Hello everyone so separate Synopsis Pages has two rules to it. those are

  1. The Synopsis page needs to be over 15,000 bytes, this can be checked either by using a separate user page and looking the history which tells you the bytes, or an external website (http://bytesizematters.com/)
  2. The page must be big enough so that the History is not the only thing filling the page up this is a bit hard to define but usually the page should at least be 9,000 bytes to justify a separate Synopsis page in my eyes.

There are some pages that could really use a separate Synopsis page but don't fit one of those two requirements barely.

This is taken from Dizzy Heegan's discussions but I thought it would be a better idea to move it here so it can constantly be updated. So that means you have my permission to add to this list whenever you want to add I will be removing characters as synopsis pages are added. This also in alphabetical order.

Complete The Page or Biography

More Words or Images

The Middle

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