It is I.
~ Nayerb
Sup nerds.
~ Nayerb

Nayerb "Tank Engine" Ferrari exists, wish he didn't.


The Nayerb in this sense is the conception of Nayerb that remains a common attribute of tradition. Nayerb is conceived of as eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and as the creator of the universe. Nayerb is further held to have the properties of holiness, justice, omni-benevolence and omnipresence. Proponents of faith believe that Nayerb is also transcendent, meaning that he is outside space and outside time and therefore not subject to anything within his creation, but at the same time a personal Nayerb, involved, listening to prayer and reacting to the actions of his creatures.

The following is commentary on possibilities about Nayerb but not anything necessarily accepted by beings in general.

According to The Kybalion, Nayerb is a bit more complicated than simply being the sum total of the universe. Rather than Nayerb being simply the physical universe, it is more correct to say that everything in the universe is within the mind of Nayerb, since Nayerb can be looked at as Mind itself. In effect, the universe is partially existent on the Mental plane, and we may in fact all be parts of Nayerb's psychological makeup, representing parts of Nayerb in its dream or meditation.

The Three Initiates (see The Kybalion) strongly caution that we restrain from simply declaring "I am Nayerb" for oversimplification purposes. Though you are a part of Nayerb, you are but one small piece of that puzzle. You cannot be equated with Nayerb any more than your toenail can be equated with you. You have the potential for perfection and to rejoin Nayerb, but you are not the totality of Nayerb. However stating "Nayerb is me/I (us)" is a more accurate statement.

Nayerb's mind can be seen as infinitely more powerful and vast than any of us could hope to achieve. Therefore, it may be capable of keeping track of each and every particle across the expanse of the Universe, as well as maintain symbolism that applies to many lesser entities such as that seen in astrology and numerology.

Because of this view, some beings also practice theurgy. If the universe is completely a mental construct, then the mind must be able to mold it and shape it, in an experience that can become closer and closer to lucid dreaming as skills improve.

Sonic.EXE (This page is for archive purposes not to recreate the now deleted page)

I... AM... GOD!!!
~ Sonic.exe's most famous quote.
Hello. Do you want to play with me?
~ Sonic.exe to Tails.
You're too slow. Want to try again?
~ Sonic.exe capturing Tails.

X, better known as Sonic.exe (sometimes spelled as Sonic.EXE), is the titular main antagonist of the Creepypasta series of the same name.

Sonic.exe is an interdimensional energy-based entity that possesses a CD-ROM of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, taking on the form of the titular main character. Then, he proceeds to "kill" the in-game characters before attacking and removing the soul/killing the person playing his game.


The original Sonic.exe story centers on Tom, a young man who was a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, especially the older games. He claimed that he had not played any glitched or hacked games before, though he admitted that he did not want to after an experience he had.

He then proceeded to recount his experience, saying how he received a CD and an accompanying letter from his friend Kyle, begging him to destroy the disc before it's "too late" and not to never play the game.

Ignoring his friend's warnings, Tom played the game and began to encounter odd, somewhat disturbing phenomena, from a title card featuring an evil-looking Sonic with bloody eyes and glowing pupils with a wide smile to the presence of a file select screen similar to that of the one in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, with a red background and chilling music playing.

As he picked the only available character Tails and began the first stage titled "HILL ACT 1", Tom continued to find more evidence that there was something wrong with the game, namely the copious amounts of dead animals, all murdered in gruesome ways and eventually encountering Sonic at the end of the level, standing completely still and with his eyes closed.

When Tails attempted to get his attention during a cutscene by tapping him on the shoulder, Sonic's eyes opened, identical to the evil Sonic on the title screen before cutting to black, with the message "Hello. Do you want to play with me?" In the next level, "HIDE AND SEEK", Tom witnessed Sonic chasing Tails, the former flying despite an inability to do so without a Super form, before disappearing, teleporting in front of the distraught fox and killing him and cutting to black. Tails screams as his throat is slit; a splash of blood is seen coming from his neck.

Shocked, Tom reads the next message, "YOU'RE TOO SLOW. WANT TO TRY AGAIN?". After playing as Knuckles and losing a supposed "boss battle" with Sonic, with Knuckles dying the same way as Tails, Tom decided to take a break from the game.

