A winner isn't the one who accomplishes some made-up goal, a true winner is the one who manages to resist their dark side the best. A loser isn't the one who fails in accomplishing some made-up goal, a true loser is the one who fails in resisting their dark side the worst.
~ My philosophy

Hello there, NerdyPopCultureGuy here, a Finnish popular culture and psychology nerd. I used to go here with my real name of Iikka Antero Backman as my username, although I changed it after realizing that my username choice was probably poor. I first discovered this wiki when I decided to google Grinning Colossus from You Have to Burn the Rope, with the character's Villains Wiki page being among the search results, although I officially created my account in 2018. I primarily specialize in villains from lesser known media, hence why you might spot me adding more obscure material here. My profile picture is actually a picture taken of my comics collection.

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  • I'm genetically closer to a Brit than a Finn despite my nationality and neither of my parents and none of my grandparents coming from Britain.
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