappear? not a problem.. just be sure to read the contract before you sign 'cause when I'm on the case I always play for keeps.." ~ Mr. Odd

Character Bio

Mr. Odd is a being whose past is shrouded in mystery, no one is quite sure who or what he is - one thing is known for certain however and that is that Mr. Odd is a ruthless businessman who will make a deal with almost anyone providing they can pay him.

Mr. Odd is infamous for being completely without moral and sure enough if someone offers him a higher sum he will gladly switch sides - calling upon the aid of Mr. Odd is akin to calling on the Devil himself and many have fallen victim to his capricous nature.

Mr. Odd prides himself in being a man who can be called upon to do almost anything and amongst the least of his many exploits have been assassination, bounty-hunting, industrial sabotage, mercenary work, weapon-dealing, smuggling, drug-dealing and poaching.


Mr. Odd is an immortal being made out of the "stuff of space itself" - which grants him the titanic ability of Cosmic Manipulation (for more information see

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