However, his rest was plagued by nightmares featuring the corrupted Tails and Knuckles, and the demonic Sonic, with him waking in a cold sweat. Returning to the game, Tom picked Dr. Robotnik from the file select screen and continued with the game.

At the end of the level, Sonic teleported in front of Robotnik, before the screen cut to red static. Then, a "hyper-realistic" image of Sonic appeared on the screen, with the words "I AM GOD!". This Sonic had bleeding black and red eyes, a very wide grin, and sharp bloodstained teeth. After the game ended, Tom turned around to find, to his utter horror, a bloodied Sonic plush doll on his bed. Tom's fate is ambiguous (though the official sequel reveals that Tom committed suicide to escape from the entity using Sonic's likeness). Kyle was likely Exe's previous victim.

Fictional Origin

Before his origins were semi-revealed in Sonic.exe/Round 2, there was quite a lot of speculation as to whom Sonic.exe was, with common suggestions being a demon possessing Sonic's body, Sonic himself corrupted by a dark influence, a computer virus that can become tangible in the real world for a short amount of time, Zalgo disguised as Sonic, an alternate version of Sonic from another dimension, Mephiles the Dark, a new, realistic robot built by Dr. Eggman, or a demonic impersonator of Sonic (the latter of which was his backstory in the official sequel, where it was also revealed that his true name was X). X is a master manipulator, as he was able to manipulate both Kyle and Tom into playing the game, as well as being the leader of the Cult of X, pointing to him being quite charismatic as well. However, he can use Sonic's real form whenever he feels like this such an the unofficial sequel "Sally.exe", where Sonic.exe is able to impersonate Sonic and lead Amy to her death.

Sonic.exe's real origins is that he was accidentally created in the void during a cataclysm involving multiple forms of primordial energy, indirectly creating a sentient mass of dark matter with two red eyes. The entity floated around the void for a while until he found a window to both the human world and Sonic's world, in which he became fascinated with Sonic and shaped his body to match his idol's appearance to store his energy. His first laugh (a la Kefka) gave the world the indication that this creature was evil incarnate. He escaped his birth place and created a world molded around the levels in the video games and started to scheme his plan of world domination.

In Video Games

Sonic.exe plays a major role in the PC/computer/indie game adaption created by Game Jolt user MY5TCrimson, serving as the titular main antagonist. First the player plays as Tails, and then he will go to "HILL", progressing through the level. The player will soon find dead animals on the ground and in the palm trees. Eventually, Sonic.exe can be seen hiding in one of the trees along with Tails running, then, out of nowhere, Sonic.exe can be seen just standing there as Tails wonders. When Tails gets close to him, static/buzzing sounds can be heard/seen.

The scene later cuts to a level named "HIDE AND SEEK", where Tails is crying while running in a burning Angel Island Zone. Suddenly, Sonic.exe appears and the fox tries to run, but cries when he gets caught, and then Sonic.exe appears and kills him with just one claw. Right after Tails became Sonic.exe's victim, Knuckles takes the place as a player and runs into Scrap Brain Zone entitled "YOU CANT RUN". Again a static effect will appear and blood will appear under the ground. The sky is a hellish shade of red.

Sonic.exe teleports in front of Knuckles with the text "FOUND YOU" and Knuckles is forced to fight Sonic.exe as Sonic.exe teleports left and right with black smoke surrounding him. Unable to land a punch, Knuckles cries just before Sonic.exe kills him, just like he did with Tails. The last character is Dr. Robotnik; the player spawns in Marble Zone, now labelled as "...". The background resembles a castle, with bloody walls and ghostly blue flames. Robotnik will run down the stairs as the background changes erratically before Sonic.exe kills him. Suddenly a screen will appear with Sonic.exe's face, accompanied with the text "I AM GOD".

The game over screen depicts Green Hill Zone in hellish flames, with Sonic.exe running past the mutilated corpses of his victims. Knuckles’s innards resemble bungee cords, with Tails and Robotnik decapitated. Attempting to escape will result in the screen flashing an image of Sonic.exe grinning evilly with his head tilted; “I AM GOD” appearing several times in the background. After the game over screen shows, the screen will switch to a picture of Japanese text with Sonic.exe in the background. Demonic-sounding music is heard throughout.


