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Getting a hard kick in the a fate worse than death!
~ Billy the Villain about to do his special attack on Billy Willy.
I might have lost....but at least i didn't die like a.....bitch!
~ Billy's final words.

Billy the villain is my Villains wiki character he served has the main antagonist in the Big Dumb Deventart Game , it was a personal game i hace done with no viewers just me. The Big Dumb DeventArt Game i did a while back since i was felling super bored i did i survivor type thing with random characters i drawn. 

Billy was the highest Ranking Villain in The Bug Dumb Devent Art Game where he won a normal season, Won an all star Season, and Got 5th place in the final battle of The Big Dumb DeventArt Game and he was defeated and killed with honor by the Champion and main Protagonist Billy Willy. 


  • Billy The Villain was labeled as The Jerk
  • Billy was born is japan but his parents died when he was born, Billy was adopted into an american household they have him the name "Billy" 
  • Billy is 17 years old 
  • He beat up every single character at least one time
  • On his first date he ever had Billy Pissed himself that is what made him evil.
  • Billy the the last Villain to die and he was the only one that died with any sence of honor. 

My Favorite Villains (In no particular order)

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