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DAMN, Master I got it! You're just a genius! I suffered for so long and kept pressing Shifrt, but I needed another button, God. I am so grateful to you, I am directly in your debt.

I am very glad for you that you liked the ending very much, holy cow ha ha ha. These two words perfectly convey your feelings about the ending. You were clearly shocked. It's a shame that you had to fight a lot of annoying pop-ups, but I think it was worth it. Ordeaux26 and I were also very surprised that Bradford had changed a lot for the worse. Of course, the scale of the finale was less than that of the finale of season 2, but it is one thing when two planets, two races arrange a war with each other, and quite another thing when a clan, together with its allies, arranges a final battle against a powerful terrorist organization.Although, of course, this is why the leader of the terrorists had superpowers and so on. This is also really cool, and the finale of season 3 was awesome, it was more epic, so the finale of season 2. In short, both finals are cool. Personally, I think the finale of the series is one of the coolest endings I've ever seen, with unexpected twists, escalating heat, the main villain much worse than usual, and so on. I knew the ending would be cool, but not so bad! An excellent ending, this is the ending that in a good way will shock and surprise you. At the same time, almost everything is logical.

Yes, it seems all the dots above the ,, and “were set and the plot really ended. No“ tails ”, no hidden villains, this is really the ending, powerful and epic. Scrooge's actual last adventure. The stakes, as you said, were also incredibly high. Yes, Bradford, as a villain, was much more personal to the Ducks (especially to Scrooge) than some kind of Lunaris.Then do you look for nagging about the ending? He's really cool, why spoil his mood? Well, if it does not spoil, but amuses you.

Yes, I read your interrupted conversation with Ordeaux26, right yes. Why do you tell me, believe it or not, if I asked permission from the very beginning for Bradford's proposal? I knew perfectly well that in the finale he became much worse, so I was also interested to know his opinion on this matter. I also think that despite everything, Bradford at least deserves an offer.Yes, I understand that the series is important to you and of course no one forces you to discuss the villains of their other works. I guess I should be glad that there are Bulba and Ponso, 3 candidates for one person is a lot, right? Thank you for sharing the load with me.

I agree with all of your terms and conditions and I think they are fair. But I have to apologize for saying “bad” words to Ozai's proposal. Zuko Koneno didn’t say that, but I was just briefly and it was just sarcasm, I thought Someone would be a little funny. Forgive me, What made you then be I understand your repugnance and this is actually correct. With the exception of Ozai, I never used "bad" words (I hope I am not mistaken). I did not wish anyone, including you, evil and anyone, again, including you, I did not want to offend.

Yes, the series is aimed at the whole family and it will not be forgivable if I write "bad" words. I promise both you and myself that this will not be in the proposal for Bradford. In Ozai's proposal, I wanted to ask if you liked the Avatar (TV series where is Ozay.) And yes I never treated PE as a badge of honor. You are right there are well-written PE (like Bradford if it is approved, Frollo, Scar and others), there are poorly written PE, like Corloe Runerd and there are just averages. I just explained why I want to offer him. As for me, Bradford is an incredibly cool, interesting and somewhat unambiguous villain. Whenever I proposed candidates, I looked at them, like everyone else from the point of view of morality, and Bradford is no exception.

No less than that, I promise you that during the proposals for Bradford, I will not consider it as a sign of PE. And yes, about the two-week condition that you need to wait two weeks before nominating a candidate, I know perfectly well, but thanks for the reminder anyway. It bothers me a little that you want me to keep Bradford until your first proposal for this show. I just don’t know when you are going to publish your proposal (personally, I recommend that you take Ponce de Leon, it’s much easier with him). Even so, I’m willing to keep Bradford as long as you want (I hope I don’t offer it during school, it’s going to be awful).

I don't really understand why Magica is seen as Scrooge's greatest enemy. Bradford was more personal to Scrooge, as did Lord Shen to Poe. Not even mentioning that Bradford hurt Scrooge's family more than Magica. I think that Bradford is Scrooge's most personal enemy, as well as Shen for Poe, Drago Bludwist for Hiccup, Gothel for Rapunzel, and so on.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already fed up that people continue to add Lunaris to the secondary antagonist of the series. He appeared in just one season and although he was one of the most powerful enemies, he is not as important to the animated series as Bradford. Although I may be missing something.

Sorry to write a lot, it was necessary to discuss every detail. I'll write about the intention later.