This Sonic was a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, nightmarish, demented monster... And all of his victims, including Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik and possibly Kyle, are just his little toys, and the game is the very gateway into his chaotic, nightmarish world and the very Hell his victims are trapped in.Tom describing Sonic.exe.

The personification and literal physical incarnation of insanity and evil itself, Sonic.exe is warped, vicious, ruthless, heartless and incredibly cruel. An anarchist by nature, Sonic.exe strays from the original Sonic the Hedgehog's jovial and heroic personality and instead being known for his unrelenting sadism and psychopathic nature, preferring to mentally torture and degrade his victims before robbing them of their souls and freedom. A literal and metaphorical monster, Sonic.exe's overall goal is to conquer everything in sight no matter how many innocent lives he has to sacrifice in order to achieve what he wants. He takes sadistic pleasure in creating chaos and misery, as well as tormenting and abusing his victims, torturing them in their sleep by invading their dreams to warn them of his coming presence.

Sonic.exe's primary weakness is his overall childish nature when faced with failure or concepts he disagrees with. His obsession with Sonic has gone as far as to make him despise others who dislike Sonic. On rare occasions has Sonic.exe demonstrated how violent and hostile he can be at times when he doesn't get his way, often culminating in him throwing a violent, rage-filled tantrum due to not 'winning' his games. Sonic.exe is also incredibly egotistical, callous and arrogant. A complete narcissist who sees himself above everyone, Sonic.exe sees humans as disposable puppets he can manipulate and torture for as long as he likes simply because he wields the power to do so.

Audio Samples


  • He was created by J.C. the Hyena, who was inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King.
  • According to the author, this entity is actually a being created in the void by an accidental cataclysm, not by God, Satan, or some otherworldly creature. This means that he and the real Sonic are separate entities.
  • Though initially well received by the Creepypasta community, the story (along with Sonic.exe himself) has recently met a more negative critical reception, due to the overuse of horror clichés. YouTube channel MichaelLeroi read both the original and the sequel, giving both very bad reviews, in addition to both stories being removed from Creepypasta Wiki for "failing to meet quality standards" and moved to Trollpasta Wiki, which resulted in a slightly controversial reaction from J.C. The Hyena, the author of the stories, which was also met with high criticism, which he has since retracted. The story and video feature heavy use of "hyper-realism" and overused shock value and jumpscares, which have become clichés and are now considered a no-no. Stories about "haunted games and videos" are no longer being accepted as a result, due to the typically negative reactions towards these Pastas.
  • Sonic.exe is somewhat similar to the Super Sonic of Fleetway's Sonic the Comic series, being a more powerful but evil, possibly demonic version of the character, though that Super Sonic was still Sonic (making him all that much scarier), whereas Sonic.exe is an entity taking Sonic's likeness. He is also similar to "Dark Sonic" from the TV series "Sonic X", when Sonic becomes enraged and power-hungry.
  • The amount of blood Sonic.exe cries has caused a faint rash under his eyes. It is unknown exactly why his eyes bleed.
  • He also appears in the Tails' Nightmare 3 demo game as the main antagonist.
  • Despite what many think, the cause of Sonic.exe's yellow teeth is one of the few side effects when his body was made. However, the blood on his mouth strongly implies that he eats the remains of his victims after taking their souls.
  • A video of the "game" appeared on YouTube in 2012, with the "sequel" Sally.exe appearing about two years later.
  • Although the player has some control over Knuckles, the game will auto-fail and result in each "playable" character's gruesome demise. The corpses are shown behind TV static in the character selection screen, implying that Sonic.exe has corrupted and enslaved them.
  • Even though Sonic.exe is incredibly strong and immortal, his real form is just as strong, but weak in defense.
  • There are many fan games that based on him and many different variants, the most popular variation is Exetior, the alternate-reality counterpart of the original and titular main antagonist of the Sonic.exe: Nightmare Beginning series developed by JaizKoys. Another variation based off the original Creepypasta story appeared in the sequel of the bad ending with the name Sark, but these versions are demons (Exetior used to be a highest) while the real Sonic.exe (despite his similar abilities) isn't, he is an entity created in the Void.


