" Ordeaux eh Hes not as bad as it can be"

" Anyone who is strict to rules must be punished and must be toxic "

" AustinDr and jester of chaos simple toxic admins what can i say they are complete kings of toxicity"

Ram'ze san is one of main antagonists of villians wiki standing against "toxic" admins he have deep hatred for jester of chaos and AustinDr he also hated ordeaux2006 but he forgave him he is also raged on pure evil removals seeing them as unnecessary and stupid and just to rage out people

He is kufan Warrior and Warlord and also founder of Czyste zło wiki


It is unkown for many of his past but in one of his travels he faced ordeaux2006 while after being defeated and aftter long time forgiving him he now try to find jester of chaos and Austin Dr to be defeated and smashed

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