Images and videos of the demonic and sadistic sociopath Sonic.exe from the Sonic.exe Creepypasta series.



Cult of X (Same here)

It’s not your place to decide what X wants with humanity, Mr. Green. He is a divine being that wishes to make humanity happy by showing us the paradise that is HIS world, and taking us from the wretched filth of a planet we’ve been forced to live on.
~ Shannon Goldman showing her loyalty to Sonic.exe, as well as her views on humanity.

The Cult of X is the main antagonistic faction of the Sonic.exe series produced by J.C. the Hyena. They are a demonic cult filled with with highly delusional people who worship Sonic.exe, wishing to bring him to the human world to rid humanity of the terrors they have experienced.



The Cult of X were formed before Sonic.exe's arrival to earth, it is said that the cult witnessed Exe land to earth in a falling star. Soon after Exe came to earth the cult found a way to get Exe into the human world by creating a game disk that would act as a window between the human world and Exe's hellish dimension, allowing Exe to snag innocent souls of the people who played the game and take them to his world where they would become his slaves for all eternity.

Sonic.exe/Round 2

It is revealed in the sequel that the Cult of X had sent the game disk to Kyle from the first story after 29 murders committed by Sonic.exe. The cult's strategy is to retrieve the game disk after every murder and send it to a new place to be found (such as eBay, the Black Market or even basic mail), starting the cycle over. As a safety precaution, the cult has had the disk copied multiple times in case something happened to the original one. This revelation occurs when Derek Green (the protagonist of the story) breaks the game disk, only to be told by Shannon Goldman that the cult has multiple copies of the disk before she summons Sonic.exe and turns Derek into a slave.

The Remake

The Cult of X are mentioned a few times in the reboot, helping Sonic.exe to claim as many souls as he can. One of the members, Shannon Goldman, is revealed at the end of the story after Derek leaves from a bar after the collage massacre involving Sonic.exe, with the bartender revealing to also be a member of the cult.


The Cult of X are highly loyal to Sonic.exe and view him as a holy savior, they believe that when Exe crosses over to the human world he will rid the world of all the horrors they have seen and make the world into a paradise, which is contrary to Exe's actual feelings towards humanity, in which he adores them in a sadistic and torturous way, while the cult views humanity in a misanthropic way, considering them to be evil. It's unknown if the entire cult believes in Exe's twisted ways to reshape the world, but it's most likely they just want to help Exe because they know he will punish them, or even use some of his strongest powers against them.


  • The Cult of X are most likely going to have a bigger role in the upcoming sequel of the reboot series.
  • It is unknown what will become of the cult in the future if Sonic.exe were able to rule the world.
  • It is also unknown if the cult also include Sonic.exe's seven guardians, whether they be on a different level of authority than the cult or are second-in-command of guiding them.

Ghost (Pokémon Creepy Black)

We killed them.
~ Ghost to the trainer.

Ghost is the main antagonist of Pokémon Black, a possible bootleg copy of Pokémon Red and Blue. The events of Pokémon Black are described in the story "Pokémon Creepy Black".


Ghost is enigmatic and manipulative, and tricks the player (and in turn the metafictional trainer) into using the easy methods of progression, even though they are filled with murder and cruelty. It shows no qualms about killing, and does it without hesitation or mercy.


The story consists of an account from a person who collects bootleg Pokémon games for fun. He enjoys playing them and making fun of their usually ludicrous content. One day, (long before the release of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White), he finds a bootleg of Pokémon Red at a flea market and buys it.

When he goes to play it, it functions normally, except that on top of Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, there is another available starter Pokémon simply called Ghost, with its sprite being the same as the ghosts encountered in Lavender Tower. It was only level one and had only one attack called Curse. The player selects Ghost.

When in a fight, the defending Pokémon cannot attack, saying they are too scared to move. Whenever the player used Curse, the screen would go black for a moment, with the cry of the defending Pokémon being heard. When picture returned, the Pokémon would be gone and the opponent trainer would have one less Pokéball, meaning the Pokémon had been killed. When leaving the fight (whether winning or running), the trainer's sprite would also disappear. When returning, the spot where the trainer once stood would be occupied by a tombstone.

The player thinks the gimmick of this bootleg is that Pokémon and their trainers actually die. The player begins using Curse as his dominant strategy to progress through the game, even though it did not work on other Ghost-type Pokémon and did not kill bosses and rivals that would be encountered later, though it did kill them during the final fights.

After defeating the Elite Four, the game suddenly cut to black and appeared with the words "Many years later..." on the screen. The picture would return with the sprite of an old man (the player's character, now elderly) in Lavender Tower, surrounded by all the tombstones of the trainers killed. The player had no Pokémon, and walked very slow. He eventually made it back to his house in Pallet Town, though there were no other NPCs or Pokémon to be seen and the Lavender Town theme looping wherever in the game he went. As he entered the house, the game would suddenly cycle through sprites of every Pokémon killed by Curse. It then cycled through the sprites of all the trainers killed as well.

The screen then cuts to a battle screen, with the elderly player character encountering Ghost, who wants to fight. The player cannot escape or use items, and can only Struggle. When Ghost attacks, it simply displays the text "...". When the player's health is low enough, Ghost uses Curse, and the game resets.

The player states that he played through the game again several times afterwards with different strategies, such as not using Ghost at all, but all end with Ghost fighting and killing the player's character. He is confused by this bootleg and later begins obsessing about it, even suffering mental breakdowns trying to figure it out.





  • Though the story has become popular as a Creepypasta and has inspired several fan games, mods, and hacks, it is unknown if Pokémon Black really exists.
  • Popular internet entertainer Jon "JonTron" Jafri featured Pokémon Black as a joke in his episode on bootleg Pokémon games, though he describes it as "the one where Pokémon actually die instead of faint, and it has that version of Lavender Town that caused all those Japanese kids to become mysteriously ill". The latter detail was actually from another Pokémon urban legend that said that problematic audio in Lavender Town caused psychological reactions in headphone users, referred to as "Lavender Town Syndrome", and was an entirely different story with no relation to Pokémon Black.
  • "Pokémon Creepy Black" ranked #10 on Tats TopVideos' Top 22 Gaming Creepypastas list.


You shouldn't have done that.
~ BEN's most famous quote.
BEN is getting lonely.
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
Many forms I'll take. Many stories I'll tell. Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?... We are BEN.

Behavioral Event Network, better known as BEN and Ben Drowned (based on the famous game Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask), is the titular central antagonist of "BEN DROWNED", debuting as the main antagonist of the "Haunted Cartridge Arc" before becoming the central antagonist in the two subsequent arcs.


Haunted Cartridge Arc

BEN DROWNED relates the story of Jadusable as he buys a second hand copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask from a shady old man. It is hinted that the copy once belonged to a boy who died, presumably by drowning.

But as he plays, Jadusable soon discovers that the copy is more than it seems. Strange events start occurring to him, things that were never ever coded into the game by the developers of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

A malevolent mind seems to have possessed the cartridge, screwing with his game (and subsequently his life). The strangest thing is that Jadusable actually has videos to prove it. Is this evil entity actually Ben, the boy to whom the game used to belong? Or is it something else entirely?

The story ends with the mysterious entity, known as BEN (even though it may not actually be Ben's ghost at all), tricking the readers into downloading a file from Jadusable's computer containing BEN, thus allowing it to break free and spreading all over the internet, and specifically on Cleverbot.

Moon Children Arc

Within days of it's escape, BEN utilizes Jadusable's abandoned YouTube channel, posting ciphers that led players to, the website of the Moon Children cult.


Awakening Arc

It was revealed that BEN was in fact a being made up of multiple members of the Moon Children, having been "ascended", and digitised into the The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask cartridge, known as the Alpha World by the Eternity Project. BEN is seen directly in Iseeyou.wmv, being formed up of over seventeen spirits.

The document TheRealTruth.rtf reveals that the spirits comprising BEN retain their individuality and can interact with one another. During the period of time between the upload and premiere of THE FATHER.wmv, the spirits within BEN argued with one another regarding the video's title and whether it should be seen by the public.

During The Last Hero segment of the arc, BEN is not seen in person, but is implied to be the manifestation of the digitised Moon Children's consensus on vital decisions.


BEN is a dangerous, malevolent, manipulative, oppressive and above all sadistic individual. He particularly enjoys teasing and torturing Jadusable within his dreams, and exploits his inability to understand what is happening to get access to Internet and from that spreading anywhere. A deceptive and psychotic entity, BEN is a cunning god-wannabe with delusions of power. Currently, BEN left the cursed game (which was either ways destroyed by Jadusable). However, he is still present on Cleverbot (and various websites), and continues to haunt anyone who bothers him.


Originally BEN took the form of a Link statue as seen in the original Majora's Mask game, with him having fair skin, pointed ears, flowing blonde hair parted down the middle and wearing the green Kokiri tunic alongside a matching hat and brown belt with boots. In this form he was always stuck with a large menacing grin upon his face and unblinking eyes.

In the Awakening arc however BEN's form changes into that of a young woman with fair skin, abnormally wide and animated brown eyes, white teeth and green hair styled into a bob with a middle parting. The one element from her original form that was kept was BEN's wide and sinister grin. Since she's always seen from the shoulders and above her clothes aren't seen well but she appears to be wearing some kind of green shirt or blouse.

Rise to Popularity

The Creepypasta became popular thanks to Jadusable "proving" the veracity of his story with actual recordings of the in-game events that he claimed were happening to him (he did this by skillfully hacking his copy of the game). The high quality of those hacks led many people to start believing the story was real.

It spread rapidly and joined Slender Man, Smile Dog and Zalgo in status. Later on, Jadusable admitted that the story was not actually real, and even made a parody video of it himself called king kong.wmv.

Nevertheless, BEN DROWNED is still a wildly popular Creepypasta and is currently the subject of an ARG (alternate reality game). Jadusable is even developing a video game to complement it.




One of them is


  • BEN's appearance in the Awakening arc could be based on Saria from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time due to them having similar hairstyles and colours as well as Saria being the childhood friend of the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask version of Link of whom BEN's original form came from.


~ Ayuwoki's signature call.

The Ayuwoki is an Internet meme revolving around the late Michael Jackson. It has originated as a Spanish-speaking Creepypasta story being a deliberate misspelling of the lyrics "Annie, are you okay?" from Michael's signature song "Smooth Criminal".


The meme was originally begun by the YouTuber thomasrengstorff who created an animatronic version of the real Michael, and published a video about it titled "My Ghoul Jackson". The meme began to spread on January 3, 2019, with an edited version of "My Ghoul Jackson" and an added backstory behind the video. According to the urban legend, Ayuwoki would sneak into its victim's room at night to say "Hee hee" in reference to Michael's vocal riff. The growth of the Ayuwoki became so pronounced, most likely because of the events regarding the demise of the Momo meme, many people believe that Ayuwoki was a conglomeration of Michael Jackson and Momo. Ayuwoki quickly became an exploitable meme with many people taking the challenge of calling Ayuwoki at three in the morning.

In Video Games


A game titled Escape the Ayuwoki was released around the end of March where the premise of the game is the player is kidnapped by the Ayuwoki, who takes them to his dark and disorderly mansion. The objective is to escape the house without making much noise as the Ayuwoki could hear everything in the house. The Ayuwoki is depicted as being an enigmatic, feral beast who tends to run on all fours and has an array of razor-sharp teeth. If caught, the Ayuwoki would kill the player in a bloodthirsty way, presumably by eating them alive. The series is still ongoing, with two games currently being released.

Tapes in the game reveal that the Ayuwoki is presumably a malevolent entity dubbed an "elder", and requires child sacrifices from a cult that praises it and seek to gain immortality by feeding the scary creature. Sometime when he was alive, Michael Jackson joined the cult,in hopes for eternal youth, but after learning of the child sacrifices, wished to step out of it. His friend warns him saying that he wouldn't get out alive, or at least, well. Jackson explains that he wants to expose him, and prepares the tapes to record the session. However, he is found out by Mr. Carlon, and as punishment, sacrificed to the entity. To the horror of the cult members, something goes horribly wrong, and the Ayuwoki is born. The Ayuwoki adopts some of Michael Jackson's features, and this is why he sports a likeness.

Hypno (Creepypasta)

It carries a pendulum-like device. There once was an incident in which it took away a child it hypnotized.
~ Hypno's Pokémon Fire Red Pokédex entry, and the presumed basis for the Creepypasta Hypno's Lullaby.

Hypno is one of the many Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise. Being a Pokémon known for its expertise in hypnosis, Hypno can put people to sleep using with it's pendulum and feeding on the sleeping person's dreams. However, in Creepypasta lore, Hypno takes a far darker role, being the main antagonist of the song "Hypno's Lullaby".


Hypno appears to be as mentioned a Pokemon, yellow colorized. He appears to be having two black eyes and two sharp-ears. While around his neck, it appears that he is having some-kind of white fur warping around it. While in his hand it appears that he is always carrying a pendulum.


Hypno appears in the song by manipulating some children to follow it promising them protection and tons of fun. During the middle of the song, it ties the children up and claims that the ropes will hold them tight. Hypno then proclaims to the children that they weren't clever, and now they would stay with it forever.

It is unknown what became of the children after their disappearances, but it is assumed that Hypno raped and killed them, as evidenced by the lyric stating that their parents will grieve. Another possible end is that Hypno will keep the said children in a endless sleep, so he can a constant source of dreams to feed on.

Hypno's Lullaby





  • The Creepypasta was most likely inspired by a Pokédex entry that mentioned that a Hypno abducted a child it hypnotized.

Red (Creepypasta)

I haven't seen all the Godzilla movies, but I'm pretty damn sure THIS was never in any of them. It had to be something the creators made up. But what kind of sick f-ck would put THIS in a children's game?
~ Zach describing Red.
You can't win Zachary. I've known you for a long time; I'll tell you a secret: I killed Melissa. Send your last monster, I will end this futile struggle.
~ Red to Zachary upon killing all of Zachary's monsters excluding Godzilla and Acacius.

Red is the main antagonist in the NES Godzilla creepypasta. It is a demonic presence that seems to possess and control a second-hand copy of the 1988 Nintendo Entertainment System game cartridge Godzilla, Monster Of Monsters, and seems to have played a direct role in causing a great tragedy in the past of the protagonist named Zach.


Given a second-hand copy of the classic game bought by a friend at a garage sale, Zach begins to play it again, and at first is swept away by nostalgia. Yet strange things begin to happen in the game, things that Zach attempts to explain away. When the screen glitches oddly, he assumes that it is dirt and cleans the cartridge. When past Godzilla foes not seen in the original game show up, he assumes that he has latched onto a prototype or beta not widely released. When Godzilla foes not in existence when the game was made show up, he assumes someone hacked it (a very hard thing to do with a cartridge-based game). Yet things begin to quickly pile up that he can no longer ignore, such as the sound and graphics improving vastly past the point the old NES could ever dream of delivering.

Slowly but surely, the familiar, simple, and repetitive levels are replaced by ever more bizarre ones, replete with minor and major foes that become gravely disturbing, capped off by a personally invasive quiz level with questions that seem to be straight out of the Bridge scene in Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Even the background shows mind-bending horrors and almost emanate a sense of despair.

The Godzilla foes start to warp and shift, finally bearing no resemblance at all to their origins. King Ghidorah is replaced by a creature amalgamating all the twisted bosses fought so far, and he is far from being the last enemy in this version. Despite the aid of new monsters and even an angelic figure, Zach encounters the one who has directed all this. He calls the creature Red, and it starts by chasing his daikaiju across a landscape screen, able to kill even Godzilla with one shot. It soon becomes clear that this is no mere game-image, as Red seems to look at him from the screen, going so far as to threaten and taunt him.

Red even tells him that the suicide of his late girlfriend Melissa was all his work, possessing her as he has now possessed the game. Unable to let himself give up and wanting revenge on Red, Zach presses on and determines to beat the altered game. But Red is not above stretching the rules and even cheating. Even with Godzilla, Mothra and others to call upon, Zach is in for the fight of his life—and very possibly, a fight for his life, even perhaps his soul.

Red appears as a boss in the final level of the game, with four forms, his land form, his water form, his flying form, and finally, his final Red form. Red devours Mothra in his flying form and paralyzes Zach on his seat so he can't turn off the game, and creates a life-or-death situation with him. In his final form, Red kills Solomon, then he kills Anguirus, and he finally devours Godzilla. Red says "GAME OVER", but Melissa saves Zach and unlocks Acacius, the strongest monster in the game, which ultimately defeats Red with his life bar down to nearly nothing. Melissa revives Face, Solomon, Mothra, Anguirus and Godzilla, and says they are grateful for this.

Colossal Kaiju Combat

Colossal kaiju combat shadow of red by kaijusamurai-d6dw6om.jpg

Red in Colosall Kaiju Combat A tribute to Red is set to appear someday in the Kaiju Combat games. The version of Red depicted there is stated to be only a fragment of the true Red's essence, one of the many scattered everywhere in the world by his clash with his foe, Solomon.

Shadow of Red will be a heavily offensive character, who generates energy by damaging the opponent. He will fight in his Ground Form, using primarily his sheer body weight to tackle the enemy, but also employing his claws and sharp tail. He shall have the ability to vomit hellfire out of his mouth at the cost of health and to cast a claw wave to stun opponents.


Red is a shapeshifter with multiple forms. His form of choice is the Ground Form: a bulbous body resting on four slender insectoid legs, two clawed arms and a thin long tail. He also has a Swim Form (resembling a fish), a Flight Form (resembling a bat), and a Final Form, a colossal reptilian creature with two legs and four arms. Some of his features always remain the same in every form: his body is always bloodred and wrinkled, and his face is always a frowning horror with empty eyes and mouth, comparable to a mask. When Red is angry, sometimes his eyes can emit an eerie light.


I now found myself hating this horrible monster. There was no doubt in my mind that it was pure evil, and I wanted it to die.
~ Zach describing Red.

Red's personality can easily be described as pure evil. He seems to be a demonic and blasphemous creature of some sort (many screenshots referring to him are titled "Hellbeast") who revels in committing wicked acts and horrifying Zach (the narrator). He gloats to Zach that he has killed his girlfriend Melissa and continues torturing her soul as she is trapped in the game. His goal is to kill Zach and presumably trap his soul in the game, as well. He would have been successful in this task, had it not been for the intervention of Melissa's soul.

Powers and Abilities

Red's final form, unleashing hellfire on Acacius.

Red's in-game avatar has a vast array of powers which he reveals gradually throughout the story. During the chase scenes, contact with him is instantly fatal. He can choose between Ground Form, Flight Form and Swim Form for optimal pursuit, and can either smash obstacles in his way or devour them. He is also able to vomit a tangle of intestine-like tentacles from his mouth, with a cluster of hook-like claws and pharyngeal jaws at the end.

During the final battle against him, Red is no longer able to kill with every contact but gains many fearsome new powers. He goes through his Ground, Swim and Flight forms in quick succession, culminating with an awe-inspiring Final Form with so much health and power that only Acacius (the character given to Zach by Melissa's soul) can stand a chance against it.

His abilities now include vomiting torrents of hellfire and rains of needles, casting claw-shaped waves from his hands, as well as devouring opponents that are low on health. During the final battle, he also gains control over the player's body, being able to stop him from leaving and almost stopping his heart at some point. He also somehow "binds" Zach's soul to his characters', so each time the characters take damage, Zach feels it.


Melissa, kill yourself!
~ Red mocking Melissa's death to Zach.
You are not leaving.
~ Red to Zach.
You pathetic worm, it's too late now. Only one will survive.
~ Red refusing to let Zach go.
Traitor, I always hated you. You can die like the rest.
~ Red to Solomon.
Can't break the rules.
~ Red, on why he lets Zach use the controller.
I'm not done with you!
~ Red, before changing to his final form.
You are weak, Your monsters are weak, you will all die!
~ Red, after killing Solomon.
~ Red prematurely declaring victory.
They can't save you!
~ Red's last words.





  • Red was created by Jones Joneson, mainly known as Cosbydaf.
  • According to the creator of the Creepypasta, Red was inspired by Giygas.
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